Wendy Williams Brother RESPONDS “I’ve put my foot all the way in & I’m going to twist it!"

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Lailah Lynn

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Wendy Williams Brother Tommy RESPONDS To Wendy “I’ve put my foot all the way in and I’m going to twist it!”
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Lailah Lynn
Lailah Lynn Ай мурун
LINK: lailahlynn.com/wendy-williams-brother-tommy-responds-to-wendy-ive-put-my-foot-all-the-way-in-and-im-going-to-twist-it/
Alisha Finlay
Alisha Finlay Ай мурун
She also spoke on it on her show today...Tuesday. She says she was there, so who's lying 😩
Alisha Finlay
Alisha Finlay Ай мурун
I think he's bullying, and mostly because she's a celebrity. Also think he's looking for clout 😏 she's never needed or got into her family details. I've followed her and she rarely speaks on him
Leslie Ай мурун
I don’t know why people feel like they need to run to the internet to air out their dirty laundry. I’m sure their mom is not happy. We lost my grandma over twenty years ago and my mom can’t even see pictures of her parents. You can’t tell someone how to grieve. I stop going to my family funerals. It’s just to much. Tired of watching my friends, family, and love ones put in the ground. As far as her brother. He trash. He’s trying to make a name for himself by using her name and business. She’s not giving him anymore money. To be honest I didn’t know she even had a brother. Messy messy messy.
TooGroovy Wavey
TooGroovy Wavey Ай мурун
He's toxic af! Leave this woman alone. I see why she left the family in the dust. Family members be the worst!!!
Len Walks
Len Walks Ай мурун
1 I can hear lol
Navy Flyer
Navy Flyer 9 күн мурун
What I don't understand is none of you all are setting Wendy straight for not even going to own mother's funeral. What the f***. There would be no show business more important than saying goodbye to my mother. If the brother is speaking on the father's behalf that is a good son. Social media has nothing to do with this except for everybody wants to be part of gossip. But you have to be some kind of piece of s*** not to go to your own mother's funeral.That is the subject.
Traffic & Tea With Bipolar Beckie
Traffic & Tea With Bipolar Beckie 23 күн мурун
Oh Gawd with the bully bullsh*t COME ON!
Ronny Dobson
Ronny Dobson 29 күн мурун
Yep she did it 👹👹👹
Gwendolyn Lee
Gwendolyn Lee Ай мурун
He has other issues especially since his mother is gone
Gwendolyn Lee
Gwendolyn Lee Ай мурун
Can you turn sound up
Ms. Complexbeing4life
Ms. Complexbeing4life Ай мурун
He could be bullying her but maybe he should have talked to wendy directly but I guess they want publicity for his channel. Wendy don't really need to chase fans for viewings.
Chantilette Franklin
Chantilette Franklin Ай мурун
Jennifer Culpepper
Jennifer Culpepper Ай мурун
Kimberly Smith
Kimberly Smith Ай мурун
People have feelings over 50! He tried to call her out so she called him out. I personally would have ignored it because I have a strong poker face. However I sympathize w Wendy right now she’s going through a lot. She not trying to hear this bullshit right especially from her own brother. It’s very common to see a lot of siblings that don’t get along. Doesn’t matter the age
Julia Gathers
Julia Gathers Ай мурун
A real woman would inform her dad, out of respect. He’s not bullying her. Brothers are the man of the family. Stepping in for dad. Because, dad is hurt. How dare she bring up her brothers sexuality. What does that have to do with her not being a respectful daughter to her father. Young people, don’t buy WW’s unladylike behavior.
Julia Gathers
Julia Gathers Ай мурун
No one is more important than my mother. I will be at mother’s final resting place. Purely, selfish. Horrible to her father. Mad disrespect to her dad. I agree with him.
platinumdiva75 - Rva
platinumdiva75 - Rva Ай мурун
She said on her show that she went to the funeral and that he got in an argument with another family member and her ex-Kevin broke it up and that her dad gave her permission to discuss it. Nevertheless, it's none of his business why she went or didn't. That's a grown, independent, woman and she can do whatever she wants. She definitely doesn't need approval from her little brother.
LaVern Camacho
LaVern Camacho Ай мурун
Hello, Laila You're So Beautiful In Every Way You Have Such A Sweet Spirit I Truly Enjoy Watching Your Videos Also You Present Such A Professional Non Bias Platform With A Respectable Commentary Keep Up The Excellent Work Also In My Opinion I Think It's So Sad That Wendy And Her Brother Tommy Whom Are Siblings Are Going Back And Fourth By Putting Out Their Family Business On Social Media Instead Of Keeping It Private Knowing Goodness Well Their Mom Just Passed Away And Their Dad Is Personally Grieving Over The Loss Of His Lovely Wife When It Should Be About Them Coming Together As A Family In Their Time Of Bereavement Smh However My Prayers And Condolences Are With The William Family For Strength And Healing RIP Mrs. Shirley Williams You Will Be Forever Missed I Will Leave It At That
Chrissy 212e
Chrissy 212e Ай мурун
Who could of said all this over the phone or sent an email if their not close. Wendy said she has the goods on him and his wife so if that's the case he should wise up. It's not clout noones that desperate they are not close 4 her 2 say shes closer 2 her Ex Husband than her Brother and shes been force 2 have a relationship with her meaning 2 please her Parents. Sad this is all happening after they lost their Mum. Spill all the Tea Wendy I'm here 4 it.
Deval Little
Deval Little Ай мурун
Maxine NC Young
Maxine NC Young Ай мурун
People handle a loss of life different it's not 🚫 easy went it's your mother just so hard for great loss like that.
DoubleEdgedsword Ай мурун
Why was he asking her on the website??? Why did he have to say any of it on his video?? This should have been a phone call🤦🏽‍♀️
Carolyn Booth
Carolyn Booth Ай мурун
That means he want an answer
Carolyn Booth
Carolyn Booth Ай мурун
She is not right
Carolyn Booth
Carolyn Booth Ай мурун
She just wanted to be w her X
Carolyn Booth
Carolyn Booth Ай мурун
I think he calling her out
Carolyn Booth
Carolyn Booth Ай мурун
Her mother
Carolyn Booth
Carolyn Booth Ай мурун
I think he is telling the truth
Carolyn Booth
Carolyn Booth Ай мурун
I believe him
Regal E
Regal E Ай мурун
Bullying is not the word to use. Funerals can bring out worst in people. I’m a only child I didn’t have to deal with this when my mom died 2 years ago.
Cara Cariah
Cara Cariah Ай мурун
It's the only way he can get hold of her. He hurt he is the one helping his father
Cara Cariah
Cara Cariah Ай мурун
Nana Obben
Nana Obben Ай мурун
When you put yourself out there so much - eventually someone is going to talk "too much" about you - be it family or not. This is unfortunate, but it's real life. Tommy is younger than Wendy - so she's set an example for him. She talks badly about others....as part of her job! I find Wendy VERY interesting and sometimes entertaining to watch. To be honest, I initially thought Tommy was already "How You Doin'" until he mentioned his wife in an interview. Tommy's post about Wendy is perhaps Wendy's Karma. I hope it doesn't become her downfall. Unfortunately, they've made Their business Our business. Mental Health is important to talk about - especially in this age of Social Media. Everyone has a right to say how they feel - we just need to do it in a respectful, non-threatening, non-condescending manner . We also need to be aware that whatever we say may not be received as we intended it - and we might have an argument unleashed upon us !
Ruth Brown
Ruth Brown Ай мурун
He started this mess. He started a channel and I think he's clout chasing. He's just wrong on all levels. It's more to this than what he's saying and I think it all lays on him. He sounds like he has a problem. He's just wrong on all levels. It's like he came out of no where and start running his mouth. It's sickening for him to use his mom's death to get back at Wendy.
Tony Lawson
Tony Lawson Ай мурун
Yes he is bullying his Sister
Tony Lawson
Tony Lawson Ай мурун
Candi Wilson
Candi Wilson Ай мурун
No I dont think he is bullying her!! He reacting the way she reacted from him exposing her!! I really think he was asking on his father behalf!! I'm not on no one side I wish they put this aside and be family again!!
Linda Walker
Linda Walker Ай мурун
Dave matthews
Dave matthews Ай мурун
I am sorry for your loss I lost my whole family in 4 years believe me I know the pain she should have been there that was her MOTHER PERIOD....
Lauren S. Williams-Lester
Lauren S. Williams-Lester Ай мурун
Marilyn Samuelsen
Marilyn Samuelsen Ай мурун
Nope, Wendy is a liar. She exposes everyone’s business hers is fair game.
Body Language x Meditation
Body Language x Meditation Ай мурун
Why couldn’t he call/text her?? Sounds like fame chasing
Michele Acosta-Gibson
Michele Acosta-Gibson Ай мурун
This is so sad. He needs not to put this all on social media. No matter what they are family and he is wrong.
TeeTee Starr
TeeTee Starr Ай мурун
I heard somewhere once, "funerals are for the living, not for the dead" Ik this video was made prior to her response today, but maybe she really didn't want to attract the media circus, like she said today.
0000 0000
0000 0000 Ай мурун
He Meant; "Put his Foot up her Ass", not her Neck. He's not bullying his Sister; He has Started A Fight W/Her. He is Still Morning the Lost of his Mother, and Grieving with his Dad and for his Dad. He Is Mad. Should He have went to Social Media with the Family Business? No! But the Reason why his Madness turned into Anger, was because Wendy Refused to talk to Him by phone and Explain herself, by Hanging Up on Him, & Refusing to take his Phone Calls. He is Ready to Go to War with Her, and She with Him.
Ms. Yolanda
Ms. Yolanda Ай мурун
Marlene Martin
Marlene Martin Ай мурун
No I don't think he is ,Wendy Not Seeing her father at a time like this is disrespectful 😒
Regina MichalYAH Bhat Brown
Regina MichalYAH Bhat Brown Ай мурун
Idk sis what you saying makes since but now I'm starting to believe the brother, his energy really starting to feel like a brother who's hurt to the core and you want to hit below the belt because he feels like wendy just threw the whole family away..dig this too sis notice how wendy doesn't even choke up foreal when she speaks about her mother and how fly she looked in her cheap Macy dress in her casket(her words) smh.. but as soon as she says, "Kevin dropped us off". She damn near lost it live, she broke all the way tf down..idk sis something in the milk ain't right about her fam...btw love your content.
Creative Vee
Creative Vee Ай мурун
She spoke about this today on her show. She said he’s lying. U need to hear what she said. She told a seven minute story and cried a bit.
Adrianne Holyfield
Adrianne Holyfield Ай мурун
It’s hard to feel like we should, or He should expect Wendy’s privacy... She would be all over this if it were someone else... ANYBODY else.
Gail Edwards
Gail Edwards Ай мурун
I do think this is serious, however, I'm sure her family has always been there for her and rather than be supportive to their father she chose to lie. Its okay to tell your father you can't take the funeral service, but she could have waited at the house to be there afterwards for their father. I do not think he's bullying her , i think he's trying to hold her accountable for the lie. Then when her father reaches out to her she does not even vsre enough to answer the phone. He basically is giving her a taste of her own medicine. Everyone wants to give her an out because of her illness or drug addiction.
Monica Fox
Monica Fox Ай мурун
I don't think that he's bullying her. He wants answers and Wendy isn't answering his calls. Social media seems the only other way to get his and their father's messages to her. Wendy was rude to her parents anyway. She still held a grudge from her younger years when her parents (mainly mom) use to ridicule her. She brought it up every time they were on the show.
Annette Rodgers
Annette Rodgers Ай мурун
While we can all speculate who is right and who is wrong, none if us knows the truth. Her brother should have pickec up the phone and stated his concerns to hid sister and not bring the public into to this. I do know he is starting a podcast and is asking for donations and that is sad. Before this nobody even knew he exist. Now all of a sudden he wants to be known.
rpatten78 Ай мурун
He is thirsty, and with Mom gone his jealousy is not being checked so he has free rein now
HotChocolate Ай мурун
It sounds like Wendy don’t want to be bothered with family. Even the way she said her mom died weeks ago was strange because she had just passed. Something in that family ain’t right. They both hurting.
Grand Marquis
Grand Marquis Ай мурун
Most definitely not bullying her! All the things that Wendy has said about others and when the truth comes out she wants to hide her hands like she never threw stones
PumpkinEskobarr Ай мурун
Tommy definitely being a bully and getting very nasty. I do believe he is very emotional and sensitive and handling grief poorly by lashing out at Wendy. He paying too much attention to how other ppl behaving and grieving because he doesn’t want to deal with his own grief. He hurt and being very reckless.
Shawn Ghant
Shawn Ghant Ай мурун
Stop! He is not bullying that bully! He put her narcissistic mess on blast! She needs to be put on front street!
L Woods
L Woods Ай мурун
I think it was wrong for her brother to publicly announce whether she attended or not. She loved her mom and probably couldn't take saying goodbye. Wendy, took care of her parents. Her brother is looking to sell his story.
A.Tanyale Ай мурун
I need Tommy to stop clout chasing. Her mom was everything to her and I don’t think her missing the funeral was intentional. People mourn differently. She could’ve changed her mind and didn’t go at the last minute. Regardless, he started it. Now if she doesn’t address it again on her show then we’ll know he’s clout chasing.
Tanya Alexander
Tanya Alexander Ай мурун
I think he’s tired of protecting her and her not attending the funeral, lying to their dad and avoiding him is the straw that broke the camel back. He’s hurting and want answers. That threat Wendy sent to him/wife, he’s here to let us know bring it in a sense. Pray that it’s resolved sooner than later.
Lom J
Lom J Ай мурун
That's not a BULLY, that's a FED UP SIBLING!
Sandra Clay
Sandra Clay Ай мурун
Should this not be a personal conversation between you and your sister. The public does not need to know this. You can call your sister or send your sister an email or text.
Flourish Ай мурун
The glue that binds them was clearly their mother. This is typical, family falling apart when "binding" person passes on to glory. Sad to hear it play out on national tv.
Why do you keep saying, "Sister?" You falling in line with all the other, "Pretend you don't know it, Bandwagon."
Ms Renee
Ms Renee Ай мурун
Didn’t she just use her much bigger platform to humiliate and respond to him. He’s not bullying her. Stop that crap! He’s exposing it because he’s hurt. Maybe she didn’t go cause she was hurt. All I know is Wendy is extremely selfish in how she treats her friends and family. I have this impression because of things SHE has said. Wendy only needed to contact her family to discuss the matter which is what he also should have done. Grow up people!! Wendy lied like it happened years ago and even that wasn’t true. If she couldn’t go this deserved a prior notification and explanation to her father and siblings. Just selfish all the way around
Zabs SouthernGirl
Zabs SouthernGirl Ай мурун
He needs to STOP!! Leave family business off of the interwebs.
Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards Ай мурун
On Tuesday Show she said she did go to the service
Sandra barrett
Sandra barrett Ай мурун
If he is hurting he need to talk to his sister one on one
Focus DivineLee
Focus DivineLee Ай мурун
Yes. He deflee bullying her. There is no urgent threat of danger or anything. He is being extra and manipulative, and low-key highkey abusive.
Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards Ай мурун
But Wendy says she talks to her dad daily
D G Ай мурун
This seems "clout chasing " on Tommy's part because if he was sincerely concerned, he would have spoken to Wendy directly instead of talking to KGpost. If she didn't answer, maybe she wasn't ready to talk and he could just give her time. Its not up to him to dictate her grief process.
Sandra barrett
Sandra barrett Ай мурун
He is bullying his sister
Sandra barrett
Sandra barrett Ай мурун
His father can speak for himself
Dani DVineLife
Dani DVineLife Ай мурун
she responded to this this morning
Donna Edwards
Donna Edwards Ай мурун
Just like Tommy Davidson said When greasing is high Common sense is Low. They both need to just shut up
Orelanda Hamilton
Orelanda Hamilton Ай мурун
I think that the internet is no place for family drama.! I don't care how mad I get at my siblings I never post our drama on Facebook Instagram or any other social media that's just the wrong thing to do it's tacky very tacky and they should know better both of them
toni allen
toni allen Ай мурун
I don't know I couldn't eat or sleep if my mom or dad died. I would definitely support my father and as an adult would talk to him about my decision of not to attend the Funeral. Not just leaving him hanging. That's cold and selfish.
Rochelle Jones
Rochelle Jones Ай мурун
No i dont thank so she need to get closer for her father. And if she wasnt at her mother sevice them she need to talk to her father Wendy just wanted to have lunch with her ex that why she missed it she wanted to get in bed with her ex and she did s
Perry Johnson
Perry Johnson Ай мурун
Michael Charlton
Michael Charlton Ай мурун
Her fake deserved it
Lillian Smith
Lillian Smith Ай мурун
Michael Charlton
Michael Charlton Ай мурун
Valarie Primous
Valarie Primous Ай мурун
I think she couldn't handle it!!!
JAT Dyer
JAT Dyer Ай мурун
lewis carter
lewis carter Ай мурун
It should be private but I don't think he is bullying her.
Spiritual Activist Lamell Goddess
Spiritual Activist Lamell Goddess Ай мурун
If he had something to say he should have just simply picked up the phone n called his sister and checked up on her to see how she was holding up he didn't have to go public with they family business all because his sister is Wendy Williams ijs
Deidre Smith
Deidre Smith Ай мурун
she was wrong that all i got to say
Deidre Smith
Deidre Smith Ай мурун
i dont think he was wrong .maybe he was hurt because she did show up
GodBless TheChild
GodBless TheChild Ай мурун
People are such hypocrites. Wendy chose gossip as her career and she enjoys telling other people's business, talking bad about other people, laughing at people and exposing people; so she deserves to receive the same energy that she gives out. You see in the video he said that she ignores calls and she lies and he never said anything bad about her he was just asking for answers and how much Wendy chose to respond was unnecessarily vicious and she low-key tried to expose him with the dress comment. How is it okay for her to talk about other people but no one's supposed to say anything to her about her personal business? She even said she loves Kelvin more than her own brother but in his video he said he still loves Wendy. She's nasty she's vicious and she's nobody's friend.
Hodge Jean
Hodge Jean Ай мурун
The brother has Wendy's real nose! Lol,
Renee Hampton
Renee Hampton Ай мурун
He is probably hurt for his father, but he should not have handled it in the media. Maybe she couldn’t handle the funeral, but she should have talked to her father.
Myra Farmer
Myra Farmer Ай мурун
It appears that Tommy has deep issues with Wendy. This is beyond mom's homegoing celebration. This is issues before then like after mom crosses crossed over he unleashes his anger that mom would not have approved of. IDK. I may not get along with a sibling but would never try to expose them to the world with something that I personally have an issue with. Not wanting to hurt them like that I would confront her personally. Maybe Wendy couldn't take another day of seeing her mother like that. Everybody grieves differently. We've witnessed numerous times how Wendy spoke highly of her mom and love for her. So let's not follow this effort to cast dark clouds on Wendy. Perhaps Tommy can use counselling of some sort. This is not a time for squabbles but love and support. She doesn't have to grieve like you think she should and dad can speak for himself. Let dad speak for himself when he is ready to speak with his daughter. Please. And I'm certain that dad and Wendy's relationship will remain in good standing after this dust settles.
Queenofswords Thelightworker
Queenofswords Thelightworker Ай мурун
Yes I think he’s using his platform to bully his sister. It’s none of his business or frankly the father’s for that matter how she chooses to grieve. Understanding a man lost his wife and wanted the support of his daughter, a daughter lost her mother and can deal with that however she needs regardless of the feelings of others. Everyone knows she was super close to her mother 🤷🏽‍♀️
Koa Irving
Koa Irving Ай мурун
It’s not the public’s business why she didn’t go and why she lied and why she “allegedly “ hasn’t told their father. I think Wendy is in a fragile state. It was evident how much Wendy loves and adores her mother...and her father. And according to the video, her brother himself still respects Kelvin. So...perhaps she needed to feel some sort of comfort from her ex and her son...it’s too much.
T Tubbs
T Tubbs Ай мурун
I think he is holding her accountable for lying to their father about why she couldnt attend her own mother's funeral which im sure they would've understood had she just said i cant stand to see mommy going into the ground as my last memory of her. Had she said that and then went to lunch with her EX, then i think they would have understood that. BUT SHE LIED then avoided their calls when they tried to get answers, he even said she avoided her father's call. So her brother is hurt HURT. And i dont think he was bullying her bc i dont think she even knew of his channel until the blogs and fans put her on. She made it even bigger by blasting him on her show now instead of the few hundreds/thousands of views he might've gotten he will b getting millions bc people luv drama PLUS he seems to b telling TRUTHS that wendy cant take. He told the truth on when their mother past when wendy herself claimed it was many many many weeks ago and he put her on blast that she was with the EX instead of at the funeral. All that could have been resolved over the phone had she answered BUT i wouldnt put it past Wendy to try to publicly humiliate her brother for the drama to bring attention to her new movie. I do NOT think her brother is in on that, i think wendy used that opportunity instead of just calling him to blast him. She knew EXACTLY what she was doing when she responded to him on her show. And im not judging her for not going to her mother's funeral, i get that. But the lying was unnecessary and the dodging after the lie is why he spoke on his platform about it. She gave him more clout than he EVER would've gotten. Also i think wendy is more hurt that her brother said she was with her EX more than n e thing. Bc that makes her look like a fool AND that puts the blogs back hot on his trail and hers to see if they still hooking up. IJS thats the root of problem with the brother
Alani Moon
Alani Moon Ай мурун
He is trying to make a name for himself. I'm glad I'm an orphan I have no siblings to deal with.
Wanda Davis
Wanda Davis Ай мурун
That's why I don't watch Wendy
Asha Nichols
Asha Nichols Ай мурун
I can hear i clearly 1
Doran Coleman
Doran Coleman Ай мурун
In my opinion he could have did that offer social media but since he started his own KGpost channel I think he's using this with the sister to get scribers
Shebbia Patterson
Shebbia Patterson Ай мурун
He ain't her dorn daddy hell its a lot of people don't do funerals no matter how close the person is related. He need to do him and seek attention in other ways instead of pretending he's so hurt cause someone chose not to attend a funeral. I'm like Wendy get a life.
Yolanda Wesley Realtor
Yolanda Wesley Realtor Ай мурун
This should be kept private and Wendy brother should also speak directly to Wendy when she’s ready to talk!