Meghan Markle Brings Up Her ENSLAVED AFRICAN GRANDFATHER Before Marrying Into The Royal Family

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Lailah Lynn

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Ancestry DNA:
Meghan Markle opens up about her great, great, great, grandfather who was born into slavery and how he inspired her to identify herself however she sees fit.
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Vlog Media Brees
Vlog Media Brees 5 күн мурун
Done with Meghan
Merui 5 күн мурун
I went through the same thing she did having to choose black or white.....I just always checked off both and went on my way. I never really got in my head about it.
Merui 5 күн мурун
She didn’t expose shit 🙄 she straight up lied through out that interview.
Cindy Rolle
Cindy Rolle 6 күн мурун
Draw your own box Meg. The world will understand one day.
Hey Girl Hey
Hey Girl Hey 6 күн мурун
Hey guy’s I’m new to KGpost and would really appreciate the support and feedback 😊
April Moate
April Moate 7 күн мурун
I appreciate you bringing these things later but look at her beautiful brown eyes look like her I'm great whatever great grandfather he changed his name they just didn't want to remember that his sweet and I'm glad he gave it for you to choose whatever she wanted to do and if I was made at the time she was probably you know living in just to see society I'm probably going to play the white woman a dark skin woman Spanish woman whatever it was necessary but I don't believe that's what negative Megan was doing she was being herself but you know how you know that can be we see lots of black movies on there
April Moate
April Moate 7 күн мурун
Maybe wisdom is the name that he care for comfort like kunta kinte until he had to say Toby had to get his toes cut off could be possible Right maybe Megan's grandfather father didn't want her to know that and his freedom I don't know and he kept wisdom because he's not alone but if I was him too I'll probably say wisdom like kunta kinte is I kunta kinte your name boys
Mimi Summerville
Mimi Summerville 18 күн мурун
I tell people that she doesn’t consider herself black and the jump to her defense
Khadijah Nyabinghi
Khadijah Nyabinghi 24 күн мурун
It's hard for her to say she's Black when a Black woman birthed her. That speaks volumes. She's definitely not white. Immitation of Life for sure. She's never been linked to a Black man romantically, speaks volumes also. She's such a hypocrite drawing for the race card when it suits her agenda.
Robin Light
Robin Light 29 күн мурун
The baby is innocent!! PERIOD!!!
Kendria E
Kendria E Ай мурун
This is a very unnecessary video..
mspinkytee Ай мурун
She is free which is why she did the interview.
Nathalie L Kapuya
Nathalie L Kapuya Ай мурун
As an African I find it fascinating how African-Americans(generalising) want Meghan to claim her blackness even though she is only partly black. It makes me wonder if claiming her helps validates feelings of acceptance in white structures even though with her passing look, that black part seems still a little too important to whites. And as for the outrage on the question about Archie's appearance, I just find it amusing and hypocritical as even in Africa, many newborns are labelled as too black or people examine their ears and knuckles wondering if they will keep that light skin some babies are born with.
dtrn254 Ай мурун
Lookie lookie.... Black blood 🖤
Queen Nzinga
Queen Nzinga Ай мурун
I really don’t understand why black woman are invested with this story.
Miss Grinch
Miss Grinch Ай мурун
She's such a liar.🤢🤮
Angela Burress
Angela Burress Ай мурун
Are we going to talk about Meghan black facing in this thumbnail because I’ve never seen her be this dark in my life😆😆😆🧐🧐👱‍♀️👱🏻‍♀️...👱🏼‍♀️👱🏽‍♀️👱🏾‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️??????
Sabrina Doctor
Sabrina Doctor Ай мурун
Joyce cates
Joyce cates Ай мурун
Ok she not a " woman of color" she is black...the monarch is not treating her as a woman of color...they are TREATING HER like a black woman....
DaLane J
DaLane J Ай мурун
Her photo looks like a little black girl.
Libby Di
Libby Di Ай мурун
Yet she always identified as white until this. Literally checked the caucasian box on all paperwork her entire adult life. Lived with her white family, went to white schools, had white friends, and married white men. Now that she's backed into a corner, she's suddenly connected to her black heritage? Give me a break. She needs your support, that's all.
Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter Ай мурун
So everytime an enslaved person was sold they were given their oppressors last nsme
Brittney Marie
Brittney Marie Ай мурун
Terri L
Terri L Ай мурун
Sorry, I still don’t care. Fuck the British monarchy and its establishment, so I’d choose Harry and Megan but I ultimately still couldn’t care less 🙃
Everyday Life WithTaboo
Everyday Life WithTaboo Ай мурун
🤣🤣🤣It's just so funny that black women even care about this woman. She has been living her life as a white woman. When she don't get what she want at the palace here so go crying. Black women stop making everybody mess yours, it's not worth it.
Everyday Life WithTaboo
Everyday Life WithTaboo Ай мурун
@Kehinde Sho @Kehinde Sho Girl a HUGE ROUND OF APPLAUSE it's so refreshing seeing other like-minded women like yourself. That's can also see right through the bull. This is not our fight at all. Let the white liberals have her that's who she has been identifying with anyway for almost 40 years
Kehinde Sho
Kehinde Sho Ай мурун
Thank you! I wish black women can get smart like you & stop falling for the manipulation. She obviously trying to weaponize black women and use us as sjw to fight her battles. She’s black when its convenient & benefits her, then she can go on living the privilege life of the white woman she looks way more like.
Eileen the Queen
Eileen the Queen Ай мурун
Notice her family heritage is documented going way back. That's a requirement for the elite class.
Sam B
Sam B Ай мурун
Seems like her white side abandoned her.
Maya Pace
Maya Pace 27 күн мурун
They did, you should watch the movie Queen, with Hallie Berry
Kay J
Kay J Ай мурун
Meghan Markle has never identified herself as a "black woman" In Hollywood she described herself as "Caucasian." She will use this opportunity to MONETIZE greatly since the royal family will no longer support her and Harry!
Kim Harden
Kim Harden Ай мурун
Sooooo, she mad cause she didn’t get ‘light’ girl privilege in the ‘inbred’ royal family?
Nana Ай мурун
Lailah Lynn why did you not do do Meghan's father. They say he is related to the ROYALS! Great Job! Half done!
Cellie K
Cellie K Ай мурун
Rich people's problems.
Nick Timis
Nick Timis Ай мурун
Hue gives a fuck
Alexandria's Expressions
Alexandria's Expressions Ай мурун
It’s time to start telling people to go kick bricks regarding race. No person is black or white. There’s only one human race. A highway to hell is what many people act like they prefer by continuing the lies of race.
LadyGotGlam Ай мурун
Meghan Markle was offended on discussions on her baby's skin and Mega was offended she is anti black. I do not care about Meghan Markle.
LadyGotGlam Ай мурун
Should black dark skinned women care about Meghan Markle? No we should not. You are not going to sit on here in your black and white dress to weaponize black women to fight your battle in your rage. No maam
LadyGotGlam Ай мурун
@TheWatcher1989 Exactly
TheWatcher1989 Ай мурун
Preach! That's exactly what's happening and we fall for it.
Kehinde Sho
Kehinde Sho Ай мурун
And that’s on period! Black women need to get smart like you
Ellen F.
Ellen F. Ай мурун
What about Andrew and Jeffery???
Vida25 Ай мурун
Meagan has been passing as white Italian to further her career, she planned the whole damn thing and never planned to stay in England, I’m black British and it’s not about her colour it was about character, so when she got older Laylah she should have checked another box, giving her the side eye....I’m happy she is in LA and the British Taxpayers are not supporting Meagan and Harry financially, the RF are paid to carry out Public duties and Meagan would have been given a lot of information of what her duties would be, why do you think Harry ex girlfriend chose their freedom rather than be involved in the RF, Harry has 33 Million pounds and they have a cheek to basically say that they have be3n cut off , the RF bent over backwards for Meagan, it was Prince Charles not Meagan who got the black choir for the wedding, Meagan came across as a disingenuous person, she lied about certain details of how she never knew who Harry was when her friends have said that she was a great fan, sick of people jumping on the black band wagon...and I want to know the facts about colour comments and what context as many people in black and white families speculate on what their babies would look like, Harry felt very uncomfortable, and looked pissed at Meagan when she brought it up, don’t forget Harry was photographed wearing a Nazi costume to a party when he was younger..and apologised for being insensitive, Meagan definitely knows who she was sleeping with...Next!🧐
Charisma O
Charisma O Ай мурун
Great research and video. Please keep going - I would love to to know more - as well as get your assessment of how her past ties into her current situation today.
Sweelen Watson
Sweelen Watson Ай мурун
Whenever I’m doing application I never put my raise I put others because they judge you and watch you put
Michael Owino
Michael Owino Ай мурун
Charlene Brownlow
Charlene Brownlow Ай мурун
PTL Lailah...good research; I applaud you 💯. This piece of information I received from you only!
Melanated Ай мурун
Ppl ought ta quit
Priszena Bandeira
Priszena Bandeira Ай мурун
Let's be kind to this chick....being mix race is not easy...but that is the reason Harry love because he is really into black woman from Halley Berry to Rihanna.
Daniyah Webb
Daniyah Webb Ай мурун
What are you talking.
Aadrianna Usilton
Aadrianna Usilton Ай мурун
I don’t know why I even gave this video a view..
alanice22 Ай мурун
She denies her father pretty easily....but not his genes. Interesting 🧐 🤔
reneexoxo Ай мурун
she did a Halle berry with that nose and she straighten her hair to look more European...let's face it she's not hanging out with her black relatives ..she's in those white circles for a reason
Facts Machine
Facts Machine 21 күн мурун
Yeah but people don't wanna belive it. They try to force this black image on her like she embraces it. When she only brings it up when it's convenient for her.
Henrietta Bellamy
Henrietta Bellamy Ай мурун
Hey Layla , you always give great reviews .💖 I feel like we are leaving in a time where ppl are getting bold in showing there true colors it's sad that we as a ppl are literally living in our worst days it's like know matter what you do ppl are still going to define you base on color . So heartbreaking 😥 we have too stay prayed up these days . Once again thx again
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor Ай мурун
Siiigh* us black people and our sensitivity to race baiting is terribly embarrassing. There is nothing oppressed about Megan Markel. She couldn’t make it past B list celebrity status in America so she hopped on over to Canada, and failed. Then hopped over to England in search of a partner of a higher status than hers. She landed a prince! Turned down millions because she didn’t want to adhere to and take on the roles that it would require for her to receive those millions. Inherited millions through marriage. Dragged her new family back to America and is now rubbing shoulders with Hollywood elites. She’s sitting across from Oprah, of all people, telling us how oppressed that she is. Meanwhile she’s going to Re-lunch her career, this time as an A-list celebrity. Miss me with the bullshit
Angela McG
Angela McG Ай мурун
Jyabriel W
Jyabriel W Ай мурун
He could have legally changed his name or gone by Wisdom, those documents are only a snippet. Or, she could have learned that from her parent, like how a lot of us are told we have Cherokee blood.
johanna abraham
johanna abraham Ай мурун
I think she has the right to identify herself and not society "as usual ". We all do.
Blakpepa Ай мурун
Is this a joke?
Joycescott Scott
Joycescott Scott Ай мурун
One thing about Megan, Megan know who she is and she accepts it. she accepts her bloodline, her African American mother, and a white father, she accepts it she don't sweep it under the rug. black woman hold your head up because you did come from greatness no matter what this world say about our color, lips, whatever they say about us.we accept who we are and we wear it well a lot of little girls are looking at you Megan and they see not only a beautiful black woman, but a black woman that wears it well and with Grace, love, a very meek spirit. but at the same time Fire, God bless you.
Tae Love
Tae Love Ай мурун
@Kehinde Sho exactly this person is sooo delusional. How the hell do little black girls see themselves in meghan
Kehinde Sho
Kehinde Sho Ай мурун
Baaahahaa mehgan is white idk where u see any black features looking at her
Q. Monia
Q. Monia Ай мурун
Lailah .... No Not this boo
Shauna and Tray
Shauna and Tray Ай мурун
This was a very interesting video. Thanks for doing this. How are you able to get her ancestry information?
BLKYT Ай мурун
Because she’s a public figure...its probably public knowledge now ...pulled by mainstream media. All politicians get this treatment. Remember the media informed Obama he’s related to Brad Pitt or Tom of them.🤷🏽‍♀️
Lillian wisdom
Lillian wisdom Ай мурун
Wow Wisdom is my last name. It's the name I was born with.
Antoinette Geason
Antoinette Geason Ай мурун
Back then even though He changed his name and went by Wisdom it would only be logged by his slave name given by his owner so he can keep count of slaves
Ataa Maria
Ataa Maria Ай мурун
Jesus you Americans are so easily manipulated, this is a woman who clearly said that she was caucasian some few years back Can't you see to is pandering to black people and using the race card for her own personal agenda? Can’t you see she is playing the victim because she couldn’t get her way WITH THE ROYAL FAMILY WAKE UP PEOPLE SHE IS MANIPULATING YOU ALL SHE IS A FAKE AND A FRAUD
lopunny Ай мурун
Harry and Meghan are related, leave these incestuous puppets on the world stage alone!
Sweet Tea
Sweet Tea Ай мурун
Leave Megan and her family alone
Shimira Cole
Shimira Cole Ай мурун
Wow- didn’t even give slaves a name
Karen Gantt
Karen Gantt Ай мурун
How about the “kettle calling the pot black “?.... the is a black queen in the ancestry of the royal family that can out before the wedding.... anyone remember that?...
Karen Gantt
Karen Gantt Ай мурун
Thank you Queen 👸 Charlotte
Cellie K
Cellie K Ай мурун
Yes, queen Charlotte
Chef Ouattara
Chef Ouattara Ай мурун
It’s ok that she didn’t want to deny her lineage, that I can totally understand. The delusion comes in when you don’t understand how the world actually sees you. That’s the part I think that Megan totally missed growing up. It’s sad she’s getting this wake up call so late in life on the world stage like this for all too see, but it’s what it is. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf Ай мурун
She looked Blacker when she was younger
Queen Nzinga
Queen Nzinga 25 күн мурун
@Mary js you’re correct Hispanic isn’t a race. She looks like a white woman.
Mary js
Mary js 25 күн мурун
@Queen Nzinga Hispanic isn't a race.
Sheilaa Huggins
Sheilaa Huggins 26 күн мурун
@Elize Kelly I don't think they looking to obtain white privilege (when you are obviously black)they looking for something else. But I do believe Megan was/is & got the shock of her life when she realized her inlaws saw her as black.
dezinechic Ай мурун
the hair. i think meghan wears a relaxer, a really good one too! ofc i dont think shes trying to erase her blackness b/c her nose looks the same to me from her high school pics and the sister has the same nose. think she IF she did get her nose done, she was doing "mods" like most of these black women celebs in the industry getting "ethnic" nose jobs and etc. not to erase her/their black sides but to get work/recognition etc. after the hair straightening shes always looked like a mediterranean woman to me. surprised when i found out her mom is black.
V Barbara
V Barbara Ай мурун
@Elize Kelly - That is my hope because I am a grown a** woman and can think whatever I want. Lol. I see that Meghan has been attempting to erase her blackness...trying to pass (but as u can see it didn’t last!) So I would love for her to have a child that reminds her of who she really is. A woman with Black African roots. You sound very confused saying u want that baby to be white as snow. This has got to be a joke!
Beach View
Beach View Ай мурун
Wow! Great research. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Sena Ай мурун
She's biracials, she's not a black woman. Her son is white. You have to have two black parents in order to be black.
Seeking Him daily
Seeking Him daily Ай мурун
*Why is this so hard for people to grasp???* 🤔
Kehinde Sho
Kehinde Sho Ай мурун
Say it louder for the ignorant folks calling Meghan black
Sena Ай мурун
@B B Yes it is and I'm not going to argue with you. Just like two white parents create a white child. It's simple mathematics and common sense
B B Ай мурун
That’s not how the African American race is constructed
Little Miss Chocolate
Little Miss Chocolate Ай мурун
THANK YOU 👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
Nate 1982
Nate 1982 Ай мурун
Let's be real this woman don't have an ounce of black blood in her why in the hell are you trying to defend her
Tiffany J
Tiffany J Ай мурун
Well her mom is black so there is more than an “ounce of black blood”. More like 50%. LITERALLY lol
I feel Megan would look good with light colored hair , she looks MELNATED / Black with dark hair
grace sento
grace sento Ай мурун
She beter identify as black since the royals reminded her
The Nurse Lyfe
The Nurse Lyfe Ай мурун
grace sento
grace sento Ай мурун
She doesn't dare to wear her natural curly hair
Starry Nights
Starry Nights Ай мурун
Girl you got a whole white woman wig on your head!
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor Ай мурун
So what. Many full back women wouldn’t dare either.
positivelypinky Ай мурун
I don’t care sis.
Cashmere Dreams
Cashmere Dreams Ай мурун
What has happened to her was dead wrong, I will not deny it. However, her father and his side of the family have been the ones dragging her for absolute filth. Her siblings seemed like they never accepted that half black sibling. She doesn’t want to identify as black because it was easier for her white passing. It’s clear she is more closer to the white side as all of her friends seem to be white besides Serena Williams.
MJ Gee
MJ Gee Ай мурун
I was thinking the same thing.
pink ivy
pink ivy Ай мурун
@nomadic alma did i say anything abt pandering? i said her friendship w B is recent.
nomadic alma
nomadic alma Ай мурун
@pink ivy Beyonce was the one pandering to Meghan and not the other way around. Meghan will be friends with anyone who can raise her social standing. There is a video on here about how she became a master at networking. Piers Morgan and her former ex husband and friends have all discussed this part of her character.
Brittney Sharde
Brittney Sharde Ай мурун
and we see how Serena is now and beyonce she supports most high paying husbands wives 😏
pink ivy
pink ivy Ай мурун
and her friendship with serena and beyonce has been recent.
loulou nana
loulou nana Ай мурун
Really interesting...I understand MEGHAN even better
TheQueenLioness100 Ай мурун
Baby you put in the work... love you and your channel
Black Daria Black
Black Daria Black Ай мурун
When you realize that this royal family’s ancestors and the institution were thee ceos of thee Atlantic slave trade for it’s duration. And when you realize where the one drop rule came from and also what the one drop rule was used for... yikes!!!😬 And when you put it together with what she knew about her ancestry/ancestors on one side but clearly not on her father’s or moreover the spouses side babeeee!!! 😳
Mani Nedoow
Mani Nedoow 29 күн мурун
Fortunately, they did NOT start the slave trade. 😁👍🏼
Daniyah Webb
Daniyah Webb Ай мурун
@Epiphanny Taylor that's a lie.
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor Ай мурун
And babeeee we will never move forward bc Of all the race baiting and getting upset about the past.
Female Energy
Female Energy Ай мурун
Bridget West
Bridget West Ай мурун
Senowine Blackwine
Senowine Blackwine Ай мурун
You are a good investigator!
Lisa Campbell
Lisa Campbell Ай мурун
That daddy look like he could be on an episode of Hoarders & the mom look like the lady from the city bout to evict him and demolish the home if he don’t get his sh*t together, literally! I’m sorry, Megan looked black growing up, then it became the opposite the moment she became an adult.
Lisa Campbell
Lisa Campbell Ай мурун
@Jamie Alycee Davis Unkept!
Jamie Alycee Davis
Jamie Alycee Davis Ай мурун
Hoarders 😂😂😂😂☠️
tamara stone
tamara stone Ай мурун
@Xo Xo 🤣🤣🤣talk about it!! Aint nothing like them edges rising and reverting when that moisture hits it!
Xo Xo
Xo Xo Ай мурун
She still looks black no matter how hard she tries not to edges don't lie
tamara stone
tamara stone Ай мурун
Agreed! Hell she looked like some of my light skinned cousins! Hair and all.
TheMCW Ай мурун
Megan's mother look like she has white blood in her near past, no wonder Megan is more white passing! I'll never stop saying this, but this is why biracials need to have their own spaces and not be forced by society to identify as black! Why would African-americans still use their slave masters names after being freed?
Delilah Keller
Delilah Keller Ай мурун
My mom is black and my dad is Mexican and I put Mexican cause I look more Mexican then black 🤷
Kehinde Sho
Kehinde Sho Ай мурун
That makes perfect sense. Megan should identify white since she looks white & leave us black folks alone.
Uniquaization Ай мурун
do you want applause or.....
Delilah Keller
Delilah Keller Ай мурун
@beatrice siaw if you don't like what I say don't apply to my page 🤷
beatrice siaw
beatrice siaw Ай мурун
Uhh okayyy why are you bragging about this?
Haïlié Sélassié
Haïlié Sélassié Ай мурун
Poor Megan, she is still holding after her white dad who wants nothing to do with her.
Peaches M
Peaches M Ай мурун
Slaves names are not listed on census before 1870 because they were counted as property. Only 1870 and after you began to see the names of enslaved people on the census.
Peaches M
Peaches M Ай мурун
@Epiphanny Taylor I'm not saying that, I'm just letting people know the reason why a slave name is not listed on the census. We were treated as property and not considered as humans/people during that time. After the Civil War is when you will see former slaves names (blacks) on the census.
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor Ай мурун
👀 so you’re saying that this isn’t real? Serious question lol
Mibra Ай мурун
People talking about all of a sudden she wants to identify as black as if people don’t grapple with their identity all the time lol. She is black and white and gets to identify as both as long as she acknowledges that she’s white passing which she does ...
Made from the dust of the ground
Made from the dust of the ground Ай мурун
So we can't be annoyed when a dark skin Dominican latino say they are not black. We have to remember they are both. Sammy Sosa is not black...even when he looked black.
Black Daria Black
Black Daria Black Ай мурун
@Niola B Some do and it definitely is a tool of slavery . Also it definitely wasn’t intended to bring slaves together it was meant to keep slaves segregated by color /hue to determine value to fetch more $$$ during the slave trade. It’s still used by slavers descendants and ados and other races and ethnicities alike, now used to self -segregate unfortunately many instances in particular ados use it to include or exclude others from black empathy . It’s sad .
Niola B
Niola B Ай мурун
@Black Daria Black Some people actually act like the one drop rule a white slave master created is part of the 10 Commandments.
For the Love of the Lord
For the Love of the Lord Ай мурун
@Black Daria Black ditto!
Black Daria Black
Black Daria Black Ай мурун
@Niola B Yes I noticed that , all the people in doubt need to do is type the atrocities of the British royal family into the search bar here on KGpost and watch some of the videos and they will have no doubt as to why they should be in support of her. You can’t simply argue for and against the one drop rule theory simultaneously... lol that is illogical.
tyrone lewis
tyrone lewis Ай мурун
American society is a mess she may thought she was white because her father is white
Chanel Again TV
Chanel Again TV Ай мурун
I don’t see how that’s confusing tho? Lol
tyrone lewis
tyrone lewis Ай мурун
@BLKYT you ever heard the saying hit ground running.I think this maybe a classic case.I assume it was let get married and all the other things will fall into place
BLKYT Ай мурун
You would think that her parents would have explained to her these things...long before school. or maybe this story is made up.🤷🏽‍♀️
O U Ай мурун
I don't like how she was treated and I'm sympathetic about that but Meghan strikes me like an opportunist. She's just like her father. Like father, like daughter.
MsRockstar218 Ай мурун
Amen on that statement
EM K Ай мурун
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Ай мурун
Same here. I think she’s a manipulator. Her sister and father are just in your face with it whereas she seems to want to come off as innocent.
Tomeicko Gilbert Hawkins
Tomeicko Gilbert Hawkins Ай мурун
Theres no confusion. Shes Black. Period. Legally, physically, politically, spiritually, now maybe not mentally but shes ignorant and wanna be white. That's why she was so devastated
thelovelysherrie Ай мурун
There is only one race... human. 💜
Hi_ Tamera
Hi_ Tamera Ай мурун
I want to see her curly hair in her adult stage. She always wear it straight or wand curled
Miyoshi Moore
Miyoshi Moore Ай мурун
YES!!! I was Soooo Hoping that she would Rock her curlyhair While she was at the palace. But I'm so happy that at the Televised wedding her Mother wore dreadlocks. I also loved the black representation at the wedding.
Tina Luna
Tina Luna Ай мурун
@Ragnar Bjorn all ERITREAN that I know have straight hair and they are people on the Red sea I mean the real biblical Red sea
sherrys10 Ай мурун
@Toni Alex No our hair will grow back the way God intended. It grows from the inside out . Roots don’t change. She has her mother’s hair and it’s nice and thick
V Barbara
V Barbara Ай мурун
@sherrys10 - She tried to assimilate in that world......”she tried to pass but it didn’t last.” Got labeled black in the UK fast, and it hurt her feelings. She couldn’t pass there.
sherrys10 Ай мурун
her hair is "Nappy" very thick with a nice curl pattern and it's beautiful. If she does not perm her hair, you won't question her blackness.
Neisha Monee
Neisha Monee Ай мурун
Only paperwork that people should choose race is health records. Other then that it shouldn’t matter. Not on job applications, school work, or anything else. It’s just another way to separate everyone.
Dee Grandison
Dee Grandison Ай мурун
@Yolanda D2.0 ensures diversity in areas
Yolanda D2.0
Yolanda D2.0 Ай мурун
@Tondani Raluswingaa Why would you need race on job applications and housing applications?
Tondani Raluswingaa
Tondani Raluswingaa Ай мурун
That makes no sense. I want to be able to choose my race
Pinky YumYum
Pinky YumYum Ай мурун
In the words of Jay Z. Still Ni@@a.. And she learned that real fast messing with this family
Trudence Matthews
Trudence Matthews Ай мурун
I don't care, either way, how come some want to choose , being part black , when it's convenient for them,, but on any , other occasion, it's cool to go with the flow, meanwhile I wake up black and go to sleep black, everyday
Tiffany Cunningham
Tiffany Cunningham Ай мурун
Oh wow, I just said almost the same thing on another video. Yessss
Miyoshi Moore
Miyoshi Moore Ай мурун
I'm a black American born, my 4 children are Canadian born like their Canadian Irish fathers( the 3 girls father passed away my son is from my 2nd marriage) Here there are some forms that are optional NOT mandatory to fill out to identify your race. However, if one is Indigenous it is filled out because they receive certain benefits as First Nation people. That aside, my children feel the same as Meghan they refused to deny either sides. They proudly accept both cultures as genetically the two sides made them. They have been raised similar to how I was raised, with wide range of circle friends from various cultural communities. They are very well aware of their blackness as well as their European heritages. They embrace both.
Joycescott Scott
Joycescott Scott Ай мурун
That's the thing don't nobody give a damn what you think.that's not but one person that wrote the rules of life and that's almighty God. other than that You know where you can take your opinions..
Brittney Sharde
Brittney Sharde Ай мурун
@Empress love I dont think that was the point! I took from it some like her can choose whichever is more convenient until YT punk you. which she didn't think would happen lol us balck women who wake up an go to bed this dark don't get options to fit in. not a diss but for her all this time she has benefited with who until now?
Empress love
Empress love Ай мурун
She can claim which ever part of her that she wants to. It's not her fault God gave her that image. If your mad that she can claim which ever push your head in a brick wall.
potato chip
potato chip Ай мурун
On Facebook I said that I was sick of hearing about Meghan. Some of my friends unfriended me 🤣🤣
Reine Lena
Reine Lena Ай мурун
@potato chip People are crazy😂😂 you dodged a bullet with those fake friends.
potato chip
potato chip Ай мурун
I wish I was making it up smh. I'm glad they're gone
F. J.
F. J. Ай мурун
Trish McClaren
Trish McClaren Ай мурун
She doesn’t identify as black because she doesn’t want to hurt one parent, but we all know which parent she adores. I don’t see why this interview is brought up now.
natalie pinkston
natalie pinkston 24 күн мурун
She loves her mother
lisa mitchell
lisa mitchell Ай мурун
Her mother was the custodian parent; her father was the non custodian parent running around making children. Which one would you choose?
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Ай мурун
Sure 👌🏾😂
Tondani Raluswingaa
Tondani Raluswingaa Ай мурун
Oh boy
D Knows Best
D Knows Best Ай мурун
Meghan Markle, girl STFU
Endless Possibilities
Endless Possibilities Ай мурун
That news report was greatly changed and twisted by Meghan.
Endless Possibilities
Endless Possibilities Ай мурун
She's trying to gain popularity to now clinging to BLM.
Onpoint Focus
Onpoint Focus Ай мурун
Don't be silly she was already popular.
Milo Moore
Milo Moore Ай мурун
@Dream Catcher Thank you, Dream Catcher!!!! Ms. M. Moore (USA)
Milo Moore
Milo Moore Ай мурун
Thank you Endless Possibilities!!! Ms. M. Moore (USA)
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Ай мурун
Exactly. I’m glad that not all of us are fooled. The rest need to wake up and learn when they’re being used.
Orel Ай мурун
I don’t think you people know this is an old interview. Pay attention to Lailah video. I remembered this interview, this is when I found out she doesn’t identify as black.
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor Ай мурун
@wandahost right
nomadic alma
nomadic alma Ай мурун
@Nicole Sonnier It's ironic that she basically shunned African Americans for her entire life but it was an AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN (Tyler Perry) who came to the rescue with a home and security when the Royal Family treated them like trash. People can always change but I'll wait to see if she actually makes some GENUINE AA friends now that she is back in LA. Serena (a photo op) doesn't count!
pink ivy
pink ivy Ай мурун
@Orel did you read what she wrote? she said she is now running to blacks. the initial comment said she DOES NOT identify as black. so what is your point?
wandahost Ай мурун
Can black people stop wanting mix people to say they are black? Than you guys complain when Hollywood chooses to make them the representation of blackness 😑😑😑
rebecca smith
rebecca smith Ай мурун
@June Bug You don't know but your perpetuating it? That doesn't make sense.
Endless Possibilities
Endless Possibilities Ай мурун
Interesting to me. Where was her black family at her wedding? Why did she not acknowledge them. Also, when she did identify herself she has identified herself as caucasian. Also, look who she dated and married. There is a pattern. And look at her friends. Give me a break. Now she wants to acknowledge her race?
nomadic alma
nomadic alma Ай мурун
@Yolanda D2.0 The African American choir and preacher and the Afro British cellist were invited by PRINCE CHARLES (NOT Meghan). If she had her choice, there is no way that those people would have been in her wedding. She already said during the interview that that very public ceremony was for the VIEWERS. They had a private wedding ceremony a few days before. They were trying to pander to the African and Caribbean Commonwealth in order to gain their favor. It's called politics!
Milo Moore
Milo Moore Ай мурун
@candyDander Yes, it's true that her dad was verbally invited; but I understand from the dad that there was a lot of funny business going on around that time between Meghan Harry and himself by telephone. I think, deep down, the dad (who had/has never met Harry in person) didn't really want to go to the wedding because he felt Harry insulted him by not coming to meet him in person to ask for his daughter's hand among other things. Also, the dad said that he told Meghan that he would like to give a speech at the wedding reception and she said a flat out 'no', making him feeling sad and insulted. Overall, I think the dad really felt like Meghan invited him (although he never got an official printed invitation)--to make the royal family feel as though she was including him--but really didn't want him to come or for him to meet Harry in person. I know you didn't expect this long response from me; but here it is. Take care! Ms. M. Moore (USA)
candyDander Ай мурун
@Milo Moore Dad was invited but didn't go.
Yolanda D2.0
Yolanda D2.0 Ай мурун
Blacks were all throughout her wedding!!! Boy you folks are blind and miserable.
Milo Moore
Milo Moore Ай мурун
@Tondani Raluswingaa And I, like you, Tondani, don't support this situation either. Ms. M. Moore (USA)
Kayla Holland
Kayla Holland Ай мурун
Over it.
Dream Catcher
Dream Catcher Ай мурун
To those of you who uphold the 1 drop rule and think biracials r black, did you not ever wonder why the 1DR ONLY applies to black ppl?? How come they can’t be any other race but black? Bc the rest of the world is on code and they dnt want black blood in their communities. Literally this is only said abt those who have a black parent. I’m sorry but y’all gotta smarten up...and fast. It’s time for us to catch up to the rest of the world and start gatekeeping and defending our communities, our culture, and how heritage. That only seems to be an evil plan if it’s done by black ppl, only other races can do it.
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Shonny’s Lab Ай мурун
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