NeNe Leakes Addresses Reports She Was DROPPED HARD By Her Own Management Team #RHOA

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Lailah Lynn

16 күн мурун

NeNe Leakes directly addresses claims that her manager, lawyer, agent, all DROPPED her after she called out Bravo for discrimination.
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Nina Razzo
Nina Razzo Күн мурун
This toxic woman needs to bow out gracefully! She is unemployed and unemployable!
Snoop Chappelle
Snoop Chappelle 3 күн мурун
Nee Nee and that chicken flavor Ramen Noodle hairpiece😁
Angel Sutton
Angel Sutton 3 күн мурун
She wants to get paid for the info she supposedly has
CeeJay611 3 күн мурун
Why is she so important that all of these people want to conspire against her? Girl bye
Renee Terrell
Renee Terrell 4 күн мурун
Where is that Donald Trump money she say she has
lajoy moore
lajoy moore 4 күн мурун
K Jackson
K Jackson 5 күн мурун
Im surprised that people don’t believe there is inequality on Bravo. Why is it a stretch when we know it’s real in Hollywood.
Miss Thang
Miss Thang 7 күн мурун
Nene is about to lose her career and riches because she tried the same bully tactics she did on her cast mates on Bravo and Andy and more her own team!
Jackie Bledsoe
Jackie Bledsoe 8 күн мурун
The truth of the matter if Nene try to file a lawsuit against Bravo about mistreatment of black women she will lose. Nene has been such a loud mouth Buffon and a moron for Bravo for a many years. How she fight for black women when she has set on national tv trying to get her cast members fired. Some of the things that has come out of this woman’s mouth, lord she has got to be delusional. She called LaToya Jackson Casper and tried to intimidate star Jones on Celebrity Apprentice, it was so cringe watching it. Nene has clowned and danced for Bravo for many years and had tried to steamroll over all of her cast mates. She will do and say anything. Calling Claudia a half breed, saying a woman’s clitorus had left her body, making nasty remarks toward gay men. So she have been a moron and thought people were laughing with her but they were really laughing at her. She thought she was the HBIC but she was the HBuffonInCharge. And her HBIC legacy is continuing for all to see. Continue on HBIC
Zabrina music
Zabrina music 8 күн мурун
That blonde crowning glory hasnt brought her no glory at all. From the time blonde became a main stay her attitude wasn't the same. Get another color Nene. Ur not a true blonde having fun. Gurl!
Chip 9 күн мурун
Notice the ethnicity of her "team."
Roni Owens
Roni Owens 9 күн мурун
I don't believe her
MÄRÏLYN 9 күн мурун
Deirdre Helena Wells-Dziadkowiec
Deirdre Helena Wells-Dziadkowiec 9 күн мурун
Deborah Caleo
Deborah Caleo 9 күн мурун
Ed Reid
Ed Reid 9 күн мурун
she'd better start downsizing...
Jarrin Dukes
Jarrin Dukes 9 күн мурун
How many time are you gonna go over the fact that HALF HER TEAM LET HER GO!!!! Lol omg it’s like writing a college essay. “In 1765 slavery existed, and in 1865 slavery continued”
Audrey Knows Best
Audrey Knows Best 9 күн мурун
If you and others stop saying her name she will be far away from out of our minds.
Thanos Ave
Thanos Ave 9 күн мурун
What a shame . Nene has sabotaged her entire career . Good luck 🍀 nene .
ALISMØØN 10 күн мурун
Notice how people who don't even care about blk women always wanna talk about how they suddenly care as soon as something happens to them. Nene Leaks gets dropped now she wants to pull the "protect black women" card. Meg gets shot and pulls the "protect black women" card. Yall have never cared about us all but as soon as something happens to you, you wanna blame it on blk women not being protected. Fck outta here.
MALIK RASHOD 10 күн мурун
I am the biggest Nene fan all day, and as a true fan I feel she should take a break from Twitter.
Lela Robinson
Lela Robinson 10 күн мурун
"How you gone win when you ain't right within!"
LaMiiko Moore
LaMiiko Moore 10 күн мурун
Nene is full of it.
Randall M.
Randall M. 11 күн мурун
Step back leaks, nothing Will be done, in your situation, moving in silence might get you farther, you could have been busy and booked but you chose to rant about something that will never change, Trust they know exactly who you are, never bite the hand that feed you..The Universe have a different plan for you,
Boobie Rubi
Boobie Rubi 11 күн мурун
You know I think nene needs to take accountability sometimes for her actions but I do believe the message she is trying to convey is very true because look how Mariah was treated from married to medicine . She created a show and invested money into a show and the producers tried to take it over . Same thing Monique was trying to say and everyone said she was crazy but eventually people’s slip started to show .
Charlotte J.
Charlotte J. 11 күн мурун
I guess the team said what they said🤷🏼‍♀️
Jasmain Jasmain
Jasmain Jasmain 11 күн мурун
My heart goes out to her as I understand the frustration... discrimination occurs in every industry at every level. If you will stand, be prepared to fall especially without the receipts or support. If I was her, I would move on and continue my success.
sweet cheeks
sweet cheeks 11 күн мурун
None is kicking her own ass
DesignerzOnly 11 күн мурун
If Nene needs a PR team, I'd definitely be willing to work with her.
geraldine pearson
geraldine pearson 12 күн мурун
I believe her This is what y’all was saying about Omarosa And then she dropped those tapes and a New York Times bestseller So give people time to unfold their tea at their time
Straight Talk
Straight Talk 12 күн мурун
What is a HALF TRUTH 🤔 You are so NICE. NeNe is telling LIES 👀
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton 12 күн мурун
Nene is very jealous very picky Nene it's not worried about nobody but herself and nobody is going to boycott Bravo because of her how was it small
Chris Hamilton
Chris Hamilton 12 күн мурун
NeNe Leakes is extremely jealous of Kandi Burruss if she knew what I know in the industry Osho business if she was nice to Candy Candy would have had help her
MissBeeMarie 12 күн мурун
Angela Allen
Angela Allen 12 күн мурун
Paula Gregory
Paula Gregory 12 күн мурун
Yes I do think we are watching her "career" imploding. She lashing out and hoping someone jump on this train wreck that she created to help her. Her treatment to some of the other RHOA ladies was disgusting with that HBIC attitude was her own downfall.😏 Own up to your own mess boo.😏
Dj Washington
Dj Washington 13 күн мурун
I don't think Nene's hands are clean. Even if everything she is saying is true, it is really hard to view her as a victim.
Kendra Shavonne
Kendra Shavonne 13 күн мурун
I believe everything Nene is saying. However she played the game as long as it benefited her. People like Bravo more than her so it won’t be a boycott. I wish the best for her though and happy she took a stand even if it means losing her career
Ray Manuel
Ray Manuel 13 күн мурун
Ugh. She did nothing but just reiterate what we already know. Bye Lailah
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus 13 күн мурун
Loren 13 күн мурун
I came for news about NeNe and stayed for the wallpapers. I love them! The self-care ones are my favorite but I’m so happy you created all these different wallpapers. And to have them for tablets too?? Lovvve it! 🤩😍🙌🏾
Tomiko Eaton
Tomiko Eaton 13 күн мурун
She needs to go to sleep nobody cares she has already made her money
Linda hudson
Linda hudson 13 күн мурун
Thought she was ‘Rich B***H’....Hope she saved them coins cause it might be awhile....She got the big head and thought she was indespensible...Good luck to her!!
Dis Tew Much
Dis Tew Much 13 күн мурун
NeNe is likely feeling desperate because she has no other bag.
Taah Daah
Taah Daah 10 күн мурун
imanii moore
imanii moore 13 күн мурун
That nasty moose is done yes she lost that hosting for E When you running around bad mouthing the very network that gave you a name in the Industry you think some other network gonna deal with her I think not
Tonya Thurman
Tonya Thurman 13 күн мурун
🙏🙏🙏to u..
firestarter12000 13 күн мурун
When it's time for her to show her hand she will. Everything has it's own timing.
Tonya Thurman
Tonya Thurman 13 күн мурун
Evidence.. meaning you know you know your not my biggest fan but I love what you're doing caues it's true we all have experienced some kind of submitted to a racially profile in our lives especially if you're black r bl woman... God will fulfill it all pray 2-him he'll give you right people to go forward because it is necessary and also true it's all over the world 🌍
Mary Elaine
Mary Elaine 14 күн мурун
How does BSCOTT knows wtf going on with Nene. an y should he care.she not working for the show anymore .plus she doesn't need them anymore an they hasn't got paid..
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon 14 күн мурун
This stuff comes on my feed daily to every half hour..I don't really care for Nene!
Tracey Lennon
Tracey Lennon 14 күн мурун
Kenya is somewhere twirling and laughing!!
Queenie 14 күн мурун
I realized she was being dropped when they bought back Twirl....
inhissteps27 14 күн мурун
I think there is something to be said and looked at here. We have Mo'Nique who has been taking about this very sexist and racial injustice and inequality for a long time now. Then you have Tamar and now Nene. Say what you want about them, but it's not easy to go against the grain in an industry that is strong and long with power and money. So if they are willing to risk their careers to speak up I think that there is truth to the claims. And it needs to be addressed. Take away their bad girl image and look at the issue. An issue that is plagued our community for far too long no matter the industry or career.
Brittnee Savage
Brittnee Savage 14 күн мурун
This is really sad. She’s a household name. Nene should be securing acting roles, launching a perfume, getting paid to discuss how she built her brand... not live tweeting the end of her career like Lailah said. Does she still have her boutiques?
Thanos Ave
Thanos Ave 14 күн мурун
NENE single-handedly destroyed her entire career. I hope she saved her coins 🪙!
Nikki N.
Nikki N. 14 күн мурун
Why would she expose what she has and she hasn't went to court yet? Wouldn't that make her evidence inadmissible?
Allastir Hayes
Allastir Hayes 14 күн мурун
Why keep paying all these people
Allastir Hayes
Allastir Hayes 14 күн мурун
They. Can do that...believe that ....cause your team to backstab you
Sharla Felton
Sharla Felton 14 күн мурун
Its like playing spades with someone who keeps showing how many books they have in their hand. I would've dripped her too. Hell, we gone keep loosing the game. Nene needs to do more and talk less.
Elle Cee
Elle Cee 14 күн мурун
Nene is her own worst enemy. She will soon be black-balled, if not already. She has proven to be a problem and very difficult to work with ie Monique ijs
E A 14 күн мурун
Bro.. is nene okay!?I’m seriously concerned about her mental health at this point. Bravo really did a number on her.
TamiB_ 14 күн мурун
Tamatha Wilson
Tamatha Wilson 14 күн мурун
I hope to they did she is a hot Mess,if so I'm happy
Juanita Gartley
Juanita Gartley 14 күн мурун
Still in love with the theme song....🥰
Latricia Mccormick
Latricia Mccormick 14 күн мурун
Like I said she should not have envoled herself with people that were out of her league and didn't give a damn about her hollywood is a wicked place and she knew that now that they have exploited her and used what ever she had up they don't need her anymore she has nothing else to offer she should have been more careful and I don't feel sorry for her
LaDava Moët Fendi-Chanel
LaDava Moët Fendi-Chanel 14 күн мурун
She is black balling herself
Lucia Vasquez
Lucia Vasquez 14 күн мурун
She needs to humble self.. She is her own worse enemy .. No one is going to want to work with her .. She sounds bitter to me..
Esther Sowell
Esther Sowell 14 күн мурун
She feel like she's a super star ⭐ i like nene but i saw the change in her she felt like she was the show without her it would be nothing
Renny Ray
Renny Ray 14 күн мурун
If I were NeNe I would show my hands this early either!
Buke Aor
Buke Aor 14 күн мурун
This is getting old ! She is too toxic ! Clearly she had no idea how to work the script ! People like Kenya have been in Hollywood and know how this works . Even for those who are established, celebrities in Hollywood, there is a way you go about things ! This tweeting thing and airing laundry in public is not the way to go. She may have a point BUT the way she is handling stuff like her former mentor who’s no longer on tweeter is WRONG ! She made her bed, she can now lie on it uncomfortably! It’s a learning process!
K Y Ø - K Ü N
K Y Ø - K Ü N 14 күн мурун
Nene isn't being BLACKBALLED, she being a liability that nobody wants!! The claims or false allegations that has made recently about Kandi could get her whole team sued. And if Phaedra comes up and makes anymore false claims, Kandi will also SUE Phaedra too. Nene knows that lawsuits cost money, but when you lie on a person, that's libel. Nene is really trumping which will ultimately cost her more than she thinks.
Pamela Queen
Pamela Queen 14 күн мурун
I keep telling you all nene popping them pills she really don't know what's going on "CONFUSED"
Carol Christiansen
Carol Christiansen 14 күн мурун
They said they dropped you Nene and I believe them. Your track record says I should never believe you.
Teisha B-more
Teisha B-more 14 күн мурун
2020 Monique...Good Lick With NeNe😟
Karen Stalling
Karen Stalling 14 күн мурун
She always put down case members when thay don't want anything to do with her.
kayuce mag
kayuce mag 14 күн мурун
I don’t understand what her complaint is. You were on an all black cast. They made you an offer, you declined the offer. They decided not give you what you wanted and parted ways with you. What exactly is the problem? It’s not like they replaced you with a white woman. It not like they singled you out as the only black woman to be fired. They been firing housewives both black and white! What makes you think you special? Plus you said you don’t wanna be on the show so why exactly do you care about fighting for the other women on the show? Those women ain’t prisoners. They getting paid. She’s so dumb. All that peroxide killing her brain cells
C S 14 күн мурун
Nene best be careful before she come up missing. She can’t be messing with these industry folks thinking she is going to win🤷🏽‍♀️ just saying
Morgan Wilson
Morgan Wilson 14 күн мурун
Nene was so horrible that this needed to happen but somehow, I truly feel sorry for her... please, let's go easy on her. Maybe she has learned.....
Sally Walton
Sally Walton 12 күн мурун
NeNe??? 🤣🤣🤣 Ok sis 💅🏾 If she was learning, we wouldn't see any new accusatory tweets and she'd be taking a hiatus from her smear campaign. She has only proven that while it may be a new day, she's still the same pony doing the same ol' tired tricks. 🤷🏾‍♀️
Juanita Michelle
Juanita Michelle 15 күн мурун
My thoughts? Bravo created a monster. They used her ability to create drama to drive their ratings and now she doesn’t seem to know when that sh*t needs to be turned off. She seems to get off on creating a frenzy and drawing massive attention to herself. Whether her claims are true or not, her delivery is and has always been ALL wrong. Drama wins fans not lawsuits. It’s time for her to be strategic with her life and career. I saw someone suggest that she should stay off social media right now, and I agree.
Sally Walton
Sally Walton 12 күн мурун
I couldn't agree more 💯🙌🏾
greenapple11 15 күн мурун
Whew Chile. Maybe spitting at your castmate and walking out of the virtual reunion had a part to play in ur firing. Ur team may be tired of working with someone who plays the blame game 24/7. Juz a thought 🤔
Rosa Canada
Rosa Canada 15 күн мурун
I think ne ne is fixing to blow up on something ,,that's why she is keeping us confused ,that's why she's all over the place it never fails ,,,👀👀👀👀👀👀👀
heyrobertcarter1 15 күн мурун
Trust God and yourself and always try to be respectful of other! Something she has not done!
A S 15 күн мурун
These celebrities having a hard time huh....
A S 15 күн мурун
Nene NEVER takes accountability. she is ALWAYS the victim (according to her)🙄
Mary Landman
Mary Landman 15 күн мурун
Sounds like nene wants the cast members to join her on calling bravo out,when bravo makes it possible for their family to eat, this reminds me of an employee's complaining about the hourly pay but want all other employees to join them and show up at the employer office to ask for a raise.
AJ10 Sunshine
AJ10 Sunshine 15 күн мурун
NeNe was all good when you were the CENTER of the show...BUT wait...your role decreased & so did your pay & NOW its a problem...its Wrong & It Painful...Girl Bye!!!
Queen Mercy
Queen Mercy 15 күн мурун
Nene needs to move in silence. She needs to call Wendy Williams ☎️ who had wonderful info for her. What a pity. Nene you don’t have PR? They have failed her miserably 😳
Sally Walton
Sally Walton 12 күн мурун
She had PR but she didn't they're gone. NeNe wanted to do everything her way and she's done a swell job of digging a grave for her "career"
Lynn Rollins
Lynn Rollins 15 күн мурун
Never let your mouth write out a check your ass cant cash
magickalmermaid 15 күн мурун
Nene R.I.P. Your Career!! After being on Bravo Prime Time for a whole Decade!! Now you want to Cry Foul! Meanwhile, you were replaced with other Black Women who are playing the entertainment game much better!! ....You never win when you play Dirty!
KeKe Panther
KeKe Panther 15 күн мурун
Clarissa Lynch
Clarissa Lynch 15 күн мурун
Why do you care !!!!!!!!! that NeNe Business!!
Yvonne She She
Yvonne She She 15 күн мурун
I believe it she telling trueth
Michelle Warren
Michelle Warren 15 күн мурун
I am team Mrs NeNe
Meka 1991
Meka 1991 15 күн мурун
My question. Did Nene get behind Monique?
Jide Ajibola
Jide Ajibola 15 күн мурун
I think what they’re doing is staging an intervention by quitting but she still doesn’t get it.
RoamingRamon 15 күн мурун
She probably got sent a cease and desist. I mean one of the people she named is a lawyer, he has the ability to move one step ahead of Nae Nae.
lizzy F
lizzy F 15 күн мурун
I wouldn't want to work for her at all
lizzy F
lizzy F 15 күн мурун
Nuh Nene would never ever let any one mistreat her; she ls trying to play the whole Tamar Braxton card 🙄
p m
p m 15 күн мурун
She needs to built a relationship w/lord Jesus 🕊 seek Jesus Christ first most Nene
Amanii X
Amanii X 15 күн мурун
Nene is clearly a narcissist. She is black-balled. She cannot sue because she has NOTHING but bullying threats. No one is here for it.. She's black balled.. The door has closed.
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