[UGLY] Tommi Calls Out LeToya Luckett's FAMILY, Denies Cheating & Tells Them How He REALLY FEELS!

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

It looks like the situation between LeToya Luckett and her her husband Tommicus Walker is turning ugly. Tommi is now calling LeToya's family out! smh
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J Prince
J Prince Күн мурун
How did the side chick make it to the baby shower? Edit: or did she just announce this via social media...I was confused about that part
wild& peaceful
wild& peaceful 5 күн мурун
And dam sure can't work out a cheating dog
wild& peaceful
wild& peaceful 5 күн мурун
God can't work out a lie...
Ms. Lady
Ms. Lady 12 күн мурун
He is a narcissist
V free
V free 12 күн мурун
Gaslighting at its finest never admit ti cheating, even if others saw the dirty deed always always say" it wasn't me"!
Kathi Williamsyoung
Kathi Williamsyoung 13 күн мурун
Boy Bye. Go sit in the corner some where. Smart lady get rid of his ass NOW.✌💖💡
Gaye Mercer
Gaye Mercer 15 күн мурун
Run Run Run and never look back!!!!!
E White
E White 15 күн мурун
What's the saying... you can ONLY wear a mask for so long. I think she definitely deserves better than what she got out of/ from him.
Daj Monroe
Daj Monroe 17 күн мурун
Controlling a$$ Ninja ! Im glad she finally left him! I couldnt stand him ! BYE TOMMY TF
Camisha Chadband
Camisha Chadband 18 күн мурун
Hmmmmm am sorry this has to went down that way , like this is all over . Not in America only but In the Caribbean lsland and all the cities and countries in the world. Men has no respect for their wife , why the Hell you married to her for cheating on her you want her to get sick or something now is not time to cheat . This world is a sick place yes.😡😡😡🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹🇹thats not good she is a pretty lady she dont deserve that. You will not find noone like that who is faithfully and trustworthy out here.hmmmmmm smh😱🤦‍♀️😡😡This is very upsetting and disturbing.
rudolph mcneill
rudolph mcneill 25 күн мурун
Oh good grief. He did it. Him referencing God isn't helping. Guilty!! Why is he talking shit about the family. He should just stfu.
Theta Young
Theta Young 26 күн мурун
Acceptance is always the hardest. May God, time, and love heal them all so that their lives will be happy.
angie couture
angie couture 27 күн мурун
WAIT a dang minute! Side chick announces during baby shower that he is cheating??????? Wwhhhhhaaaaatttttt!!!
Adriane Mazique
Adriane Mazique 27 күн мурун
Latoya can do much better. He’s the worst kind envious and jealous of a strong woman. He tried to destroy her but he got destroyed instead. He tried to keep her barefoot and pregnant knowing she was trying to elevate her career. He was such an Ass to her on the show so I can imagine how he was in person. He’s a NOBODY trying to be SOMEBODY😡 Good Ridden💃🏽💃🏽
Evies World
Evies World 27 күн мурун
Hes a whole ass fool
Lucy Pollard
Lucy Pollard 27 күн мурун
Letoya just needs to stay on her path and get him out of her life..so that god can send her the man thats deserving of her...and please ! please ! donot seek any advice from Ti and Tiny they are not spiritual or faithful and would be the wrong people to advise you...they are cut from another cloth..just continue to trust in God who has your back or you would have never found out about him...trust me ! When one door closes anotger will open..and your real husband will wzlk through it..just take some time for self ..it will happen ...if thats what you want...
Vee Edge
Vee Edge 28 күн мурун
Not Shaggy!
Ngozi Talibah
Ngozi Talibah 28 күн мурун
Bless her and her family. I hope she has a prenup. She did not deserve that. She was praying!!! for someone to love. We forget when we pray ,the devil can hear you too!! Now she has to deal with A NARCISSIST in her life they are known to drag you until you don't know who you are. BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY. Keep your loved ones next to you and buckle up! You may be going for a bumpy ride.
Angela Jones
Angela Jones 29 күн мурун
Tommie the creep will reap what he show.
Sharon Grimes
Sharon Grimes Ай мурун
He did something really Bad fpr her to divorce him. two babies and trying to repair her marriage, Right!!! hes not going to say he cheated.
mzjrenee Ай мурун
Talking about God this and God that...God don't bless NO MESS
Aaliyah Bradford
Aaliyah Bradford Ай мурун
I can’t imagine the trauma of your husband wronging u then using God to manipulate u
Love Angel2020
Love Angel2020 Ай мурун
That is GOD alright. That was God showing Latoya to Run. When God shows you something believe him. That video was a blessing baby Love you Toya AND YOU ARE A FABULOUS ACTRESS I CANT wait to see you in future ROLES
Woke Real woke
Woke Real woke Ай мурун
Is he saying her family set him up in the bed and the pictures??
lakeysia s
lakeysia s Ай мурун
Anybody named Tomicus is a no. I’m so tired of Tommy. The way he treated Toya from what we’ve seen is DEFINITELY a no, boy bye!
Wayne Rios
Wayne Rios Ай мурун
Guess who's NOT invited to the family cookout?
Jayla Mc
Jayla Mc Ай мурун
He’s NARCISSISTIC!! He will never admit to the truth. LeToya, please move on and stop letting him disturb your peace and insult your intelligence. You deserve much better. I knew he was cheating when he was going out town/ state without telling her. He was going to see these women.
BB Baby
BB Baby Ай мурун
Toya was the baby sitter for his little girl! She did a wonderful job! Now she’s going to be a single mother! Toya raise his daughter by herself! So she will be fine🙏🏽😘
RadiantRuby Ай мурун
What gets me is that side chicks come out of the woodworks to be self righteous but wasn’t feeling like that when they were participating. The men are accountable as well!
Nurse Necole
Nurse Necole Ай мурун
dymplez Ай мурун
Ain't nobody said ya stepped out... It's WHO ya been dipping into that's gotcha in this MESS. 🤔🙄How u mad cause U got caught smh
Jelissa Frank
Jelissa Frank 5 күн мурун
🤣🤣🤣 this comment won. It’s what you were jumping into.
Eva Diva
Eva Diva Ай мурун
I was happy to see her get married because that was what she prayed for! But once I saw how he acted on Family Hustle I thought he did not treat her very well and was given the side eye ! So sad for her and her children...
Solar Ай мурун
Hes nasty!
Meshia Washington
Meshia Washington Ай мурун
If he really didn’t want a divorce he wouldn’t have made that comment. Her family was there before you. Now due to that statement he looks a guy that tried to separate Latoya from her family and friends.😒
Global Elite Media
Global Elite Media Ай мурун
I knew this man was cheating from day 1. He was going out of town a lot and I said this guy is cheating.
live.love.fashion by dc
live.love.fashion by dc Ай мурун
Well narcissist sense of entitlement is real. Your wife got your videos in the middle of her baby shower. You can lie all you want but God revenge is the worse. Lord give her strength hope he gets not a dime. All the business man you are hope you could run the cheques for child support. Letoya I won't blame you if you guard your heart. Men out here different. You could do anything and everything in the book and still will cheat and do all the things. Vows don't mean shit no more. Sorry ain't sorry...
Kendell Lenice
Kendell Lenice Ай мурун
Honestly from watching them on Family Hustle...they both seemed like the problem, not just him.
Munsjvc2 Ай мурун
They always release a “We’re still friends who will co-parent and want our privacy” statement right before dragging each other and airing all their business.
Mekaa Christopher
Mekaa Christopher Ай мурун
He sounds very childish. Also they said he got the women in TX pregnant, and TX is where his daughter lives this is sad
Seventh child
Seventh child Ай мурун
Mary Ann Gray
Mary Ann Gray Ай мурун
Should of kept it in his pants 👖
Camille Jnes
Camille Jnes Ай мурун
Latoya i love you so much from you were in destiny child am hurting 4 you but run for your life such is life.
Ms oddballz
Ms oddballz Ай мурун
He's disrespectful as fuck. Karma will get him. Hopefully letoya mental is ok. Dealing with him has to be a good headache.
Kim mcrae-bowens
Kim mcrae-bowens Ай мурун
Tell me something why is everything cool until you get cocked Why not just keep what you got make it better treated right love it and keep your a** home You caught your caught The time to make it better was before all of this happened it's too late.
Jeanell Reynolds
Jeanell Reynolds Ай мурун
Throw that cheating bastard away.
StyxVxn Ай мурун
Loyana Dale
Loyana Dale Ай мурун
What in the "That's not R.Kelly, it's his Brother" hell is going on. Tommi needs to stop it.
Yeselis Lewis
Yeselis Lewis Ай мурун
ShauneeTheSexyShoeholic Ай мурун
Not surprised after last season, he didn't seem like the couples therapy was working for him. So sad yet another sista has waisted her time and ovaries with a "Grown Boy"
Telma Capita
Telma Capita Ай мурун
I love your intro
Carolyn Moffett
Carolyn Moffett Ай мурун
Immature tight cheating pants shut up!
D Skye
D Skye Ай мурун
I don't like him! That is all.
Ayanna Brown
Ayanna Brown Ай мурун
She's not ending her relationship for no reason.. Boy bye.. now you can go hump in peace✌...
Tee Ай мурун
I guess all the fans are friends of LeToya too then because we didn't like him anyways either lol
Joi Perkins
Joi Perkins Ай мурун
Be careful, this willl ruin any attempt to lovingly co-parent. Tommicus should respectfully accept Letoya's decision and point the finger only at himself. Tommi, you are guilty of something...Now you have to own it!
Brenda's Jewellery
Brenda's Jewellery Ай мурун
So he cheat on the person he was cheating with 🤣🤣
Antoinette Stewart
Antoinette Stewart Ай мурун
I thought tommicus was a better person than that its so sad when you find out ppl true colors!! To talk about somebody's family he aint nothing! Asking us to give him privacy for the protection of his children, He dont care about them kids safety not talking about their family like that!! Tommicus you are one messy cheater and you needs to GO! Aint nobody trying to catch corona or H.I.V!!OK
Yolanda Cheek
Yolanda Cheek Ай мурун
I was side eyeing the whole marriage after I knew where their spiritual council came from😒 but Latoya didn't deserve this
Jay P
Jay P Ай мурун
He BET NOT do a Mary J. Blige/ Keandu had the nerve to demand money divorce on her... 😒
Puddin Tame
Puddin Tame Ай мурун
He didn't marry her family, he married her.
Donna Hill
Donna Hill Ай мурун
I would show him whos boss. She should get the best lawyers for mr Tommy. When he come get the kids he better have the 💰 🤑 He would be so quiet after the paper work is done. 70K a year second man.
Ashlee Tyler
Ashlee Tyler Ай мурун
So the mistress came to the baby shower??
Londie J
Londie J Ай мурун
The mistress posted him in her bed with the same tattoo he has. What other proof dud she need? Good for her for not wanting to be his doormat.
Mary Ellen
Mary Ellen Ай мурун
I just hope Latoya have a prenup because I don’t think he have any money
Jabari Ай мурун
Again, why are we seeing this on social media! Why can't people keep their personal business personal 🙄 If Tommie didn't cheat why isn't he doing his BEST to not lose their marriage. It's evident there were problems prior to him cheating, it was displayed on T.I and Tiny Family Hustle and him cheating was the icing on the cake.
Missjazz 504
Missjazz 504 Ай мурун
You start talking about your ex family working things out will never happen
Kim Gibbs
Kim Gibbs Ай мурун
The best blessings comes from God Therefore, daughter of God. Continue to live and enjoy all that God's grace and has gifted to you, your beautiful children to have.
Lovey b
Lovey b Ай мурун
Its sad ppl will be caught on tape n still lie. Dude ppl recognized your tattoo of your d*mn mother smh. Who elses mom was that other than your siblings. No woman would release that if you were single when u did that.
Neena Sarafina
Neena Sarafina Ай мурун
Saw this coming so long ago
Meemee Palmer
Meemee Palmer Ай мурун
He has always been a cheater!!!! A “close source”reveals that!!!
sweetmarie1415 Ай мурун
new subby 😁
glady Hibbler
glady Hibbler Ай мурун
He is wrong on so many levels and I'm glad she leaving him the way he treated her in front of the world on that television show shows he's very inconsiderate selfish self-absorbed and the only thing good came out of that was those two beautiful little spirits that God blessed her with he's a bum I know his kind
Chinara starks
Chinara starks Ай мурун
Man he did that shxt !!! Now he feeling a way 🙃
DawnofA Ай мурун
I feel so bad for Toya. She has said NOTHING about this cheating situation and he still feels the need to address her family and Toya like she is the shade room. I'm so glad she left his ass cause he is a toxic mess!
justicelyric Ай мурун
you got the wrong Destiny Child member 🤣😂🤣 cheat on Toya she gone
Allastir Hayes
Allastir Hayes Ай мурун
I'm sooooo tired of these side chicks....you knew he was married go sit down
Beverly Crittendon
Beverly Crittendon Ай мурун
Get a trash bag and throw the whole dude away!
Celeste Faith Joy
Celeste Faith Joy Ай мурун
I believe LeToya saw the vidoes & her family probably did too she knows it's him that's why she divorcing him so sad smh
sunny marie
sunny marie Ай мурун
I just saw a clip of him leaving her like dust at the airport. That was not ok and sounded like it happened often. Thats divorce material ESPECIALLY with an aversion to therapy.
CIG 40ROLLIN Ай мурун
His actions on the show was sex sex sex and pouting
Mary Still standing
Mary Still standing Ай мурун
Please have a prenup PLEASE!!
T styles
T styles Ай мурун
Her/Family Were There For You When You Lost Your Mom. How Dare You Say That About Them. LaToya Is To Good For You (Tommicus) Anyhow
Camika Maxey
Camika Maxey Ай мурун
He childish af! Latoya is waay too much woman for him.
Linda Askew
Linda Askew Ай мурун
Go back on Latoya’s IG or Twitter she made a statement about how she had reservation about marrying him after three months of dating.
Al Anderson
Al Anderson Ай мурун
What is his side chick name???
A O Ай мурун
One thing that narcissists di s defend their image. They will go on public platforms and lie, specifically denying what was only speculated & not proven. Letoya only said they were getting a divorce. She didn't say why or blame him for anything. Yet, here he is saying he didn't cheat to the public. He should tell her that & keep it between them, but no its more important for the public to believe it. She's not convinced and it's obvious he was cheating. It's very rare for a woman who just gave birth to divorce their husband. Very sad and prayers for her & the kids. Thanks for the vid
Rajahwhyte Ай мурун
I’ve been watching your channel for a while but I’m just now realizes how cute your intro is 😍❤️❤️
Super Nova
Super Nova Ай мурун
Ohhhh Latoya Latoya....dating dwn never good idea
Michele Daly
Michele Daly Ай мурун
He is a selfish,arrogant narcissist that only loves himself.I can't believe he's denying cheating when there is actual proof.It takes a special kind of crazy to believe your own lies.Letoya is a beautiful person that deserves way better.Wishing her peace and love.Run girl and don't look back.
C Robinson
C Robinson Ай мурун
Yes ! Dust the feet from among him and get on with her life! Tommy is hater he preyed on LeToya! I pray that she had a prep nup! LeToya is smart she has good spirit I am sure she went into deep prayer and this was the best for her & the children! He is awful I never cared for him he is opportunist! It just best that she got out I knew she would eventually she cannot allow Tommy to bring her down! He is awful! Bye Tommy good riddance! Praying 🙏🏽🙏🏽for LeToya and her children!!
K J Ай мурун
Well who has got a tattoo that says Ruby?😂
ruby jewel
ruby jewel Ай мурун
Just dnt marry them to much to lose
msccooks76 Ай мурун
Typical ass narcissist to deny the allegations & place blame elsewhere!! He is definitely gaslighting. He should’ve kept quiet if he was truly innocent in this all. He’s upset to lose the power in it all. He needs to take his accountability in the situation & just deal with consequences. Periodttt
Pam Kindle
Pam Kindle Ай мурун
Dude can't deny cheating, there was footage. He is tripping because he is now processing what he is losing and didn't value when he had her and thought she would just keep taking the Foolishness. So he Shaggy now huh, in that song "Its wasn't Me"" 🙄✌🏾 & remember how he kept going to Dallas on the TI and Tiny show, he wasn't just going to just see his daughter. 🙄 GET gone Toya and have a Blessed life girl!!!🙌🏾
The Urban Equalization Movement
The Urban Equalization Movement Ай мурун
This is sad but there’s no surprise here. He’s an immoral man. Latoya didn’t have discernment. She completely omitted her women’s intuition and gave this man yet another child. And who married them, therefore further cursing their union?? John Gray married them!!! I hope she had an iron clad prenup, and is ready for all the salt he’s going to through at her and her family. She settled and why? He was there for her during her pregnancy. He was in Texas when she needed him in Atlanta. This man made poignant decision which spoke loudly where his priorities were. He never loved her. He’s a mama’s boy who never grew up and only lusted and never loved. Once again the black woman has to pull herself together and raise her babies alone. When will this stop?
Judy Lewis
Judy Lewis Ай мурун
other bloggers today are talking about tommie being in a restaurant with another family. lol
YAH YAH YAH Ай мурун
His ig story sound like paster grey
Slick R&B
Slick R&B Ай мурун
He is still disrespectful to her. His mouth is wreckless and she didn't want no baby he forced that
Ten Ways To Wear It
Ten Ways To Wear It Ай мурун
I love how he talks about God and marriage so nobly then goes on to call people stanky ass. That’s when you know he’s a triflin snake.
Latanya Hoskins
Latanya Hoskins Ай мурун
Sis need to remain single, she've a lot of bad luck with marriage. Keep all your coins in your purse if you decide to do it again. These big fabulous weddings don't last long. Just go to the Hall of Justice if you decide to go for it again. God bless and good luck. ❤