RHOA Newbie Drew Sidora Comes At Kenya Moore SIDEWAYS Over Porsha Williams!

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

Real Housewives of Atlanta newbie Drew Sidora has been coming at Kenya Moore sideways on social media, most recently for Kenya's questioning the authenticity of Porsha Williams protesting.
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Madeline Webb
Madeline Webb 5 күн мурун
Drew need to sit down and porsha aint shit
quaishilitha pace
quaishilitha pace 15 күн мурун
Drew sounds like she is a hater, because she has no hair like Kenya's
Barbara Morrison
Barbara Morrison Ай мурун
Miss Moore what your problem you look bad on TV of how you treated you same sister do you forget that you have a little girl you need help miss Moore get help for your broken heart and be good to your sister
Ashley Turner
Ashley Turner Ай мурун
Kenya stop doing to much girllll let them woman be happy
Jojo Saylor
Jojo Saylor Ай мурун
Its true Porsha is doing this for the PRESS!!! She doesn't deserve the BLM party.
Sassy Green
Sassy Green Ай мурун
Drew needs to worry about her husbamd disappearing for 3 days and he still cant tell her where he been... Dot...dot... Kenya would be the last thing on my mind if at all.
Sassy Green
Sassy Green Ай мурун
Why do we need to praise these people for doing what they should be doing anyways???
Sassy Green
Sassy Green Ай мурун
Well we dont porsha for her activism... Is all i.m saying.
Key Stanley
Key Stanley Ай мурун
Drew probably never liked Kenya anyway. Now it's easier to come at her since she's on the show. Kenya is not a likable person anyway. Her personality sucks. 👎🏾 Kenya & NeNe are the two most toxic people from the Atl cast, but toxic is what pulls the ratings. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Angela Sampson
Angela Sampson Ай мурун
No drew came f
Indiaannarie Ай мурун
Kenya does wear wigs, stop saying it's all her hair at all times.
Barbara Parham
Barbara Parham Ай мурун
Drew need to worry about her marriage not kenya. Kenya need to go at her husband cause he act like he don't want her.
Bamafan4life Ай мурун
Kenya was definitely bothered...Drew is poking because they were poking at her and her hair
4 DYAMONDX Ай мурун
Drew have a seat, you broke Derwin and Mel up lol
Spirit Harris
Spirit Harris Ай мурун
What I don't understand why dru hasn't been to any of the events the ladies have thrown since they all initially met
Nexxa J
Nexxa J Ай мурун
Instead of beefing drew need to give her marriage family that energy cause that husband gguuurrllllllllll hell Nawh
Nexxa J
Nexxa J Ай мурун
Why come for kenya when latoya was the 1 who said she had a pet on which it was looking like a dry cat.. Porsha was doing this for clout if her & Dennis was lovey dovey she wouldn't of BLM. Also porsha knowledge of the underground railroad tells me she tryna redeem herself
Belinda Walls
Belinda Walls Ай мурун
Kenya called Drew a dog
Lakisha Alston
Lakisha Alston Ай мурун
Tell the truth. Shame the devil. Kenya picks at EVERYONE and now someone peeps it and does it back. Stop playing y'all see the mess
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Why is Kenya always the Villan on Rhoa ?? She should be tired tho. Drew coming for Kenya for a reason hunn trust.
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Kenya turning on Porsha is actually. Kenya being Kenya..... I sense Jealousy. How you spk badly re abt Porsha..... With this movement.....
itiswhatitis Ай мурун
Kenya needs to be around someone who isn't afraid to call her out. Drew just may be the one to do it.
ktb ktb
ktb ktb Ай мурун
Kenya coming for the women is the only way she keeps her peach 🍑 she has no other storyline. She
Jess Jewelz
Jess Jewelz Ай мурун
My issue is Drew seems to be almost completely absent from filming with the group. We are 5 weeks in and Drew has only been to 1 event to meet the other girls. Why is she on the show if she is not going to film with the ladies?? Don’t throw shade now and you have been absent...
Cate Ай мурун
Monster Moore has behaved the same monstrous way since she commenced on rhoa ... normal people don't approve of Monster Moore's abuse ... and the one sucking up to Monster Moore is a k*ss ars*
Veronica Johnson
Veronica Johnson Ай мурун
Porsha could have lost her life...no joke....and I am not a Porsha fan...Kenya needs to pick her battles...making those remarks about Hosea Williams' granddaughter, in relation to Civil Rights......not OK.
Gladys Sackey-Mensah
Gladys Sackey-Mensah Ай мурун
Drew is just coming for Kenya for a peach. Just clout chasing. If she has something to say, she should have said it to Latoya she is the one making fun of her wig.
Kristi Gates
Kristi Gates Ай мурун
Real hair or not Kenya's wig looked a mess in that pic. She needs to fix her own lace and leave Drew alone.
TeaTimeWithChelle Ай мурун
So we acting like Kenya and Toya or whatever her name is wasn't talking ish on drew and her wig and talking about she ain't all that but her husband fine😔😔🙄🙄🤣🤣come on you are usually a fair blog let's not act like Kenya is some victim she does this to every lady she thinks she can bully. She don't try this with Kandi and Cynthia because they checked her ass early on
Lisa D
Lisa D Ай мурун
Kenya shouldn't throw stones at anyone when she isn't doing anything positive especially since she has a platform as well.
Bohaven Laveau
Bohaven Laveau Ай мурун
4:37 Drew’s edges tho😂😂😂blending blending more blending. You can’t come for Kenya’s hair and your edges are course but the rest of your hair is silky. Kenya’s hair really makes them feel some sort of way.
myemouna ngwegni
myemouna ngwegni Ай мурун
Drew is not coming at her sideways, Kenya was being shady from the first meeting with Drew before she even spoke to her. Drew is responding to the ish Kenya has said and done!!!
JuicyCurls Ай мурун
I really hope Kenya gets the boot 🥾 soon 😂
Liz Jenkins
Liz Jenkins Ай мурун
She might have felt that way ain't no telln wht was going through her head at the end of the day it's n her blood to protest anyway so when she got the call she went out to her calln
The Kendom
The Kendom Ай мурун
Im tired of all of them tbh
Lady C
Lady C Ай мурун
Kenya came for Drew on the show and she was talking about how cute Drew’s husband is while dismissing Drew. Kenya seems hateful insecure and jealous of Drew and Porsha
M T Ай мурун
So the only how Porsha and Yandy showed up for Breonna Taylor was for PRESS. So Kenya was right. The protest was going on for quit some time and they only shows up to be filmed. They don’t give a flying f$ck about Breonna or they would’ve shown their support without being asked with the payoff being press time. Yet so many of y’all don’t see past Porsha’s bs. She condones black on black violence and violence against black women in her everyday life, it’s only when she can get in the press that she wants to care......it’s because that was a gig for her. A job nothing more nothing less.
Niccii_InfinitiiTM Ай мурун
*531 comments but “0 likes”?? KGpost on some 💩. 🤦🏾‍♀️*
P Henning
P Henning Ай мурун
Nakesa Barnhill
Nakesa Barnhill Ай мурун
N did rhoa cameras follow her to the arrests/protests,.,. Oh no so yeah shut up 🤐
Coco Shine
Coco Shine Ай мурун
I do believe Drew is not impressed with Kenya since Kenya referred to her as a stray in the first episode by saying where does Cynthia keep finding these strays from does she visit the local pound and Kenya said she was underwhelmed by Drew. As always Kenya is absolutely tacky and classless and I'm over her mean girl spirit.
Tee Moe
Tee Moe Ай мурун
Why are you ladies so angry? Just go ahead and get you some of Kenya's hair care products. Damn Ms. Moore will have something to say when most of the other ladies have lied, backstabbed and/or have been fake and mean girls towards her. And why? Yeah she may be a bit older, but the woman is gorgeous, very intelligent and has her own. Maybe she does wear hair pieces or a wig, OoooooooooohKay annnddddd.. But they can never doubt the fact that she she acctttuuuuaaaaalllllllllllllyyyyyyyy has her own hair that she can wear.. Hell, she's basically a single mother. Tf??? GTFOH. Plus, if you all haven't noticed, damn near every woman who has beef with her falls tf off to never be seen again on TV, accept for cameos, maybe.. Sooooooo, I suggest they leave her be.. Lmmfao, Ijs.edu. #Truth
pamela finley
pamela finley Ай мурун
Kenya came for drew talking about her hair. Then Kenya made a comment about her husband “Kenya don’t know when to stop” sounds familiar. “Wrong road, wrong road” Kendra😁
Cejade Myers
Cejade Myers Ай мурун
i dont understand wasnt. it Latoya that mad the cooment about Drew wig ? Kenya just told candi what she said
CocoAlexander Ай мурун
When has Kenya ever said she was the first black Miss USA?
Recia Renee
Recia Renee Ай мурун
Kenya and Latoya came for drew first Drew is just sticking up for herself
Margaret Harmon
Margaret Harmon Ай мурун
Good for you Porsha 👍
Patricia Ball
Patricia Ball Ай мурун
First Of All Kenya's Hair Is Not Waist Length Its More. Bra Length Comes To Wear U Hook Your Bra. And Also When Kenya Does Not Have A Man She Starts Nic Picking Aggravating Everyone. She Becomes Miserable And Drew Has A Good Career In Acting. She Does Not Need Kenya Peach
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker Ай мурун
for a long time can you did say she didn't wear wigs and everyone knew it was alive because she had left the behind and the hotel and one of the women were playing with it so she bought that on herself
Sarah Parker
Sarah Parker Ай мурун
Kenya is just a mean old black bitter lady nothing can change how she feels about herself on the inside so she feel that every woman should be pulled down just the way she is and that's sad
Jasmain Jasmain
Jasmain Jasmain Ай мурун
Bye Kenya 😒 and Drew looking for clout, I see nothing wrong since Kenya is allowed to do the most lol
Selma A.R.
Selma A.R. Ай мурун
I think Drew coming for her because they messing with her on the show so she making sure they know she isn’t no punk.
Gule Mi
Gule Mi Ай мурун
Drew is basically talking to herself. Kenya doesn’t even respond 💀
Peggy 124
Peggy 124 Ай мурун
Kenya is a bitter angry WOMAN. If the spot light isn't on her, she will continually try and Come for u in a degrading manner. You can see the unhappiness through her thick makeup.
Diva Licious
Diva Licious Ай мурун
The true tea☕Cynthia was determined to invite Kenya as her plus1. Cynthia wanted to embarrass Kenya (payback)
seygra20 Ай мурун
I use to like Kenya, but since last season she is miserable and rude. Kenya wears a lot of makeup because in the scene with her blue dress her skin looked off
diane long
diane long Ай мурун
Kenya 🇰🇪 you shouldn’t want to go to that party I hope Bravo continues to lose because People exploits these poor people Porsha and Yandy are fake phony broads I’m team Kenya all day I degress I don’t watch no Porsha scenes ever
Hippie SunFlower
Hippie SunFlower Ай мурун
I don’t watch the show but I love me some Kenya I just wish she’d grow df up! Why can’t everyone win.
Joshua Tatum
Joshua Tatum Ай мурун
Porsche is the only one doing something meaningful. Kenya can sit and spin.
Joshua Tatum
Joshua Tatum Ай мурун
Love Porsha!
I have never liked Kenya
Tee Ай мурун
Drew needs to direct that energy to that sorry behind husband of hers. When will people learn that Kenya plays a character on a TV show, thus her several seasons with a peach because she’s good at the role she plays. None of us k know how that lady is in real life.
Tokyo Inooshi
Tokyo Inooshi Ай мурун
Nothing side ways about that. That was a direct head shot straight to Kenya dome 😂😂😂 come through Drew
Queen Redd
Queen Redd Ай мурун
Kenya so bitter and unhappy with her life it oozes through her skin. She stay starting shit.
G R Ай мурун
Hurt people, hurt people
Sabrina Martin
Sabrina Martin Ай мурун
Porsha is fake and phony Period!
Trudy Jo
Trudy Jo Ай мурун
I think that Drew is trying to come for Kenya
puremusicluveer Ай мурун
Kenya was not the first black MISS USA. Carole Gist was the first black MISS USA. FYI Porsha called her on it years ago and Kenya no response for telling that lie.
longbranch11207 Ай мурун
Drew keeps going after Kenya every Sunday, and when Kenya responds it’s poor drew poor drew Kenya is so mean. Every Sunday drew is on Twitter throwing shots at kenya. When Kenya goes in on the reunion then people will say how mean Kenya is.
Diosa La negra
Diosa La negra Ай мурун
Kenya is fowl and she is a bad friend but I still like her tho especially for this show 👀🤷🏾‍♀️
Patricia Bell
Patricia Bell Ай мурун
Kenya you so fake and you so jealous of everyone else you need get help
Zen 10
Zen 10 Ай мурун
Ps most everyone who wears wigs has hair underneath. So yea. Not really a moot point
N Epps
N Epps Ай мурун
Drew isn’t starting it Kenya has been coming at her on the show and Drew is finishing it. You can’t talk about somebody’s hair and your upart wig is showing 🤷🏽‍♀️
Heather GARRISON Ай мурун
Drew pointed that out because Kenya made that video picking at her wig duhhhh
Helene Clark
Helene Clark Ай мурун
Ever notice that Kenya always go after friends of Cynthia? Drew was introduced on the show as a friend of Cynthia’s so now out of jealousy, Kenya has to make these side cracks at Drew. Proud of Porsha and her work in BLM ✊🏾. Porsha is doing something positive and Kenya can’t handle that. She has to throw shade.
Hey Girl Hey-Road to VSG
Hey Girl Hey-Road to VSG Ай мурун
I live in Louisville and their being here was GREATLY APPRECIATED!
Siobhan Airey
Siobhan Airey Ай мурун
The world is a stage
Beautifully Blessed
Beautifully Blessed Ай мурун
Grandma Kenya is so nasty and so rude (in my Nene voice). She deserves everything Marc throws her way.
Miss.BeautifullyFlawed Ай мурун
We know she wears wigs though
Priss Spencer
Priss Spencer Ай мурун
Kenya was not the first black Miss USA and she knows it. She was second.
Que T
Que T Ай мурун
Let’s be clear..Kenya started with Drew first..And the reason she showed the wig picture is because before Kenya was outed by Tanya for wearing wigs she always said she didn’t..Kenya had been and forever will be miserable.
Kiytia Hardy
Kiytia Hardy Ай мурун
You missed the point she said this is Kenyas hair meaning she sells trash hair bad quality not that Kenya dose not have hair
Verity Shepard
Verity Shepard Ай мурун
Kenya is a nasty person. Drew is coming for Kenya because Kenya was nasty with her from the jump. Kenya has, in the past, admitted to having issues from childhood. Maybe she should deal with those issues instead of constantly trying to make people feel as bad as she does inside.
Violet Harris
Violet Harris Ай мурун
Kenya never said she was the first black queen drew should pay attention to her own life kenya and porsha of what's going on Drew is looking for story line she is trying to use porsha to get it she needs to take care of her. Own life learn how to dress she is a mess
Ms Hill
Ms Hill Ай мурун
Im not understanding why Kenya is stuck on stupid!
Monica Summers
Monica Summers Ай мурун
Kenya is such a hater. She should have been out there herself.
dezinechic Ай мурун
rebrand herself(porscha) for what though? if anyone needs a rebranding its kenny especially of how she comes off to her own husband no less!
Queendom Central
Queendom Central Ай мурун
It's weird how Latoya started and continued the trashing of drew kenya throws in her 2 cents and drew comes for kenya only.
Promise Nokuthula Mwale
Promise Nokuthula Mwale Ай мурун
Kenya is no one's queen. She is mean and miserable and she carries all of that everywhere she goes. At this point, it seems like it's her personal brand to be mean and miserable.
Jerry Scott
Jerry Scott Ай мурун
Drew is only sticking up for Porsha because she knows what Porsha is doing is for the cause, of course there’s gonna be cameras, she’s a celebrity HOWEVER there wasn’t any big time reporters like Bravo gaining the footage, it was handed to them to give BLM more mainstream attention. Kenya is a classic toxic narcissistic woman that’ll throw shade unprovoked then portray the victim when she’s called out and feels “hurt” because Lauren didn’t invite her to Porsha’s surprise party. Not to mention Kenya backtracked calling this party a “photo op” and “fake” when talking to Kandi and did had to get Kenya together
Antornette Harris
Antornette Harris Ай мурун
Naw Kenya and Latoya came for Drew's hair on the first episode she appeared on so I say Drew was just getting back at Kenya....a spade for a spade
ncisoth Ай мурун
Drew made that statement about the wig bc Kenya and Latoya were making fun of her wigs. So its basically like how you gonna make fun of my wigs when your tracks is showing on camera.
UrNew Obsession
UrNew Obsession Ай мурун
Does Porsha have a neck tattoo?
Tammy Morgan
Tammy Morgan Ай мурун
I'm so sick of this talk about real and fake hair. Grow tf up!
ZeeGoes Ай мурун
Funny though, Latoya was the one shading Drew while Kenya just laughed it off. Kenya's confessionals are filmed much later, so the ladies definitely clashed, thus the shades at Drew. Drew should have all that energy for Latoya
akosua aboraa
akosua aboraa Ай мурун
Kenya twirl on these haters u always av ur crown......n u r right...Attention they need ...twirl, twirl,
Patrika Loaff
Patrika Loaff Ай мурун
I think Drew pointing out the hair issue was because she and her friend made fun of her hair. We all know Kenya’s hair is long, but she acts like she is above fake hair when clearly she wears it too.
mochahontis Ай мурун
Kenya really needs therapy.. Being this negative and miserable is not healthy.
Lashana Miller-Johnson
Lashana Miller-Johnson Ай мурун
Drew came for Kenya because she seen how they was coming for her
Lashana Miller-Johnson
Lashana Miller-Johnson Ай мурун
@CeCe A why would you just come for someone if you so unbothered. No that's just jealousy because it's someone else that is young and beautiful that's not in her ass. Kenya needs to go ahead and have fun with her fake ass bisexual story line😂😂😭😭
CeCe A
CeCe A Ай мурун
She should have came at the hairstylist for that horrible wig.
diane long
diane long Ай мурун
So y she didn’t go for Latoya
Christine Edwards
Christine Edwards Ай мурун
Yes she sees the shade 👀👀