Kenya Moore Calls Out Porsha But HOOKS UP With Latoya Ali At RHOA Bachelorette Party (ALLEGEDLY)

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

Kenya Moore Calls Out Porsha But HOOKS UP With Latoya Ali At RHOA Bachelorette Party
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sandra barnesb
sandra barnesb 5 саат мурун
You have to watch out for Porsha she's a lier she did the same thing to Candy if you remember on one of the shows. Big Lier she's a freak in real life sorry
SuperAnnieq 3 күн мурун
Kenya could be gay. She's had a a fake relationship. Paid first guy to be he bf.I don't believe she and Marc as a couple either. Fake. Paid to act and father her baby.
Ms. Ros Powell
Ms. Ros Powell 12 күн мурун
Drew husband wld hv been mad as hell if Drew wld hv participated
Quinesha Tate
Quinesha Tate 18 күн мурун
So now kandi is referencing the the dungeon? Oh ok.
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore 28 күн мурун
She nasty that's why her husband don't want her
Melzie Levi
Melzie Levi Ай мурун
What class does Kenya have?
Melzie Levi
Melzie Levi Ай мурун
Kenya has had so many problems getting a real guy so I think that she’s turned to women. I’m not surprised! Also I feel that Marc probably hates her prideful but and is trying to hurt her. He should take his daughter because Kenya has a horrible attitude.
Brigetta Dunson
Brigetta Dunson Ай мурун
Kenya has a horrible attitude just like some of the other woman but she don't fake it.. Kenya just needs to find the right woman or man.. Hell maybe she is bisexual after dealing with Marc.. He is not a nice guy either....He played her period.. Gave her baby and rocked her world and then dumped her.. Well Kandi and Porsha both have been with women.. Oh well.
Donna Clay
Donna Clay Ай мурун
Like I said I love u and Scotty together. I'm going to reserve my opinion on rhoa until after the next episode. I don't think Kenya is faking bi, I just think shes attracted to Letoya ion think they're going to act on it at all. Porsha gets wild when she drinks, n Tanya prolly did get with her though.
Dangle Lover
Dangle Lover Ай мурун
Chile, the desperation is real
Pam Pam
Pam Pam Ай мурун
You look very pretty lailah. What's different. Is it that you are genuinely having fun, the hair or no lenses? You look real really pretty. Check your lenses maybe they don't agree with your features. Or your hair is different. I really like your appearance today.
S Davis
S Davis Ай мурун
Latoya is fake now. She is trying so hard.. Latoya is kissing up on Kenya to get relevant.. Latoya is being so fake. I have followed Latoya for years at her beginning U-Tube days. On this show she is trying too hard. Why she all on top of Kenya and have her as her screen saver and saying her body is goal. Silly Kenya is falling for it because she can't get no love or attention from her husband.. Soooo Crazy!! Latoya stop being so thirsty and stop being a mean girl because you are looking bad.. Adam is a good man.. She is living in fantasy land.. Adam is not happy with her and he said he is free... Latoya is being fake and being a mean girl.. Get rid of Latoya..
Renee Tevis
Renee Tevis Ай мурун
Looks like a one part reunion..😂😂😂
Renee Tevis
Renee Tevis Ай мурун
Kenya just trying to stay interesting lol..nobody cares
Ari Aye
Ari Aye Ай мурун
Yall forgot Kenya was in Trois? She is not née to the lifestyle lol
Monica Cooper
Monica Cooper Ай мурун
We all know Kenya just need a storyline
Karen Stalling
Karen Stalling Ай мурун
Kenya all was got something to say about porcha. She talked about her bening gay now she's gay she talked about her and cordell and she did the same thing porcha went through. If you ask me I think she's wants to be porsha. Just saying.
Donaval Barnes
Donaval Barnes Ай мурун
Porshia ain’t stun Kenya
Jackson Cline
Jackson Cline Ай мурун
Kenya is a narcissist and so is Latoya...Kenya is just in love with herself when she sees Latoya
No Name
No Name 28 күн мурун
Yall call everybody narcissistic, find a new word
valerie shuford
valerie shuford Ай мурун
I believe this is an distracting from her failed marriage. She don't want to talk about that, but this fake relationship will continue to keep her relevant.
In this World
In this World Ай мурун
Gay for pay
Mary Elaine
Mary Elaine Ай мурун
Why how many mens u no Kenya Moore had .Kenya alway shows Sexual Tendencies toward woman ok..
Carla Stokes
Carla Stokes Ай мурун
She was is need to get it from some where but .she is fake I got to do the right thing for Brook and you got a girlfriend. Sit down Kenya .
Kesha Parks
Kesha Parks Ай мурун
They just nasty
Shuandrekia Butler
Shuandrekia Butler Ай мурун
I think we have to give RHOA one more chance! It’s my fave franchise but it was filmed during one of the most devastating years we have seen. If you are true fan you would give these ladies a little grace. Why are we cancelling them after one season🧐
Alberta Williams
Alberta Williams Ай мурун
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
I agree with him exactly. Dnt use it in that manner. If it is not real.
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Why? The hell Marlo dnt hv a peach yet. Im mad. Yesssssss she deserves one.
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Latoya seems unreal.... Drew Is so genuine. And did not want parts.
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Where is Tanya???? Like frfr.....
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
I love my you tube bloggers but never followed Latoya never will after seeing her on Atl hswives.
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Happy New Years To both of you. Great video
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Yal hit it on the head. She is covering up her pain frustrations. Maybe Marc wanted out. Of RHOa And He refused to record. For tv anymore.
Trinity Gillings
Trinity Gillings Ай мурун
Kenya is really looking real bad on tv. Thirsty desperate etc. She need to get divorced first before she do all this. Wow.
syllocs Ай мурун
Bring in all new cast members
Angelique Hunter
Angelique Hunter Ай мурун
Chile you’re so obsessed with Kenya it’s sad 🤣She must took your peach Laila lol
Ceddy B
Ceddy B Ай мурун
So what you two are saying is, y'all just wanna see a lot of mess and backstabbing.
Craigslist Replies
Craigslist Replies Ай мурун
Glad you mentioned that Fallon's husband is a dirty old man that likes to watch women play around in their bikinis, but what do you expect from a man that would marry a woman almost 20 years younger than him.
Beverly Boo
Beverly Boo Ай мурун
Bring Nene back and I'll get excited. lol
O Riskii
O Riskii Ай мурун
Call me crazy but I’ve always thought Kenya was fighting her sexuality. She’s not just jealous of Porsha- she’s attracted to her. That’s the issue
Nono Hunter
Nono Hunter 12 күн мурун
No Name
No Name 28 күн мурун
No she’s not. Yall would make anything up
janice starks
janice starks Ай мурун
Kenya just need a story line
Itz All Rosey
Itz All Rosey Ай мурун
@lailah Lynn you’re such an inspiration! Love your channel 4 years strong!
Nicola M
Nicola M Ай мурун
I think Kandy should leave now, Cynthia too....because I actually like them and think they have outgrown this platform.
Pauline Beckford
Pauline Beckford Ай мурун
This show is done for they need new people fire,fire,fire,MARLO, KENYA KANDI, CYNTHIA GET YOUNGER PEOPLE PLEASE
Scarlett Ashton
Scarlett Ashton Ай мурун
Kenya has been making comments throughout the seasons about hints towards women. I do think she'd swing that way depending on the circumstance..
Destiny StarKhan
Destiny StarKhan Ай мурун
Kenya dont like women. That is shameful. Really.
Sherrie Ginger
Sherrie Ginger Ай мурун
Latoya is the same ... you need to see her old video on her vlog channel
Deborah W. Dyson
Deborah W. Dyson Ай мурун
Kenya is to classy to be in a lesbian tryst. Give me a break, Joan Crawford, Marlena Dietch just for starters swung both ways and were way more classy then Kenya No More.. Trust if I had never, you could not play with me about that situation period, point blank, meaning i don't even wanna play that for a story line.
Imani FM
Imani FM Ай мурун
I hope it's not fake. That will just continue to make it harder for bi people to be taken seriously.
Julie Ай мурун
Chile! That's a lie kenya and Latoya did not hook up! RELIABLE sources say it was Porsha and Tanya
Jeanice Lewis
Jeanice Lewis Ай мурун
Kenya TOXIC!! Is she the person who didnt DONATE to Kandi's drive???
Barbara Den
Barbara Den Ай мурун
Thella Simpson
Thella Simpson Ай мурун
Kenya is so jealous of Cynthia and Porsha turn the lights on and you can see right through her!
WOVDI-Rubies, Diamonds & Pearls
WOVDI-Rubies, Diamonds & Pearls Ай мурун
What will be THEIR legacy after this show! Guessing, I'm in my feelings watching live stream of MLK day services. It's a shame that these shoes does absolutely nothing to advance the African American community, specifically our BLACK sisters! Yikes!
Beverly Booker
Beverly Booker Ай мурун
I knew kenya wanted latoya from jump, its was obvious she was smitten with toya!
Cecelia Mcknight
Cecelia Mcknight Ай мурун
Hey pretty Lady, never seen you before!
Sweetie Pie
Sweetie Pie Ай мурун
Kenya if your gonna pretend you NeNe don't be throwing dirt if your just as dirty
THE VOICE Ай мурун
All these so called reality shows are trash! I stopped watchinf all of them! Ladies please DO NOT WATCH BASKETBALL WIVES that show is the worse!
Markeba Thomas
Markeba Thomas Ай мурун
I really like Tanya I would rather Tanya has stayed in Kenya left. Tanya was fun even just the things that she would say. She had a really good energy. I think she could handle the show... But the level of ignorance that kicked me put down concerning the trip I think she decided she was going to preserve her relationship with Paul
Markeba Thomas
Markeba Thomas Ай мурун
The thirst is real
Markeba Thomas
Markeba Thomas Ай мурун
Years ago I was watching the show with the guy friend of mine this is what he said. Marlow Nene and Kenya go both ways. Nene whole problem with Marlo was that she was over there messing with Kenya. Now it was his first time watching the show he's an older gentleman and a stew and that was his observation
Mindy T
Mindy T Күн мурун
Markeba Thomas
Markeba Thomas Ай мурун
I don't know how you have a problem with Drew when she's giving us more than Kenya has given us in her personal life in all the season she's been on. yes she does remind us all a little bit of Kim because she does have some morals and she saved that's what people want to dance around. If she was upstairs during the party that was okay as long as she interacts with them at other times. She is married after all. I think the housewife show should be open to all kinds of women a diverse group and you can have a group where one of the women has high morals and is fighting for a marriage. I doubt that she was upstairs I'm sure she was downstairs for a little while. Show her some Grace. I like Drew for the show it needed some balance.
Markeba Thomas
Markeba Thomas Ай мурун
Latoya and Kenya are both thirsty and I don't enjoy them. Kenya has no choice but to try to start mess with her castmates because she has no other storyline. I was really glad last week when Porsha did not take her bait at the party. She never has her storyline has always been trying to start something with another castmate. The very thing that she accused Nene of is what she does. Without arguing or putting another woman down i.e Drew for example someone she has nothing going on. She doesn't even have steady friends outside of the show that she can show other than Brandon.
lashunna martin
lashunna martin Ай мурун
Her husband was giving me Hugh Hefner tease watching them in the pool
Miss Vee
Miss Vee Ай мурун
This is all about the ratings...forget NENE... #TEAMTWIRL all day...
Miss Vee
Miss Vee Ай мурун
Lailah...u have flipped your hair about 55 times in this video...LOL...WOW...girrrrrl...
lashunna martin
lashunna martin Ай мурун
LaToya is doing too much but the show needs it right now
lashunna martin
lashunna martin Ай мурун
I think people are taking it too seriously with Kenya & LaToya . LaToya was just having fun and being silly.
lashunna martin
lashunna martin Ай мурун
Drew better have been upstairs you guys must have not paid attention to how extra her husband is!!!
Shaunelle Mckenzie
Shaunelle Mckenzie Ай мурун
How come we didnt hear about this when talk broke about porsha and the stripper ...puh...leaseeee anything for a storyline.. yall should have never pushed nene out
Tiffany Ali
Tiffany Ali Ай мурун
It's like the producers on this show is being real lazy!
AB Coney
AB Coney Ай мурун
Wait WAAAIT!! WHERE'S THE "Lailah" theme song?? LoL U know what , I'll just do it myself ~ Lailah Lailah Lailah! Tells it Aaaaall!! LAAAAAAAILAAAAAAH! 🎶🎶🎊💞😍
Crowned Uniquely
Crowned Uniquely Ай мурун
You give some good “tea” and I always enjoy. One thing is that you repeat yourself a LOT. Semi annoying but I guess it could be good for those who have hearing issues or may have missed something 🤷🏾‍♀️.
diane jeffries
diane jeffries Ай мурун
At this point I enjoy RHOP more than RHOA I think Kenya may have a girl crush & flirting with LaToya but that's all she's just desperate for a story line I really commend Porsha for her participation in the BLM movement Drew really adds nothing to the show but I hope she gets better If the best story line this season is the Striper incident then maybe RHOA should shut it down I'm looking forward to Cynthia's wedding Marlo deserves a peach
Monica Fox
Monica Fox Ай мурун
That girl hasn't hooked up with Toya. She's using it for a storyline.
Patricia Cason
Patricia Cason Ай мурун
They may have enough in common to be more sensible than they are: but Kenya is so desoerate to be relavant on the show; she will do anything‼ So SAD; & IT HAS MADE A CROWD DROP IN VIEWING‼
Aarush Kumar
Aarush Kumar Ай мурун
Crystal The High Priestess
Crystal The High Priestess Ай мурун
The ONLY thing that can save them is if they bring everyone back honey😔
Crystal The High Priestess
Crystal The High Priestess Ай мурун
I’ve been sitting here watching all the old seasons of RHOA and been enjoying then as if I’ve never seen them before 😂 cause baby this new season is 🗑.
Tequisa Page
Tequisa Page Ай мурун
Same 😩 I’ve even started watching Potomac
Lady Kay
Lady Kay Ай мурун
Yeah, it’s ScottieByNatureTV! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Andria Elizabeth
Andria Elizabeth Ай мурун
Lailah you look so cute looking close to camera so you can see the comments. ❤
TRiLLeST KiNG Kai'Ci Ай мурун
I think Kenya has always been down to be scissor sisters, but no one has ever bit. I also think that’s truly what her issue with Porsha is that Porsha ain’t into her, so she’s been in mad day ever since. &&& the ONLY reason season 9 was entertaining without NeNe is because of Carlos King. Soooo BLOOP! 😑
The Wanjiru
The Wanjiru Ай мурун
Chile RHOA season 13 is a sinking ship. No one has a real storyline. The ratings are down the toilet. The show is dry as f. This is truly the demise of this particular franchise. I’m glad NeNe got out when she did.
Vo Stephenson
Vo Stephenson Ай мурун
@Cocoa Chanel exactly
The Wanjiru
The Wanjiru Ай мурун
@Cocoa Chanel Exactly. She was the show.
Cocoa Chanel
Cocoa Chanel Ай мурун
Nene was the storyline
Bebellz Fortuné
Bebellz Fortuné Ай мурун
Season 9 was the best seasonnn! Bring me back plz🙏🏾😪
theresa jackson
theresa jackson Ай мурун
There seems to be an effort to get Kenya fired and the show is going to tank if she goes. The host is definitely not a Kenya fan.
Danielle McDonald
Danielle McDonald Ай мурун
Her n toya give me fem friends vibes
Jay407 Ай мурун
Lailah you have to get anti-reflective coating!!!! I get it on all of my frames. Game changing!
Lizzy B
Lizzy B Ай мурун
Yea no I been stop watching this show these black ladies are ALL simply to old for this mess...kinda pathetic at this point.
Pamela Carpenter
Pamela Carpenter Ай мурун
Drew is barely on the show
Queen Lady
Queen Lady Ай мурун
Kenya has mommy issues and so I am not surprised that she would be into women as well.
Nodoubt88 Ай мурун
You mean what Kenya husband is going thru dealing with an emotionally broken wife with a toddler in the middle.
No Name
No Name 28 күн мурун
He’s the one who’s unstable, he’s never even looked after the little girl but ur out here caping/simping for this man like a pick me chick. Kenya is a good mom.
Jan Anthony
Jan Anthony Ай мурун
I still love the show wouldn't want any of them to leave and i do wish that nene was still there....
Sham Wright
Sham Wright Ай мурун
Im just trying to understand wats so exciting about girl on girl action .m.PERIOD!!!
q45lady Ай мурун
Kenya is playing with Latoya for a storyline she don't want Marc Daly to be mentioned. I don't believe Kenya is bi, but I don't like how she's presenting herself. She and Latoya agreed to play up this story line so that Kenya can keep her peach and Latoya can get a peach.
No Name
No Name 28 күн мурун
@Mary Elaine she’s never been into Cynthia, she complimented her when she dressed like 50 cent on Halloween
Mary Elaine
Mary Elaine Ай мурун
Kenya Moore been in the closet since she aired RHOA she always had sexual Tendencies toward woman on the show See how obsessed she is with CYNTHIA. Kandi been there with Kenya already.
Sham Wright
Sham Wright Ай мурун
Aint a dame thing happened there just trying to get everybody to watch
Ms Smooth
Ms Smooth Ай мурун
Just is Dry as the Sahara Desert. They need new storyline and new ladies
Tequisa Page
Tequisa Page Ай мурун
Just Me Neisha C
Just Me Neisha C Ай мурун
Lawd, now Kenya is bisexual 🙄.”The thirst is real.” In my Nene voice.
dezinechic Ай мурун
LMAO this is THE VERY SAME thing i said. im like so kenny is supposed to be bisexual now? remember that time at that halloween party she was talking about how "hawt" and "fiooone" (forgetting she had a "husband") 50 cynt was? acting like her dumbazz didnt know it was cynthia*eye roll*.
Audrey Cherry
Audrey Cherry Ай мурун
Mary Elaine
Mary Elaine Ай мурун
When the lie first was Leak by Kenya Moore I stated that it was Kenya who hook up with one of the ladies to throw the accusation off her. See who an y Kenya the only one to here noises unless she had something to do with it ok Kenya Moore been n the closet for yr see who her bestie is Brandon..she wanted to bring Brandon to the show this season as her friends of the show. But Bravo dismissed him..
Cheekbones Galore
Cheekbones Galore Ай мурун
@New ToThis Agreed it's b.s.
NoName Ай мурун
@New ToThis idk about all a sudden. She wanted a kid, now she has it she can be free. Happens all the time
Focus DivineLee
Focus DivineLee Ай мурун
Lmaoo. Wth Scotty. I just jumped off one of your videos. Yesssss!!!
Ebony Mckinney
Ebony Mckinney Ай мурун
Why do I see drew sidora hubby being like letoya luckett husband
Tarsha greene
Tarsha greene Ай мурун
I am agree. He does Remind me of Latoya husband.
mia8009 Ай мурун
I soooo see this!! They are veryyy similar
Tra Trazy
Tra Trazy Ай мурун
I've been saying this since the beginning. Their storyline is soooooooo Latoya and Tommy-ISH. I don't believe it. It seems fake but that's just me 🤷🏾
Donna Sissoko
Donna Sissoko Ай мурун
The Thristy is Real! Nothing about Season 13 has captured the Old Guard Viewers of RHOA! Season 14 needs a Reset!
LadyJ Jackson
LadyJ Jackson Ай мурун
Definitely got to have Scottie back on. I know he's gay but he's too cute! Lol
Lady C
Lady C Ай мурун
I believe it’s all for ratings because so many on social media were saying they wouldn’t watch without Nene. The sounds coming from the room sounded so fake.