Timbaland Reveals He Was IN LOVE With Teenaged Aaliyah!

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

A resurfaced clip of Timbaland's E! True Hollywood Story has resurfaced. And in the clip, mega-producer Timbaland, reveals he fell "in love" with Aaliyah when he first met her.
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andy s
andy s 4 күн мурун
Who wouldn't be in love with her ??
Alaina Williams
Alaina Williams 4 күн мурун
But it wasn't just them aaliyah liked older guys as we can see was mature VERY mature
Auti SipTeaTime
Auti SipTeaTime 4 күн мурун
She just that girl when she walks into a room everyone in love with her lol
Hey Girl Hey
Hey Girl Hey 6 күн мурун
Hey guy’s I’m new to KGpost and would really appreciate the support and feedback 😊
Dineo Mosia
Dineo Mosia 11 күн мурун
Timbaland should’ve kept this piece of info to himself. Very unnecessary
Grt1n 18 күн мурун
Lord he should of kept this to himself! I truly think he went on to really think of himself as his sis but still.
Alissa 21 күн мурун
I heard he said this like a year ago..
Francheska Cotto
Francheska Cotto 22 күн мурун
I always wondered about Aaliyah n Ginuwine too 🤔
S P 23 күн мурун
It’s disrespectful let her RIP. Her family don’t need to hear that nonsense. He knows he’s not suppose to be even looking at her like that so if he never acted on it ever why say it now? Some things are you should stfu about forreal. Exercise the right to remain silent on some stuff.
Canary Black
Canary Black 24 күн мурун
Timberland is dumb for telling that...just dumb. You could have taken that to your grave sir. Dumb.. just dumb. There is no such thing as a secret.
Shani Grant
Shani Grant 24 күн мурун
The man came out an said he was in love ,but he knew it was wrong nun wrong with that ???
TheJesusgurlie 24 күн мурун
Everyone loved her, she was easy to love. Just keep in mind that It’s illegal here but other places it’s not odd to be married at 16. I understand how it goes, But please keep it to yourself sir, you didn’t act on it so don’t even speak about it. Everyone is on their high horses these days. When I was 16 a 22 year old man wasn’t weird to me, not that it was ok, it’s just that from my view point at the time they were more my pace mentally. Guys mature slower. 🤷🏽‍♀️
MsAlexisj 26 күн мурун
I'm more interested in what his wife thinks about his statement and the idea that he chose her to be his wife because she looks like Aaliyah.
Udoka Omen
Udoka Omen 26 күн мурун
What was it about this girl that had these grown men literally OBSESSED?
Anthony Mark
Anthony Mark 26 күн мурун
We don't know if Timberland crossed the line with Aaliyah she is not here to tell her side.
Journey_too_normal*** 26 күн мурун
She was esthetically beautiful and seemed really sweet. But for these grown ass men to look at a child like that is absolutely unhealthy.
Mytime153 27 күн мурун
I remember Wendy Williams put that her Aaliyah movie. And Timbaland acted a fool about it. Now it comes out, I guess Wendy was right.
Ashley Jayy
Ashley Jayy 27 күн мурун
I beem knew this
JustBrylon 27 күн мурун
The comments are stupid. He NEVER acted on his feelings! So he isn't a perv! Dumbasses 🙄
Diana Cowherd
Diana Cowherd 28 күн мурун
Listen, I will be 45 this year and back in the 90s a lot of us females had OLDER bf! I was 16 dating a 20year old man friends did the same! Some where 17 dating mid to late 20 yr old guys, then we seen nothing wrong with it! A different time before social media and everyone opinions
Awillii 28 күн мурун
I believe a lot of people she worked with were in love with her.
Becky Boo
Becky Boo 29 күн мурун
Yall saying Timbaland didn't act on it, but was writing songs for her when she was 15 and preying on her like R Kelly did with ''Age Aint Nothing But Number'', it's just R Kelly was physical with her.
Robin Light
Robin Light 29 күн мурун
We knew this but its interesting
ebony wright
ebony wright Ай мурун
I respect Timberland for speaking his truth and not acting on his feelings. This happens every day. People just need to control themselves especially when age is an issue.
Becky Boo
Becky Boo 29 күн мурун
When she was 15, she did not look 18+, he's disgusting and beneath respecting.
Soliel Gibson
Soliel Gibson Ай мурун
It’s crazy how society changes, because this was very normal “back in the day”. Grand parents getting married at 15-16, and most time the men were at least 6-10 years older than the women. Times have surely changed.
indigo_sense Ай мурун
How many of our grandparents have age gap of 10-20 years? This shit been going on since beginning of time.
Watcher Romantic
Watcher Romantic Ай мурун
Aries Child
Aries Child Ай мурун
Why is everyone acting like this is new news? I must be old cause he I remember this like it was yesterday he been said that. The point is he didn’t act on his feelings and she’s gone now may she Rest In Peace.
Becky Boo
Becky Boo 29 күн мурун
no, the point is that she was 15 and he was 23. She did not even look 18+ and he knew her age.
ladydede88 Ай мурун
I’m sorry but that’s nasty. He’s saying he never acted on it. That’s his word against a dead women’s who was in the industry. I don’t know any man sexually attracted to a girl or women who doesn’t at least try it or act on their feelings once. To go as far as marring your wife and putting her in that swoop bang for life lol is big weird and Obsessive. Who knows who else was trying to get at that teenage girl smh. She was easy prey and every person that was supposed to be there for her wanted to be with her in a way that’s scary. And where tf were her parents?
Arthur Lofton
Arthur Lofton Ай мурун
I believe underaged affairs has been rampant through the industry. R. Kelly is just the guy the law chose make an example of but it's more than him. Just go back and listen to songs & read stories from 1950-2000. It was fine until they found R. Kelly's sex tapes.
Kathy Colbert
Kathy Colbert Ай мурун
Good one ☝🏾 grown man was hands 🙌🏽 off Aaliyah. So many were not trying to have the correct morales.
Tha Biz
Tha Biz Ай мурун
That was the norm back then 🤷🏽‍♀️ least he didn't act on it like Kels
zyyx Ай мурун
omg guys have you ever watched Roxanne Roxanne the movie on Netflix. There was once this scene when Roxanne was kicked out of her house with no where to go she went to an older guys house in which she considered her 'big brother' . He then kicked her out because he couldn't 'control' himself after seeing her in shorts. Its sooooooo SAD, she looked for him for help and shelter from someone she considered a 'brother', some one made a comment that if Timbaland was given an opportunity, he would and that stuck with me. Its so dishearting and disgusting, especially the fact that when Timbaland met Aaliyah it was after the Rkelly situation. Aaliyah was just around nasty grown ass Men, I just know if Babygirl was alive she would've told her story.
Carlo Santana
Carlo Santana Ай мурун
This generation so messed up. I'm 40 now but when I was 23 my gf was 17 😱 and we lived together and were together for about 10 years
Eddwardo Chesterfield
Eddwardo Chesterfield Ай мурун
The fact it took so long for this story to come to the forefront
Nv B
Nv B Ай мурун
Aaliyah was a very loveable person from what I could see. Very mature and some what angelic. It was possible for a man to be inlove with her..and not necessarily in a "come here little girl" type of way. You cant help who you love. If she was kid like.. that would seem more weird to me. I think he was just being honest and telling his truth . She was a powerful young lady who made beautiful music and put ppl on in so many ways. He didnt act on his feelings. So I dont think he was completely wrong . It's only because we knew her age, that make it feel wrong. He never violated her.
Ash Monique
Ash Monique Ай мурун
Honestly are we really surprised?? Anyone with eyes can see the type of love he had for her. Also he never acted on it. This is really old. I definitely could feel that he was in love with her and he took her death really hard
Live_ Love_ Paint
Live_ Love_ Paint Ай мурун
The more important part of what he said is that he chose to be her brother instead.
Ariana George
Ariana George Ай мурун
I mean she was gorgeous and she was a teenager for most of the time she was in the industry. I'm just happy he didn't act on it unlike some men who tried to or did.
sassyintrovert Ай мурун
We do know that the industry DOES NOT abide by the laws of EVERYDAY citizens. For the sake of saying, lets just say Timbaland started back liking her once she turned 18. I believe that she played on his emotions (Missy too). Mind u...Timbaland spoke on how he was angry with AALIYAH before she passed. Why is that sir???
Ash Ай мурун
We all knew this lol
Nikita McClelland
Nikita McClelland Ай мурун
I think everyone was. She was the shit. And who's to say she wasn't one of the ones that that was on Epstein's Island
Cali Jokes
Cali Jokes Ай мурун
Am I the only one that’s not shocked 😳 by this discovery, I like how you describe it very mature - he was infatuated.Woman need to stop bs woman date most guys cus they remind them of celebs and rappers .... been doing this since start of time plssss
Lisa Jackson
Lisa Jackson Ай мурун
Aaliyah was a beautiful young woman why would it be so hard to believe that Timberland fell in love with her?
Melly Blitz
Melly Blitz Ай мурун
Not surprised; his ex wife resembled Aaliyah. I always thought he liked Aaliyah.
Aviana Laureano
Aviana Laureano Ай мурун
I even feel like once you’re 18 it’s still weird like just wait til they turn 20 teenagers are still very young and gullible
Aviana Laureano
Aviana Laureano Ай мурун
Timberland should’ve just took this information to the grave like tell a close friend not the whole world
Mukoro Oweh, Jr.
Mukoro Oweh, Jr. Ай мурун
Aailiyah had so much spunk that as a teenager she made grown men cry
C JA Ай мурун
It explains his reason of why he said he married his wife. Cause he said that his wife favored Aaliyah in another video. Very weird and creepy.
Consistence’s Keys
Consistence’s Keys Ай мурун
Can we get the story about her daughter where are they at how are they now
Sharonda Lewis
Sharonda Lewis Ай мурун
Early twenties is NOT old lawwwd
Alana ADHD Makeup
Alana ADHD Makeup Ай мурун
i definitely think it's important to note that distinction between what timbo did and what kellz did! What is saddening about this Aaliyah thing is her parents don't get enough backlash. I get that aaliyah had that IT factor about her to be so beloved but WHERE ARE THE PARENTS in this stuff!??! And aaliyah died at what 21, 22? So even when dame or jay dated her she wasn't much "older" so it was a bunch of grown grown men dating her i just feel it's super nuts
Tina Lynch
Tina Lynch Ай мурун
I don't think he meant it that way and friends don't come with age I have been threw this and then once u let the person know they can become a great just friend or little sis or brother I just feel he use the words in love to say how crazy he was about her it's no different from one saying I have a super crush on him girl but he to old for me but we can be friends man the stardom spotlight can make it look so bad that's just like they were saying missy turned aaliyah out why because she was older and aaliyah loved her hung out with her smh as far as genuine I think aaliyah liked him and crushed him dated him Maybe had sex with him and so what your life had to start somewhere and mistakes to before you learn from them every man I dated were older then me just not old enuf to be my daddy Jay is way older than Beyonce is it a crime if we go all the way back when they were young because they stayed together married with kids what should we say 🤔
True Mik
True Mik Ай мурун
He did nothing wrong 😑 in fact he has more self control than most people
Oracle Love Light
Oracle Love Light Ай мурун
I can appreciate he controlled his feelings. I also understand this because my child’s dad is 7 yrs older than me the only difference I was 18. Because woman mature a lot faster than men. I do believe this is why a lot of girls date older men. Now of course some age brackets will have you giving a second look in disgust but 16 to 23 is not that far fetch for me. I know I have an old soul and never really connect with guys my age. Emotionally and mentally I am years ahead of my time. Now for R. Kelly😳 that’s another story.
A. A. D.
A. A. D. Ай мурун
At least he knew she wasn’t for him! When you see her photo shoots you got to admit it’s not right for that age. We are all ok with her being sexualized. They do it for the fans.
I am Free
I am Free Ай мурун
How about him being disrespectful to his wife saying he was in luv with a child
Elizabeth Chint
Elizabeth Chint Ай мурун
Honestly it's creepy asf but I'm giving him props for not acting out on his desire for her like R Kelly.
Muriel Oduro
Muriel Oduro Ай мурун
They was passing her around like a spliff, R.Kelly, Dame Dash, DMX, Timberland..
Charmelle Chateau
Charmelle Chateau Ай мурун
5 year age difference
Autumn Smith
Autumn Smith Ай мурун
I always thought he was in love with her I could see how he was in love with her.
J. Symone
J. Symone Ай мурун
I remember Aaliyah mom said that Aaliyah had sex appeal. I think at that time Aaliyah was under the age of 15 or 16. I always side eyed her mom after seeing that.
honeylocks71 Ай мурун
He them married a girl who he started looks exactly like her
mercedes evelyn
mercedes evelyn Ай мурун
I'm confused on a lot of statues here. You say he wasn't in love with her like but credit him for not making a move. If he's wasn't really in love then why credit him for not crossing a line he wouldn't have crossed in the first place. Which one is it y'all? The real conversation we should have is why we protect predators and defend creepy ass behavior. People show us who they are you y'all will straight up say "oh that's not what he meant." How do you know?!?
Rhaheme Smith
Rhaheme Smith Ай мурун
Not a swoop bang!!!! Lol
mercedes evelyn
mercedes evelyn Ай мурун
"I don't think he means in love." He literally just said it. Y'all. Why are you trying to change what the man said. Y'all know what he's feeling better than he does? 😂
WritingbyWinifred Ай мурун
Well at least he didn't mess with her..ijs. He didn't act on it so what are we talking about?
Dee Gray
Dee Gray Ай мурун
I remember this interview and him saying it. I'm sure ginuwine like her too
Kia Loves
Kia Loves Ай мурун
There was something about her spirit that just pulled you in. Never met her in my life but I loved her and still do. Ain't nobody perfect but there are such things as earth angels. Some may feel she wasn't around long enough but I feel she came to us with a purpose. Whether she had the chance to finish that purpose I'm not quite sure but she definitely succeeded in touching the masses from the new generations to the old heads lol...💜💜 Rest In Paradise baby girl..💜💜
Miss Nyc
Miss Nyc Ай мурун
He did the right thing to me 🤷🏽‍♀️
Be N Tune With Nature
Be N Tune With Nature Ай мурун
She looks NOTHING like Aaliyah let’s just be clear on THAT!
Glady Wa
Glady Wa Ай мурун
I agree... The key difference is not acting on romantic/sexual feelings for a minor. They're not ready, and such acts too soon are damaging. Adults are supposed to be responsible and protective
Nayda Boss
Nayda Boss Ай мурун
He should have said "Aaliyah, m an if I was 8 years younger..." and left it at that
quiesha ham
quiesha ham Ай мурун
Society and Hollywood confuses me so much. It’s werid and perverted when the girl is under 18 and the guy of over 2 years older. However it’s normal and okay when the girl turns 18 and she dates somebody 10 years older. I’m just throwing numbers around but still. Shouldn’t it always be werid or pervert behavior?
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves
Unreleased/Underrated R&B Grooves Ай мурун
Every top of the year, this damn thing keeps resurfacing it. The clip was broadcasted in late 2011 on the E! channel, so I'm not understanding why Twitter folk are trying to go back in time and pick and choose what makes them aggy let alone make something like this documentary clip go viral literally 10 years later. The toxicity online has reached a whole new petty level.
Alexandria's Expressions
Alexandria's Expressions Ай мурун
Since they “all” couldn’t have her they preferred for her life to be prematurely ended perhaps. Who knows with these Hollywood crazies. Too many of them are disgusting and eerie.
Be N Tune With Nature
Be N Tune With Nature Ай мурун
You might be on to something...
F.A.H. Ай мурун
He didn't act on his feelings like a lot of them, he was responsible for himself. Props.
Sasha Gayle
Sasha Gayle Ай мурун
Am proud of Timberland!!!! 👍
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness Ай мурун
I thought he saw her as his lil sister. 🤦🏾‍♀️
Alisha Gadson
Alisha Gadson Ай мурун
“Imagine that you have to keep a swoop bang cause your husband is in love with a dead woman.” I bout fell off my chair!
Morgan :)
Morgan :) Ай мурун
Oh yeah that wasn't a secret but he never acted out in his feelings so when he said it in an interview I didn't trip
NaturallyNerdeeNicol Ай мурун
my thoughts are "and water is wet"; I felt this a long time ago....
Styled by Tee Shante
Styled by Tee Shante Ай мурун
We’re judging all of this from our 2021 lense. While I disagree with a 23 y/o having feelings for a 16 y/o... y’all are bypassing the part that in the 90s and early 2000s it was extremely common and parental approved that 16, 17 y/o girls dated men in their early 20s. The parents many times were completely aware. Again I understand times have changed but we’re not being fair. Kobe and Vanessa are an example of that, Monica and every bf she had at the time, my point is the laundry list of offenders is extra LONG!
Paula Bright
Paula Bright Ай мурун
I believe people were drawn to and fell in love with Aliyah because of her spirit. Though young she appeared to function a few years beyond her age. Thank goodness he was mature enough not to cross that line. She evidently was drawn to older men. I met and fell in love at 13. I loved that man until the day he went home to be with God. I love him still. We had only a three year age gap. People told us we were to young to know what love was. They were wrong.
Zaire hart
Zaire hart Ай мурун
This is really gross that these grown men were lusting after a teenage girl
Chyna Cosmic Cabuki
Chyna Cosmic Cabuki Ай мурун
Lmao I remember that clip
Kathryn-Anne Barney
Kathryn-Anne Barney Ай мурун
Let’s not act like this is news because I feel like this is something everybody knew… Also everybody has a type
Sinderella23 Ай мурун
How come no one ever mentions that she was 21 when she passed while engaged to Dame and he was 34. They were dating when she was a teen as well, legal though. Same with her and Jay Z. Maybe she likes older men. I'm not speaking about any manipulation or ill behavior on the part of R.Kelly because his motives were clearly different due to his illness.
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy Ай мурун
I heard an older man tell me that all men love underage women....they just don’t admit it. They start looking from age 7 and up this is what was told to me personally. I’m so sick 😷 I have sisters and it sickens me when I hear it. Yes Tim is innocent but, why say this crap period.
greyrabbit cottontail
greyrabbit cottontail Ай мурун
Where were her protectors? Nothing but a bunch of predators laying in wait...
Very KinkyCurl
Very KinkyCurl Ай мурун
I remember him saying this. That's the industry, you have creeps and you have the ones who can control themselves. Why the comments in the video are saying he is a perv well, it's no different from ppl propping their kids on social media for the world to see. With these fetish and obsession pages. Guess who is looking at them...the R.Kelly's, the ones who like boys and the ones who look but don't touch. That's the topic we need to discuss.
Vanisha Neal
Vanisha Neal Ай мурун
So now we persecuting people for thoughts? Not actions but thoughts? When he FIRST met her, it was an attraction. He thought she was beautiful, okay.... but he paused and thought- naw that ain't right...to young...let me remain within boundries as a supportive friend. Why are we demonizing stopping and thinking about our actions?
The Mansa_
The Mansa_ Ай мурун
We need sum more static Major love
The Mansa_
The Mansa_ Ай мурун
1: y’all late asf 2. We gotta stop making everything a victim type situation. He said she was attractive. He aint say he skeeted on her.
Goddess P
Goddess P Ай мурун
Man back in the days this was normal shit ya want to Criticize what was normal to us. I messed with a few older guys when I was younger. Ya want to go back in the past and criticize what was going on. Come on people need to leave the past in the past dam I’m sick of this shit.
Goddess P
Goddess P 9 күн мурун
@Shawnice Purcell because it’s old and why keep persecuting somebody about some old ass shit. We in 2021 now people need to worry about what’s going on these days. And not shit we did back in the days. Worry about this era that’s why shit. People be worry about old ass shit, instead of worrying about the dum shit going on these days.
Twylet Frison-Moton
Twylet Frison-Moton Ай мурун
I think she must have been a beautiful soul! Him saying that makes him honest plenty of men love on younger women they can’t help it! The fact that he controlled it makes him a Responsible adult and not an offender!
T K Ай мурун
I don't see nothing wrong with his statement... If he had acted on his feelings then y'all will be calling him a peddie... This man told the truth and y'all ridiculing him for being honest is crazy... Y'all act like when y'all was young y'all didn't have crushes on older ppl of the opposite sex... Some of y'all females was grown af at that age fucking with older men but nobody wanna talk about that... We're human... U can't help ur feelings, the point is wat u do with those feelings... This man admitted his feelings... Acknowledged that it was wrong to have those feeling .. Corrected himself and behavior and instead chose to be a friend and brother... Yet majority of the men y'all dating have fucked an underage girl and didn't care... Majority of y'all women was fucking older men when y'all were underage as well... Like wat do y'all want... Pick a stance and stick with it...🤦🏾‍♀️🙄
Malikah Harrison
Malikah Harrison Ай мурун
Aaliyah she was so charming and alluring she had everybody hooked off her energy
Alpha Charm
Alpha Charm Ай мурун
Timbs wife doesn’t look like Aaliyah. She need to pull that swoop up and find her own identity. I would be so pissed if I was her. You only married me because I reminded you of Aaliyah?? Like wtf??
ladydede88 Ай мурун
I googled her picture and was like.. now she need to let that go 😂 in EVERY picture tho lol that’s weird.
Adnamaj Ай мурун
Aaliyah was a child in an adult world. These men claiming to have been in love with a child is disgusting! Her parents should’ve been more involved. It appears that Aaliyah was used and abused. Somewhat of a pass around. Sometimes these parents just see dollar signs.This was not okay! She lived a fast life and had an untimely end.
dotheright thing
dotheright thing Ай мурун
Very uncomfortable and upsetting
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