ICYMI: Beyonce RESPONDS To Rumors She Had A BBL/Fat Transfer!

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Lailah Lynn

4 күн мурун

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ICYMI, Beyonce addresses rumors that she has had plastic surgery after her Ivy Park promo pics cause speculation among fans.
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Jasmain Jasmain
Jasmain Jasmain Саат мурун
I think it's real, then again idc that much lol
Trixiesongzxoxo 2012
Trixiesongzxoxo 2012 2 саат мурун
It’s Storm Monroe’s fault he started that rumor.
Blackfox1121 K
Blackfox1121 K 3 саат мурун
Beyonce I know u ain't tryna say u got that factory built body from working out 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Linguist Girl Ambie
Linguist Girl Ambie 3 саат мурун
Sometimes lipo and a tummy tuck snatches your waist so much that your butt look bigger. 🤷🏾‍♀️ I don't think she has a BBL. Some of my friends got lipo without the BBL and it made their butt look bigger as well.
Sharda W
Sharda W 3 саат мурун
Chile no mam! She's had surgery. She def had laterals or something. U don't have to get a big a*s to have fat transfer
Suneezy Star
Suneezy Star 4 саат мурун
BBL's are real butts , technically. The fat is transfered, and shaped however it's your fat therefore it's real.
TheStarrShine 4 саат мурун
Yah mon, I'd rather discuss Queen Bey's Bey's philanthropy, than speculate about her body. Frfr, baby girl had twins ffs & yes, that will spread one's hips. And she's always seemingly been a BEAST when it comes to manifesting the body she wants. ICYMI after having Blue, she was back in form & performing only 5 months later. Wut!?!?!
KEEPING IT REAL 4 саат мурун
A BBL is your own fat being transferred to another part of your body why is that not real? if she did it she didn't I was under the assumption that other peoples body and what they do and don't do with them is their business how does that stop her as a person.
Haute Suga
Haute Suga 4 саат мурун
So are we for getting that she was always curvy and hippy before she started acting and losing weight for roles. She has had 3 children and is carrying more weight than usual . Photo shopped maybe but a BBL ehhhh....there are some women in this world that have home grown booties y'all and have fitness trainers and the money to get that thang sitting like it should without the surgery but go off...
Eye spill Coffee Not Tea
Eye spill Coffee Not Tea 8 саат мурун
It's not real
Every Rose Enterprises
Every Rose Enterprises 10 саат мурун
lailah. This is just like you lying to get ppl to sign up to your email list claiming you gonna give info about making money on yt. But after submitting the email then you gave nothing. You got one more strike bc 3strikes and I will unfollow.
Renae' Livings
Renae' Livings 10 саат мурун
Its not real...period. Beyonce needs to stop.
Every Rose Enterprises
Every Rose Enterprises 10 саат мурун
Beyonce been having stuff done since Destiny child's. Her face, her nose ,her cheeks, her butt and tummy. Oh and her cheeks. She has had good work done. It looks great.
What CMTFU every since those Kartrashian’s bodies have been built by the E! Network NOT A SOUL WHO is black/brown/indigenous could possibly be sporting their NATURAL BODY!!🤦🏽‍♂️
Antonio Johnson
Antonio Johnson 11 саат мурун
Some of yall mad yall miss shapin. It's ok lol
Aaliyah Bradford
Aaliyah Bradford 12 саат мурун
IVE BEEN SAYING THIS FOR A DECADE and everybody was legit volunteeraly acting like she didn’t get anything done to her which girl I want surgery too but to just act like Beyoncé doesn’t have surgery is corny
UcMe 12 саат мурун
I really doubt she got work done it doesn't look like it to me beyonce has always been a really thick girl especially when she was in destiny child in the video bootylious and check up she had ass for days, when she went solo seem like she lost some weight seem like weight goes up and down. A lot time when some women loose weight they loose a little of they ass & titts and when they gain weight it comes back and some women when they have kids they gain weight in all the right places. It has never been known for bey to have gotten any work done so I just don't see her starting now I think she's just naturally blessed 😂
Queenofweaves 13 саат мурун
Beyonce has 3 kids and is probably over there cooking eating and hitting those weights. She looks good. I think it's her body, and it's sad that a normal black shaped body is now seen as being fake, store bought.
lee lee
lee lee 13 саат мурун
You have to know she's almost 40 years old and beyonce always had hips and booty and she had 3 kids...and you know to know they photo shop every thing. I think people are dragging it.
B Coral
B Coral 15 саат мурун
so... nobody has heard of photoshop? lol it's a campaign photo... everything has to look perfected. I think that's her natural shape, just smoothed over a little lol
KenShayla Davis
KenShayla Davis 15 саат мурун
Bootylicious .... 🤣😂
tivia joseph
tivia joseph 17 саат мурун
I don’t think she got a BBL cause she has always has butt and hips. If she works out like she performs I’m pretty sure that’s her real🍑💯🤷🏾‍♀️
iconic bagz
iconic bagz 17 саат мурун
If some of you don’t have the money to get yo ass done and lifted just say that lol
crystal Anis
crystal Anis 19 саат мурун
Real are fake I don’t care !! She look good 😌
sonyapeach 19 саат мурун
I have a perfect round butt and I haven’t worked out in 4yrs but it still looks like I have, because I used to be a runner. Also my butt goes up and down according to my weight. I recently gain 30 lbs and my butt got way bigger. Beyoncé has been thick, plus she gained weight from having her twins and obviously her hips spread from her pregnancy.
sonyapeach 19 саат мурун
She doesn’t have a bbl.
AngelLuvsvids2015 20 саат мурун
Shes very pretty tho
Andrea Mitchell
Andrea Mitchell 21 саат мурун
Why lie your booty is not real just like her nose isn't real.
pralinechocolates1 21 саат мурун
Many people do not know this but Beyoncé also faked being pregnant on the Oprah Winfrey show. Her stomach went flat and fell. She tried to hide it ...so why would she tell the truth about her behind?
BrookeLynne 22 саат мурун
Your eyes are not fooling you.... these celebs are trying to sell you an illusion.
Ms.E 22 саат мурун
If it is fake we would never know because she probably made the surgeon sign a NDA
7mystic88 em9re33
7mystic88 em9re33 22 саат мурун
It would be so FUNNY if she actually DID NOT have surgery. I think it's real cuz some ppl really put in the work for a perfect body by eating certain foods and working out.
lisa williams
lisa williams Күн мурун
She thinks we are fools
a Dix
a Dix Күн мурун
Euhm Beyonce cant stand KIM K and the fact KIM K is more popular on Instagram without having any talent. So now she has to catch up with being fake and she did. Clearly a bbl she was more lean looking with a small but rounded booty, and it sat way up high. Now she has a bigger girl booty. Look at the drunk in love performance her booty was not this big and plump. More athletic
Marshan #DisneyDiva Thomas
Marshan #DisneyDiva Thomas Күн мурун
I have not been to your channel in a long time
Mae Sams
Mae Sams Күн мурун
I don't care how much u work those glutes, a blind person can see that the hip to waist ratio is too perfect. People don't be fooled!
a Dix
a Dix Күн мурун
Euhm Beyonce cant stand KIM K and the fact KIM K is more popular on Instagram without having any talent. So now she has to catch up with being fake and she did. Clearly a bbl she was more lean looking with a small but rounded booty, and it sat way up high. Now she has a bigger girl booty. Look at the drunk in love performance her booty was not this big and plump. More athletic
Mae Sams
Mae Sams Күн мурун
Well, I am very familiar with plastic surgery, and YES she has a fake butt, fake nose, facial aug. She looks beautiful, but facts are facts!
Mz Mayhem
Mz Mayhem Күн мурун
You can tell she had a bbl but I don’t see why anyone even cares or why it’s a conversation piece
Leaky Pussy
Leaky Pussy Күн мурун
She’s a mother.. she’s carried 3 children don’t your hips widen? She’s very evidently put weight on and isn’t as skinny as she was before she even has cellulite on her stomach which hasn’t been airbrushed out 👏🏽Aren’t you all the same people who are ✊🏽 proud and claim all features yet another black woman looks better than you and now she’s had surgery? 🥱 just accept that you don’t have it like that.
Tré Diaz
Tré Diaz Күн мурун
Could be squats and waist trainer
mzcool71 Күн мурун
Lol worrying about a black womens butt! Stupid asf
Ayanna Smith
Ayanna Smith Күн мурун
I just want to know when is she going to finally admit Gwyneth Patro or however you spell it is becky. Funny how they went from Gwen babysitting blue to not being seen at all with b anymore.
nancy breaux
nancy breaux Күн мурун
She not going to really respond she know what she had done.
Anissa Clarke
Anissa Clarke Күн мурун
Beyonce is shaped like a Barbie doll now, def had work done
Ney Co
Ney Co Күн мурун
Y'all must be too young to remember B been thick with thick thighs since she came out. Matter of fact I believe it was liposuction a while back to remove some fat.. Not to transfer it because she been corn bread feed... Y'all tried it!
itiswhatitis Күн мурун
After reading the comments, I aint even gonna watch this. We know Beyoncé is a private person who likes to appear to be perfect.
Ms. Dani
Ms. Dani Күн мурун
We got catfished by the title. Smh
MsRockstar218 Күн мурун
There isn’t a woman on this Earth that has a perfectly round booty like that. That Beyonce had work done on her and it shows
M J Күн мурун
Well she said beauty hurts. JS
R. Wright
R. Wright Күн мурун
Very clear
Jasmine Johnson
Jasmine Johnson Күн мурун
Ladies and gentlemen let’s not forget that when she did her documentary on Netflix she did say she has to work out a lot after dropping the twins and going on a diet just to make sure was ready for Coachella
Felicia Anthony
Felicia Anthony Күн мурун
Its A BBL Fat transfer. Working out with clean eating 💪
Lee Green
Lee Green Күн мурун
Beyonce had 3 kids it's not always easy getting weight off even if she's a dancer.. Bey always been juicy she was dieting back in the day... She shows her whole ass where are the holes or scaring 😆 y'all haters
Craigslist Replies
Craigslist Replies Күн мурун
I'm in Texas and I could use help 😕
Randy Jackson
Randy Jackson Күн мурун
She said it was real because a BBL uses your own fat from your own body and just redistribute it to your butt. But it’s definitely a BBL
Natisha Kamara
Natisha Kamara Күн мурун
She got surgery done. When she 1st came out she was all hips
Carla Johnson
Carla Johnson Күн мурун
Thank youuuuu look at bootylicous she was getting body sculpitng lil lipo , no its mad Ass lol
Lulu J.
Lulu J. Күн мурун
Well she does spin cycle classes and that would make your behind rounder
Me-Me luv
Me-Me luv Күн мурун
It's the flat stomach for me after the twins. I believe not only did she have a BBL she also had a TT. IJS. I'm a mom of two. My second child was 10lbs 9 oz 23 inches long. There is no way her muscles are still in tack like that . That is not a real woman's body. However, it's money well spent. If I had the money . I would look like her too. 🤷🏽‍♀️😝😅👋🏽👋🏽
Carla Johnson
Carla Johnson Күн мурун
period !!!!! and that"s on Mary had alil lamb ! idk who she fooling ? im not even mad tho
DayDream Into Creation
DayDream Into Creation Күн мурун
Y’all NEEDED BBL Beyoncé is an ATHLETE!!!! Stay mad
Pizza Monies
Pizza Monies Күн мурун
The sad thing is, her body has always been praised as being near-perfect and curvy. There's no reason for her to alter herself when she always had the body that's "instyle" right now. With that said, it does look like she's had something done. 💀
Jenna Lud
Jenna Lud Күн мурун
Girls who had bbl's know the fact! Even Santana knows....
Britt Күн мурун
Babies can make you gain weight but they don’t give you a high firm ass with no cellulite or stretch marks🥴
Redd_Hotzz Күн мурун
She has had a BBL. period
Being Beautifully Honest
Being Beautifully Honest Күн мурун
Umm no. She’s had work done and there’s nothing wrong with that. She doesn’t have to admit it but sorry she’s not perfect.
pretty green eyes
pretty green eyes 2 күн мурун
All cuz they have money don't mean they get surgery or fake stuff on them she not the Kardashians or Nicki everything on her real tf she only got her lips and nose done 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
nails thatstunt
nails thatstunt 2 күн мурун
I believe it's real. If you work out you build muscle. She's been honest about everything. Jay's cheating ect. People ask me if mines is fake and all I do is work out. "If you want to see some real ass baby here's ya chance."
I think she had something done recently.. but I believe she’s been natural for years
pretty green eyes
pretty green eyes 2 күн мурун
Queen b did not have no surgery she got big from the twins baby's smh ya stupid 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ hormones when u pregnant can change your body and the size and all just like I was and my mama was like what ya stupid 🤦🏼‍♀️
Felicia P
Felicia P 2 күн мурун
Eating Right & Butt exercise make that ass & hips poke out! I wonder what people going to say about me this summer.
lisaymc1 2 күн мурун
Well of course she’s going to deny getting a BBL. Kim K denied she had one too.
leroy moore
leroy moore 2 күн мурун
My baby hips are real💯💯😊😊😊
Monique Thomas
Monique Thomas 2 күн мурун
Beyonce has ALWAYS been shaped like this! Look back at her destiny child days, bey has always had this body.
Sasdeny Warren
Sasdeny Warren 2 күн мурун
Beyoncé always had hips go back and look at her bone structure in her old videos she had hips but not meaty hips its her bone structure...she prolly just gained weight.... smh...it is possible as well
Sade Alaka
Sade Alaka 2 күн мурун
When you're in the industry this long as a woman and there's an emphasis on looking youthful all the time, you can't blame them for getting surgery 🤷🏾‍♀️
C T 2 күн мурун
Find the clip of mark curry on the Apollo and DC performed. He singled her out and talked about the thighs she had. She was 17
Chrissy 212e
Chrissy 212e 2 күн мурун
Its wo embarrassing people talking about your butt especially with current events I can see what JLO went through for years now but atleast hers was natural but with all the new procedures JLO butt seems small now. As long as the BBL looks good then why does it matter. Beyonce had three children why not get one done if she needed it just sayin.
Sophia Dilworth
Sophia Dilworth 2 күн мурун
I'm trying to find out where they going to get the fat from Beyonce done have any fat on her body to transfer😂
tio4561 2 күн мурун
I saw Beyoncé in concert a few years ago if she recently got it done I don’t see the difference cuz her looks the same when I seen her and I was up close when she did atl show and Nashville
Deandra Owens
Deandra Owens 2 күн мурун
All of Hollywood is a illusion.
LeeBaby88 2 күн мурун
Follow me on Instagram @leebaby88 please and thank you 😘
Sahar Salome
Sahar Salome 2 күн мурун
Not gonna watch the video but the hips are unnatural. She was never really thick thick
RahnieMzbrownie 2 күн мурун
But why use lyrics from a old song to justify pics she JUST dropped . . . . . Dont get me wrong thats her body and it looks damn good, whether she got one or not im here for it. But to use those lyrics to justify whats going on now lol i dont see the logic in that Also, her community work is great ! 🙌🏾
tricksgrl2 2 күн мурун
Her butt didn’t look like that in the 90s. JLo butt fake too... she didn’t have that butt on Living Color.
Christian Conway Esq.
Christian Conway Esq. 2 күн мурун
This fake titles are exhausting.
Nicole Martī Craig
Nicole Martī Craig 2 күн мурун
So...when did she respond to recent claims? I'm confused
Queen Lady
Queen Lady 2 күн мурун
Her body looks the same she goes up and down she got a tummy tucks after twins ya'll gotta listen to the song my Body booty luscious 🤷🏽‍♀️
LeaLea Hazel
LeaLea Hazel 2 күн мурун
Nah her ass ain’t never been that fluffy
Shaniqua Smith
Shaniqua Smith 2 күн мурун
If she did why like why why why why does anyone care omfg
Terea' G.
Terea' G. 2 күн мурун
it looks like she got her breasts done too
Sissy M
Sissy M 2 күн мурун
And her lip and her breast and more. Nobody is perfect. She has had work done. People fail to realize she is a human being with money. Meaning she has physical flaws like all of us and she has the money to pay good doctors to fix it.
Deeper Beauty
Deeper Beauty 2 күн мурун
Real damn fake is; what Beyonce ass is...
Deeper Beauty
Deeper Beauty 2 күн мурун
Beyonce, is no different or better than anyone else. She got a fake booty, just like all the rest..Those assets ain't real...Period!!! She is fake as hell..
alita copney
alita copney 2 күн мурун
Who she think she fooling ?
A.Tanyale 2 күн мурун
Asking if Bey’s butt is real is like asking if Sara Baartman had a BBL! Use common sense!
Christy 2 күн мурун
Let me just say this, Beyonce is a thickums. Honestly, it's obvious she had something done; she joined the Kim/Nicki/K. Michelle/ Kenya/ and Blac Chyna club to see if BBL girls really have more fun. LOL. She's baffled that we can tell the difference from her real thick bottom. Here comes the Bee Hive; watch 'em swarm. I'm here for it. LOL. Just sayin'; let's agree to disagree, Bee Hive. Take it easy, now.
Earth Angel
Earth Angel 2 күн мурун
3 kids,pushing 40,rich rich...yeah I probably would nip tuck lift something too if neccessary..Things dont stay in place forever. 😄
victoria 2 күн мурун
I don’t think she got a bbl. she’s always been curvaceous
Your favorite Cousin Davin
Your favorite Cousin Davin 2 күн мурун
1st she lied about giving birth to Blu, now this. Come on now B. Look, I rocks withcu but let’s keep it a BUCK... I mean we all are grown women as well, but we’re not fools. Lol however she looks great.
Destiny Maxie
Destiny Maxie 2 күн мурун
People think I had but I have a very small waist a bubble butt with no stomach