Mathew Knowles Says Chloe v Beyonce Comparisons Are "Insulting" | Solange Reveals Fight For Her Life

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Lailah Lynn

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Latoya Griffin
Latoya Griffin 23 күн мурун
Wtf are ppl still interviewing him anyway? And when does “in the making” mean “equal”?
Mallaya Diggs
Mallaya Diggs Ай мурун
I think as a younger adult she sounds way better and stronger vocally when Beyoncé was that age! Then again everything is based on opinions when comparing and contrasting it’s always based on opinions not facts so he is too old not to realize that so ! He a childish papa
Casanova Brown
Casanova Brown Ай мурун
He must be on that white girl again!
vulcan2050ful Ай мурун
wow!😳😳 whatever solange was was going through sounded really serious. I'm glad to hear she's okay.
Nina Simone
Nina Simone Ай мурун
Blk Vikn G
Blk Vikn G Ай мурун
Then why did you ask the question, you really didn't have to 🤔 you wanted to ask for yourself.
Blk Vikn G
Blk Vikn G Ай мурун
Nobody is comparing Chloe vs Beyonce, that's social media starting crap as usual 🥱
Grace Alexandra
Grace Alexandra Ай мурун
You’re clearly not in social media much...
G Knowles
G Knowles Ай мурун
Matthew is correct, but he always puts his foot in his mouth lol
drtash21 Ай мурун
Danielle White-Mangum
Danielle White-Mangum Ай мурун
She got more talent than Beyonce she plays piano probably guitar and produce music, dances and have a banging body.
Whitney Chardae'
Whitney Chardae' Ай мурун
With them thick ahh glasses on lol
Prince Carter
Prince Carter Ай мурун
The Black community is ALWAYS trying to find the next. It’s NEVER gonna happen. This isn’t the olden days when only one black person can be on top. We hurt our own when we do this. Y’all said Normani was the next Bey now this girl can’t even be found nowhere. Just stop the comparisons and let these women be great. But I agree 1000% what Matthew said you are an idiot if you think you can compare Chloe to a young Beyoncé.
david carter
david carter Ай мурун
He is the idiot period point blank how Dare he disrespect Chloe let alone anyone whom is out here trying to make there dreams come true its not her fault that she is that talented to be compared to such an amazing artist as his daughter but people are comparing she is that talented.
Bianca Polo
Bianca Polo Ай мурун
Nicky Ай мурун
Mathew told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
Jessica Petersen
Jessica Petersen Ай мурун
He has the right to say how he feels lol
Stephen Dabney
Stephen Dabney Ай мурун
Matthew have no chill!!
Devonte Riley
Devonte Riley Ай мурун
It's a wonder why she cut him off!
Tiff Talk about it
Tiff Talk about it Ай мурун
The interviewer was rude as well, SOLANGE said a lot to say nothing ☕️
diane long
diane long Ай мурун
Chloe is no comparison but he should not have called them an idiot!! It’s his delivery Bey was on a WHOLE NOTHER level at chloes age!! GOOGLE IT!! sorry not sorry lol Chloe is successful but y’all need to stop comparing them because it is none I agree ☝️ with Matthew
Queenofsheba1000 Ай мурун
That intro was fire
Teen Bell
Teen Bell Ай мурун
Chloe has tons of talent and can right unlike Beyoncé at any age
Lynn B
Lynn B Ай мурун
Matthew is so rude! Beyonce is Beyonce and she has shown tremendous growth since we first saw her. It is absolutely acceptable for anyone to look for similarities between an up-and-coming young performer and a younger Beyonce. This in no way diminishes who Beyonce is, or her talents. Get over yourself, Matthew. This poor interviewer fell victim to him. Hopefully, another person would be able to stand up and say yes. Yes, Chloe is being compared to Beyonce talent-wise, appearance-wise,... or whatever.
TG Ай мурун
Why quote the Bible like it’s an authority
Grace Alexandra
Grace Alexandra Ай мурун
Why not? People quote literature all the time. The Bible just seems to ruffle feathers for whatever reason.....🤔
Becky GoldBlack
Becky GoldBlack Ай мурун
He needs to stop with trying to crush that young woman’s spirit like that., because if someone had done that to Beyoncé at that age he’d be upset and rightfully so. It’s probably good that the young lady isn’t following every thing her mentor did, because if I can recall Beyoncé was always shaking her azz, and even giving lap dances to NBA stars, and Chloe’s people are having none of that. So he needs to just stop, she shook her azz so much that she had to come up with Sasha Fierce to try and tame it down and justify it. Eew! He’s an annoying pervert, that cheated on his wife publicly and had two outside babies, wtf could he ever say about anybody.
Johnny Mimi
Johnny Mimi Ай мурун
S.Punkie Ай мурун
"I'm a grandfather, I got 2 twins". Twins imply 2. 2 Sets of twins imply 4. While English isn't my native language, I can't take anyone who doesn't know this basic fact seriously. 🤭
Curtis Nolin
Curtis Nolin Ай мурун
Beyonce and Chloe Bailey is not even in the same lane of music. I seriously do not understand the comparison other than they are both black
corrina amato
corrina amato Ай мурун
pretty sure he has more then 2 grandkids too lmao
corrina amato
corrina amato Ай мурун
How he prounounces Beyonce got me dead.. wish i could record it just plug your nose like your gonna dive in the pool and say "Beyonce" lmfao
Anita Marie
Anita Marie Ай мурун
That girl !! Is giving me growing up really fast an trying to expose herself!!! Her twin or sister is absolutely different in a good way to me !!!
Anita Marie
Anita Marie Ай мурун
He was right !!! No disrespect!!
The Wanjiru
The Wanjiru Ай мурун
KGpost is deleting my comments from all channels’ comment sections. I don’t understand what’s going on. Did I say something obscene or political? NEVER!! WHAT’S UP KGpost MODS?
Karen Fairman
Karen Fairman Ай мурун
What grown man that's a father would put down a young woman who said she had confidence issues, he's an idiot I hope Chloe don't let that feed into her spirit.
Legslipsandlashes Ай мурун
My turn to be a lil messy. Does that woman he cheated with compare to Tina? 😏😏😏 He's not even listening or thinking. He's looking at Beyonce and all of her accomplishments and using that as a template for Chloe. He's really immature.
Just-The-Tea-Plz93 Ай мурун
I think he just reached like most father would , you can't compare someone else to your child specially when he put so much work and time on her. Anyway love your recaps. I'm yet to catch your live.💞
Carlos Wallace
Carlos Wallace Ай мурун
He said he has 2 grandchildren. 🤔 Beyonce has 3 children. As a matter of fact, she's never had 2 children because the 2nd pregnancy birthed 2 adding to the one she previously had. And he's calling someone a idiot?
Grace Alexandra
Grace Alexandra Ай мурун
Solange also has a child. But honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had more (grown) children (and grandkids) prior to the ones we learned of in the past ten years or so....
Love Iskind
Love Iskind Ай мурун
Disgusting Attitude
Milli dW
Milli dW Ай мурун
It is insulting comparing Chloe to Beyonce but he could of said it better.
toy toy
toy toy Ай мурун
I actually think Chloe sing and her talent is better than Beyoncé 🤷🏾‍♀️
Fila Bookworm
Fila Bookworm Ай мурун
I get that Beyonce is your daughter Matthew, but you definitely did not need to shade Chloe. Chloe is very talented that girl produced her and her sisters albums from start to finish, can play instruments, know produce music, a very good actress, and a good dancer plust the girl did all this in her teens without help it was just her and her sister. Beyonce is good, but let's be real there are many young black women who are more talented than Beyonce he forget your daughter is going those girls are just getting started and can we also speak on the fact that majority of Beyonce success stemmed from the fact that her dad was a high level executive for a label com on now Matthew you don't even have a relationship with your daughter. His response also shows me that he was colorist because why was the other girls not pushed and marketed the same as Beyonce because he didn't care about the other girls in Destiny Child it was about his daughter only and thats just sad. Also Michelle is a brown skin girl and girl is a dark skin woman he did both of these ladies an injustice. He better put some respect on Chloe name this girl is a dancer, good actress, outstanding singer, outstanding producer, and these girls play multiple instruments he better stop playing with these young ladies.
Barbara Ballard
Barbara Ballard Ай мурун
Why disrespect the young lady Khloe and Beyonce do favor Khloe is younger
dblog Ай мурун
Imagine being in Destiny’s Child and this was your manager.... if you weren’t Beyoncé, that’s it, fall back. He’s just strange.
Medy Lema Productions
Medy Lema Productions Ай мурун
Mathew Knowles as well as everybody else dissing Chloe need to sit and calm down. Chloe is compared to Beyonce because of verbal and physical mannerisms on stage
bookishnatural Ай мурун
He’s the idiot. He gives me creepy uncle vibes... 🤐
Kayy Nova
Kayy Nova Ай мурун
Let's not put talented black women against eachother. You can compliment one without insulting the other...
AntsAfan301 Ай мурун
matthew was out of line. They are signed to her and she is mentoring them so of course there could be comparison and some similarity. They do different music, but who knows where she will be in the future.
Natalie Orange
Natalie Orange Ай мурун
She can sing better than Beyonce. Beyonce is an entertainer. Chloe is a singer.
tonyaheartsmith Ай мурун
Malissa H
Malissa H Ай мурун
Matthew Is such a pervvvvv anyway! How can he talk about anything or anybody?
Phoenix Blue
Phoenix Blue Ай мурун
This was unnecessary... Chloe could be more talented because she writes and plays instruments
a Dix
a Dix Ай мурун
*Hearing this I don’t even wanna know how Mathew knowsless would talk about his illegitimate child KOI. Everybody was comparing her talent to Beyoncé’s... well I would not wanna see Big grand peppy daddy’s face*
arlinda ford
arlinda ford Ай мурун
Matthew Knowles in my mind has serious issues. After all the ish he’s done to his family it appears to me he’s just trying his best to stay in Beyonce’s presence and good graces.
Marhaba Mango
Marhaba Mango Ай мурун
Chloe is incredibly talented what is he talking bout. He didn’t have to say that and especially not in that tone like Beyoncé literally signed them so it’s gonna be mad awkward between him and the girls going forward.
IB W Ай мурун
I just stomached just about all I could of his interview with Claudia. He was giving Claudia such a different, less AGGRESSIVE and less condescending tone. Very much still asshole know it all, but chile...he something else. Probably been something else.
Chris Carlton
Chris Carlton Ай мурун
Mathew Knowles was very rude, unprofessional and arrogant. There are plenty of talented young women who can sing and dance their butts off just as good and better than Beyonce. The difference is, we (the public) don't get a chance to see those talented women because they are often shelved, blocked or just don't have the support to get them to the next level. Mathew was so insulting towards Chloe for NO real reason. Chloe and her sister and beautiful and talented. Mathew can stay to the left permanently with his derogatory comments. smh
Hacker gov
Hacker gov Ай мурун
Lol. . to be honest with you actually the two sisters sounds much better than Beyonce actually. .. the fact that y'all comparing an old lady beyoncé to the young thunders is insulting it is..
Lasette Ай мурун
That man is an idiot! He is disgusting!
Denise Lewis
Denise Lewis Ай мурун
He was right period never compare anyone to someone else
IAM N'dya
IAM N'dya Ай мурун
Can provide just leave people alone.. why are y'all comparing chole and beyonce? And why he so mad about chole? Like just leave everyone alone people love to start negative energy
She said that she was fighting for her life for the past 2 years...she didn't mean it the way that you all think...think execution...and I am going to leave it right there...🤐
prettyblkgyrl74 Ай мурун
His response /reaction to the question was COMPLETELY uncalled for. 😒😒😒 Beyoncé hasn't always been BEYONCÉ... She was once an up & coming starlette herself @ 22 years old. Matthew is despicable 😒
Beyonce is the greatest performer since Michael Jackson and her FATHER is absolutely right they are ignorant to even compare her
Amazon Queen
Amazon Queen Ай мурун
She doesn’t want to be like Beyoncé even though she is her mentor. So if she is inspired by her I don’t see a big deal. When they first signed to Beyoncé company everyone was saying they were her Protégés. Now that this young lady is getting a name for herself now everybody wants to bash her. Matthew fake azz Needs to have several seats.
Amber Nixon
Amber Nixon Ай мурун
It's nice that's she is trying to open and share if she feels compelled to do so. I must admit though, I am not a fan of cryptic posts/messages. If you're going to share, share. If not, don't bother. That it is not to be insensitive as I do consider myself to be a compassionate person. I just don't like doing a whole bunch of reading or listening and then I still don't have a clear understanding of what's going on or what you mean. I'm not with talking for talk sake.
Maria Price
Maria Price Ай мурун
MATT KNOWLES IS CREEPY, this is a very Young girl he is degrading in the media. When his grandson Julez revealed his colorism issues with ShariJackson I figured he inherited his creepiness from his maternal grandfather Matthew Knowles..
Tam Tam
Tam Tam Ай мурун
This isn’t new for him. This is Mathew’s attitude every time some one compares another artist to Beyoncé. Yes, Beyoncé is a phenomenal entertainer but she evolved overtime as well. His response was rude and unnecessary. The reality is that Beyoncé is getting older and she will eventually have to pass the torch to the new up and coming artists who will be great in their own right. You don’t take anything away from Beyoncé by giving praise to some one else. Grow up already.
Kimmie T
Kimmie T Ай мурун
Lol, Matthew forgot that he has 4 grandchildren.
Sham Hunt
Sham Hunt Ай мурун
No you cannot compare Chloe to Beyoncé, because Chole and her sister produces and writes there own music. 😒😒😒 Beyoncé has had a huge machine behind her for almost 2 decades
Pea Hop
Pea Hop Ай мурун
He’s “ignorant”! Period. 😑
Simply Flawlessxx
Simply Flawlessxx Ай мурун
He should be worried about making them Childsupport payments
Kerry Nitzsche
Kerry Nitzsche Ай мурун
Chloe is phenomenal ppl will always be compared, it’s ppl personal perspective, Beyoncé isn’t god geez lol
Ashley Amanda
Ashley Amanda Ай мурун
the whole knowles family demonic. solange’s caption was talking about another god.
Bliss Blissful
Bliss Blissful Ай мурун
I would hope Juelz would publicly apologize to Skaii since he was so rude publicly.
Bliss Blissful
Bliss Blissful Ай мурун
I didn’t understand the comparison. Saw the pic and thought Beyonce was Blue Ivy.
T. Rene
T. Rene Ай мурун
No what he was really saying was “Bi$t? you’re an idiot for even asking me that, “ lol. He was offended.
He is an idiot. This is a young lady and you should take IT as a compliment Don’t be so negative SIR
Tea Time
Tea Time Ай мурун
Those girls have an very VERY ummmm unique umm look
Alexandria And Snow’s New Journey
Alexandria And Snow’s New Journey Ай мурун
This is how big celebrities try to stay relevant and avoid retiring when they need to. Her dad needs to retire too. You should all be tired of Hollywood shenanigans.
Grace Alexandra
Grace Alexandra Ай мурун
I honestly don’t understand why is he still relevant. Especially as problematic as he is/has been. No shade to Leah, but NOBODY has been checking for Matthew. This was an interview the world could’ve have done without but whatever. Slow news day I guess.🤷🏾‍♀️
T Michelle
T Michelle Ай мурун
It’s the Beyoncé worship for me 🙄 Beyoncé is a great entertainer but don’t downplay someone else’s talent because trust me, there are way more talented people than the 👑 🐝
Patricia Covington
Patricia Covington Ай мурун
I've never heard that comparison 🤷🏾‍♀️, But his reply was totally uncall for. I'm sure Beyonce does not feel that way.
LiSa Ай мурун
he's disgusting,thats why he's divorced ...
jessica Skyy
jessica Skyy Ай мурун
older people have no filter .... thats why.. and plus we all know that mathew is bunt as hell
Nurse Necole
Nurse Necole Ай мурун
h6955 Ай мурун
Ya there is no comparison like come on
Cupid1 Cupid2
Cupid1 Cupid2 Ай мурун
Wasn't Beyonce compared to Tina and I don't remember her getting mad. He is too old to have had that type of reaction. Shameful!
youknowwhatflav Ай мурун
Matthew could be doing this for publicity
Crystal Swiggett
Crystal Swiggett Ай мурун
What parent would actually say that someone is on their child's level? Seriously tho, I don't think it's smart to ask Beyonce FATHER if someone bbn is as good as his daughter. Of course he will say no. I'm not even a fan and I understand that he gone ride for his daughter.
Keka Caddis
Keka Caddis Ай мурун
Matthews Knowles created Beyounce from cradle to who she is now. He market Byounce, he traveled with her, on the business end he was there fighting for money, respect.... Matthew Knowles is a true protector and provider! Amen
Nunya Bizness
Nunya Bizness Ай мурун
I can see why LeToya and LaTavia wanted their own manager and not Matthew Knowles.
Shuntrice Bonita24
Shuntrice Bonita24 Ай мурун
Chloe is nothing like Beyoncé!!! Chloe has been writing music since she was 13!!! Ever since chloexhalle came out Chloe has written and produced most of all their songs!! Beyoncé wasn’t producing songs until their second album!! I don’t know why they always comparing people, because everybody has their own style and swag!! But I do think that Matthew was rude af!!!💯💯💯
Kevin Harris
Kevin Harris Ай мурун
Matthew is always trying to be relevant for the wrong reasons. I know why Beyonce fired him as a manager and his ex-wife divorced him. Matthew is the real idiot. He lacks professionalism, decency and respect.
Imani Marshall
Imani Marshall Ай мурун
Lol in other word Chloe ain't got nothing on his baby. Rude but thats how parents are he just said it public and has more fame. If chloe really a boss this wont stop her ppl always gone have something to say and it only gets worst the older you are especially since she famous.
Natina Powell
Natina Powell Ай мурун
I hope Chloe doesn't take this clown seriously! They both are talented entertainers and beautiful!
Montrel Conde
Montrel Conde Ай мурун
Well bloop hahahahaha the shade was too real. Both artists are doing incredibly well in the stages of their careers.
J R Ай мурун
Talent wise--Chloe is amazing. She can sing, compose music at a young age, act, dance. He is blind if he doesn’t see that Chloe is a legend in the making. Rude
BreakingCycles DrWest
BreakingCycles DrWest Ай мурун
She sounds like her when she sings ,same body type and skin colour. So idk maybe that's the comparison.
Catalina santana
Catalina santana Ай мурун
I agree with Mathew. Chloe can sing but not like young or grown Beyoncé sorry but papa Knowles wins.
Jonathan Cineus
Jonathan Cineus Ай мурун
Mathew Knowles is coming from a place of pain and hurt. His daughters have no real relationship with him and he lost the love of his life.
Andrea Alexander
Andrea Alexander Ай мурун
I love how you will give credit to others when they posted it first AND you will also provide a link.
Deidra Cade
Deidra Cade Ай мурун
Chloe daddy need to have a chat with Matty boy
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