MAFS: Paige Finally CALLS OUT Chris For Using Her Body & DENIES Being A DOORMAT!

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

Paige Banks, of Married At First Sight, is finally calling out Chris Williams for using her for her body.
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Nina Ай мурун
That guest contributor was on 🔥🔥🔥. Shouts out to her. She really complimented the video.
Nina Ай мурун
You're so welcome! I really enjoyed your commentary. You and Lailah bounced off of eachother well.
Thank you so much!
Formerly Foote
Formerly Foote Күн мурун
All these dysfunctional couples using God as a buffer for their bullsh*t is beyond infuriating! First that Derrick Jackson and his wife, now these two! God didn't have anything to do with the levels of disrespect and abuse these couples have displayed publicly.
Sherby Oliver
Sherby Oliver 2 күн мурун
You Ladies nailed the conversation! Didn’t like the beginning video of multiple folks not known or relevant to topic trying to dramatize conversation.
Mysasser1 3 күн мурун
I'm so glad he didn't give her any diseases.
Marie Benovil
Marie Benovil 4 күн мурун
Paige has low self-esteem. I wish she would have some dignity and pride.
Marie Benovil
Marie Benovil 4 күн мурун
He does not like her dark skin.
DJ Golden
DJ Golden 6 күн мурун
Soooo triggered!! I wanna fight Chris, the producer's and PAIGE TOO, she is toooooooo beautiful for this NONESENSE
Carlyn Brook
Carlyn Brook 7 күн мурун
Chris's parents must be embarrassed!!!
DMJ 8 күн мурун
He is a narcissist and all he wanted was the physical relationship after he found out he was not attracted to her...which he discovered one the wedding date... however, she is not a victim, because God gives us wisdom to know the difference between good and evil...
Janice Elliott
Janice Elliott 8 күн мурун
I know this guy is not thinkñhe is a 🏆 no tell me this is not true first of all why would you do this ... Why would you want to someone that doesn't think you are the most beautiful woman in the world.
K Jaxn-Bn4d
K Jaxn-Bn4d 19 күн мурун
The fact that he was disappointed the moment he saw her was unsettling... I tried to understand when he said he thought he could get a connection through sex (but I think that had an agenda too). My thing is, Paige knew what Chris was about, because he told her. I totally respect her "fight" for marriage... unfortunately she's fighting it alone. Chris is pulling out EVERYTHING to get "her" to leave, so he doesn't look worse. I don't think he's a prize anyway 🤷🏾‍♀️
ant Nam
ant Nam 19 күн мурун
Her religious mentality is like Derrick Jaxx.
Poetically Correct
Poetically Correct 22 күн мурун
It’s interesting that this video acknowledges the “toxic faith” present in this relationship, but the video about Derrick Jaxn’s wife said that she needed to preach and encourage other women in her situation. The same issue of “toxic faith” is present in both marriages (and I use that term loosely), in my opinion.
Ell lles
Ell lles 23 күн мурун
The show did this on purpose
Glorfindelwife MrsGoldenflower
Glorfindelwife MrsGoldenflower 23 күн мурун
The media puts people like this together to make christain marriage look bad and you guys are falling for it
Tatiana Johnson
Tatiana Johnson 23 күн мурун
So if you respect marriage why not do the real work a man that find a wife remember that its in the bible
Dystany Sam
Dystany Sam 26 күн мурун
Lmao I loved how’s they’re ,always bring “God “ into this Chris, wanted to have sex with her not once but twice so she was accepted then . That why you don’t rushed. To have sex without knowing anything. Then the mother trying to say “ did .. she have a drink ?” I was like wait what? Do that have to mean I’m just started to watched this today . I saw so many Red flags already .
Tell Samyra
Tell Samyra 27 күн мурун
The "experts" allowed someone with a personality disorder to come on the show. Doesn't surprise me, as such people easily go undetected by mental health providers.
Kelleytina Williams
Kelleytina Williams 27 күн мурун
Whew no I’d leave. Can’t pay me any amount of money in the world to be married to someone that’s toxic and that doesn’t love you at all. That ride or die stuff is stupid, and is gonna make you more sad and hurt in the end. Not worth the time and pain
Delores Boudreaux
Delores Boudreaux 28 күн мурун
Love is blind, the need to be Married is strong.
Beatrice Mwenso
Beatrice Mwenso 29 күн мурун
Sis the gifs aren’t working 😬
Shelia Gerdo
Shelia Gerdo 29 күн мурун
Yes Ladies! 😘👌👏👏👏 Chris did her wrong. But she also allowed him to do it. Overchurched sound about right. God Bless her in he Next Relationships!!!
Tanya Pino
Tanya Pino Ай мурун
She full of it and her faith is destroyed cuz she falls for crap. Desperate
De K
De K Ай мурун
Paige has zero self respect for herself. She is more obsessed about being married than being with someone who would respect her first and foremost. It wasn’t even a week into their relationship and she was so deeply drawn in. It’s toxic. She’s a doormat and it’s sad to watch.
FatherBe WithMe
FatherBe WithMe Ай мурун
Paige is doing what our community has brainwashed her to do!
Edith Vierck
Edith Vierck Ай мурун
This Chris is a real lyin, immature child.
m a cummings
m a cummings Ай мурун
As long as someone is willing to discuss how basic and non attractive HE is in all of this 🙄🙄 I mean, WHERE, I ask you? Where is the attraction on him he is demanding from her?? 🤷‍♀️😶🤷‍♀️😶
Alphonzia Kyng
Alphonzia Kyng Ай мурун
Paige has very very low self esteem to have a man tell you that you're not his type in the first week of a marriage should've been a deal breaker that day....but she allow him to feed off her emotions to tell her what she wants to hear. He have been doing it the whole damn show. I'm totally convinced that she never been In love before because love is not desperate under no circumstances.. love is a committment between two people and Chris doesn't love her mentally but only physically for sex...She is looking very stupid on this show... Paige need to stop blaming GOD for her mistakes and acceptance..Because God is not for confusion...
Melish Hamilton
Melish Hamilton Ай мурун
I’m all the faces
Dorothy Damons
Dorothy Damons Ай мурун
God gives us the best we should stop blaming God for the decisions we make ,knowing your worth and self worth is important
Sacramentos Pulse Lovely Sis.López
Sacramentos Pulse Lovely Sis.López Ай мурун
But the Ex Fiancé has stated that she is not pregnant did you all get that truth?
f will
f will Ай мурун
It is not always the church’s fault. Sometimes that brokenness on the inside can cause you to misinterpret the Word of God and the plan of God.. We don’t know the Word that was released at her church so how can we blame them.
getitwright2012 Ай мурун
Do anybody call Tameka Harris Tiny or Rasheeda a doormat for the same thing...who gives af what people say...its not yo life it's her decision to stay in her marriage good or f upped
Jesstine Ай мурун
Yes, this so-called "godly" male who is suppose to be so Christian-like definitely used her for her body.
Shimira Cole
Shimira Cole Ай мурун
Ummmm let’s be very clear. Christianity or faith in God has NOTHING to do with Paige or Chris’s actions. The Bible talks about being equally yoked, and they clearly were not. therefore, Paige probably should have really got to know this monster despite what these tv(worldly) pastors stated. The issue is there is no faith and lack of holiness because if there was, Paige’s intuition (holy spirit) would have declared the red flags from the alter, and as a beautiful black Queen would have eyed him back to the pits of .... woah chile Now as the black woman aspect, while still using faith. Even though most male & women pastors who aren’t in the word but is fed it will teach you to submit to your husband because that’s what the Bible say but they do not teach how these women in the Bible “position “ themselves to be with MEN. Godly, & wealthy, MEN. It drives me nuts to hear the end of the story but not how these women in the Bible chose as well. And the women of God were loved by their men.
mommi mommi
mommi mommi Ай мурун
I can't stand when people bring religion into what they want to do. SMH.
Her Scepter
Her Scepter Ай мурун
A passing a lie detector test should be a requirement.
blackjade101 Ай мурун
Chris is NOT marriage material!
W Pierce
W Pierce Ай мурун
Where is this woman's family and friends. Were the people at the wedding paid extras???!!! Wth....My family and my friends would have quickly said enough is enough....girl let that shit go...u are embarrassing yourself...God ain't in this
Shondrea Jackson
Shondrea Jackson Ай мурун
Paige wanted to leave the show on the last episode, but the Producers and Production team told her that she had to stay. It was their screen time and their story makes for Great TV!!! If the participants leave they must pay a $100K fee, honeymoon, and any other expenses associated with the show. So, Paige had to suffer on Camera!!
kaydenpat Ай мурун
Sorry Paige but you played a doormat on MAFS. Oscar worthy performance.
Okay, but why did she go back to him? No spine, weak, relying on God's Will to "guide her", forgetting God gave her free will! NO SYMPATHY
Elizabeth Tangata
Elizabeth Tangata Ай мурун
But that is not even a real marriage, for what I understand from this show (or at least the Australian version) they are not really legally married. the government does not recognize that marriage.
legalmemories Ай мурун
“I don’t think God ordained that you go on reality tv and marry a stranger” - What she said! 👏🏾 - God has nothing to do with this except he let Paige know right after the marriage that Chris is a bad guy so she could take action. If she ignores that, that’s on her.
vulcan2050ful Ай мурун
I'm not familiar with the show but nothing about that relationship sounded ordained by god. this sounds like a example of blaming religion for your bad bad mistakes.
Lele Ай мурун
This was jus for T.V because he know she wasn't his type he should of said no he don't. As a married woman I would sleep with my husband to 🤷‍♀️ safe sex doe🙈
Anais G
Anais G Ай мурун
Paige sweetie, you were a doormat. You accepted and in some ways embraced the ish he was putting you through saying it was gods plan. She should've right after that first incident
Jami Lea Archuleta
Jami Lea Archuleta Ай мурун
She is seriously gorgeous!!! Wtf is wrong with this man's eyes
Keonia Young
Keonia Young Ай мурун
Fun fact: Never marry somebody who doesn’t want you or just want you for your body🤦‍♀️
Sarah Marie
Sarah Marie Ай мурун
Chris isnt even cute lmaooooo
Janet clemons
Janet clemons Ай мурун
I believe that Chris was in it for the show. His 15 minutes of fame, and he got it. As for Paige. Why, why, oh why did she continue to have sex with him. From day one he was disrespectful, rude, and hurtful. I don't think this was God's will, because God don't need a reality show to send you your spouse. As for the show, I believe they probably knew about Chris or if they didn't they need to do more investigation on their cast. I'm not to sorry for Paige because she didn't have any real ties to Chris, she wasn't already in love and could have just opted to leave after the first morning. But yall know the show got to have some drama. Still like the show, like to see the ones that make it.
Tammy Hector
Tammy Hector Ай мурун
The church don’t make you sleep with someone on the first night Paige made her on choice and she stayed in that mess because she do have low self esteem. That’s on her she got her moment of fame and all cost. And yes this show did a bad job.
Ashley Dior
Ashley Dior Ай мурун
Paige didn’t leave Chris. Chris left her. She would probably still been with Chris if he didn’t dump her. Paige was definitely a doormat. Marriage or not, they only knew each other for a week. Chris told her how he truly felt about her but she decided to stay. It’s insane.
AMichelle Ай мурун
Its unfortunate but there lots of Paige's and Chris' in our community to some degree worse or not quite to the same degree. When children are not valued, carry trauma, walk around angry or in denial this carries into adulthood until a decision is made to look at the root and deal with it. No one is exempt. Its part of learning and evolving. Its so easy to sit back and shame others. My question is...what if your story was publicized? The parts no one knows about? Let's show so grace towards others. We all need it.
Melinda Mullins
Melinda Mullins Ай мурун
I feel so bad for her how dare him
Hort Shire
Hort Shire Ай мурун
How do you know youre with the right person. Do you flourish or wither away. Love doesnt hurt. It heals. If they are hurting you they dont love you. Its really very simple and many women dont understand that fact. And losers always take advantage of that. I hope she gets it one day.
Ava Williams
Ava Williams Ай мурун
So did she leave him?
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
And his father was a creep, more like an enabler
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
Damn and the fact that she gave it up to him and his sexual demons... I hope that this situation doesn’t screw her mind
BUDD Ай мурун
The show didn’t do a bad job at screening Chris.. Chris just does a good job acting.
T Thom
T Thom Ай мурун
I was raised in the Southern Black church but I actually read the Bible and have common sense. Why would God put you in a position to be disrespected and treated like trash if you are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.
sakia johnson
sakia johnson Ай мурун
I think Paige needs to use the show itself at this point. A show that's supposed to go DETAILED BACKGROUND checks on each candidate seriously dropped the ball here. As a result this woman has been humiliated, mental trauma and trust issues.I believe they let a "Chris" into the program to stir up drama and garner views. All at the expense of this woman. Capitalism at its best. 🙄🙄🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Shonda Smith
Shonda Smith Ай мурун
The owner of the closed Subway aka Chris is not cute whatsoever. For him to say Paige is unattractive he needs to look in the mirror
Cathy Cabral
Cathy Cabral Ай мурун
Just because someone is not attractive does not mean that cannot have judgement of others.. I know what your're saying though
Chris Henry
Chris Henry Ай мурун
I am still sympathetic to Paige as she wanted love, marriage and a family. Something she dreamed about her whole life and nothing is wrong with that. What we saw on MAFS could have happened without the show. Let's face it most of the women out there in the real world would have encountered a Chris at some time in their life and some are presently married to a Chris and suffering in silence. So Paige is not an anomaly. In this instance everything was happening so fast and furious to the point that it was impossible for her to distinguish reality from acting. We also do not know what Chris was saying to her behind closed door. All this drama, with take off the microphone in the bathroom so the producers weren't be able to hear their conversation when he told her about his ex being pregnant. That scene didn't make any sense to me at all as the producers were the first to know about the pregnancy. She came in with true intentions and was not expecting all the drama at least not at the same time. I hope in looking back at the show and reading and listening to all the comments she can learn and grow from the experience so the next relationship she encounter she will be on her guard. Also, hundreds of other women can learn as well and protect themselves. So whether or not it was done for ratings it provided some good insight. We should all look at the lessons it provided rather than criticizing her. Chris on the other hand has plenty of work to do, but i feel Paige will overcome faster than Chris.
Powergirl 76
Powergirl 76 Ай мурун
Paige was trying to be a virtuous woman.She was trying to love him harder.She was not a doormat.She just honored God.I feel for her.God can hold anything together ,he came as an angel of light and he was of the devil.Jesus saves and God always have a ram in the bush.He didn't get away with anything.God got you Paige❤👸🙏🌹🌹
Mrs. W
Mrs. W Ай мурун
I don’t think Paige realizes but unfortunately....she IS the absolute definition of a DOOR MAT! Ok a “Christian God fearing Doormat!” Does that sound better? 🙄🙄🙄 black women need to stop thinking struggle love is all we deserve.
Yeslia B
Yeslia B Ай мурун
Chris is every woman's worst nightmare!!!😩😩
Maria Barksdale
Maria Barksdale Ай мурун
How know Paige can do better cause Chris was wrong
Lisa Manley
Lisa Manley Ай мурун
The X was stunned that Paige & 🤡 are having S$X Soo I BELIEVE the X is still seeing the 🤡
Tameca Walton
Tameca Walton Ай мурун
I feel like we as women just want somebody so we just take anybody.....this becomes sad because then men don't put effort in because they don't have to
April Obie
April Obie Ай мурун
Just hope Paige is not pregnant. PAIGE GET TESTED IMMEDIATELY & GET THERAPY !!!!!!!!!!!
Ansie Jeanty
Ansie Jeanty Ай мурун
She also wanted her 5 minutes of fame, that's why she's out here doing interviews. She needs to go sit in a corner somewhere and stop using God because your self esteem is so low or you were so desperate to be on tv that you allowed this to happen to you on national TV
The Joia Channel
The Joia Channel Ай мурун
Chris and Paige are both equally responsible for the pattern of emotional abuse occurring in this relationship. Chris is narcissistic and Paige is an enabler; both highly toxic traits.
Sweet Capricorn
Sweet Capricorn Ай мурун
I was for sure questioning her self esteem and confidence
Mavis Ай мурун
Paige is weak! Low-Self-Esteem! How can you deal with shit like that?
selfless ash
selfless ash Ай мурун
Chris is a narcissist and trash. Paige! Sis give up and move on cause your the one looking desperate and weak. Your a beautiful woman that deserves better. Much better and finner 😂
tiannajoi Ай мурун
Think folks forget while the show has been on for about two months, their relationship was only two weeks total. So yeah it seems like they were together for a long time, this ended relatively quick. So give Paige some grace
Goddess Hunter
Goddess Hunter Ай мурун
This has nothing to do with CHRIS. The moment he let her now he wasn't attracted to her is the moment she should have packed her bag and walked. She stuck around like a Pick-Me and so received the humiliation that follows. If she ever LOVED herself in anyway she would of Loved herself first. The product of a HOT Girlz summer....
SportsFan_9630 Ай мурун
The Black Church has done irreparable damage to black women and girls. IRREPARABLE DAMAGE!!
Sonya Baker
Sonya Baker Ай мурун
I feel Chris uses GOD when it’s convenient for him. Paige went in with the right intentions & Chris didn’t. I also feel the producers should have known he was recently engaged & knew he wasn’t the right fit.
Oni Ай мурун
Paige put her own health at risk. No one told that supposedly educated woman to have u protected sex with him. There was even a whole box of condoms in the hotel room. I’m looking at her sideways.
J N Ай мурун
She said on the match making episode that she doesn’t like condoms. Also, she wanted to give her creepy father in law and husband a “honeymoon baby.”
C B Ай мурун
Im sick of ppl putting bad relationships on God. God does not want disfunction for you. One thing I will say is God let her know of the jump who Chris was at the wedding. She chose to sleep with him. She made the decision on her own. Don't put on God.
It's Silver Madallion
It's Silver Madallion Ай мурун
Chris looks like one of those characters from the PJ’s so don’t go there with us CHRIS! And ugh God Paige we have all been there before the unknowing. I’m happy she made the choice to flee 😩✋🏽 I’m mad at production they continue to drag her through this process! And continue to humiliate her on t.v... but SHE has to stand up for herself! She was robbed of her experience there is no reason for her to even continue through this process because it serves her no purpose! That last episode was a HOT mess!
Venus Walker
Venus Walker Ай мурун
Chris is a clown period. He wanted to be on TV period
Fight for 100
Fight for 100 Ай мурун
Girlllllllllie, please stop and move on
Mersay W.
Mersay W. Ай мурун
Low Self-Esteem should to be out the window in 2021
Puddin Tame
Puddin Tame Ай мурун
Chris is a man-child!😠
Reg W.
Reg W. Ай мурун
Paige, God gave you the ability to think for yourself. This man never respected you - what were you waiting on God to do? God had nothing to do with this. Recognize and take responsibility for your mistake. Work on yourself before you look for another partner.
Courtney Davis
Courtney Davis Ай мурун
This dude just wanted another knock on his belt, sex was only on his mind. If you see the show were the baby mama, appreciates the wife for being very nice & appropriate to the conversation. Why ya'll think baby mama- AKA fiancée don't want him back. Chris is immature from the start but the Professionals didn't see that for a change. He should have never been giving the chance to be on this show, clearly Chris needs to go on a dating app for those that just want sex. Sad Paige was genuine. Hope a gentlemen finds that beautiful Queen, that deserves a real man. Sorry, I was pissed at the Professionals.
Cathy Cabral
Cathy Cabral Ай мурун
I hear that each member gets 100,000 dollars. That is also a great motivator to be on show. Maybe him and Merceds split it. I am just talking shit, but who really knows. We are getting entertained.
Harvemed Harvemed
Harvemed Harvemed Ай мурун
Chris thought they were going to hook him up with an IG girl. He is a disgusting human being.
Rose Lane
Rose Lane Ай мурун
Ok maybe she will be the NEXT Bachelorette
Divine 85 Erin
Divine 85 Erin Ай мурун
She was acting very desperate for a husband. He told her he wasn’t attracted to her and she still allowed him to use her body countless times. If it quack like a duck it is a duck. Bye Paige
Antionette Watkins
Antionette Watkins Ай мурун
Some of theses men are toxic and use Jesus as a crutch to try to destroy good women
F.A.H. Ай мурун
Chris shouldn't have said yes to the marriage when he knew he wasn't attracted to her when he saw her.
S C Ай мурун
I was here for the Hazel London reference 👍🏾”it’s upsetting me and my homegirls.” It damn sure is
Shay Ай мурун
I saw the red flag with Chris from the very beginning before the marriage. This season the "experts" did a bad job not only with chris & paige but with the other couples as well. Bad job "experts".
Desiree Grant
Desiree Grant Ай мурун
Once a man repeatedly tells you he is not attracted to you. There is else to talk about not only did he did that. But he repeatedly disrespected her and didn’t even try to make it work. I still don’t know what she was trying to to hold onto. ? His attitude was disgusting! He would say anything to get away from her. He was basically throwing tantrums on national tv. All because he wasn’t attracted to her. Why would she even want him!
Terracotta Kim
Terracotta Kim Ай мурун
.... and I don't think that ex is really pregnant. She lied to help Chris, so he would have an out of the marriage. To leave the new wife he isn't attracted to. When HIS pastors told him, he could raise his kid and stay with his wife, and he STILL said no, he had to get a divorce - that said it all.
Terracotta Kim
Terracotta Kim Ай мурун
🍃👀🍃It is CLEAR she had/has very low self esteem. Smashing a due RAW you've only known for 8 hours is DUMB WILD 🍃👀🍃
ianda richards
ianda richards Ай мурун
Paige is an ass
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