ICYMI: Marc Daly Announces He's DIVORCING Kenya Moore On Her BIRTHDAY Weekend! #RHOA

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

Marc Daly announced that he is officially ending his marriage to Kenya Moore and the two will be getting a divorce.
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Rose Williams
Rose Williams 15 саат мурун
I think he is gay he have women ways.
YF Scott
YF Scott Күн мурун
Naaah that baby is now called Brooklyn Moore, forget this man. The relationship was doomed the minute they got married. Don’t even get me started on Porsha, we been knowing that her standards are low. Do you remember her “marriage” with Cordell? Chilleeee...a whole mess
QueenB Thatsme
QueenB Thatsme Күн мурун
On her birthday? Wwwoooowww... that's a cold lick. Straight bitchassness
Dauseana Doingme
Dauseana Doingme Күн мурун
I dont see how Kenya didn't see that she was dealing with a severe narcissistic asshole. I don't care what anyone says he's gay and used her as a beard while she was talking about Porsha. He treated Kenya like dirt and went out his way constantly to hurt her
Crooklon 2 күн мурун
He’s so jealous of her
tiffeny peace
tiffeny peace 2 күн мурун
I think having children just for a storyline is ridiculous
Cyntia Love
Cyntia Love 3 күн мурун
Wow that gotta hurt but he was not in love with her he care for her but all she wanted was a baby and that is what she got but I hope he continues to show love to his daughter 😌
Jahmin Maximin Soleyn
Jahmin Maximin Soleyn 3 күн мурун
Why a man having a job owning a house etc is low standards you american women are so lost and over look really gd men.
Sufunda Samuels
Sufunda Samuels 3 күн мурун
Hell, he didn't mean to marry her thirsty, messy ass anyway....he really don't like her.
Kim Win
Kim Win 3 күн мурун
Good for Marc don't let her fack butt use you for a story line on a show that need to be Canceled!!!! You get back what you put out!!
Latanya Jackson
Latanya Jackson 3 күн мурун
I guess he done using her all up now
Tumoria Dennie
Tumoria Dennie 4 күн мурун
Zachary Boyd
Zachary Boyd 4 күн мурун
He was never in to her
Zachary Boyd
Zachary Boyd 4 күн мурун
She has a wedding gown on and he's in causal clothes very Mitch match
angel miller
angel miller 5 күн мурун
He is very sus to me🤷🏽‍♀️
KAYKOR MOI 5 күн мурун
His intentions weren't sincere from the jump. She did try. What more can you do?! That was wrong.
Keesh Mason
Keesh Mason 5 күн мурун
Why is he so extra? Gosh he bothers me. Ugh
Lynn Young
Lynn Young 5 күн мурун
It was temporarily anyway he Never showed any Natural Love her they just made a baby together he treated her some kinda Suspicious 🚩 dealings within...She wanted a child she got it Brooklyn The Job is overrated...Marc /Kenya..an arrangement I bet🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔‼️
Komplex Kontent
Komplex Kontent 5 күн мурун
He never loved her 🤦🏾‍♀️😢 this is why wouldn’t shouldn’t pick men based off looks, 🤷🏾‍♀️ he comes off like he felt he was doing her a favor by dating her. SHE WAS THE PRIZE !!
7 0000
7 0000 5 күн мурун
He ripped a page right out of vh1 single ladies. I wonder if he put those divorce papers inside a present box?
natasha harris
natasha harris 5 күн мурун
Ain't no way he like women doing her like this. Catty
Dorean Heurtelou
Dorean Heurtelou 5 күн мурун
What kind of guy would choose to do that? Regardless she is still your daughter's mother.
Salisha Abdool
Salisha Abdool 6 күн мурун
Wait did they ever have sex?
Salisha Abdool
Salisha Abdool 6 күн мурун
Hey used Kenya and the show for soco
JJC JJC 7 күн мурун
Wow he don’t want her to forget this every 🤣
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore 7 күн мурун
He definitely has feminine energy, he should’ve never agreed to become her business partner if he couldn’t handle the housewives shit. But most times, I don’t even trust Kenya, all of this shit could be an act
Star Light
Star Light 9 күн мурун
Let us know when the divorce is final! Congrats to Marc & Ken! Be done already...
Star Light
Star Light 9 күн мурун
Let us know when the divorce is final! Congrats to Marc & Ken! Be done already...
lesley mbuyi kayembe
lesley mbuyi kayembe 9 күн мурун
Woooaw Marc hitting her where it hurts
DW w
DW w 9 күн мурун
Nobody's gets away with doing anybody wrong.
Justine Williams
Justine Williams 10 күн мурун
If anyone knows ken it's Marc she's evil n she envy her own kind looking down with his (ken)nose up she gets it how she lives jmo
lite brite 27
lite brite 27 11 күн мурун
This man have whole bish tendencies and the problem is he's after her peach.
Piel Canela
Piel Canela 12 күн мурун
Marc is a woman with balls 🤦🏽‍♀️😒
Reds Hands
Reds Hands 14 күн мурун
But why they gotta tell us this like they been together for along time
Reds Hands
Reds Hands 14 күн мурун
I hope I’m able too have kids before 50🙏
Ronda S
Ronda S 14 күн мурун
He acts like alot of NYC men, arrogant, mean, and inconsiderate! His personality is typical.
Balmain43 Balmain43
Balmain43 Balmain43 14 күн мурун
Run Marc Run! Kenya is psycho! You do evil and it will come back to get you!
lena816 15 күн мурун
How low down and dirty. I'm not a fan of Kenya even that was foul
Yvette Rock
Yvette Rock 16 күн мурун
He just mix up and attention seeking. I hope Kenya finds what she wants. He seems very ingenious.
Loaf88 HouZe
Loaf88 HouZe 17 күн мурун
Marcquisha please 👎🏌🤦 🗑
Tracey Seace
Tracey Seace 18 күн мурун
She shouldn’t have been so desperate. She married that man without a pre-nup and Kenya just accepted that!! Desperate azz.
Bev Grier
Bev Grier 18 күн мурун
I believed it was ever love there in the first place. Marc seems like a download brother to me. He almost act like he hates Kenya, so why did he married her? Kenya bailed him out on his back taxes, now he wants to bounce
Marc For Short
Marc For Short 20 күн мурун
"low standards" is a bias statement.
Senora Salazar
Senora Salazar 22 күн мурун
I wish i new kenya moore to let her know that she is not giving up anything of value. let him go. this man is not worth crying over.
Mindy Little
Mindy Little 22 күн мурун
Everybody knows Marc was a contract husband & he did his job & was paid done.
Earth ANGEL 22 күн мурун
He behavior is like a hurt woman!!!!!!! I live in ny n some Friends n I was at his restaurant. One of my friends said she dont understand why he married Kenya when he's not attracted to brown skin woman, at the time I paid it no mind but after watch how he treated Kenya Moore n and the things he did to her was nasty
Chocolate UrFav
Chocolate UrFav 23 күн мурун
Good for her, she's a meany anyway, so oh well!!! She's not peaceful yeo I can't stand her 🤣
Derrick Stingley
Derrick Stingley 23 күн мурун
Is he gay or was I mean after all he should like Kenya
Derrick Stingley
Derrick Stingley 23 күн мурун
What he is divorcing Kenya for real
Shay J
Shay J 23 күн мурун
I love it! This is so funny 😄
Trenna Jones
Trenna Jones 23 күн мурун
I wonder if Marc really know why he even Married Kenya because they’ve been apart longer than they’ve been together, it’s definitely not because she’s controlling because it seems like last season that he bossed her around and that he was really only interested in the baby to a certain extent, sorry Kenya dude don’t like you I wonder what it is about you .
LadyPlantz Alot
LadyPlantz Alot 23 күн мурун
He's got to be a whole deck of queen cards. Somebody ask shakie to check his calculator. On her birthday??? Why attention seeking ass
Shivon Starret
Shivon Starret 24 күн мурун
That is one mean, bitter man
Your Majesty
Your Majesty 24 күн мурун
He never wanted her! This was a business deal! Period! Besides he has a nose ring .. he just a hoochie mama
Passion4 Beauty411
Passion4 Beauty411 24 күн мурун
Is Marc Daly a narcissist?
brAzIL 24 күн мурун
what happened to bible principles
gladys100011 24 күн мурун
Petty Betty
Gwendolyn sorey
Gwendolyn sorey 24 күн мурун
Kenya you are better than that, don’t worry about him he is not a real man anyway. You are much better without such an ignorant person in your life. You have a beautiful child , Focus on that don’t worry about him. Just keep on keeping on keep your faith in God let the naysayers be the naysayers don’t worry about it.
Dawn Hairston1
Dawn Hairston1 25 күн мурун
It happen just as planned Kenya didn't know how soon is all !!!! This Marriage Was A ARRANGEMENT !!! Period.
Lesa Love
Lesa Love 25 күн мурун
“I ask for my privacy to be respected” ain’t no privacy or respect.
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas 25 күн мурун
I personally don't think she show low standard bc she made sure he wasn't dropping baby everywhere and had a decent income. I also think she really care for him and hope they would get marry and be a family that's want I think, I am sorry it didn't turn out in marriage. Good luck girl with your beautiful daughter.
Stephanie Love
Stephanie Love 25 күн мурун
Your themem song sucks
Somethinspectacular 26 күн мурун
I don’t understand how her standards were low when owns an entire franchise and other businesses?? Some people are still having babies by guys who can’t get off the corner 💅🏾
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell 26 күн мурун
Kenya dishes out a lot of mess to other woman I feel KARMA just struck back...
Savage the funny one 5745
Savage the funny one 5745 26 күн мурун
This seem like a force marriage to begin with.
anna johnson
anna johnson 26 күн мурун
He's a zero
Becky Dennis
Becky Dennis 27 күн мурун
She doesn't give a man a chance to fall in love with her before she's pushing marriage. How did she think it would end?
Tshepiso Motaung
Tshepiso Motaung 27 күн мурун
Marc with a virgina
Deanie Floyd
Deanie Floyd 27 күн мурун
To Queens together
Deanie Floyd
Deanie Floyd 27 күн мурун
Karma is something else, you get what you put out there Kenya stay out of everybody else's marriage and get you a real one
Mildred Perez
Mildred Perez 27 күн мурун
Marc was trying to get some of Kenya 💰
chocolatecheesecak3 27 күн мурун
I mean, she’s been talking about him on the show every episode. He’s just responding. It would have been wise if she didn’t discuss/bash him on the RHOA this season. I knew she was poking the bear. Lol 🐻
Sam Darroux
Sam Darroux 27 күн мурун
Get over yourself Marc.He is so fucking petty
Amaka Okereke
Amaka Okereke 27 күн мурун
Who announces this kinda news on there partner's birthday. This is memory she will never forget. This man is crazy. Shiiiiiiii😠
Applepie 27 күн мурун
Kaye Smith
Kaye Smith 27 күн мурун
If he had not she would have and she did . I hope she gets help
BD Jordan
BD Jordan 27 күн мурун
He’s a mitch
Doris Whittemoore
Doris Whittemoore 27 күн мурун
Why why,are these women picking men who don't care and are lazy! Mark never loved anyone but his baby girl period!
Cheekbones Galore
Cheekbones Galore 28 күн мурун
I will always have great care for her" he acts as if he was talking about a pet that passed on
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor 28 күн мурун
Mark is disgusting. I Hated how he treated Kenya
Nicole Watkins
Nicole Watkins 28 күн мурун
I think he is a real ass hole
Yovetta Ingram
Yovetta Ingram 28 күн мурун
Teem MARC all day! I'm loving the way he treats this PATHETIC woman! She's a disgusting person with a very NASTY personality and disposition.. marc is only givin her wat she gives off to everyone else.. so I'm glad he's divorcing her.
illona harris
illona harris 28 күн мурун
He’s a confused man... confused about being a man or woman 😳😳
Ever B
Ever B 28 күн мурун
oh please if Ms Marketha dont go sit down somewhere with those hissy fits🙄
Alvis BondWinchester
Alvis BondWinchester 28 күн мурун
I hope Kenya decides, sooner rather than later, to stop wasting her time. She should allow herself to explore and keep ALL options on the table!🌹🎀🌹
Taneyka Johnson
Taneyka Johnson 28 күн мурун
He never loved her
TahLeekah Partee
TahLeekah Partee 28 күн мурун
He's such a jerk
Paige Washington
Paige Washington 28 күн мурун
If Kenya wasn't so messy I'd half feel sorry for her
Julia Murphy
Julia Murphy 28 күн мурун
He wasn't into her anyway!!!!
Wanda Sanders
Wanda Sanders 28 күн мурун
She is BEAUTIFUL, and he doesn't WANT her. DANG, it doesn't matter , how you look.
msjay025 28 күн мурун
Kenya has underline issues, clearly men do not find her attractive enough to keep her. Her spirit is wounded and she spits out venom, I pray she fix that before she pours it out on her daughter.
Miss Boss
Miss Boss 28 күн мурун
She was holding on to that invisible marriage for awhile. Seems like Kenya just wanted a donor and she was forcing that relationship.
Kahja Traylor
Kahja Traylor 28 күн мурун
Marc twirled right out the marriage him n his nose ring BYE MARC
Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge
Aiyana's Rainbow Bridge 28 күн мурун
She shoulda known better when he wore them linen pants to their wedding
Patrice Waters
Patrice Waters 28 күн мурун
Damn Marc its definitely more to this story than what is being put out.
Shay Nic
Shay Nic 28 күн мурун
What was the point of bashing her? They need to pull him aside and talk to him as if that was his Mom, or Aunt. I'm sure he wouldn't want nobody saying stuff like that about them. Just respect yourself, and Women
Nateria Live
Nateria Live 29 күн мурун
Messy Man
Renate '
Renate ' 29 күн мурун
Remember she went to mexico AND had them do witchcraft or voodoo to get pregant not knowing that it all comes with a price . Words of minister kevin Ewing youtube him..he explains what witchcraft and voodoo really is
April Thomas
April Thomas 29 күн мурун
Miss your face Layla hugs
April Thomas
April Thomas 29 күн мурун
Iam convinced he hates her.. Completely..