MAFS SPOILER: Chris Gives An UPDATE On His Ex-Fiance's Baby News (Allegedly)

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Lailah Lynn

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According to reports Chris Williams, of Married At First Sight, was very open with MAFS fans who spotted him and his ex-fiance together recently. He reportedly gave them an update on the baby that was at the center of his storyline this season.
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Mrs Barksdale
Mrs Barksdale Ай мурун
He posted something with a medical bracelet saying she had a miscarriage in October. It’s crazy that he posted her personal and sensitive info.
Duncan Cole
Duncan Cole 8 күн мурун
@Kimberely Happney checking it out right now. Seems promising.
Kimberely Happney
Kimberely Happney 8 күн мурун
not sure if anyone cares but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPwn. Find it on google xD
I’m HueMan keep your colors for Crayons!
I’m HueMan keep your colors for Crayons! Ай мурун
Because some black men want attention like women. Unfortunately 😒
Sharon Yates
Sharon Yates Ай мурун
He is a dough bag.
Brice H
Brice H Ай мурун
I love the new digital into!!!! The pink Lailah Lynn sing is hot! 😍😍😍 Did you make it on your own or who made it for you. I'm interested in starting my own KGpost chanel. Also what camera and ring light is good to use?
Tammie Geter
Tammie Geter 13 саат мурун
Chris and mercedes both lied about everything
Cognitive Dissonance: Christianity and Political Choices
Cognitive Dissonance: Christianity and Political Choices 2 күн мурун
He should not have been on any vacay or any coupling without his wife while the season was airing on national tv. Also, he does not have to do these things to require “proof” that he deserves a divorce on “judgement day”. He could have integrated himself into the process and should it not be a sealed deal for him, request a divorce. However, that shouldn’t be necessary. Paige is terribly confused. She wants to persuade the public that the desperation they see on camera is not desperation at all. It’s actually how she shows commitment to the process. I doubt too many people are going to all themselves to be gaslighted by Paige with such silliness. The desperation that’s seen from Paige is truly desperation. The viewer take how she’s being treated by Chris and then watch how Paige responds to that treatment. The continuous rotation of being an open door for someone to consistently degrade, be inconsiderate, walk over, reject, denounce, abandon, and a host of other manipulations and gaslighting techniques Chris use on Paige at his own will and timing, is definitely indicative of a woman desperate to be married regardless of how she’s treated. Paige conveniently hides behind “scripture” and it’s her life she can do with it as she pleases. However, she ought not expect compassion and sympathy when she gets yo-yo fatigue after circling back and forth with Chris under the most poorly thought out considerations. It’s clear that Paige was desperate going into this experiment. Not only did she have sex with Chris the night they met, but after he told her he wasn’t attracted to her and he was still in love with his ex, Paige was still having sex with this man- not giving any thought to where else he had been laying between their absences. Yes, Chris was screwed up. But, as the weeks churned away it gave the opportunity for the covers to come off of Paige to see that see was screwed up as well. There is no way that a woman who is balanced and healthy mentally, psychologically, intellectually, and spiritually, would have provided a place of comfortable and convenient rotation for Chris to cycle through. A woman who is balanced in all the aforementioned areas will not have invisible boundaries and low standards for a man to just step in and out as he pleases. A woman balanced in the four areas listed, would not allow herself to get tripped up in a discussion/argument with Chris she could hold her own, make strong points, override his contradictions, basically shut him down with her own verbal gymnastics. A woman who is healthy is all four areas mentioned would have high standards for herself and those standards are manifested at the onset of the experiment, would have high expectations for a man wanting to be her husband and she articulates those expectations to him from the very beginning, and a woman who is healthy WOULD NOT allow herself to engage in sex/unprotected sex with a man she doesn’t know and she wouldn’t do it from the onset of the experiment and every time he desired it, risking a pregnancy on purpose. What woman in her right mind would have unprotected sex with a man and unprotected sex with a man she does not know. The type of woman that Chris can handle as if she is his sole on the bottom of everyone of his shoes, is a woman who is desperate without standards, boundaries, and expectations. We say poor Paige. But actually we might consider redressing it by saying, pray for Paige. She needs help. As for Chris, there is no help for a little boy in a man’s body.
FIRE SIGN 3 күн мурун
Why do they put lil boys !!!👹on ... GROWN ..MEN! SHOWS!😳🤬???😞
Welcome to Lanays world
Welcome to Lanays world 9 күн мурун
He is a scam
DMJ 9 күн мурун
Chris made all of this up because he was not attracted to Paige... Shameful and disgusting... if it would have been a miscarriage, it would have been public news before them being spotted in Mexico... this is messed up!
Just Brook
Just Brook 25 күн мурун
According to Twitter Chris lost his restaurant..look on the tweet simplychanse44
The Real list
The Real list 25 күн мурун
He faked it
Michele Yarbrough
Michele Yarbrough 28 күн мурун
Chris is fake and is ex ain’t shit!. Remember digging a ditch for someone be careful payback comes quickly! It’s really sad when you have to lie about loosing a baby to ditch someone! God is watching that Lie!
Bonnie Brooks
Bonnie Brooks Ай мурун
Chris was not attracted to Paige, he said at the wedding reception to her friends she is not the trophy he usually has on his arm, so he is a shallow minded person, he used Paige wanted 5 mins of fame, he bough his co conspirator in Mercedes went along and they are playing games. Chris just wanted out he didn't get what he was looking for trophy. He's a surface guy. Very immature, he didn't even want to kiss Paige, sorry she got someone like him.
Jewel Constance - Johari King
Jewel Constance - Johari King Ай мурун
I really really hope that Paige is not as dumb as she is acting in the last episode, by listening to Chris’s bovine scatology about wanting to be with her and maybe falling in love. The other girl just probably doesn’t want him and now he wants to either try to get back with Paige as a rebound situation, or he wants to try to fool everyone including Paige so that he will not have to pay that $100,000 fine for the show. But Paige better beware since she already knows that man does not care anything about her. Paige wake up please and lose that zero. You are too good for him. Don’t be desperate.
Jewel Constance - Johari King
Jewel Constance - Johari King Ай мурун
However; if she was pregnant I feel sorry for her. And if she did have a miscarriage that’s a tragic loss and I feel even more sorry for her. But if she was not then God will deal with her as he will deal with Chris.
Jewel Constance - Johari King
Jewel Constance - Johari King Ай мурун
I have always doubted that she was pregnant because it was so convenient at that time. Because he didn’t like Paige the moment she stepped through the door. He thought she was unattractive so he was not into her even though he wanted to be into her panties, he wanted out of the marriage. My thoughts.
Divinely Guided With Maxx
Divinely Guided With Maxx Ай мурун
This dude sounds like a Narcissist.
Kikistacks Ай мурун
Paige is just a gullible fool
Cynthia Diop
Cynthia Diop Ай мурун
She never look pregnant..the way she sitting she had too think about how far long she was..there was never a baby
Kaylen Miller
Kaylen Miller Ай мурун
He was never on the show for love and marriage he been lying about everything from day one. You know what makes the girl and Chris look so sad cuz she was willing to come on TV she all dolled up and everything you know just looking like she came to be a celebrity on TV you know for her to be all of this mentally and all of this messed up over whatever they was pregnant or not pregnant whatever she don't leave even look like she even been traumatized by anything you know that's why I command page that night for being a strong black queen that she showed them she can be whatever you have to say is really irrelevant to me and that's what I really loved about her that night so she really wins all the way around💯💯💯😘😘🌹🌹🌹🖤🖤👑
Jacquie with a Q
Jacquie with a Q Ай мурун
What r chris and mercedes social media names
Crystal Foti
Crystal Foti Ай мурун
Exactly what his pastor said in the episode,and hence why chris said he wasn't going to talk to him no more because he let the truth out all we all needed was that little bit of that story ,period
Ms ChiGyrl
Ms ChiGyrl Ай мурун
I knew before they even met that Paige wasnt his type and he wasnt going to stay married. Mercedes is definitely his type and none of this surprises me. If the miscarriage happened, it’s terrible. I wouldn’t be shocked at all if it was a bunch of BS. If it was a lie, the station should sue him for the $100k.
Victoria Williams
Victoria Williams Ай мурун
The fans are definitely right 😅 they definitely fake that pregnancy to get him off that show he did not like paige. that was a whole scheme
Betsy Clay
Betsy Clay Ай мурун
Such a jerk! They should make him pay the money.
soledad77 Ай мурун
That chick was never ever pregnant. He needs to pay that 100k fine not to MAFS but to PAIGE. Paige deserves some kind of compensation from Chris for the emotional and mental trauma he put her through. The show needs to compensate her as well. From day one I was concerned about his comments about women, objectifying women. Can’t even imagine the “experts” did not read into that.
Lorene Noe
Lorene Noe Ай мурун
She just started her period, period...Chris can fabricate endless lies and shows no moral compass.
Shea Ай мурун
Paige was a pawn! Chris and that girl planned all this for 15 mins of fame! Paige deserve a 2nd chance! I feel for her! Chris should be fined for Lying!
Jacqueline Murray
Jacqueline Murray Ай мурун
They fake the pregnancy Christ is a fake and I read somewhere that christ lost his subway restaurant christ act like he has a big restaurant business other words he's broke and he's a lier and fake I hope page wake and see what type of man christ is
Promise Smithee
Promise Smithee Ай мурун
Mercedes is a fool and a scammer
E Ай мурун
He's a mess... she's a mess she lied about being pregnant in the first place I believed
Alice Williams
Alice Williams Ай мурун
Paige needs to accept the fact that this guy was never there for her only himself. All of these posts and sex is all he wanted.
Mickey Frazier
Mickey Frazier Ай мурун
I hope Paige walked away, as God would want u to.
Reshetta Mobley-Caldwell
Reshetta Mobley-Caldwell Ай мурун
Make him pay that 100,000, playing with that women's emotions, I new this was not going to work , just from the interview. They need to give Paige a do-over with a man that would appreciate her this is so fucked up.
Kenya Rogers
Kenya Rogers Ай мурун
I don't believe she was pregnant! I read he cheated on the Ex-Fiance with her cousin and she was the one who was pregnant. I believe he made this up to get out of the marriage.
Gretcheline Mccollough
Gretcheline Mccollough Ай мурун
I don't think Mercedes was pregnant and if you looked at it last night Paige want to work things out with Chris so she is lowering her standards he just know how to manipulate people and it's sad that she's going back to him cuz all he's going to do is ruin her life
Crab Heart
Crab Heart Ай мурун
All of the above
Iam Deaundrea
Iam Deaundrea Ай мурун
That girl wasn't pregnant 🤦🏽‍♀️ Paige called it.
Kathryn Rayford
Kathryn Rayford Ай мурун
On the Bachelor there was a guy who told his girlfriend he applied to the show to further his music career. The agreed that he should do it. He then went on to be a front runner. When her friends saw him on the show the whole plot hit the fan. This mess with Chris and Mercedes seems very similar.
Laney S
Laney S Ай мурун
Thats the thing you can't lie about pregnancy because people will notice
Karon Hamilton
Karon Hamilton Ай мурун
I knew he was lying! Paige was used so this fool could gain fame. Lord he a user and hiding behind god! Sad
Mrs Mahogany
Mrs Mahogany Ай мурун
I believe that Chris and his whatever she is to him was never pregnant. I believe that they did this for money and they didn't plan that PAIGE would have taken her vows seriously. They both knew that there was a hefty fine and they both expected PAIGE would pay it. Since that didn't happen now he's running out of excuses to do anything to keep whatever monies he has earned so far. I think he did this to fix his debt for his business. I say don't support his business but I don't want innocent people to lose because of him and Mercedes.
1dbhsa Ай мурун
What was the point of coming on the show if you already had someone back home that you had feelings.
charro028 Ай мурун
Chris is so not cute
Toni Queen R.A.W. Ward
Toni Queen R.A.W. Ward Ай мурун
He needs to pay the $100,000 fine 3 times $100k for Chris $100k for the fake baby momma $100k for the fake baby Lying ass people !!!!!
Sexy Scorpio
Sexy Scorpio Ай мурун
H Wat
H Wat Ай мурун
Paige is a fool! She doesn't have to continue to be with him! If they lie. They all are playing the game for fame! Why is Paige still hanging with him! Is it because she's Married & wants to have his babies now that his ex fiancee is not pregnant?
Side Hustle Vikki
Side Hustle Vikki Ай мурун
I don’t think that there ever was a baby. Mercedes should feel like a fool like this dude proposed to you then married someone else and now he back with you. Don’t you look like boo boo the fool. Also Chris don’t fear God or else he would know that you can’t make a mockery of God.?
She So Sweet
She So Sweet Ай мурун
She wasn’t pregnant and some very telltale signs were there to prove it. One of them was her attire. I know all pregnancies are different but, when a woman is pregnant for the first time, she will do everything to keep that pregnancy including wearing flats everywhere she goes.
angela williams
angela williams Ай мурун
Whatever it is Page dodged a bullet with this fool.
T.M Ай мурун
I think Chris, Paige, and Mercedes all faked this storyline... they lied from the beginning....
Carla Summers
Carla Summers Ай мурун
What some fail to see is. Paige dodged a bullet! I t
Liddie Evans
Liddie Evans Ай мурун
I think he just payed them and his wife
Sharon Yates
Sharon Yates Ай мурун
Thank you for the tip Sisters in loss. I just sent to my daughter in law. I think this will help with closure.
Sandra Guillory
Sandra Guillory Ай мурун
Heard it not his ex who is pregnant but another woman that is pregnant
No Nonsense
No Nonsense Ай мурун
He cute
T Tubbs
T Tubbs Ай мурун
I ALWAYS believed Chris did the MOST & told every possible lie imaginable just to get paige to walk away bc he was not into her from the moment she walked around the corner to walk down the isle - HE WANTED OUT. And now it makes sense especially if there was a $100,000 fine. Of course he lied. His "trip" to Chicago was all to finish his lie, meet up with Mercedes and do the most. He even slept with paige just to disrespect her so she would walk away and he wouldnt b fined. Thats all that was, he did the MOST so paige would b responsible for that fine. Thats why paige look so utterly weak accepting his bull. At least i hope that is the reason. I NEVER believed there was a baby and n e body can FAKE A HOSPITAL BAN especially if u know people who work in the healthcare field who could easily provide u an old used bracelet or new 1, IF THATS HIS PROOF. Its all just too convenient. But if by chance she really was and that was no joke my ❤ goes out to her otherwise.......
Dianne Cambre
Dianne Cambre Ай мурун
I think it’s a Scam
Tina Sims
Tina Sims Ай мурун
I believe he used this pregnancy as an out. What a coward. Now this Mercedes has something o. Him and it will cost him dearly.
Denise Jones
Denise Jones Ай мурун
She’s a fraud too. Chris is a big liar
Catherine Andrews
Catherine Andrews Ай мурун
She should let him go with her, there was a reason they broke up in the first place, I don’t think there was a baby, he lied, his wife will do way better than a lier, something good is around the corner. Him and her will not last, lying self, remember karma.
Guddah Official
Guddah Official Ай мурун
I think it was all a lie
Maxine Wright
Maxine Wright Ай мурун
What business? Subway? 😂😂😂😂😂
king bibibear
king bibibear Ай мурун
None of these ppl are Bible reading Christians, they're culturally Christian which are two different things
Snapple Apple
Snapple Apple Ай мурун
I feel like Mercedes was in on it with Chris. Page should have never met with either of them. For What?
Jacquie with a Q
Jacquie with a Q Ай мурун
That's what I said
georgouspeach Ай мурун
Have a miscarriage with your married ex and then go on vacation with him. Okay, wow. Mercrazy.
Crystal Norwood
Crystal Norwood Ай мурун
I didn't believe the pregnancy from the beginning. Chris just wanted out. He wasn't attracted to Paige but he took every opportunity to have sex with her! Sickening!
Lane Barrie
Lane Barrie Ай мурун
A set up for sure.
Faith Lewis
Faith Lewis Ай мурун
At the meeting she didn’t look pregnant! Her legs were crossed! Most women in their first trimester and first pregnancy don’t act so relaxed. Most women are nauseous, spitting, sleeping, eating or throwing up! Not trying to come out to a meet with her baby’s daddy’s wife! She didn’t give me pregnancy vibes! She just wanted her 5 minutes of fame! He was acting like his so called baby mama was so much prettier than Paige! Really! She was just a little lighter, face wise they’re the same too me. He’s the homely one!! With his bad dressing and bad body self! He should have been happy Paige was attracted to him! To me his Daddy looked better than him! With that big nose and all those wrinkles on his forehead! I think he look just like his homely Mama! MAFS need to give Paige another chance at marriage! Because this relationship was too messy!
Tashica G
Tashica G Ай мурун
Hopefully since these reality shows are taped months before we get to view them hope they didn’t fake a life and miscarriage to get out of a relationship(marriage) with Paige. That’s a horrible lie to say especially for those that actually suffered from one
Susanne Anderson
Susanne Anderson Ай мурун
I think Chris is full of bs.
Latinya Benton
Latinya Benton Ай мурун
Worse season ever😪 So sick of drama....
Miraculous Jackson
Miraculous Jackson Ай мурун
Miss Caitlin Lauren kudos to you absolutely well said well said💯💯❤❤
sugarfoot sweetie
sugarfoot sweetie Ай мурун
I told my husband he was lying when he first mentioned a baby
Trish T
Trish T Ай мурун
Love your new neon intro.
joyce stewart
joyce stewart Ай мурун
I think it was plan to get out the marriage. He felt that if Paige would have end it he would get the money and he can go back to ATL with a smile. Listen to pastors he said you have and educated smart career woman. If you notice his body language they all in this for money. They telling him to stay to use Paige and take her for everything. Paige Run Please.
Winfire 69
Winfire 69 Ай мурун
Dude is not that important. Don't give dude any energy you making him more famous! Lets talk about Meghan and Harry
Schella Jenkins
Schella Jenkins Ай мурун
Chileeeeee.... Chris is too much! I want to punch the tv screen every Wednesday night I see his FACE!!!🤣🤣🤣😡😡 That one there is a whole mess!
Kev Lack
Kev Lack Ай мурун
Bro if you or anyone else can't tell this show is fake.....but keep telling us what we already know.
K Hall
K Hall Ай мурун
He is a poor excuse as a man! He claims to be a pastor! He is needs some serious help!
Shá Johnson
Shá Johnson Ай мурун
I can believe they made it all up.
Melba Knight
Melba Knight Ай мурун
Chris looks gay
Deeper Beauty
Deeper Beauty Ай мурун
I don't think, there was a pregnancy or a miscarriage. People, lie every day about dumb sh**...So, I would not be surprised if Chris and his ex lied. Just remember, all these tv shows are fake and just for entertainment. Don't get too involved or invested in the people or storyline. You will be sadly disappointed, if you do.
Carolyn Johnson
Carolyn Johnson Ай мурун
He is another Marel, he need get off the show he is a disgrace, he is trying to make himself look, I heard his girl is not with child, it's something he put together to make himself a TV star, an ass star if u know what I mean
Kare Bear
Kare Bear Ай мурун
When I saw the show she didn't even know exactly how far along she was and hesitated saying 7 weeks... so I don't believe but if she did lose a baby I'm so sorry that is a painful thing to go through. But yeah still don't like Chris.
Kerry Williams
Kerry Williams Ай мурун
These are the today christian ✝️ playing with God's name & lying 🤥. It was definitely a collaboration btw them to help him dodge a bullet & of course keep the show for going after him for this money. As for ex she seems extremely intelligent from an educational stand point but comes of gullible. I do wish her well hopefully she'll find her prince charming & be happily ever after.
Talk Facts
Talk Facts Ай мурун
Chris 🤦🏼‍♀️ he’s a weak boy 🤣😂
Women With style
Women With style Ай мурун
HE WASN’T ATTRACTED TO PAIGE! He needed a way to get out of that situation! I knew this was a LIE!
coffee or tea
coffee or tea Ай мурун
I do not believe the ex was ever pregnant. The ex is in on this mess with Chris. First the lie about being pregnant and now the lie of a miscarriage. LIE AFTER LIE AFTER LIE
carmen vaquez
carmen vaquez Ай мурун
I don’t believe anything he has to say he’s a liar and a cheater I think I just want to be on TV
F. A
F. A Ай мурун
This guy's family are boule. I would not be surprised if they pulled these strings and made his ex come with this charade. Anywho, Paige should be happy to free from this guy sooner rather than later. And this show clearly does not care about matching ppl but rather always mismatch
F. A
F. A Ай мурун
If a parasite attached itself to me and i had no power to remove it, i would surely be glad that it was trying so hard to detach itself😆
Mona Wilson
Mona Wilson Ай мурун
The real blame for all of this crazinesss falls at the feet of MAFS, for putting people together that are not compatible. Playing these games for ratings is going to get someone hurt. I would think after Brandon and Taylor they would've made some serious changes.
Mo Ross
Mo Ross Ай мурун
I don’t believe them. I think they are both lying. I don’t feel sorry for him. He wanted fame... now he got it
india b
india b Ай мурун
He lying. I wish him a million super ache infected speed knots.
A Star is Born
A Star is Born Ай мурун
Umm Chris and Mercedes played everybody. Old girl was never pregnant. The word of GOD says you reap what you sow. He needs to repent immediately! He has some terrible judgments coming his way. You don’t play with marriage, that is a covenant with GOD as well as your spouse. GOD doesn’t take broken vows lightly!
Jackpot Winner
Jackpot Winner Ай мурун
I never believed it what woman forgets how many weeks u r with your first baby please. Mercedes looks way too smart to get pregnant by Chris after breaking an engagement 😂😂😂😂😂 the only one willing to have Chris baby is his wife 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Cathy Jackson
Cathy Jackson Ай мурун
It's the manipulating, gaslighting, low-down and trifling-ness for me.
puggirl007 Ай мурун
Chris is the antichrist?💯
Lafara Love
Lafara Love Ай мурун
I loved that Paige presented herself well,like the very mature intelligent woman that she is,this isn't the end for Paige she deserves the man god will send her after she gets past this betrayal from the Narricist!!!Praying for Paige god will heal her ❤
Sebrena Coleman
Sebrena Coleman Ай мурун
He shouldn’t have car on the show if he was not serious or at least trying.
Atika P
Atika P Ай мурун
Teamed up to exit. When Mercedes and family came to the hotel to confront him the day after the wedding; he felt pressured and derived a plan to save face and leave filming. His lies got caught up with him.
1DrFul &Free
1DrFul &Free Ай мурун
I'm having a hard time believing a human being could even stoop this low to deceive a person/people for money. MAFS can clearly refuse to pay him due to his deceptive behavior and obviously lying on the Contract.
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