OG Proves Jennifer HEARD Feby Call Her A Gorilla! And Shaunie Wanted OG To TAKE BACK Her Accusations

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Lailah Lynn

13 күн мурун

See OG's FULL audio evidence on her IG: iheartog?hl=en
Ooh chile... OG just dropped the final receipts that put the nail in the coffin regarding Feby and Evelyn referring to her as a 'gorilla' on Basketball Wives.
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Charlene Gilbert
Charlene Gilbert 3 саат мурун
Jackie is going hard for this show and it is not her show bye jackie go on with your fake self.
Charlene Gilbert
Charlene Gilbert 3 саат мурун
Team OG
Sylvia Sanchez
Sylvia Sanchez 6 саат мурун
OG is a troublemaker she needs to go
Debbie Myers
Debbie Myers 11 саат мурун
Feby" will reap what sow" because she has a African American daughter whose dark complexion therefore, saying OG? looks like "Gorrilla" is a derogatory statement
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 11 саат мурун
It’s so weird tho why did jen switch up after this 🙄😒😩
Angel Earl
Angel Earl 14 саат мурун
Why are we still talking about this. OG was a bully to everybody this season that she was around. She was also brung in by Jackie to bully. OG kicked off this color stuff. She told Evelyn that she couldn't wear braids bc she was not black but wanted to be bc she was fucking all the black D. Like she felt Evelyn wasn't good enough to wear braids. Also OG us a snake. I wouldn't want to be around anyone that records everyone without their permission.
blacq diamond
blacq diamond 14 саат мурун
Take this show off air
blacq diamond
blacq diamond 14 саат мурун
Feby got a dark skinned child too 🚮🚮🚮🚮
Rozelyn Agnew
Rozelyn Agnew 14 саат мурун
Jackie sounds dumb....you can't be blinded by money that badly that you saying goofy mess like "I don't even know what colorism is"....😒😒😒😒
Richmond Breya
Richmond Breya 22 саат мурун
They thought they would trick OG into saying some words so they can edit how they want.
Richmond Breya
Richmond Breya 22 саат мурун
Shaunie don’t wanna talk to OG because she know OG is gonna demolish her with her words.
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 11 саат мурун
Tbh it’s not good but she got lucky cause had they have a conversation og would record and the editing which would be in shaunie favor og release audio basically this would’ve been the alternate if they had a convo and shaunie career would look so bad
Richmond Breya
Richmond Breya 22 саат мурун
OG need to beat Shaunie ass. Ugh.
Kim Shelton
Kim Shelton Күн мурун
When this show coming back on???
Nikki E
Nikki E Күн мурун
So done with Jackie....so done...and she has been one of my favorites. But after this situation ....noooope. Jackie bye
Nikki E
Nikki E 9 саат мурун
@Gretchen Mctroll2.0 Exactly!!! Jackie Christie has shown her true self with her daughter. I should have fully believed that smh... its terrible.
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 11 саат мурун
Exactly like she tend to forget s6 like about not that long ago she was in OG position 🙄
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
OG is playing chess but it’s fake
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
Who takes them seriously
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
This sounds fake
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
That’s not colorism
Jasmine B
Jasmine B Күн мурун
They really brought this woman back for another season to discredit her and feed her to the wolves. I .... THE AUDACITY!!
Brittany Jamison
Brittany Jamison Күн мурун
She should stand her ground and not bend and fold
perfect 24 seven
perfect 24 seven Күн мурун
I promise i said it first
Crystal Alexander-Phillip
Crystal Alexander-Phillip 2 күн мурун
It was said on video as well " she said not because u are godzilla means you can act like one" that's when she approached her about making a rap about her
Milanda 2 күн мурун
The way production has gone about dealing with this matter is very disappointing. Something that affects the black community so much being treated in this manner, is a shame. People are so scared to be called out. They could have very well used this situation as a teaching moment and as an example on how to deal with colorism. Honestly, it feels like they will get away with this ill treatment of OG. Time will pass, new drama will take place and everyone will forget about this. Just disappointing more than anything.
Shaine O'Neal
Shaine O'Neal 2 күн мурун
This is getting so drawn out, it’s ridiculous.
Neena Forbes
Neena Forbes 2 күн мурун
Jackie is so fucked up
Neena Forbes
Neena Forbes 2 күн мурун
Jackie is colorist towards her own kids wtf
Ms Jones
Ms Jones 3 күн мурун
Exactly"a calculated agenda"!
Ms Jones
Ms Jones 3 күн мурун
I myself have been in that same situation.
Cherokee Rain
Cherokee Rain 3 күн мурун
I believe Lil Ferby called OG that. Funky Bish!
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 11 саат мурун
Right like the never when yo child look just like og not just alike but same skin tone and stuff
Purple Buttafly
Purple Buttafly 3 күн мурун
To be honest. I've always believed OG!! I noticed from day one how the other girls treated OG!! Especially the mean girls, & WE ALL know who they are!! "Evelyn!!" Evelyn even treated Jennifer bad! And Jen happens to be dark skinned! Think about it, 🤔 This athlete chasing gold digger always went after darker complexions, or the mild mannered ones,& even the ones she believed to be less financially stable!! She'd always call them bums! She went after Tammy when she was on the show!! She tried to act like Tammy was beneath her. Shaunie needs to pick her friends more carefully. I think Jealous hearted Evelyn is trying to get rid of the show & Shaunie is being blind sided by a jealous wrench!! Notice how close Feby & Evelyn's manipulating behind has become. Jackie's dark complexion and age is a problem with Feby & Evelyn!! We need some fresh ladies on the show. Evelyn needs ta go!!
Sean sookhan
Sean sookhan 3 күн мурун
Feby the flying fish .I just don't like her
island girl
island girl 3 күн мурун
Brandi M. been trying to tell us how Shaun Was. Shaunie I’ve shouldn’t be in the show if she’s an E.P. . She’s one sided with her sidekicks
Lady Virgo
Lady Virgo 3 күн мурун
I love it!!! I'm so glad Og didn't back down. These ladies can't handle Og. It bothers them sooo bad that Og is confident and intelligent. They are not capable of having a conversation about this matter b/c of the ignorance they all possess.
Keywanna Williams
Keywanna Williams 3 күн мурун
Tbh if yall grew up around hispanic ppl .me all my life u know how they speak to us and about us not knowing the white man look at them like they us smh but instantly believed that Evelyn and faby said some shit
Tara Tara
Tara Tara 3 күн мурун
Is it colorist if a darkskin girl calls a lightskin girl crackers and shit? Let me know?
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 9 саат мурун
@Tara Tara I’m confused where did Og call deny cracker make that make sense 🤔🤨😁
Tara Tara
Tara Tara 10 саат мурун
@Gretchen Mctroll2.0 so its okay for darkskin girls to call a lightskin cracker? Make it make sense?
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 11 саат мурун
No but it’s colorist that febreeze called Og a gorilla
Tara Tara
Tara Tara 11 саат мурун
@Ebony Lady bcuz it seems to me if a yellow girl such as myself glorifies my own skin we gotta be bashing darkskin why cant i like the way i look?
Ebony Lady
Ebony Lady 11 саат мурун
Well, that depends on the entire story and not just a phrase. It takes two to tango.
alva russell
alva russell 3 күн мурун
OG needs to continue to proceed with her court order again Evelyn.
mariyaa111 4 күн мурун
They are disgusting!! I hope that OG leaves!
Ashley Chambers
Ashley Chambers 4 күн мурун
I've always been Team OG, but the only thing I'm having a hard time grasping about her situation is her friendship with Jackie. How can she be so against colorism (which she has every right to be), knowing Jackie's previous behavior towards her oldest daughter?
Sabrina Barreau
Sabrina Barreau 4 күн мурун
Just the way Jackie talks to them as opposed to og. Is very blatant.
Sabrina Barreau
Sabrina Barreau 4 күн мурун
None of them would tolerate being treated the way they treat the ds girls on this show they do it all the time og wasn’t the first and won’t be the last either
Sabrina Barreau
Sabrina Barreau 4 күн мурун
The crazy part to me is that if this was white women doing this to a black woman they would have to be writing lengthy apologies and praying they ever work again. But we have pedestalized light bright and white and basically give them permission to treat us like this and will even reward them for it. The amount of dsbw who were dogpiling on og on Twitter and ig made me physically ill. And these women will demand we protect them like we protect og.
MissPolitico 4 күн мурун
We know they're colorist Malaysia don't want to use her real name and she's bleached tf out her skin.
Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson 4 күн мурун
And who is SHAUNIE anyway. A nobody.
Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson 4 күн мурун
OG need to sue the show shaunie, Evelyn and feby. I'm sick of this. OF NEED TO EXPOSE ALLNOF THEM. AND JENNIFER SHOULD HAVE SAID SOMETHING SOONER.
Janet Johnson
Janet Johnson 4 күн мурун
Jackie has done her own daughter that way.
Michelle Bernard
Michelle Bernard 4 күн мурун
Every cast member is being exploited. Shaunie plays them like puppets. SMH
Michelle Bernard
Michelle Bernard 4 күн мурун
Didn’t Jackie’s daughter accuse her of colorism in season 2 or 3? I remember Evelyn communicating with Jackie’s daughter and repeated their conversations while the cameras were rolling.
Tina Desmond
Tina Desmond 4 күн мурун
If Jackie don't stfu she always play dumb
Pamela Smith
Pamela Smith 4 күн мурун
It's all about respect and they have none for OG.. nor her position on colorism or anything else.. they're the ones at fault not her.
chaziray30 4 күн мурун
She said it in the her interview... after she threatened her life. Tit for tate
Kacey Hartling
Kacey Hartling 4 күн мурун
also Isn't it against the law to penalize OG for feeling discriminated against?
Kacey Hartling
Kacey Hartling 4 күн мурун
Jackie is the original colorist
Delta Gurl78
Delta Gurl78 4 күн мурун
This shit is annoying. People fprget Jackie even treated her oldest daughter different because she was darker and bigger. I haven't forgot that shit.
Monique Martin
Monique Martin 4 күн мурун
This is so sad with these ladies. I watched the season and it made OG look like the problem. They want her to just shut up and OG isn’t taking this bull crap and I don’t blame her.
RichE Jo
RichE Jo 4 күн мурун
And yet yall still watching, and toe girl, oh I mean ol girl still on set. Calm down..
2021 ALL NON DARKSKIN BLACK Women.....If you don't want AFRICAN features...then stop referring to yourself as BLACK!!!! Enough is Enough
Gyn Taylor
Gyn Taylor 5 күн мурун
F that stupid show and all them women who aren’t even wives
Shawanie Style
Shawanie Style 5 күн мурун
This shit ridiculous
John David
John David 5 күн мурун
Team OG all day!! F Shaunie
Samuel Law
Samuel Law 5 күн мурун
Jackie can't say s___, especially the way she treated her daughter. And Kristen can't say s___, because of her flip flopping ways. And swollen head Shaunie need to go find another Baller to
Abstract Reality Tim
Abstract Reality Tim 5 күн мурун
Bruh darkskin women trippin no one called her a gorilla and if she did so the fuck what let me guess Colorism so now ya super sensitive and O.G. is the most aggressive one on that show and has threatened damn near all the women multiple times but ya riding with her because she dark skin the hypocrisy.
Heather C.
Heather C. 5 күн мурун
All on OG's expense?! Disgusting! God n karma is real n these women are getting it as they should! Their fake n EV starts crying n ppl tend to feel sorry for her but no one had OG's back?! They knew the truth n picked a side. Money n Shaunie root to all evil, lol. Why can they just understand OG was hurt? Kristen was a brat her attitude stinks I can't stand that girl the most! This is just sad.
GREAT in ME 5 күн мурун
Shaunie O'Neal acts like a spoiled rich woman Shaunie O'Neal needs an enema OG does not want to talk to Shaunie O'Neal Shaunie is used I'm getting her way from other people but she's not getting her way with OG OG does not care what those three magic words are Shaunie could take those three magic words and shove them up those two Flapjacks she's sitting on by Shaunie O'Neal
Tuwanda Neal
Tuwanda Neal 5 күн мурун
Why is she still on the show??? No one seems to care about OG speaking badly about the way Black Mothers speak to their children!!! Why...she is Nigerian? She can not speak about Black Mothers bcuz she is not Black. Her history is not the same!
Twisted Tee
Twisted Tee 5 күн мурун
This has been the topic for yet another season. They knew this would get views. I refuse to watch. Play too damn much. Bunch of over 40 damn mean girls! They bring in women they think they can exploit and get on them like a pack of wolves. Royce, Tammy and Malaysia Were the only ones who really fought back. I'm not sure why Malaysia staying they keep trying to come for her. Not your friends girl.
YANAMization 5 күн мурун
Og needs to be sued.
It’s Boujie
It’s Boujie 5 күн мурун
Og don’t need to do shit because she is part of the reason for views and ratings
Tiffani Green
Tiffani Green 5 күн мурун
Iyanla vanzant needs to step in this HOT Mess, Get all of them together
Merazh Beauty Boutique♥♥♥♥
Merazh Beauty Boutique♥♥♥♥ 5 күн мурун
She got them by tbe balls if they had any now!...lol Nobody got to bow down to nostrils just to have a conversation that's not going to go anywhere anyway. If she was a real one she would of stepped to OG face to face.
Melissa Chavis
Melissa Chavis 6 күн мурун
Febi has some nerve. She looks like she still sucks her thumb and talks like she have a mouth full of something. This is toooooo crazy and childish. They really tried to set this girl up.
Miss Meredith
Miss Meredith 6 күн мурун
Feby has some nerve!!! Her daughter could pass as a little OG and she's calling OG a gorilla?!!! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️
K. Carneiro
K. Carneiro 6 күн мурун
They won't admit to shit because they want OG to look bad and bring this girl confidence down. OG is about to get paid paid lol. All they're lying is making it worse
K. Carneiro
K. Carneiro 6 күн мурун
OG is her own army
San Michelle
San Michelle 6 күн мурун
Jackie needs to quit she know damn well what this is..... GTFOH
Beautiful Soul & IceCreamTopics
Beautiful Soul & IceCreamTopics 6 күн мурун
Yass I agree it's not colorism they just did not like og that's it that's all if it had anything to do with color jackie brooke Malaysia christian Jennifer should have been kicked off the show Tammy was as black as it get and she has been on their for years og just mad
Beautiful Soul & IceCreamTopics
Beautiful Soul & IceCreamTopics 6 күн мурун
Omfg oh there are pretty dark skin woman that have been on the show don't mistake a dislike for colorism cause they didn't like cece like that either and she is lighter then I og just want to make it all about her
Samone Mingo
Samone Mingo 6 күн мурун
Still don’t understand how Febi on the show.
Pika CHU
Pika CHU 6 күн мурун
Whilst im no fan of HoEvelyn or fake ass Shaunie If were gonna pull the colorism card rhan their all guilty except Kristen and Malaysia Ogbis a huge colorist and Jackie doesnt even like her broen daughter and she not even dark dark
We are together Bulletproof
We are together Bulletproof 6 күн мурун
Thing is OG only talked about it when ASKED! So I don't get why people feel like she pushed it. And trying to make it look like she was desperate to talk to Shaunie. Please!
Mike & Ryan
Mike & Ryan 6 күн мурун
You deleted my comment cuz I'm right
Victoria Kabeya
Victoria Kabeya 6 күн мурун
Feby will get her ass beat 1 day
J Bryant
J Bryant 6 күн мурун
Just because Shaunie is the boss and have money she just can't people any kind of way, people with power has consequences because of there wrong doing to.(just saying)
MufarosButifulDawtrs 6 күн мурун
I’m still perplexed at Evelyn acting like “Huh? Wth???” when Jackie said “and apparently I’m a colorist too!” bc EVELYN HERSELF called Jackie a colorist when Jackie was pissed about her interfering with her and her daughter...
live love laugh
live love laugh 6 күн мурун
It was not I'm sorry
jv 6 күн мурун
Great video shanie should be ashamed if her self say sorry to OG and the rest would of followed there is nothing wrong with apologizing if someone is hurt no matter if you agree or not smh
Oprah Guerra
Oprah Guerra 6 күн мурун
Jackie foul she OG was telling her truth and yet she ask her to leave. Jackie full of shit
Oprah Guerra
Oprah Guerra 6 күн мурун
And yet they edit it and have her looking like a the crazy angry black women. Shameful
Nicole Oakland Princess
Nicole Oakland Princess 6 күн мурун
I’ve met people like the collective it’s like they can never take accountability for their wrong doing
DAMON HING 7 күн мурун
Jackie is a two sided snake. 😡😡😡
Key T
Key T 7 күн мурун
Honestly I'm sick of this! OG isn't cute and it has nothing to do with color. It's a bunch of different colored funny looking people.
Abegail Thomas
Abegail Thomas 7 күн мурун
BULLYING at it’s finest... she’s surely met her match with OG...
Lexandria Niknar
Lexandria Niknar 7 күн мурун
I'm proud of OG for standing her ground and exposing this so it don't happen to anybody else that comes on this show, and it saddens me and Sickens me to know Shaunie O'Neal play the biggest part in this whole colorism issue, I have lost all respect for you for allowing this to go on, she threw the first stone an hid her hands just like a puppet master pulling all their strings why everybody else doing her dirty work, it seems to me that all these other ladies have must have some low self-esteem issues or just plain ignorant, Shaunie O'Neal you are a conniving and manipulative dirty snake and a disgrace to our black women, and let me leave y'all with this::: explain this to your children you became part of what we have been trying to stand up for many of years against our own race
Inah Baxter
Inah Baxter 7 күн мурун
She was getting picked on by all the girls bc of her being too dark like ya black as well tf😒😒😒😒
Chantel Vereen
Chantel Vereen 7 күн мурун
All of those ladies fumbled the bag being only worried about the bag!
Genie EL Starz
Genie EL Starz 7 күн мурун
Nina Edwards
Nina Edwards 7 күн мурун
This show needs to get canceled
Icey Walton
Icey Walton 7 күн мурун
Feeby better say in the house
cedellaja1 7 күн мурун
Over it all! OG is also a colorist! We need to empower each other when we begin to use these blurred lines against each we will never progress
Lola Acosta
Lola Acosta 7 күн мурун
You want to shut this show down go for the sponsors
Kimberly Taylor
Kimberly Taylor 7 күн мурун
Wow literally just seen OGs first season and they were all acting like they never said anything about her being a gorilla and now it comes back they were all lying smh trfillin heffas!
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