MAFS: Chris Allegedly Calls His Pastor A CLOWN For Being "FAKE" On Camera!

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

Chile... I received some screenshots of Chris of Married At First Sight ALLEGEDLY calling his "pastor" out for being fake on camera.
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Bobbie Lawton
Bobbie Lawton Күн мурун
Chris is the clown
Kayshawn Simmons
Kayshawn Simmons 2 күн мурун
The people know the real clown is Chris😒🤡🤛💯
Hey Girl Hey
Hey Girl Hey 6 күн мурун
Hey guy’s I’m new to KGpost and would really appreciate the support and feedback 😊
Tanya G
Tanya G 22 күн мурун
Chris is cra-cra. Worse than Brandon from the previous season.
Monique Baskett
Monique Baskett 9 күн мурун
I didn’t think you could top Brandon.
atesha jones
atesha jones 23 күн мурун
My question still remains regardless if Chris was given advice from his friend/pastor. When are we as people going learn to take personal responsibility for our own choices and decisions? 🤔 Everything is not the fault or blame of others. You make your lay in it. In this current generation, personal responsibility is lacking. It's always easier to blame others. Also Paige needs to take a look at herself. Self-esteem and self-love. Reading is fundamental. The Bible says, "He who finds a wife finds a good thing." Not, "She who places herself in a position for so-called experts to find a husband." She needs to find a good place of worship and study the Bible herself. It should not be this hard a few months into a marriage.
Haven Inspired
Haven Inspired 28 күн мурун
I am not a Chris fan by any means but from that first scene the pastor showed up he just seemed a bit off to me.
mahogany princess
mahogany princess 29 күн мурун
I dont feel the least bit sorry for chris. All he is saying his pastor allegedly did to him, he has been blatantly doing to paige on national tv. He can kick rocks.
Yolanda 29 күн мурун
Well, isn't that the pot callin the kettle black?🤔🤔
Chris is a brainless giant and not understanding nothing at this point.
4daluvofnikki Ай мурун
You really sound like you believe Chris over his Pastor. So just because Chris said the Pastor said one thing in camera and something different on camera you believe him? There is no proof of this. Reading through some of the comments you are the only person to believe Chris. I judge by actions. Chris’ actions speak way more than anything he says. Everything he is saying sounds like he is hurt that Pastor Dwight didn’t take his side. Do you recall the convo where both the Pastors met with Chris and he got mad at them? Please don’t fall for Chris’ lies. Regardless if Mercedes was pregnant or not it doesn’t absolve Chris of his poor behavior.
Crystal Foti
Crystal Foti Ай мурун
Lol greatest news you said it was a disaster and devistaing news and paige corrected you on that , your the clown and you've shown that on and off camera,I've lost a baby and it was devastated for both me and the father and I was depressed for a long time living in a dark space and your out there acting like nothing and your a god man no you a fake man and it's so sad to use a unborn child for your game and fake ass self
Nichelle Miles
Nichelle Miles Ай мурун
Mercedes gives me a late 90s/early 2000s vibe! Like Vivica Fox in Two Can Play That Game
brooklynforever1990 Ай мурун
No one cares Chris 🙄
Rosie Sanaa
Rosie Sanaa Ай мурун
He’s dead behind his eyes...has no soul is demon possessed...That’s all I have 🤷🏾‍♀️
Cherish O'Neal
Cherish O'Neal Ай мурун
That still don’t change that Chris’ behavior is trash.
janeemichele Ай мурун
The show professionals also picked Chris for Paige. I think Paige has the shortest end of the stick of all involved. How did Chris make it this far in the MAFS process? He doesn’t seem bright enough to get by a panel of psychologists and relationship professionals. It seems like his narcissism would show itself. What it seems like they knew Chris was a bit of a mess and shallow and Paige was a bit vulnerable and wanted marriage badly. They both had being devoted to the church in common. It seems like the network used them both for ratings. They are both hard to watch, Chris more so, but both of them play a part.
Umm Zaynab
Umm Zaynab Ай мурун
Paige was about to leave and then the producers told her to go back. If nothing else, they should have just let her go. Don't tell her to tell him anything. They could and should have done that for her.
MyBeauty Sistarella
MyBeauty Sistarella Ай мурун
After watching this, if Chris issue was with Pagie and at this point the religious cult following is toxic. Chris should have never went on the show period because he had feelings for another Woman.
mrssunny06 Ай мурун
Chris is not taking accountability for anything. Everything is everyone else’s fault. The truth is that he doesn’t know who he is. Just want his cake n eat it too. Experience is a good teacher, just hope this matures him.
soledad77 Ай мурун
I DO NOT buy this story. Try harder
Alisha Seer
Alisha Seer Ай мурун
How can ppl not see that Chris & that pastor are fooling everybody because they are downlow undercover homosexuals
vernea b
vernea b Ай мурун
I don't understand why Mercedes was on the show. Part of a husband's job is to protect his wife. You could see the hurt on Paige's face when the three of them met. Paige is a beautiful girl! No attraction......Yeah right.This is a mess.
Fight for 100
Fight for 100 Ай мурун
I think Paige played a BIG PART IN THIS..I know a lot of woman like her, a man will tell her one thing and she'll go off her feeling then cry later..
Shimira Cole
Shimira Cole Ай мурун
I’m sorry, i do not feel bad for Paige because she continued to fall on the sword. HOWEVER, I can understand when you are rejected or feel neglected, it’s hard to walk away or it’s like you must harm yourself emotionally to feel important or relevant in their life
Flossy B
Flossy B Ай мурун
Chris is a clown and should be called out for his BS. I’m sorry for the loss of their child. There’s nothing Chris can do at this point to make himself look like a decent person. I won’t fully blame him for the way he’s treating Paige. She had the opportunity to run and didn’t. She’s also a desperate clown.
Old Heed
Old Heed Ай мурун
Went to school with the pastors wife. Was her chaperone to debutant ball. She cool and wouldn’t be with a clown so the pastor cool
Brizard Delices
Brizard Delices Ай мурун
I don’t believe anything he says. He should have cut ties with Paige once he decided to work things out with his ex fiancée. Paige needs serious help that the expect could give her one the shop . Hopefully she can get help and focus in building her self esteem and self worth . The expects should have shown the footage where they tried to counsel her about this nightmare she call marriage ..
Salisha Abdool
Salisha Abdool Ай мурун
Who the hell are these people ?
Cyrious Ай мурун
Pastor Dwight has a canny resemblance to Bryce Wilson of Groove Theory. Chris sorry you are a fraud. I been trying to give him a benefit of doubt for being young but he’s foolish and they both (Paige) need self healing because if it wasn’t Chris she would fall stupid for the next man she needs some work
Ashley Perkins
Ashley Perkins Ай мурун
He's just playing the victim. I see through him.
Mommas Rule
Mommas Rule Ай мурун
Chris should take a look at himself he has done all of this singlehandedly. I believe that the experts probably were advising Paige as we saw the clip with the producers telling her to tell him that it’s over and she does the complete opposite. I am over the both of them and would rather just watch the other couples.
Schella Jenkins
Schella Jenkins Ай мурун
Chile.....this guy is a whole headache! Why is he even on the show?!!
Leigh Hill
Leigh Hill Ай мурун
Chris is a joke!!
melodicsoundz Ай мурун
Girl are you serious? He may not have been deceptive about the pregnancy and loss BUT he is still a clown. He is still toxic, he still acts like a child and he is still disrespectful....not to mention, him sharing that Mercedes had a miscarriage is NOT his right to tell or talk about, especially to clear HIS name. Smh
Kaylen Miller
Kaylen Miller Ай мурун
To be honest with you Chris is trying to stay relevant in the storyline for the show this man was never in it for the marriage at first it was never genuinely in it for the right reasons he just went through with it to be on TV and to get sex that's how sad he looks has to be honest with you that's all he kept talking about he's not the type of person to me full send even allowed on the show to continue taping with the show he needs to be dismissed because he's giving a show a bad rap to be honest with you
Mona Kimble
Mona Kimble Ай мурун
Chris is a clown and so is his Pastor! I peeped his Pastor’s raggedy ass character, during his first appearance. Birds of a feather, flock together 🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️
Zina Thomas
Zina Thomas Ай мурун
Maybe Chris is on the DL and that’s why he is so disrespectful to women? His pastor looks like he has been in the sugar bowl and one of his messages about the reason why men are turning gay; bcuz the women let themselves go. The nerve🤷🏽‍♀️
Chris Watson
Chris Watson Ай мурун
It's interesting how Meghan Markle has been living all her life as a "privileged white woman" NOW when they turn on her she want to use the "Black card." She knew just what to say in this day of racial injustice to get everyone sympathy. What support did she give to Black women BEFORE she needed us? Oprah, Beyonce and Serena are coming from a place of shared wealth so they not looking at her lack of support for the average Black woman.
Chris Watson
Chris Watson Ай мурун
It's interesting how Meghan Markle has been living all her life as a "privileged white woman" NOW when they turn on her she want to use the "Black card." She knew just what to say in this day of racial injustice to get everyone sympathy. What support did she give to Black women BEFORE she needed us? Oprah, Beyonce and Serena are coming from a place of shared wealth so they not looking at her lack of support for the average Black woman.
devinngeorge Ай мурун
This guy is a clown, disrespectful, lacks empathy and Does not take accountability for his own actions.
devinngeorge Ай мурун
I don't believe him.
Gyamstar Ай мурун
Shifting blame and not being accountable. Doesnt change a thing. Hes a boy!! If he didnt want to go on the show why then sleep with Paige and lead her on with the hot and cold. Stop it!!!
Lafara Love
Lafara Love Ай мурун
I just can't believe Paige fell for the BS from Chris again now he wants to lash out at the really fed up with him he is a liar he is continuing to play games..Im not sure what the big deal is with him and his pastor/ friend he still is a Naraccist!!!!
jay steph
jay steph Ай мурун
The pastor is also his friend tho. That’s why he’s really upset
Dana Glass
Dana Glass Ай мурун
I’m not sure with anyone with a personality disorder like Chris the clown can really have friends. As soon as you say something against him he’s storming off or tunes you out.
Anita Hey
Anita Hey Ай мурун
Paige has zero self esteem. She not being accountable for her actions, she putting all of it on god. Paige is toxic also it’s not just Chris.
Dana Glass
Dana Glass Ай мурун
@Anita Hey You as well!!!
Anita Hey
Anita Hey Ай мурун
@Dana Glass you too dear. Stay and be blessed😉
Dana Glass
Dana Glass Ай мурун
@Anita Yes we are. I guess toxic to me always seemed like personality disorders, emotional abuse, etc. but I guess there definitely levels to it. I keep my life/peace protected once I got out of two toxic situations so this stuff is foreign to me. I don’t want to know. Anyone that comes around me better have a REAL relationship with God. I have learned to reallllllly listen to my discernment and I pick up on negative stuff and I walk away immediately! Have a wonderful evening my friend!!!🙂
Anita Hey
Anita Hey Ай мурун
This show just promotes legalized fornication.
Anita Hey
Anita Hey Ай мурун
@Dana Glass anything that a person does that is detrimental to there mind, body or soul is toxic, if you say harmful, we’re on the same page.
Anita Hey
Anita Hey Ай мурун
This show promotes legalized fornication. None of these people was join together by god.
CHOCOCAT844 Ай мурун
It's not sad. 🙄😒 not for these 2. Sorry not sorry.
WyKisha Collins
WyKisha Collins Ай мурун
I'm like everyone else. I don't care for Chris. He shouldn't have gone on the show with ill intentions. I don't believe Mercedes was pregnant. Chris was trying to use that as a scapegoat to get out of the marriage with Paige. I agree, she should have left when she found out how Chris really felt about her.
Baby Boo
Baby Boo Ай мурун
Notice after the baby miscarried it was the greatest new he ever heard. On the show he kept referring to it as devastating.
N BLACK Ай мурун
I don't watch this but it seems nuts like the rest of the shows seems trashy
Senowine Blackwine
Senowine Blackwine Ай мурун
I don’t believe a word he saying.
Jenna Ай мурун
It takes a clown to know one!
vanessa manzo
vanessa manzo Ай мурун
Chris keeps calling others out but doesn’t take accountability himself.
Dushi Life
Dushi Life Ай мурун
He was hoping to get married at first sight to a non black woman. He should have made that known to the show recruiter but he probably would not have been chosen.
Maria Price
Maria Price Ай мурун
Just Brook
Just Brook Ай мурун
How did he think he was in love with ex and sleeps with his wife 2 weeks later? 🤔
Felicia Loves
Felicia Loves Ай мурун
I believe Chris but it doesn’t take away from the fact that he was leading Paige on. I don’t see how he made it to the show if he was recently recently engaged. The whole situation was a mess and he is a master manipulator if he didn’t want Paige he just should have left her alone he just did not want to pay 100k. He is a liar period
Felicia Loves
Felicia Loves Ай мурун
Yes @Dana Glass I believe Chris had a conversation with the Pastor and the Pastor changed his story on TV. Sorry bye Felicia is played out Dana Ass. Sorry 😢 Glass.
Cyrious Ай мурун
@Dana Glass 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
Dana Glass
Dana Glass Ай мурун
You believe Chris? Bye Felicia!!! Sorry I had to say it. 😂
Sandra Logan
Sandra Logan Ай мурун
Chris's ego is very fragile and he is immature! Mercedes doesn't want to be with him. I think he hoped Page would fight for him. I do understand why he went off on Virginia. You can't go repeatedly go hard on a man then say I'm a woman you can't talk to me like that. I wish Page well and believe she will find happiness.
Colette Fant
Colette Fant Ай мурун
Now its the Pastors fault?
BranBran Shenanigan
BranBran Shenanigan Ай мурун
Chris is just one big ass disappointment.
Neah Ivanna
Neah Ivanna Ай мурун
But the pastor told Chris to stay in the marriage.Chris is pointing the finger at everyone except for himself
Eboni Ай мурун
Still no excuse for his behavior. He shouldn't have consimated his marriage with Paige if he knew all this upfront, meaning he was considering how it would impact his contract or him legally if he didn't go.
luvoshun Ай мурун
I don’t believe him or Mercedes what new mom doesn’t know how many weeks pregnant she is?
Sabrina B
Sabrina B Ай мурун
Chris is a lying narsaccist. I won't believe anything he says. Why did he feel the need to share a picture of Mercedes hospital band? I need Mercedes to give the truth about HER womb.
koko Ай мурун
He should have never come on the show period! Whether you got picked or was told too..
K Hall
K Hall Ай мурун
Regardless he is a horrible person!
Life Ventures
Life Ventures Ай мурун
I’m sorry IF they really had a miscarriage. This should he his wake up call then!!! You cannot wreak havoc in people’s lives and get away with it. I pray he grows and becomes a much better person after this. Life is not to be played with!
Princess Francois
Princess Francois Ай мурун
What does the pastor/friend's behavior have to do with Chris's behavior. He will never take 100 percent accountability.
godsheals90 Ай мурун
Chris is not even all that good looking in the face and the way he acts makes him look worse!
Dana Glass
Dana Glass Ай мурун
Gremlin lookin azz 🙅🏽‍♀️😂
Carolina music
Carolina music Ай мурун
I believe Chris. That pastor was caught on camera saying " men who turn gay are turning gay because of women's weight"
Rene Wilson
Rene Wilson Ай мурун
Look who is still trying to say relevant in the news!
lillies2011 Ай мурун
Chris is still toxic sorry. Doesn’t matter what Paige decides, doesn’t excuse Chris’s behaviour
CAcutie1978 Ай мурун
Now he burning bridges with his pastor. The same pastor that he claims guided him during tough times in his life. Boys like Chris never learn the hard way because women like Paige will fall for anything and are desperate.
Nikki Kissem
Nikki Kissem Ай мурун
The blind leading the blind🤦‍♀️
Miss.BeautifullyFlawed Ай мурун
Still don’t feel Chris like everything he’s saying is a lie
SacredMoonGoddess Ай мурун
Its not sad! Chris is full of shit! That woman was not pregnant!!
Angela Matthews
Angela Matthews Ай мурун
Chris is a liar! In this IG post he claims he knew Mercedes was pregnant before he got married, so why did he wait until the honeymoon and claim he got devastating news! You have to pay attention.
Devian Nikei
Devian Nikei Ай мурун
How the pastor never met Mercedes but offered to help them reconcile months prior? So did he or did he not know Mercedes.
Lucinda Dawson
Lucinda Dawson Ай мурун
That proves Chris was lying.
camella braxton
camella braxton Ай мурун
He’s deflecting. No one cares about the pastor
Kelly Kell
Kelly Kell Ай мурун
Without-receipts from Chris & Mercedes we can’t believe a word that they say!
Lucinda Dawson
Lucinda Dawson Ай мурун
Even if they presented doctor's notes about loss of child, it doesn't prove they weren't initially clout chasing & it backfired.
Mike and Nita
Mike and Nita Ай мурун
So Is Chris Bi cause we know what Matthew Stephenson got going on 🤔🤔🤔🤔
cyndiluwho Ай мурун
Where was this posted. You should have shown the post you read.
Lee Pepper
Lee Pepper Ай мурун
Chris is telling half truths.......
Mami Makala
Mami Makala Ай мурун
So your legal obligation and your pastor made you lie about being over your ex? If he had shared that during casting, he wouldn’t have been matched. What a phony. Everybody hates Chris... for a reason this time.
willow willow
willow willow Ай мурун
Chris is the complete narcissistic trash bag and Paige was initially a victim and then after sleeping with this clown many times and sitting with him and his ex fiance sh has become a willing. participant
Dajia Star
Dajia Star Ай мурун
People didn’t perceive him to be: he showed us. Paige was transparent he was crooked
Kay in the Life
Kay in the Life Ай мурун
Was Chris calling himself exposing something? This doesn't seem all that bad. I don't get it...
Theshema Wooden
Theshema Wooden Ай мурун
Sorry Lailah, I love your commentary, but I don't believe anything Chris says.
devinngeorge Ай мурун
Same here
Katelin Parks
Katelin Parks Ай мурун
Tbh. Most folks don't care what his pastor said. If he was trifling, he will have to answer for that. But No one is responsible for Chris's decisions but him. He showed himself on the show and off the show to be childish and lacking in accountability and just disrespectful! Both Paige and Mercedes in my opinion should leave this type of man alone and level up spiritually, mentally and do better for themselves
Katia O
Katia O Ай мурун
He’s just mad his Pastor didn’t agree or encourage his actions. He can’t handle when the blame is on him so he shifts it and blames other people and then acts like a victim. He’s a big weirdo..
Pilates Body
Pilates Body Ай мурун
Typical narcissist
Nikki St. Clair
Nikki St. Clair Ай мурун
Paige is a master manipulator who’s not as innocent as she appears. She remained and went along with this to put through agony and embarrassment as revenge. She stayed meek and mild because she knew she’d shine the light even brighter for all to to see what a BIG Douche Chris is. She’s a smart girl with calculated moves. She’s dangerous and Chris got the right one because he hates to be embarrassed
Dora doll
Dora doll Ай мурун
Oh really!!!
Nikki St. Clair
Nikki St. Clair Ай мурун
Wait isn’t his father a pastor???? Why would he need outside counsel 🤷🏾‍♀️😆😆😆😆
Sase Ай мурун
His father is suspect too he was the one saying Paige NEEDS to have sex with Chris and give him a honey moon baby despite them being strangers. 🙃
Nikki St. Clair
Nikki St. Clair Ай мурун
He was there for his NAME and not for their Flame
Nikki St. Clair
Nikki St. Clair Ай мурун
He was there for the Fame and not for the Flame
Luna B
Luna B Ай мурун
Uhhh. This doesn’t make his case better IMO. If he didn’t want to go through with the process then why sleep with her????? There has been MANY couples that have been on this show and never slept together during the process. Yes it’s sad that the baby didn’t make it. But that doesn’t clear up the fact that he is a manipulator and quite possibly a narcissist 🤷🏾‍♀️
Dana Glass
Dana Glass Ай мурун
Because he wanted to come on National tv to get a spin off with his real gf and his narcissistic personality disorder said “see if you can get her to give it up too”.
Angela Watts
Angela Watts Ай мурун
I don't believe his story. What happened to Mercedes being pregnant and six weeks along.
Emma Jones
Emma Jones Ай мурун
Baby are never lost you will see your baby again 💓
No capes for Chris. He is 🚽🗑️. Plus if Chris was a BETTER MAN Paige loyalty would not be questioned. Chris is a toilet.
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