Jeannie Mai Stirs Controversy By Claiming "Racism Is NOT A Hierarchy"

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

Jeannie Mai has stirred controversy by comparing the violence against "Black bodies" to the recent surge in violence against Asians.
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April Moate
April Moate 5 күн мурун
He is a very intelligent woman and I understand what she's saying too like we're all in the same boat but she should have made it clear that
April Moate
April Moate 5 күн мурун
Right has she has said that it's not right and she is considered what white supremacists would not like him doing a war or whoever then we stand together but that's an insult to the black
April Moate
April Moate 5 күн мурун
Is she getting ready to get married to a black man what is his say about her sending that message out tell her to go back to the war and what happened and how she got her people were in the camp and then they got the money after the camp listen it was a reason for that they can ever fit in our shoes they were just as prejudice against us too you know I'm just surprised that what did her black lover say I don't know if they married yet but what do he say about that or do you know anything about his love you later
April Moate
April Moate 5 күн мурун
Yeah but do she understand the word it was of course if people were ahead but she can't compare us with not being hierarchy because we are that's some b******* I'll never watch that
LoyaltyAin'tOptional LAO
LoyaltyAin'tOptional LAO 6 күн мурун
"She means well..." 🤔 Yeah, ok. If she knows that "A $!@n $ by and large align themselves with WP", then, how does she NOT know of the ALL the problematic things she says/has said and their meanings? These two things don't match.
Jazann Simmons
Jazann Simmons 11 күн мурун
Did she know is mostly black Americans who insulted asians
Drill Head
Drill Head 16 күн мурун
Btw Jeannie a girl can choke on any color of meat...just sayin.
Rach I
Rach I 22 күн мурун
I don’t want to hear anything from this trash person that called Black men “side meat”. Her thoughts aren’t valid or based on anything but her feelings. She’s a fool. And she’s not as smart as she THINKS
Naturally Dope
Naturally Dope 24 күн мурун
I just love your channel you be dropping some pure knowledge
Luciana Barbic
Luciana Barbic 26 күн мурун
You blacks find anyway to complain but nobody else can
Michelle Smith
Michelle Smith 27 күн мурун
She been told wrong- somebody tech her, yes tech her.
dontfuckinbotherbitch 28 күн мурун
I Dont get it why everybody keep using black as they come up and talking about we also they downfall. Dam be real blame who it really is
Leoné Blackrose
Leoné Blackrose 29 күн мурун
Why address Black people when you can just address the people you are actually trying to fit in with Jeannie? It’s the Whites!
Divine Native Gamer
Divine Native Gamer 29 күн мурун
I looked up the word Chink. And they match it with the definition.
Namo Nat
Namo Nat Ай мурун
I suffer same in my school
Catherine Fox
Catherine Fox Ай мурун
How could Lonnie and the other black lady be so quite and not defend their race when this helfa said " Asians are going to need the police to monitor black people more,"they didn't condemn her - they just sat their looking Stupid! Amanda Seales would have ate her up!
Catherine Fox
Catherine Fox Ай мурун
Jenny Mai need to be Fired from The False - The Real!
MyBeauty Sistarella
MyBeauty Sistarella Ай мурун
This is why I deal with Jezzy and His woman of no color..
Goddess Free Spirit
Goddess Free Spirit Ай мурун
What about the beautiful black girl, Latasha Harlins, who was gunned down by that Asian woman in California back in the day? Time served?!
pandoraheartsvd Ай мурун
She needs to stop mentioning black people.
Rachel Love
Rachel Love Ай мурун
Jeannie is a puppet playing a role for the Asian Community and to get paid. All these contestants on that fake show "the real" are puppets, i'm not surprised the tamara quit. Some people just cannot deal with the ongoing propaganda.
Lala Surge
Lala Surge Ай мурун
Jeannie Mai thinks she’s more woke than she really is, although she means well.
Ms. Dani
Ms. Dani Ай мурун
I'm so sick of this wainch!
BlaxxButterCup Chan
BlaxxButterCup Chan Ай мурун
Theres so much wrong with her statements. JEANIE MAI DOES JOES NOT MEAN WELL. She continues to pander and mimick black woman while constantly throwing jabs at black ppl. She continues to compete with us and it needs to stop.
BlaxxButterCup Chan
BlaxxButterCup Chan Ай мурун
I'm waiting for all the dusties to defend this one since these the same dudes claiming that bw need to be like Jeanie🤣.
Divine 85 Erin
Divine 85 Erin Ай мурун
She’ll leave him and marry a WM, there is much colorism in the black community
Siberian Prince
Siberian Prince Ай мурун
If you have an issue with the tensions between blacks and asians address it directly, don't beat around the bush...
samahj Ай мурун
She is with a Black men who supports her nonsense. Also, she needs to educate herself more.
samahj Ай мурун
Jeannie Mai should stop talking. Also Black people need to take out beauty supplies sites and other business that Asians have taken over.
She’s come a long way from her “dark meat on the side” days 😭 but yah I agree, there is some more unlearning that needs to happen there. With a lot of us in general..
Nuggets Nicole
Nuggets Nicole Ай мурун
Jeannie so tone death, I just cannot with her honey.
Shay Shay Fortune
Shay Shay Fortune Ай мурун
When u have a black man and u think u blasian😭
Gloria Peterson
Gloria Peterson Ай мурун
The Chinese doesn’t like black peoples at all, but they sure do like our money.We need to stop shopping at these peoples stores and support black business....period
Bonita Weekes
Bonita Weekes Ай мурун
So why go to the Asians and then complain? Most of them come to America with nothing, do meanial labour, save their money to open businesses but what does the black people do. They spend money on expensive sneakers, electronics, hair, nails, eyelashes, pay rent all their lives and constantly talk about slavery. Who tell black women not to also own businesses?
Goodnight Robichaux
Goodnight Robichaux Ай мурун
Build a wall around our cook outs. 🔴 bringing everybody!!!!
Mathew Phillips
Mathew Phillips Ай мурун
I think I know what she meant though, like discrimination is discrimination and no one gets better discrimination than the next group.
Oopsy Daisy
Oopsy Daisy Ай мурун
every group accept White people though.
youknowwhatflav Ай мурун
Jeannie annoys me shes such an idiot
Pink Pearls
Pink Pearls Ай мурун
She should stop speaking about things she is not educated about, periodt. She does too much. She needs to stay in her lane and educate herself.
n lackey
n lackey Ай мурун
I'm so completely tired of this chick, sometimes it's better to just be quiet it would serve her better, and jezzy needs to sit down also and stop bringing attention to ignorance
TamiB_ Ай мурун
Yea i get what she was trying to say but naaahh....
Henri Nevermind
Henri Nevermind Ай мурун
@2:26 🤔So we did 👀see🧐 a PUBLIC👥 lynching over the summer?...WTF?...when where the f..k? PUBLIC? ..NOT PUBLISHED *(SUICIDES) an calling it a 📸PUBLIC LYNCHING📹 by 👥white SUPREMACISTS🤔
Naturally D
Naturally D Ай мурун
Not our fight.
Robin Neither
Robin Neither Ай мурун
She need to read Caste by Isabel Wilkerson to understand what a Caste really is!
bigscrappy1 Ай мурун
When she said it has no hierarchy I think you misunderstood what she meant I think she was referring to a direct leader like the nazis had
Queen Lady
Queen Lady Ай мурун
Asians are fighting Harvard so that Black Americans don't get the minority scholarship it's on Yvette Carnell or Tonetalks video Chinese specifically.
Lou lu
Lou lu Ай мурун
She needs to stop clout chasing
Sharon Stone
Sharon Stone Ай мурун
Aww. Her aunt had her car spray painted, if only Tamir Rice and Eric Garner had been so lucky. She should’ve just sat there and ate her Lo Mein!
D Ай мурун
Im so tired of hearing her speak. She is annoying and constantly comes with "all lives matters" discussion. Another non-blk person that can let nobdy else take the spotlight off them. I haven't cared for her for a long time & she keeps giving all the reasons y🙄😒🤨
Mrs. Angela Pope
Mrs. Angela Pope Ай мурун
Great commentary well explained
life love
life love Ай мурун
Yet BM swears these the women that understand their struggles better than bw do smh
Bobby Hill
Bobby Hill Ай мурун
I wish Jeannie would leave black people alone, why she keep bringing us up?
Tyneil McNally
Tyneil McNally Ай мурун
In you video at 3:44mins is facts,facts ,facts. In 2019 Sept I was in NYC as I live half in NYC, USA and in Toronto Canada and I was getting my nails and feet done at high end area in NYC close to were .I was staying and the workers once she was done with my nails it was not dry as yet she was rushing me to pay them and made be tip her . Mind you there was two other white women in the nail shop getting there nails and feet done and they saw every thing. What happen to me and one of the white women looked at me and wanted to say some thing to the worker that just did my nails and feed .But because she was not done with her nails did not say any thing. I look at her too I was so upset, and it looked so bad as this was .On Friday in the morning time no one was in the nail shop outside of the workers and 2 paying clients and I made 3 women in there but I was the only black women . I made a choice from that day on I will never pay and one to do my nails and feet any more . As I learn how all that stuff at my high school back in the day , and with youtube I can buy all the pro stuff I need and do it myself like I been doing.
Lorna. B Haslam
Lorna. B Haslam Ай мурун
Laila I think you are too controversial to be having this program you stirred the pot too much
J.E.M. Ezekiel
J.E.M. Ezekiel Ай мурун
This little girl jeanie, needs to STFU about anything related to Black People. Just because she is dating a Black Man doesn't make her an expert on Black Peoples Issues....ASE'OOO
Andra Lopez
Andra Lopez Ай мурун
Jeannie..Mai you have several seats..IMMEDIATELY!!!
Bella Cost
Bella Cost Ай мурун
Asians TEND to be very prejudiced and bigoted towards blacks! They don't own beauty stores geared towards black women because they like us sooo much! They do it because it's LUCRATIVE!
Kharyne Pierre
Kharyne Pierre Ай мурун
We are not poc... we are Black!
Nadia Robinson
Nadia Robinson Ай мурун
Are you gonna do a live stream about RHOA tonight?????!!!! 😀😀
Pecan Brown
Pecan Brown Ай мурун
People still watch them? Stop watching yeaaars ago
my view
my view Ай мурун
Jeanie and Jeezy need to be educated.
Rose Matthews
Rose Matthews Ай мурун
She need to go she next 🙄 dating a black man don't let it go to your bead
CATHY B Ай мурун
What are the requirements to be cancelled? Jeannie Mai should have BEEN gone.
Nana Ай мурун
👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾👂🏾 Double Deep Lailah!!! You took me to a higher level. We can dis you but please don't diss us back. Two wrongs don't make a right but it levels the playing field. We Black people have open arms for all and when they rise out of the disenfranchised they Diss us!!!
Tiara Edwards
Tiara Edwards Ай мурун
What is black bodies? Girrrl... black lives. Just sit down and eat your food.
CVL Management Solutions LLC
CVL Management Solutions LLC Ай мурун
jeannie is not a critical thinker... her thinking is one track and she is trying hard to identify with the black community now that shes marrying a black man...
Ama Deon
Ama Deon Ай мурун
She’s so damn problematic like I wish she just hush, and take her black side meat and they go to looney tune land!! I’m so sick o her
Cynthia Ford
Cynthia Ford Ай мурун
Tell Jeannie mai to keep black folks name out of her mouth. She can stand with other Asians and fight their own battles. Don't dilute our struggles with other races, late in the struggle. Just because she's banging a black man doesn't give her a pass to use us as shields to benefit the Asian community.
Laura Williams
Laura Williams Ай мурун
Its not point for black women to call her out because black men (including her black bf) are still going to defend her.
Mia Fae
Mia Fae Ай мурун
This is what happens when black people invite EVERYBODY to the cook out. They get too comfortable.
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown Ай мурун
What about the Asian beating on black peoples in their country?
saana Majuir
saana Majuir Ай мурун
This non white woman knows nothing about black culture other then what she has seen. Stop trying to be black because you date a black man!!
Donna King
Donna King Ай мурун
Jeannie Mai should keep her mouth shout . She feel like she know about black people since she is dating Jeezy. Jeannie is with Jeezy because of all the things he do for her that Freddie did not do. I use to like Jeannie Mai until she made this comment. Just because you date a person of a different ethnicity does not mean they care for their family. Black men wake up and start paying attention to who you date.
Ashley Baby
Ashley Baby Ай мурун
She really felt like this was a good idea? Smh
Yahushua's Chosen
Yahushua's Chosen Ай мурун
I absolutely "LOVE " How the Most High Yah, uses people like her and other nations that do this in effort to keep black people "Woke " all praises to the Most High!
Jessica Eldridge
Jessica Eldridge Ай мурун
I've never cared for her. There's just something about her...
Yahushua's Chosen
Yahushua's Chosen Ай мурун
Yep! Once again another nation "Cloaking " themselves in BLACKNESS, in effort to compare our struggle, among other avenues in effort to keep themselves on top. There is absolutely no comparison! I am so tired of seeing this woman. Please stay in your lane, stop talking, and go somewhere and sit down.
shonice howard
shonice howard Ай мурун
This is all Jeezy fault.
Helga Gemin
Helga Gemin Ай мурун
She thinks she knows everything.never liked her
jada smif
jada smif Ай мурун
What is this, the oppression olympics? Who gives a fuck
Kennise Spivey- Jones
Kennise Spivey- Jones Ай мурун
Regina Brunt
Regina Brunt Ай мурун
Why do we listen to this woman which is uneducated about race but includes herself in anything that has to do with black. We need to stop giving people of color a pass. She knows she in a better position then American black.
salma al-shaoily
salma al-shaoily Ай мурун
Jeannie mai, the thought process then posting on social media is so wrong....
Kieshell Joseph
Kieshell Joseph Ай мурун
This is where other minority group lost me and could not identify in the same ways with African American.For this reason African Americans needs to stop linking up with these people .We need to stop allowing them to use us in this way.
T.M Ай мурун
Wait so did she speak up when Asians were going around beating Black women up who frequented their Beauty supply stores and nail one said a word... I'll keep that same energy
Atomaticbill T
Atomaticbill T Ай мурун
Jeezy is just as ignorent agreeing with her post, this is why Black women need to stop takeing up for them, it's black men are encouraging this behaviour among their non black partners, let them fix this issue, now if the a black woman for clout like Brianna Taylor, then black women should call non black people out on their ignorance.
Charlie Johnson
Charlie Johnson Ай мурун
Here's a question to ALL the Black Women who seemed to be pissed off- Does this mean that y'all gonna stop dying your hair blonde, perming your hair ( to look like Jeannie)? Going to the ' Asian' nail shops? Just to name a few
Akira Kamisaru
Akira Kamisaru Ай мурун
Jeezy You Went And Got With This Female.
AntoinetteTherese Ай мурун
Im really not for cancel culture but Jenni should be canceled please
Dawn Woody-Poitra
Dawn Woody-Poitra Ай мурун
It comes a time when we have to call a spade a spade! Most Asians are successful in the US because of BP, and this is why they TARGET our communities with their chinese food, 7 elevens, black beauty supply stores, gas stations, nail salons, & 99 cent stores amongst other things. They want our financial support YET they can not see us as the one main thing we are HUMANS! They can not see US ans because they can't see us as Humans, they will never be able to see us as people who just want to be appreciated and credited with all we have been through and overcome. And this is why I buy black, promote positive blackness, and mind my black business. And any other who crosses my path needs to love my people they way I love them.
Charlene McKinney
Charlene McKinney Ай мурун
So Damn TIRED of these Non ADOS/FBA Folks P.I.MPing off the Righteous Struggle of ADOS/FBA Community. 🙄Laawd, I Wish they would Hold their DAMN NUTS😑. Oh and Jeezy Fruck You too.🤬 On a Lighter note Love 🥰Lailah.
meli meli
meli meli Ай мурун
Slow couple ,she need to stay in her lane
Jennifer Taylor
Jennifer Taylor Ай мурун
I can’t believe this is Jeezy’s chic. Jeezy please educate your chic. If it weren’t for black Americans these Chinese people wouldn’t have a nail salon or beauty supply store. Let that marinate.
Anon Mon
Anon Mon Ай мурун
I think people try to involve us in their struggles, because they want us to cape for them. It's a dog whistle.
Momma WanaJAMS
Momma WanaJAMS Ай мурун
Stop trying to gaslight black people, we have our own battles.
Mrs. Gentle
Mrs. Gentle Ай мурун
I’m sick of her!
DARK UITE Ай мурун
Cancel her!!!!
Brenda Jae
Brenda Jae Ай мурун
Hierarchy: system or organization in which people or groups are ranked one above the other according to status or authority. Make it make sense Jennie Mai! 🤦🏽‍♀️
MissPolitico Ай мурун
Coming from the chick who said she would only have a Black Man as a side piece. I'm not surprised
Starr Debbie Venus
Starr Debbie Venus Ай мурун
People blame Trump for everything. He has nothing to do with it. Yet, people look over the fact Biden is on video calling black children roaches..
YourCousinWhoOils Ай мурун
I don’t believe she understands the meaning of the term “hierarchy.”
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