LeToya Luckett Announces DIVORCE From Husband Tommi Walker After Cheating Allegations (Confirmed)

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Lailah Lynn

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LeToya Luckett has officially announced her pending divorce from husband Tommicus Walker after cheating allegations that were made public on the day of her BABY SHOWER!
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wilnesa thomas
wilnesa thomas 4 күн мурун
Why you think he doesn't have money
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 12 күн мурун
‘My wife and i got Married last year and we have been living happily for a while. We used to be free with everything and never kept any secret from each other until recently everything changed when she got a new Job in NewYork 2 months ago, we have been in a long distance relationship for some months,She has been avoiding my calls and i got suspicious of her cheating.I asked my wife about it and she told me that she is always busy and working ,We had a big argument about it and she has not been picking my calls,this went on for long until one day i decided to notify my friend about this and that was how she introduced me to Mr James a Hacker who helped her when she was having issues with her Husband. I never believed he could do it but until i gave him my wife’s Mobile phone number. He proved to me by hacking into my wife’s phone. where i found so many evidence and proof in her Text messages, Emails and pictures that my wife has an affair with her co-worker. I have sent all the evidence to my lawyer. I just want to thank Mr James for helping me because i have all the evidence and proof for my lawyer, You can contact him on Gmail (Worldcyberhackers ) or WhatsApp +12678773020 ,I Feel so sad about infidelity’
Melissa Royalty Mack
Melissa Royalty Mack 20 күн мурун
Happy For Her! She definitely deserves a better man, he talked down to her very disrespectful!! For all to watch. God has better 4 her🙏🏾❤
Lady Jay
Lady Jay 25 күн мурун
The pandemic has forced many couples to evaluate their relationships. It seems many men aren't willing to invest to make relationships work😥
Tracy Harris
Tracy Harris 25 күн мурун
He aint shit and i dong no wat she seen in him in the beginning ! Glad she woke up jus wish it wud hav happen sooner
ChelsLadii2U Ай мурун
I just hope that she heals well. This will be her 2nd divorce and noone expects to divorce even once. 🙏🏾
Arise & Shine
Arise & Shine Ай мурун
I remember when John Gray gave her a prophecy that she will meet a man, get married and start a family all in 1 year. Maybe she rushed into a relationship/marriage in order to confirm and prove the prophecy. Idk ijs
Arise & Shine
Arise & Shine Ай мурун
So sad that she had to go through all of that. I am glad though that she chose herself and did not settle. Wishing her love and light through her healing journey🌻
lashonda martin
lashonda martin Ай мурун
She definitely deserves better Glad she set boundaries But on a Good Note I feel she is going to put out some Good Music after this its been a while!!
Pamela Oliver
Pamela Oliver Ай мурун
I love her this is a powerful and strong woman of God She has a bright future am not worried. His loss. Happily divorced.
Amirah Noelle
Amirah Noelle Ай мурун
I’m happy for her for finally getting a divorce. Let’s say he didn’t cheat, he treated her sooo wrong during the show. One thing that stood out was when they went to therapy and he still could not see what he was doing. Getting mad and treating her poorly, not stepping up to the plate with being a dad. Him not opening up to her... these are serious signs and deep issues that no one should endure. I forgot what else from when I saw their therapy session but me seeing her cry. You felt how much she was hurting.
Rebecca Oliver
Rebecca Oliver Ай мурун
Good for her it's called Life happens everywhere
Noreen Perez
Noreen Perez Ай мурун
Good for her🤷🏻‍♀️
Vivi Manchester
Vivi Manchester Ай мурун
That man is mocking God! Boy Bye 👋🏾
Blessed One
Blessed One Ай мурун
Honestly I've always thought that he was very immature. He was a momma's boy that never really grew up and wanted to get his way all the time
Shaylaset Ай мурун
He’s always been trash 🤷🏾‍♀️ ...
Latrece Cooper
Latrece Cooper Ай мурун
The way TOMMICUS talked to her. And they were in counseling since the marriage begin due to constant arguments. I’m sorry but they should have postponed having children & he ain’t all that cute to be disrespecting her like that. I hope he gets no more fame & not one talks about him anymore so he can just GO AWAY! Off the topic BUT this is how Drew Sadora ( I’m sure I spelled it wrong) newly on RHOA marriage looks. Her husband just leaves the state & don’t tell her anything. He’d come back & I’d have a WHOLE NEW address!
The Gosset Fam
The Gosset Fam Ай мурун
Well happy for you 🥰
M S B Ай мурун
Letoya has actually been through too much. She's just had too many lows.
Sabrina Elliott
Sabrina Elliott Ай мурун
She's amazing and deserves better
LaShonda Rochell
LaShonda Rochell Ай мурун
Prayers for LeToya 🙏 I am so happy that she realized her WORTH
K FRAZIER Ай мурун
La Tonya Coulibaly Dit Fall
La Tonya Coulibaly Dit Fall Ай мурун
LaToya is a beautiful black woman, no doubt there is a strong black king out there waiting to give her the love and commitment she's looking for.
Sharon White
Sharon White Ай мурун
Once his mother die. He was done with life. Some men or women only stay married with their spouse because they know that their father or mother love their present spouse and they know that the present spouse is positive not negative.
Sabrina Doctor
Sabrina Doctor Ай мурун
bout TIME ❗️🥺🥺🥺
House Lizza
House Lizza Ай мурун
She definitely deserves better I never liked him anyway he’s to controlling I been there done that and I got outta that toxic marriage 3 years ago ladies a man shouldn’t disrespect you ever with that being said if u allow it he’s gonna continue that’s not love 💕 love is beautiful and it doesn’t suppose to hurt I’m glad latoya moved on she’s such a humble and beautiful spirited person this to shall Pass
Ct Bt
Ct Bt Ай мурун
If he decided and willing to work it out she should try to work it out. All this cheating is sneaky around need to stop but at the same time we can come together to try to work it out
Carmen Jones
Carmen Jones Ай мурун
God bless Letoya pray she gets through this with flying colors!
Angela Motivates
Angela Motivates Ай мурун
He also made sure to get that second baby out of her before this. She was hesitant to have a second child because she wanted to work on their marriage. I hope he isn’t trying to get spousal support. Jerk
Rose Avent
Rose Avent Ай мурун
The day I saw him on TV I knew he just was not the one, not just 4 her, 4 any 1.
wingiethewise Ай мурун
He's not even attractive im sorry nothing about him is remotely attractive...not even his name.
sexy black
sexy black Ай мурун
When some of these men see women heart in love and caring they try to rip it out but he will get what's coming to him
What kind of name is that. It fits him though.😂
Wishing Latoya Luckett the best. I love her.
Cookie Love
Cookie Love Ай мурун
So sad... When they were happy they looked like the fun & bubbly couple. Tommy I'm so disappointed in you 😔
p e n e t r a s e a n
p e n e t r a s e a n Ай мурун
He looks like a bootleg Safaree.
Tee Ай мурун
6:51 thanks because I almost went in on him for saying that about "some women"
Tee Ай мурун
Yeah he was trusting that God wouldn't let him get caught. I feel like the cheating was the straw that broke the camel's back. She was already tolerating that nasty personality of his as it was.
Tee Ай мурун
2:20 SPOT ON!
Tee Ай мурун
Wait, he cheated the same day as the baby shower? That's even more lowdown. That means he likely was already doing it and could've easily brought something back to LeToya.
Tee Ай мурун
I wouldn't call it shocking news. Look at how he treated her on the show. That alone was enough to not get pregnant by him a 2nd time thinking it would improve the marriage.
Ms. Duncan
Ms. Duncan Ай мурун
As expressed with Grace much respect.
V afool Love
V afool Love Ай мурун
I knew he wasn't SHXXT all the sign was there that he was cheating . I always felt he was still fucking with the ex wife or had somebody in TX I felt like he was trying to impregnate her fast to have a cushion to hold on too I kept telling my daughter he wasn't SHXXT. Now Latoya gonna have to be strong because he still gonna try to keep her in the mix an put his pain on her about his moma passing an all his mistakes. Once she divorce his ass she need to pray for her a Godly King a Real Man that love God and fear God that will love her and her children an not be afraid of Tommy cheating ass. I felt like he was gonna destroy her goodness now she gotta have to rebuild The new hurt her but you can do it Latoya God Bless
God’s Disciple
God’s Disciple Ай мурун
He treated her like shit on national tv I’m happy she finally realized her worth!!!
Bernadette Hill
Bernadette Hill Ай мурун
Party time Latoya! In the words of Steve Harvey the break up is the blessing!🥳🔥
Diamolyn Ай мурун
That man is trash! At least she got the babies! Letoya you will be just fine!
SacredMoonGoddess Ай мурун
Thank you! lailah it does go both ways!!!
Kim Settles
Kim Settles Ай мурун
How you gonna ask for privacy then announce it on social media? I've seen celebrities split up we didn't hear about it until years later. I wish her the best...
Alexx Jabri
Alexx Jabri Ай мурун
He was so mean to her on Family Friend Hustle or whatever it’s called and it was like for no reason and now this is why that cheating rumor must be true. That back and forth to Dallas shit was whack while she was pregnant. It’s fucked up
Ms. Von
Ms. Von Ай мурун
God bless her and her children.
jacqueline basnight
jacqueline basnight Ай мурун
Not surprised.
Anissha Blackwell
Anissha Blackwell Ай мурун
His lose. Girl, you tried, and with the help of God, you and your daughter will be fine. Black women and girls rock!
Andra Lopez
Andra Lopez Ай мурун
This sounds like Drew Sidora and her husband Ralph..so sad..
Tira Scales
Tira Scales Ай мурун
It was long over due he was so disrespectful to her she deserves better
Marva Law
Marva Law Ай мурун
This is not a surprise. Tommie is something else.
sunny marie
sunny marie Ай мурун
No one is perfect but I hope they land where ever their peace resides.
Nancy Fischer
Nancy Fischer Ай мурун
I pray she’s not pulling a Cardi B making an announcement then accepting him back. I pray that she’s really valuing her worth and moving forward, because the narcissistic behavior he showed on the show the divorce was bound to happen. Hope she sticks to it
Melody Threadgill
Melody Threadgill Ай мурун
I've been were you are and just know God will see you through this
Traffic Control
Traffic Control Ай мурун
Thank gawd.
Latoya Smith
Latoya Smith Ай мурун
Such a terrible thing to hear about this.. People have boundaries and you must protect yourself and heart
PüssCät 72
PüssCät 72 Ай мурун
I’m glad she let go of that....His mask fell off after his Mama passed away. So happy the little boy resembles his grandfather too. Yes co-parent lovingly but she definitely deserves a more wholesome character. She even let him be her manager 🤦🏾‍♀️ Now she can stop walking around on eggshells around his a$$👊🏾👉🏾💃🏽🙌🏾❤️🙏🏾
Natasha Foster
Natasha Foster Ай мурун
This is sad.
The Messy Youtuber
The Messy Youtuber Ай мурун
I believe this goes way deeper than just another woman...Tommicus was done! Think drummer with cats ..the curse strikes again. She lost him at mom..after his moms death he was done with her. She need to go down to Haiti just like Kanye and get them damn roots removed!
Autumn Rose
Autumn Rose Ай мурун
Men will cheat and embarrass a woman when she is the breadwinner. Men resent women that have more resources.. role reversal will never work. I'm sure he is happy it's over..this guy was tired of Latoya..His cheating is to build his ego and nurture his masculinity. Never marry down
Kim Gibbs
Kim Gibbs Ай мурун
I actually seen it coming. Observering this couple on the tv show. Hubby demeanor toward his wife was tensed. Hubby wanted to control Latoya's musical career as well. Being in a marriage or relationship with a jealous mate. Destroys great chemistry and communication in the lives of both people involve It just doesn't work. I wish both people well. LaToya girl you a bad Mama Jama surrounded by plenty of for real people who love you and your beautiful babies. Don't give up on true love. God knows your heart. In time your heart will heal. In the meantime. Continue to use all of your God given talents. In front of the camera, on stage acting and singing. Writing books etc.. Remain true to yourself according to you.
Queen Ladie
Queen Ladie Ай мурун
Can’t judge DO WHATS BEST FOR Y’all
jimmy Bland
jimmy Bland Ай мурун
Latoya need a man who is going to treat her right, respect her , do right by her , be faithful to her , be passionate to her , show her and give her effection and love her down to the bone and hold her in his arms and say baby I love and I cherish you and I will be with you until death do us cause I'm not going anywhere I belong to you Latoya and you belong to me and I'm a one woman man who will be with my wife to the very end I love you always and forever Latoya. See that's the kind of man she needs and I'm that kind of man myself that's how I know.
mrs wilson
mrs wilson Ай мурун
So happy for her. May God bless her with whom she deserves and whom deserves her💞💞🙏🏼🙏🏼💌‼️-Mrs.Wilson🌹🌹🌹
Chloe Riccardo
Chloe Riccardo Ай мурун
That is the hardest thing to do is admit to yourself your relationship is over. Let alone the public and social media. So its incredibly brave and courageous she put it out to the world like that. Its not easy because of the criticism and critiques you will receive. She is a strong ass woman so i know she will be bounce back and will move forward. God's got her.
Sookie Blackhouse
Sookie Blackhouse Ай мурун
I am so happy she now knows her worth. Now she can get a new man and her ex can find a man as well. He seriously hates women. I wish them both the best for the sake of their children.
Ven ven's World
Ven ven's World Ай мурун
He stay going on business trips 🙄
Tanya Davis
Tanya Davis Ай мурун
You held on as long as you could, but it takes too honey. Do you, be happy with those beautiful kids. Looks like that HIT song with you and Ludacris is coming to life, because He's gone regret the day that you left him. This is what happens when you Keep chasing them scalawags. Blessing my sister..
Awww ...I feel bad for her...she's been trying at her relationships and never gives up on love... This is her third divorce..her third marriage... 🙄
F.A.H. Ай мурун
I'm so glad she knows she deserves better, Tommy is a grown-boy that has a lot of growing to do.
Kane Cierra
Kane Cierra Ай мурун
He could’ve let her find a real man and have her babies! It’s so bad these days Men can’t be Men and want the Woman to be super Woman with the kids 😟
TheCw1941 Ай мурун
I hope there was a Prenuptial Agreement.
Beverly Boo
Beverly Boo Ай мурун
I figured he was a cheater! Him and that Ralf guy from Atlanta Housewives.
Denise Lane
Denise Lane Ай мурун
Damn didn't she just have a baby sad
Sunshne41 Ай мурун
I totally agree... she married down and he wanted to rule over everything as if he had it going on!!! Totally disrespectful and childish .... jealous of her career .. and was trying to take over that !!! I’m glad she is getting a divorce ... bye boy
Nik Ki
Nik Ki Ай мурун
He seemed abusive ..# public privacy this world all messed up if you want privacy go public😂
Dawn Williams
Dawn Williams Ай мурун
I always wondered if the song she had with the video Back to Life was somewhat of her showing her what she was going through
Tamara Jenkins
Tamara Jenkins Ай мурун
Thank God she finally came to her sense's. She can do so much better
October Janae
October Janae Ай мурун
Listen, I don’t like to judge ppl based on their zodiac sign but Tommy and Marc(Kenya husband) are both Leo’s and I’ve experienced the same mistreatment from one as well.. they can’t handle successful women.
Pam Kindle
Pam Kindle Ай мурун
He may have been in her life to just give her her children. Praying they can jointly parent peacefully 🙏🏾 God has more for Latoya!
Son Juice B0X
Son Juice B0X Ай мурун
She didn’t deserve this 🥲
Tamara Michelle
Tamara Michelle Ай мурун
Something is telling me she wanted to be more of a mom than a wife. I think her choice to motherhood was through being a wife because of her beliefs. This is probably why they married quickly. I also know they were celibate so that is another factor to marrying quickly which I respect. I’m not going to lie when I was watching her story’s of dating Tommy I’d thought she had a good one. It wasn’t until Family Hustle that you could tell something was off and going on with this man. It’s unfortunate that his mothers passing brought out the worst in him. It’s disrespectful to his mother that he would behave this way after trying to honor her publicly. 🤦🏾‍♀️ ... Now I see this man is a true narcissist. It’s like he refuses to take any accountability for his actions and wants to blame others or the devil! I don’t think people understand how scary this is! This behavior makes a man extremely destructive! I always wondered how his first marriage ended and now I am even more curious to see if this is repeated behavior. Praying Toya slows down seeks healing and wisdom to be the best mother she can be to those kids. ❤️
Mrs. Diva
Mrs. Diva Ай мурун
I knew that wouldn’t last he needs a sexy Sagittarius like myself wit his cute Leo ass 🤣🤣jk but yes do better latoya find someone that will love u as much as u love yourself your a sweet woman and deserve better 💯
brooklynforever1990 Ай мурун
Thank you Jesus 👏🏽✊🏽🙌🏽
Latasia Ivory
Latasia Ivory Ай мурун
This breaks my heart (not really) but I obsessed over their wedding video and how the family was involved. And how Toya took care of his daughter long before they were married. It’s a sad situation
LSM Ай мурун
Boundaries has always been a thing. Once you come unto adulthood you understand everyone doesn't deserve a place or space in your life.
Ronica Gagum
Ronica Gagum Ай мурун
I'm glad she's moving on because no one deserve that. I know people like that.
At least she got her beautiful babies
I think they got married too soon.. they found out they really didn’t like each other fr plus his mom died not that that’s an excuse but they were going thru a lot. But I just don’t think they were getting along at all
c b
c b Ай мурун
so sad..God bless and keep her during this difficult time
Stace Mo
Stace Mo Ай мурун
That mane was disrespectful as fuck on the at TI show! I know she had to have known he was cheating when he was just leaving going to Texas.
Godis4me1978 Ай мурун
And him in such a hurry 2 get her pregnant so quickly after 1st one...was his way of trapping her...
Godis4me1978 Ай мурун
Thank God!....He is a toxic textbook Narc....it triggered my ptsd ...
Chosen Natural Health Corner
Chosen Natural Health Corner Ай мурун
He deserves better
Probably overthinking situations
Probably overthinking situations Ай мурун
Never liked how he talked to her on T.I. And Tiny show