Vanessa Bell Calloway Alleges Colorism In Coming To America Casting "I just wasn’t light enough"

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Lailah Lynn

2 ай мурун

Vanessa Bell Calloway did an eye opening interview with Page Six magazine and revealed she suspects colorism was a factor in her not being cast in the lead role in Coming To America.
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Annie M.
Annie M. Ай мурун
I know in the upcoming movie leslie Jones is suppose to play his baby mama of a son he never knew he had.
Queen Rudshel
Queen Rudshel 29 күн мурун
Yep not giving them my money. That's a huge turn off for me to watch it !
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams Ай мурун
@Protect Her Peace She probably didn't think about it then or see the big picture. Eddie had always been in love with women of no color or barely colored.
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams Ай мурун
I never thought about that🤔🤔.
@David Elliott EXACTLY!! I just think Shari was chosen because she was the right actress for the job.
Cheryl Knight
Cheryl Knight Ай мурун
The movie is out now and I’m disappointed...first off wasn’t nowhere near funny...and instead of black royalty all we got was the usual stereotypes...dark skinned women (teyana Taylor, Leslie Jones) are good enough to to smash but not marry...
zion lee
zion lee Күн мурун
Black women are the blue print but not the standard 😔
Z Shell-Thoms
Z Shell-Thoms 5 күн мурун
I am so glad this came to light. I have watched this movie and felt that colorism could have played a part. This is very sad considering he has daughters whom I am sure he would try to move heaven and earth for. It is when it hits home it hits the hardest. He would not want his children passed over for this reason. There is a thin line, if any between preference and prejudice.
music lover1984
music lover1984 6 күн мурун
I believe it I'm not surprised.
JayBee Johns
JayBee Johns 18 күн мурун
She is so gorgeous to me. I never could get with Coming to America because I never understood why he didn't want to marry her for that other one. Matter of fact, the one he chose friend was fine as well. Made no sense to me.
Cusp_Of_Magic 19 күн мурун
I remember watching this as a kid in the 90's, and thinking Patrice was sooo pretty in that scene where Akeem busted in on her and Semmi, and she had on all that pink. I remember wanting to look like her!
unearthedtruths 22 күн мурун
Obviously, he made her bark like a dog and humiliated her by making her hop on one leg. I dislike Eddie because he hates himself. Just look at the movies he created and tell me loves himself being dark. Also look at his personal life partner choices.
Loxena 22 күн мурун
It's above me now.
Mystery No-name
Mystery No-name 23 күн мурун
I agree, that was MAJOR colorism!!! It’s actually messed up because I loved the movie, it’s a shame us dark skin girls get treated poorly just because of our skin tone!! I mean damn, eddie doesn’t have to like dark skin women, but my issue is when you start disrespecting us and make us seem less than human , loud , and ghetto 😒
PinheadzBlackson 24 күн мурун
It's Ironic that Lisa is now the less attractive women
sirpoppinchuck 25 күн мурун
Look at Eddie Murphys ex wife n girlfriends
림흐 26 күн мурун
I always thought Eddie Murphy was a bit colorist. especially in norbit.
Kevin Woods
Kevin Woods 27 күн мурун
No stop it
marquis halsell
marquis halsell 27 күн мурун
When i first looked at this movie in the 2010s i already knew it had something to do with skin tones am glad it came to the light in 2021 dark skin is perfection to the t fr fr
Tharon Seay
Tharon Seay 28 күн мурун
Yes, I can totally believe Vanessa's impression based on attitudes about dark skin women in the 1980's.
Ebens Thelusmond
Ebens Thelusmond 28 күн мурун
I completely agreed
T. Tenille
T. Tenille 28 күн мурун
I did a thesis on colorism in college yeeeeeaaaars ago and discussed the colorist in Coming to America.
T. Tenille
T. Tenille 26 күн мурун
@M C Hindsight, I wish I would've published. That information is over 20 years old and is way outdated. After my final grade, I let a family member borrow it to read. Well, she ended up misplacing it 😭. I was really upset because I made up a questionaire/survey to obtain college student's opinions about colorism which involved a lot of statistics (validity/reliability, t-scores or z-scores, I can't remember which one). The entire paper was 150 pages. I would have to start all over from scratch and I'm horrible at statistics now. Lol
M C 28 күн мурун
Have you thought about publishing your thesis because I would really like to read it.
Nicole Jacquet
Nicole Jacquet 28 күн мурун
I don't agree. The QUEEN was a darker skinned woman, ironically married to a lighter skinned King. I don't believe it was based on color. The QUEEN was beautiful, calm, cool, collected, and extremely regal!
Erin Rackauskas
Erin Rackauskas 28 күн мурун
I believe AJ Johnson wasnt chose to do any of the House Party sequels bc she was “too dark”
Lauren Lamidi
Lauren Lamidi 28 күн мурун
Shes even prettier than the queen
Porsha Foxx
Porsha Foxx 28 күн мурун
Her role is the role everyone remembers. I had to think who Lisa was. But at the end, he did get Lisa.
Saint Nick
Saint Nick 28 күн мурун
Everybody should know by now that Eddie has a "type". 💯
Succeedin2 Me
Succeedin2 Me 29 күн мурун
Although I think there was Colorism involved, I don’t think that anyone could have played the role like Vanessa Bell Calloway there is an elegance about her. Back then I loved Shari Headley I just was not impressed with her acting skills.
Cantetinza17 29 күн мурун
I completely agree. I remember when I was 13 I was watching it on a weekend break and I noticed it. I was mad, but I was like, "Huh"... At least the Queen was dark skinned. I mean even now if you are a dark skin girl that gets a main part, you have to be drop dead gorgeous to be the "IT Girl". I saw the second one and the darker women were uplifted. The oldest daughter has dark skin and she is BEAUTIFUL. So that was nice to see, but you know there is more work to be done.
MindYo BusinessLady
MindYo BusinessLady 29 күн мурун
You can find a lot of colorism and hyper-sexualizing of dark skin women in the movie. The way sees black woman was the problem with Rasputia in Norbit. But on the other hand at least Eddie Murphy didn’t use Vanessa Williams for the leading lady, as they tried to get him to do. I think he predicted he would’ve really caught hell over that decision.
MyLuv4Lux 29 күн мурун
I noticed that as a young teen when this came out. It’s like that in most black movies and shows. Look at “Martin”, most of Tyler Perry movies the dog is usually darker than the save the battered woman hero. As a race, the colorism within our race makes other races feel superior or should I say it justifies their superior complex over blacks.
Quickenfoe 29 күн мурун
Who came up with the word "colorism"? And why does this word not apply to the men in the movie? Let me just say this. We are all black. My mother was quote unquote light skinned. But guess what? She was poor. She was on welfare. We all lived in the Projects okay? Having light skin did not advance my mother to the front of the line. Colorism? The Prince was darker than ALL HIS FAMILY!! My comment is, we as a collective should not get hung up on words like colorism, some made up word that has nothing to do with talent. Wesley Snipes comes to mind!!
Alpha Wann Official
Alpha Wann Official 29 күн мурун
Yes I must say Vanessa is right! Eddy Murphy himself is in colorism like many other Black actors who have become c omplexed to be highly regarded by Hollywood masters. The fact is Eddy, in real life is either dating or marrying whites or light skin mix race!
halfthewoman uk
halfthewoman uk 29 күн мурун
I’m glad she’s brought attention to this, I was ignorant that this happened. Every woman in this film was stunning. Imani had the best dress hands down. Must have weighed a ton though.
Ja Ma
Ja Ma 29 күн мурун
I actually always like Princess Imani better. Not only was her character funnier but I always liked how stunning she looked, prettier than than lisa to me.
Christopher Bob
Christopher Bob 29 күн мурун
His first supposed wife was bad af. Look way better than Lisa
M C Ай мурун
That is so true!!! I have never seen ANYONE sporting Lisa's pink dress, always Princess Imani's Gold Dress. I have even seen LS black women dress as Imani. I'd also like to point out not only the colorism but the shade thrown at big women. When Prince Akeem is about to meet his betrothed & plus sized woman comes tearing through the crowd, he gets nervous but when he finds out she was just there to present Princess Imani, he get the biggest look of relief on his face. Norbit was pretty evident not only is Eddie Murphy a colorist but he doesn't seem to think to highly of plus sized women due to the Raspusia character which upset black women slim & plus alike.
maurice9293 Ай мурун
How did black men get indoctrinated to desire white women if they are mostly raised by their mother
Linknla Ай мурун
Why do I feel like all the people in these comments defending VBC and calling out colorism was the same people making fun of me for having dark skin in the 80s and 90s. I find it a bit churlish to Eddie Murphy on blast for something that was done almost ubiquitously in the Black community during this time. Let’s not just put the hindsight shades on for Eddie but for everyone. 😒
2Putt 4Sure
2Putt 4Sure Ай мурун
Hollywood always favors the light skin for men and women. This is seen in Martin, House Party, and Coming to America. Nothing against the talented black actors because they are not making the casting decision.
CustomEventCreations Ай мурун
Well the queen was dark skin and she played a major role and respectable role. So I don’t agree.
LadyDemigod Ай мурун
I'm sooo sick of this colorism mess. It's setting us back 400 years.
eatingcrisps Ай мурун
In Coming 2 America see how Prince Akeem babymama was a dark skin black woman (Leslie Jones) cos God forbid he has a lightskin son😒. They don't want lightskin sons to be their heirs so of course the baby mother had to be darkskin and not the one to marry but the one to mock.
LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.
LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc. Ай мурун
Alison dean plays a bounty Hunter in showtimes the walking dead.
LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc.
LifeWorks, ndh enterprises,llc. Ай мурун
It's the same old song as the four tops put it. But it's hard just to fit other roles that could into what color or character when the script is written. But for Vanessa's case you came to Hollywood with thirty dollars to your name you got to find a place to live and food to eat. You tried your best to get a role at a audition while you found a small-bit job trying to be majored a make up artist or a art director at UC Berkeley,but when you didn't see the fact where your color would the role even if it's too damn stereotypic , well I guess you had to take just because you had to make it,but necessarily so. Now I may get a job and made the cut on this first try on the paper i may not get the audition,depends of the part. Now I realized how the screen written has a way for getting roles that match for a black women shade, they did that all the time and I understood their mind set through colorism. That's how Ms Vanessa keeping herself up and she bleached her skin to for a much decent part. Does that make sense?
Shelia Ай мурун
Colorism plays a role more often than we think. However, I do not always believe it is always done in a conscience manner. People think a certain way and sometimes they are not aware of it. The way groups of people are portraited in movies and news stories and the like, in this instance, darker skin women, overall influences the way they are treated. I have dark skin and I can sometimes tell immediately when I'm being judged by my appearance. But many times I am not sure if it's my race, colorism, or both. It is sad but it's reality.
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel
Ekumah Nang-Tege Daniel Ай мурун
Could it also be that Eddy wanted to portray in a subtle way, what could not be spoken about more freely as we have it today??
Marilyn Bahoura
Marilyn Bahoura Ай мурун
Vanessa is gorgeous and so was the other light skin girl
D blessed
D blessed Ай мурун
Who started colourism anyways
Tmobile Temp
Tmobile Temp Ай мурун
Black men are colorist. Then they complain when women bleach their skin
Michael DAntonio
Michael DAntonio Ай мурун
These guys are now - TOO LIGHT. They must be heavily invested in natural gas for all the TAN "PLASTIC" used on their faces. Some Beverly hills plastic surgeon made a bundle from this group. HA, HA. .So, when did Eddie Murphy get his new TAN PLASTIC face? JOE FRAUD BIDEN - our newly election fraud president, would say "You ain't BLACK." "You're TAN and plastic" and he'd be right. Ha, ha. And I see that Will Smith and Martin Lawrence definitely have their new PLASTIC TAN faces on, too. "They ain't black, right JOE FRAUD?" HA, HA! I'm their age and there's NO plastic on my face! What a clown show!
Jenni Ай мурун
We age way better period at the end of the day...
Markus Patients
Markus Patients Ай мурун
I didn't know about any of this because I'm blind. So think you and if everyone else were colorblind this conversation would be moot...
Roz Christopherson
Roz Christopherson Ай мурун
Eddie Murphey was in charge of the movie. Have you ever seen Eddie Murphey choose a darker-skinned woman for his wife or partner in real life? No. The same choice is reflected in the movie.
stayinthelite violet
stayinthelite violet Ай мурун
Can see colorism in the film. Although i haven't seen the seguel yet. However my girlfriend said she was turned off because they kept referring the the son I think it was as a "bastard" way too many times. She said it was very offensive to black single moms!
Neely O-30
Neely O-30 Ай мурун
Well...When I first saw the film, Vanessa's character was the one I was drawn to and was more excited to see. I was a little black girl (yes, although I am light-skin), she was the one I immediately admired in the film. I used to imitate her all the time after seeing her role in that film. I always viewed her as beautiful (and still do). When I look for people to inspire me, I don't necessarily look for those based on skin-tones but based on the special quality about them that they give off. Vanessa Bell Calloway has that.
ken phillips
ken phillips Ай мурун
JessieJ Ай мурун
Anything where a light skinned women is the lead, ppl say there is colorism. I guess light skinned women shouldn’t audition for roles or have a job.
Howard Chambers
Howard Chambers Ай мурун
What about the Queen? She is dark skinned.
In real life Eddy didn’t married a brown skinned woman anyway
Jonathan Ай мурун
Nobody forced her to take the role. Being bitter years later means absolutely nothing
Keisha B
Keisha B Ай мурун
Yes, it had colorism on it. Still, I say let's love all of our sisters of all color.🙏
Madam Dej
Madam Dej Ай мурун
I honestly think Eddie Murphy is a low key colorist. Ppl give him a pass cuz he’s funny tho.
Thomas Malone
Thomas Malone Ай мурун
Vanessa still had much better hair👌🏽.
BapsBABY Ай мурун
I understand the situation with being dark skin and having a lighter skin relative like the sisters in the movie. It's hard to talk to my mother about problems that dark skin black women face because she is a light skin black woman so it's sometimes hard for her to understand where I'm coming from.
Music of Life
Music of Life Ай мурун
No. The new movie probably won’t right any wrongs. Off the rip Teyanna is half naked (over sexualized) and Leslie Jones is giving “bafoonary vibes”. No disrespect to Leslie, but her Character is a stereotype. She had no control over that.
u4site 4u2
u4site 4u2 Ай мурун
Personally I think this new movie was last minute that's why it's so trampoline put together but that's what happens when other people make black movies screens up being no black input at all just black faces on the screen they think that's all they need to sell them movie
u4site 4u2
u4site 4u2 Ай мурун
I saw the movie she was the hottest female in the movie and the most sexiest but I think that she was Sarah Baartman put on display rather than being included
Cheryle Williams
Cheryle Williams Ай мурун
: yes, colorism in the movie.
Pliz Wekup
Pliz Wekup Ай мурун
That's was the end goal of them pushing colorism. Most black men grew up watching lighter skinned women being promoted as the standard of beauty. The end goal is inter racial relationships in order to whyten out the melanin.
L B Ай мурун
It could clearly be seen. Look at the dark skin sister who was only worthy of her sister's leftovers. Smh.
matthew mann
matthew mann Ай мурун
Yeah colourism, featurism, hairism, texturism, classism, dressism, culturism, and ableism is common in almost every group
Ċöḷä ṄïĊöḷä
Ċöḷä ṄïĊöḷä Ай мурун
I honestly think it was sooo sad 😢 and madd disrespectful that all of these years later in part 2, they still had the gorgeous Vanessa still barking and hopping around like a dog 🐶....Why couldn’t they show her married and living her best life after dodging a bullet by not marrying Prince Hakim???!!! They didn’t want to allow her go out with any type of dignity. 😡
glittergirljmm 29 күн мурун
They implied her happy ending. If that helps.
Positively_ TK
Positively_ TK Ай мурун
Yeah, I think so too. It's not just a coincidence that they have two dark women in the lower role.
I'mSoo Shook
I'mSoo Shook Ай мурун
We as a people are so many different shades of brown. I remember thinking how great Vanessa Calloway and Eddie Murphy had looked together in the scene. Often times, hollywood picks the actor not for looks but for chemistry, acting skills whatever. I would have felt better had Vanessa been allowed to even try out for her desired role rather than just been placed in another spot too. It would have evened the playing field. But I think we should be happy hollywood didnt have Eddie marry white. They do that alot lately. Imagine that movie! Now that would be colorism.
I'mSoo Shook
I'mSoo Shook Ай мурун
What about the fact that Darryl was a lighter skinned guy and Lisa still dropped him for a darker guy? Also, Lisa's mother was darker skinned and I felt she was highly respected and exuded wisdom in the movie. There are movies with darker lead actors and it just seems like colorism becomes an issue when a lighter black woman gets the role. What are light actresses to do, never take roles that they too have worked hard for?
Collin Henry
Collin Henry Ай мурун
Yes I do agree with you colorism play large part in movie and I do not think is because director is white because even Oscar Micheaux who direct and produce his own movies from 1918 to 1951 usually have leading actress as lighter skin who many case looks like could pass for white. So is possible Eddy agree with him or say it himself.
Collin Henry
Collin Henry Ай мурун
I think Vanessa Bell Calloway is more beautiful then the other lady who play Eddie Murphy girlfriend in Coming to America, but is because back in 1988 when movie come out many people including black people our self feel lighter skin is more beautiful then dark skin because of slavery mentality and also through mass media. Look at Michael Jackson in 1987 compare to 1977.
Yewl Cee
Yewl Cee Ай мурун
Yep colorism was major factor with the women in the first film but couldn't get past the first 20 minutes of the sequel as so bad.
Priestess Kimiko Doll
Priestess Kimiko Doll Ай мурун
even though her part in the movie was kinda demeaning since she had to play the submissive wife that does anything the king says even bouncing on one leg and barking like a dog...... BUT i will say this, her part is the only thing i remember from the first movie. the hairstyle and dress is iconic and the main thing i remember and i have seen 3 celebrities imitate it.
Streaming TV
Streaming TV Ай мурун
I don't even need to watch this because even as a kid I could never understand why he wouldn't pick the more beautiful girl as the lead. She is hands down more beautiful than the woman he picked.
Vanessa Slow your roll. You are 5 years older than Eddie Murphy and I am sure that was the primary reason you were not cast as the wide eyed young heart throb from Queens. Whereas Sheri Headley (Lisa) was three years younger than Eddie Murphy.
Landra gardner
Landra gardner Ай мурун
Every girl wanted to be like eddies bride in coming to america, she was very beautiful she fit the roll as a queen Vanessa was the queen of Africa for years.
LinusLarrabee Ай мурун
That’s why they have her still barking in part 2
Charles Amusan
Charles Amusan Ай мурун
People need to relax and be glad the way God created them. Don't be envious because you are not light skinned. I wish I were a 6'8 NBA star but I am not 😂. So use what God had given you and stop complaining.
ThankTheLord Ай мурун
Look, even Nicole his ex wife wasn't light enough. So he got want he wanted all the time...a white woman. So yes Murphy is colorist.
ivorysteele Ай мурун
Bullshit. She wasn’t picked and that’s that.
john dahlia
john dahlia Ай мурун
after all this time,she got issues
Myrtillia Grace
Myrtillia Grace Ай мурун
Of course Colorism was practiced here. Vanessa bell Calloway is a beautiful woman. If this is an Eddie Murphy production he did have a final say so. Makes you wonder, really! Also Eddie was told he HAD to put one LEADING white person in it. This is so ridiculous! But things never change!
kapparhotau181 Ай мурун
Vanessa Bell would have been great as Lisa probably better. Unfortunate that she didn't get the Lisa part but she was great as Princess Imani, she was stunning!
Sbrie p
Sbrie p Ай мурун
It was big in the 80s colorism..but I always was uncomfortable as a child noticing Lisa sister was portrayed in that way. I was very aware is was because of her skin tone.
miriam wright
miriam wright Ай мурун
cat cat
cat cat Ай мурун
This is just like with new jack city Christopher Williams was meant to be the breakout star because he was light skin with curly hair( according to his unsung episode) but WESLEY SNIPES hit the screen and black women never looked back. we have been digging the chocolate man from then on! The queen was dark skin tho
Can Ай мурун
Yup, I’m not surprised and Eddie Murphy gives me colorist vibes. It’s draining and the second movie sucks. I think it’s sad that as black people we can’t just have all shades of women represented equally in movies.
Hard Hitta
Hard Hitta Ай мурун
Wow 😳
Rivelino Phillip
Rivelino Phillip Ай мурун
Dean is hot af tho part 2 should reverse the colourism rolls portraying different times
Denise Williams
Denise Williams Ай мурун
What’s funny is the dark skin women are portrayed as undesirable, unworthy, and the losers in the film. Yet Eddie, the dark skin man, gets the girl over the light skin curly hair Eriq Laselle. So funny how that works.
Jennifer Williams
Jennifer Williams Ай мурун
He has a Jheri curl 😂
Hellow Ай мурун
Is it even a little possible that the other actress had a better audition than her? No? Okay.
Carolyn Merritt
Carolyn Merritt Ай мурун
I love Vanessa Bell Calloway, but if she felt that way she should not have taken the role.
Trending gist with Octavia Kora
Trending gist with Octavia Kora Ай мурун
She is so beautiful wow
Ian Brisbane
Ian Brisbane Ай мурун
Wow so many issues of colorism, nothing will be good enough for this new generation, of course anyone will feel a type of way for not getting the job they wanted . Sometime a chill pill is needed
Vickie Adams
Vickie Adams Ай мурун
I think colorism was and is a factor. They want these movies to appeal to a majority group audience (people of no color as well). The producers and main character (Murphy) ha$ these biases.
Ivory Tone
Ivory Tone Ай мурун
Good example would be Fresh Prince - Aunt Viv #1 vs Aunt Viv #2. One portrayal of colorism at it's beginnings.
Darin’s Lady
Darin’s Lady Ай мурун
I definitely think that the lighter skinned women were portrayed as more beautiful and intelligent. He did try and bring out the intellectual attributes of the darker skinned queen, however she refused to show her worth, her only interest was to marry him. The same with the younger sister, she just was interested in having sexual relations with any man! Both dark skinned women were portrayed as "air heads". Part II "Leslie Jones" who also has darker skin was cast as his "baby mama"who he had sex with under some type of hypnosis, and he doesn't even remember having sex with her and finds out they have a son...smh. You do the math!
Sabrina Green
Sabrina Green Ай мурун
Yes I beleave this
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