Wendy Williams Accuses Her Brother Tommy Of Attacking A Family Member At Her Mother's Service!

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Lailah Lynn

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Wendy Williams is 'setting the record straight' on accusations made by her brother regarding whether she really attended her mother, Shirley's, service or not. And she accuses him of trying to put hands on a family member half his age!
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Ms. B Carter
Ms. B Carter 25 күн мурун
I knew it along was for the show tonight.
LOVELY CHEROKEE_ 28 күн мурун
It's nobody Business what WENDY did or didn't do...Her brother is Wrong and needs to go somewhere and grieve his way. And leave his sister alone... Everyone Grieve Different...I Believe Wendy...For her brother that's family business. Wendy grown and she have a Life ❤️
Gladys Stancil
Gladys Stancil Ай мурун
The viewing hours are longer now than funerals. Wendy had to Quarantine both times traveling back and forth. Family and death are hard especially now. Peace everyone Peace.
A.Tanyale Ай мурун
Y’all need to remember that people mourn in their own way. Wendy owes us no explanation. Those saying is karma obviously don’t know the definition bc other people trash celebs too so...
A.Tanyale Ай мурун
Tommy needs to cut the crap! Ask yourself a question. Who was checking for him or his channel before he said something about Wendy?
NAY -NAY Ай мурун
Something not right with that story period, you right also & like the other vblog said full of Fuckery 🤷🏾‍♀️
Rose Colwill
Rose Colwill Ай мурун
This sounds like she went to the wake not the funeral. The funeral generally the casket is closed. Also not surprised her brother was fighting another family member at the wake. Wakes and funerals tend to bring out the worst in people. It’s not ok her brother was fighting during any service for her mom. As far as what Wendy did or didn’t attend for her mom that’s entirely Wendy’s business. Her mother knew she loved her very much. Wendy owes no one including her brother an explanation as to why she did or did not attend something.
Linda Norwood
Linda Norwood Ай мурун
She can forgive her bald-headed ex husband, who did her hella dirty,but she on tv talking about her brother like a stranger on the street.Y’all need to get y’all self together, you and your brother Wendy and be there for y’all dad, he needs y’all.
Nicole Sonnier
Nicole Sonnier Ай мурун
I believe she went to the viewing. I think she didn't go to funeral services. She didn't think it was necessary to be their to support her dad after Tommy acted a fool day before.
Patricia Swasey
Patricia Swasey Ай мурун
I believe Wendy... he want to be in her spot light and she doesn’t have to attend.
Masaarana Vee
Masaarana Vee Ай мурун
She doesn’t have to justify herself! Her brother is wrong no matter what had happened. He’s jealous of her... she’s a celebrity leave her alone!
Marie Perez
Marie Perez Ай мурун
I understand. I don’t do funerals. That’s why I’ll be cremated. That’s personal. Don’t owed any one any explanations if do have and opinions be it . Many people are not even truthful about the situation. Will not judge her . I told my kids do as much as you can while I’m alive . We have to respect her decision. Been there with her mom creating those special moments are the best .
Tiffany C
Tiffany C Ай мурун
Wendy is lying, she talked so much crap about Whitney but she acts the same way, the only thing is Wendy could play being more functional at it but you slipping girl. Oh and she may not get back together with but trust and believe they been sleeping together
Urshala Bowles
Urshala Bowles Ай мурун
I don't trust Kevin. Wendy's stories always sound crazy when the involve Kevin "recusing" her.
Z.Z. W.
Z.Z. W. Ай мурун
She said SERVICE which could be either the wake or funeral. Don't fall for Wendy's lies.
mz Kaye
mz Kaye Ай мурун
Why is she even participating with the mud slinging? Im so confused
Chrissy 212e
Chrissy 212e Ай мурун
This is so inappropriate it's so personal I cant believe it was discussed on her Talk Show. Service is one thing Funeral is another she didnt really point out that she was only at the Service and not the Funeral. It was just weried she spent time with her Ex Husband rather than spend it uplifting her Sister, Dad and Estranged Brother.
Steven Rogers
Steven Rogers Ай мурун
I kinda believe Wendy now but her and her brother seem messy
Beach View
Beach View Ай мурун
Is Wendy’s brother jealous of Wendy low key? 🧐
Uzziah Hammonds
Uzziah Hammonds Ай мурун
Wendy said she went to her mom “SERVICE” not funeral! Second somebody could have told Wendy what went down at that service! I don’t believe Wendy... how many times have she lied and stored up drama. Why would her brother just pull this out of thin air! And Wendy acted like she handled everything so calm but yet we see her in starting drama all the time!
Beach View
Beach View Ай мурун
This is weird. He knows his sister is managing health issues and just went through a divorce. Why is he doing this? Has Kevin H. demon entered Wendy’s brother?
TheQueenLioness100 Ай мурун
I believe him ..... she have lied many times before
Lisa Moore
Lisa Moore Ай мурун
Clearly she went to the wake not funeral 2 separate events so no one is lying
Serena Thompson
Serena Thompson Ай мурун
A lot of people have the wake just before the funeral service! My Mother worked for the city so the funeral was packed. We were also very close and she had told not to cry when she died because I was the best thing that happened her. I sat there cause I knew that’s what she wanted. But after that I was a mess for a long time! Do you Wendy takes care of yourself!!!
Semoy23 Ай мурун
Unless Tommy was so caught up with the fight that he did not see Wendy.
Pamela Queen
Pamela Queen Ай мурун
rudolph mcneill
rudolph mcneill Ай мурун
This is sad and kinda disgraceful. But it was nice that the 3 of them were able to be together on such a sad day as a family. Prayers especially for the father.
Renee Baptiste
Renee Baptiste Ай мурун
Wendy was lying like hell. So she was quizzing her son and didn’t get involved while her brother and the young family member were fighting...lol ok. The way she explains it she comes out too Rosey. I don’t believe her. If you listen to her tell her side she focuses on her “family” dynamic with Kelvin. She goes into detail about how he essentially guarded her while going to the bathroom. Wendy maybe subconsciously used her mother’s death as a way to get that security Kelvin offered back into her life. She’s lying like hell.
Terry Butler
Terry Butler Ай мурун
Wendy you alright with me do your thing what ever it is just be very careful not to get in to jam.
Hillarene Collier
Hillarene Collier Ай мурун
lies.. I don't believe
Sonya Hall
Sonya Hall Ай мурун
The family dynamic is something. The sad thing is , that I happen to have the same type of experience at my Mother’s services only a yr ago.. People want to bring attention to themselves for some crazy reason . My reaction was to stay in my seat and respect my Mother. Cause the lord knows I wanted to takes my blazer , shoes & pearls off and commence to putting foot to A$$ that day... But no , I kept my composure...
richie mackintyre
richie mackintyre Ай мурун
it's like seeing Wendy without her wig
STEF talks
STEF talks Ай мурун
Clout chaser.....he is corny as heck...I just scanned through a hour and a half video of him misreading comments, with his tv on max volume, he was shaking his water glasses and drinking, he said he can take a few weeks off as long as he has his TOMMY KATZ, he has Merch coming out, from his first video in 2018 he has been trying to hit a lick, he didn't pop until this story, some of his videos market him as Wendy Williams brother, he became monetized off this story alone...even though he has been trying for a minute, HE HASN'T PUT OUT HIS "TALK SHOW", his skills in front the camera are atrocious at this point....he can only get better... I hope...
JOEREEN Ай мурун
She is lieing..
Dominique Hayes
Dominique Hayes Ай мурун
Even if she didn’t go to the funeral is her choice... not everyone wants that visual. If she knows she did right by her mother while she was here then she is in peace. God bless their family.
refilwe sorinyane
refilwe sorinyane Ай мурун
This must have something to do with sibling rivalry, money or both
SDW Ай мурун
Def clout chasing... the thirst of it all 🙄
A Gent
A Gent Ай мурун
Here is the thing anything Wendy tells us about her brother makes no difference in life he isnt the known one. Wendy talks about everyone and now wants people to stop talking about her? Please Expose her. No one cares who her brother beats up!!!
YB ShadyII
YB ShadyII Ай мурун
Tommy is Creepy as Hell...
Tanya Medina
Tanya Medina Ай мурун
She didn’t have to tell anybody but everyone forced her to talk about the day that her mother was buried. Her brother is clout chasing it’s not a good look And really unfortunate
Indigo Mood
Indigo Mood Ай мурун
Wendy is a liar and full of shit. She don't go that funeral. She made a point not to say the word funeral she just said she attended the service. Wendy is only concerned with getting her husband back. Periodt
Angela Laing
Angela Laing Ай мурун
I believe Tommy, he is a sweet positive guy. I have been listening to his podcast before their mother’s death. He talks a lot about mental health and fitness. Also, it was he, when a listener offered her condolences on their mom’s passing said ‘thank you my mom passed away a week ago’ when only earlier in the day, Wendy, on her show said: ‘my mom passed away weeks and weeks ago’ Wendy is a pathological liar. I can’t with her and her convenient manipulative tears.
awethu mpapha
awethu mpapha Ай мурун
They old but doing shit on social media🤪🤪
Eleanor McMickel
Eleanor McMickel Ай мурун
I don't think Windy would not attend her mother's funeral. Her brother is just seeking publicity for his TV show that he is planning.
Kat DEL Ай мурун
I have my fair share of toxic relatives so I'm siding with her. He wants the fame she has.
Avalon Park
Avalon Park Ай мурун
She want to the wake not the funeral.
Erica F
Erica F Ай мурун
Sick of these two fools already, shameful
Cindy Ndlangamandla
Cindy Ndlangamandla Ай мурун
Why are they both still talking?! 🤦🏾‍♀️
Naisah Charlery
Naisah Charlery Ай мурун
Her brother was wrong for bringing private matter out. Her brother is an attention seeker!!! He's cloud chasing indeed
Nosey AF
Nosey AF Ай мурун
Her brother seems suspect!
Sonja Wilcox
Sonja Wilcox Ай мурун
I believe Wendy
Tt Baby1
Tt Baby1 Ай мурун
Listen too the yes man!;; She is so sad talking about her use to be husband like she is still with him!!! Don't believe nothing she is saying!!! Period🤔
Linda Norwood
Linda Norwood Ай мурун
The two of them are driving their dad crazy. That man don’t need that mess.
Linda Norwood
Linda Norwood Ай мурун
Family come together, not act like fools, like both of them are doing.
Linda Norwood
Linda Norwood Ай мурун
Both of them are old enough to know better.
Linda Norwood
Linda Norwood Ай мурун
Both of them are acting real stupid , is not the time for that mess.
Aaron Miz Olette
Aaron Miz Olette Ай мурун
The fake tears though. “Norman do you have any questions?” Lol She gon get back with Kelvin.
Shenice Says
Shenice Says Ай мурун
Death brings out the worst in people.
Dell Catron
Dell Catron Ай мурун
I think she's trying save the reputation she has as a loving daughter close to both of her parents.
Cory Swain
Cory Swain Ай мурун
Something is not right with this story Tommy saying one thing wendy saying another thing doesn't make no sense smh🙄🤦🤷
Lavida Roberson
Lavida Roberson Ай мурун
Breezy Bree
Breezy Bree Ай мурун
believe Wendy...her brother is being demonic
cheyenne Flexrecords
cheyenne Flexrecords Ай мурун
Cecilia Graham
Cecilia Graham Ай мурун
They need to stop acting like this. God bless that family.
Jean Chase
Jean Chase Ай мурун
I believe Wendy...
nf094e R E N É E
nf094e R E N É E Ай мурун
It doesn't make sense to me that she would just be finding out about the fight. The funeral was what 2 months ago? No way that woulda been kept from her al this time. Did he deny the fight in his live tonight?
Tracy Ready
Tracy Ready Ай мурун
Wendy didn't say she was at the funeral.... she said THE SERVICE. HE even said she went to the wake of I'm not mistaken... but not the fune.
Maria Brock
Maria Brock Ай мурун
I think the family is dysfunctional this is not the time to be arguing and fighting and putting messy stuff out there for the public to read her mother must be turning over in her grave that does not make sense and it's really sad Wendy Williams is just messy and obviously the brother is too I feel so sorry for them
pinky love
pinky love Ай мурун
Wendy’s mother was holding the brother together she’s gone and now he his losing it.I never knew what her brother looks like till now.Grieving is so hard.They need to put that energy into their father his heart is so broken,the love of his life is gone.I pray for them both.🙏🏽
Agape IV
Agape IV Ай мурун
@LailahLynnTV ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Pum2018 Ай мурун
Somebody is LYING!
Antoinette Antoinette
Antoinette Antoinette Ай мурун
It sounds like a “good story” but my question is why would the Dad tell Wendy “he wasn’t mad at her” if she was indeed at the funeral.
HeySelly Ай мурун
She said she was at her mother's service, not funeral.
solodolo.e Ай мурун
I have to disagree I think he’s hurt if you go on his Instagram back then he showed Wendy a lot of love even has pictures of her crying at his wedding
Tonja MALVO Ай мурун
I believe the brother. He said she was there for the wake. She wasn't there for the funeral.
Sloan_005 Ай мурун
Wendy has sunk to an all new low. Sad.
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Ай мурун
The timing of this couldn’t be better. Even if all this is true why is this unfolding before the premiere of her documentary? Both are promoting the movie on their platforms. This story changes everyday, we don’t know whose right or wrong. At this point I wouldn’t follow this anymore. Her staff follow whatever she says especially Norman.
Deeper Beauty
Deeper Beauty Ай мурун
I don't know who to believe. It's sad either way. Unfortunately, death and funerals do have a bad habit of bringing the worst out of people. Hopefully, these two can put their differences to the side, for the sake of their mother's memory...Good luck..God Bless! @RIP to their mama🙏
Teresa Elliott
Teresa Elliott Ай мурун
Sherica Mcglothin
Sherica Mcglothin Ай мурун
I think she is lying 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Amanda Prout
Amanda Prout Ай мурун
roos greg
roos greg Ай мурун
Oh no! R.I.P. to Wendy’s mom💔
Ryan Ай мурун
I think Wendy is lying, she had enough time to revisit and she looked bad yesterday so today she is making story out. I don’t care but Wendy proved many times she is notorious liar and she is time of friend who would still your man
blacktree Ай мурун
I thought she went to the viewing or wake, that is were the fighting started, and because of that, she didn't attend the funeral.
Ryan Ай мурун
This whole thing is staged between Wendy and her brother for publicity
meganjerai Ай мурун
Something about this whole story is giving me STUNT.
MsManeEvent Ай мурун
Wendy is not loyal to anyone but big head Kelvin. I do t trust that heffa.
chellrobin1 Ай мурун
Wendy gave her mother her flowers while she was alive and that's all that matters . Her brother sounds like he needs attention, instead of using his talent he dogs out his sister on social media. Loser!
Renee Wimbish
Renee Wimbish Ай мурун
There are 2 significant gatherings when the Worst happens Funerals and Weddings. I believe Wendy is telling the truth. Why would she lie about attending her Mother's Her Mother funeral??? I believe her brother is clout chasing because he just started his web page and asking for money and For What???? What Tea 🍵 is do significant to ask for money, Please 🤨 As a family I hope they forgive each other and move on because they are all they have.
neeta50 T
neeta50 T Ай мурун
Wendy Williams is a liar periodt!!! And she was fake crying. She sure can air out her brother but not her no good Ex husband and she was in the bathroom doing drugs
Me Jc
Me Jc Ай мурун
Wendy Lying 🤥 She want Kelvin Back 😭
C Christian Collections-CR
C Christian Collections-CR Ай мурун
It's so sad that they both airing such drama in public. Not upto Six months their mother passed. What exactly does her brother wants her to do? We all know that Wendy has been thru a lot with her ex. For her to allow him to take her and son out just to avoid more drama which Tommy is now using it to say she's trying to get back with her husband. Really? His just being too messy and wants her to feel guilty for not joining him in the petty fight he created. Why do all that at their mothers funeral? Why ?
nayful Ай мурун
Wendy went to the wake not the funeral. I guess her brother fought then..so maybe she didnt go to the funeral which was later
Mia Mi
Mia Mi Ай мурун
Karma- Wentyyyy
Adrianne Rambo
Adrianne Rambo Ай мурун
I believe Tommy. Wendy’s been lying for awhile. 💕💕💕. If she was there why is she speaking as if she is telling a story that was told to her. I agree that her Mom probably was the peace maker. I’m an only child, so I don’t get sibling rivalry. RIP Mrs Williams. 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
kay taylor
kay taylor Ай мурун
Wendy owes the public no explanation. Many families are full of "crap" and you happen to be the one related to them. In my family when people act the fool I observe and let them say and do whatever. Eventually, they come around saying I'm sorry and I never accept an apology because when they act the fool the first time, never give them the opportunity to act the fool with you again. I attend family get togethers but, I observe because we all have at least one person that acts the fool.
Ronny Jr
Ronny Jr Ай мурун
I don't say clout chasing when it's family members considering they been family for 56 years and we don't know their relationship I remember when she used to talk about him.on her show and say nice things
Ronny Jr
Ronny Jr Ай мурун
Sad this happens so much in the black community
Ronny Jr
Ronny Jr Ай мурун
Wendy expose herself you can't expose her
Tenisha James
Tenisha James Ай мурун
I like Wendy but she worships her ex Kevin to the core.
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