EXCLUSIVE Interview w/Sheree's Bae, Tyrone! Kenya Moore DRAGGED For Admitting "Crush" On Latoya Ali

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

I had a no-holds bar exclusive interview with Sheree Whitfield's bae, Tyrone Gilliams. He opens up about his case, his future plans for work and of course his relationship with Sheree.
And #RHOA Twitter reacts to Kenya Moore revealing she has a crush on Latoya Ali.
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Tonya Thurman
Tonya Thurman Ай мурун
YESS.. every chance she gets Kenya going to try to s*** Shame Porsha or any kind of shame for sure cuz she jealous of porsha..Kenya Moore!
Necie G.
Necie G. Ай мурун
I would be watching and neither would you haters if Kenya wasn’t spilling the real tea!!periodt
Deborah Day
Deborah Day Ай мурун
Wow! Seeing these pics of Tyrone with Sheree makes me wonder if she "knew" Tyrone around the time she conceived her son; he looks more like bae than the ex-husband. Hhmmmm.
Deborah Day
Deborah Day Ай мурун
@MissP Mangueze You are probably right; I just couldn't help but wonder....no crime committed.
MissP Mangueze
MissP Mangueze Ай мурун
You are really seeing things Deborah.
Epiphanny Taylor
Epiphanny Taylor Ай мурун
Lol she is ashamed. She was looking hella guilty
Tee Jack
Tee Jack Ай мурун
Kenya is RHOA. She ain't going nowhere. Porsha would have dragged Kenya if Kenya was entangled with Bolo. How many times Porsha called Kenya a hoe?...girl bye.
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
Lol I’m a lesbian and even I thought it was too much, all for a damn storyline. I had refused to watch this season, but I had to see what all the hype was. You’d be surprised at how many str8 women act like this once they get liquored up
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
I couldn’t date a known scammer even after they’ve been in prison. Most people who scam keep scamming even after prison
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
Kenya just wants attention from anyone who will entertain her at this moment
Janelle Bentley
Janelle Bentley Ай мурун
I want Sheree to be happy but I truly don’t believe Tyrone is the one 🤷🏾‍♀️
Leslie Barber
Leslie Barber Ай мурун
1 what he say about Nene,2 is he and sheree getting married!
Namo Nat
Namo Nat Ай мурун
When are they getting married? Where are they going to live ?
Sunni D
Sunni D Ай мурун
Porsha can kick rocks wit no socks in flip flops
Gail Edwards
Gail Edwards Ай мурун
Can we see all of the interview with Tyrone? It would be dar more interesting that RHOA
Mathew Phillips
Mathew Phillips Ай мурун
You look gorgeous Lailah!
Melissa Smith
Melissa Smith Ай мурун
I have always liked Kenya and supported her even when she went too low down, but this right here. Breaking the girl code is an unforgivable violation. She has lost me as a fan. Never tell on your girls. Damn shame 😕
Drea Baby
Drea Baby Ай мурун
Kenya has a secret crush on Porsha too. That's why she's so nasty. Kenya wants girl love too. No1 was paying attention to her, as Hard as she was trying to get it. She's great at trying to get control. Snitching hater butt. Bring Sheree back. THAT'S THE STORY. Porsha is GROWN and can do as she please. Tanya told on herself! HUSH GIRL!
Robbb Ай мурун
Ppl need to stop throwing around the word "crush" because someone finds someone else attractive. It takes a lot more then finding someone attractive to crush on them. Liking that person, getting butterflies and wanting to know more or wanting more with the person would conclude "crush"
Nexxa J
Nexxa J Ай мурун
But what girl code did kenya break porsha been said they weren't friends.. nobody dragging latoya for saying she liked Kenya first but drag kenya for saying it..porsha smdh for sleeping with the stripper she just met tho
Janelle Speaks
Janelle Speaks Ай мурун
Why would we follow him? Smh people need hobbies. Why do we care about his prison life? Whyyy don’t y’all know convicts already. Lord please. Bye.
Janelle Speaks
Janelle Speaks Ай мурун
Kenya want some budussy and she was really in her feelings 😂
Lyn O
Lyn O Ай мурун
Tyrone has payed his debt to society will you please stop referring to him as her “prison bae”? I’m sure he would appreciate it greatly. He’s trying to move forward.
Lyn O
Lyn O Ай мурун
@Janelle Bentley I don’t know anything about him owing people money but I’m still uneasy about the title “prison bae”. And as far as the legal system is concerned he has paid his debt to society legally because if he hadn’t he wouldn’t have been released from prison. It’s easy to sit behind a keyboard and say negative things, whether it’s putting people into categories that you think they belong in or name calling. We all have “some stuff” with us no matter how perfect we think we might be or how hidden we think our “stuff” might be hidden. If he owes money he should pay it. No excuses. But I think that as a whole society puts enough negative titles on black and brown people without US adding to it.
Janelle Bentley
Janelle Bentley Ай мурун
Did he pay the victims their money? Because going to jail is one thing but taking money from ppl is another. He needs to give the ppl back their money before you can say he’s paid his debt to society other than that he is trifling felon
Sheree Jenkins
Sheree Jenkins Ай мурун
Kenya has been on this show for a number of years, but now, all of a sudden, she wants to play the lesbian card, Kenya has no dignity, she will say and do anything to stay on the show and because she doesn't have a storyline, she can't pay another man to pretend to be interested, so now she wants to pretend to be curious, girl, no one is curious at 60, at that age u are supposed to know what u like, go sit down because u look pathetic
blakdiamond24 Ай мурун
This dude is straight clout chaser! Opportunistic! Watch out Sharee!
Nik NIk
Nik NIk Ай мурун
Kenya has become Cringe 🤮
divadiya1 Ай мурун
Seriously... Kenya a very manipulative Deflector!!! People could mommy shame Kenya... how would she feel then! But people are playing nice and not bring up the fact that she asked Kandi to host the Dungeon party, knew about the costume and all that was planned ... YET she still brought her daughter to the house when all that was going on!! Rolling all on the floor being extra...but you so vindictive you worry about noises which you obviously knew what they were and made your daughter wait alone in a strange home for 45 minutes so you could gather dirt!! Pathetic
truth be told
truth be told Ай мурун
I love Todd and the other young man interview on Speak on it, great job guy's
Kenesha Raeford
Kenesha Raeford Ай мурун
Kenya did/is doing what she’s doing for one reason and one reason only .... ratings. You see she’s turned the entire thing into a production. She is definitely trying to get under porshas skin and she thinks it’s funny to watch her squirm. She’s not slut-shaming but she is mean girling the hell out of this situation which she feels is justified because of all the times porsha has mean girled her. The other side of this which I think is so true is that Kenya really wants people to see that porsha is fake in some ways and not this porsha for real person that bears is all and tells the world her truth. Especially (and kenya has said this) after everything that kandi and porsha went through for porsha to still downplay her sexually explorative personality (when she drinks) and leave room for people to only question kandis lifestyle and bedroom choices... I think Kenya is definitely trying to force porsha to stop playing the saint and fully vindicate her friend.
sonia harrison
sonia harrison Ай мурун
This is the woman going through divorce proceedings with child custody issues. She is a child that is why he wants out, if Marc had custody and behaved in this manner she would be calling her lawyer pronto.
roula mohammed
roula mohammed Ай мурун
I wanna know more details about the incident Nene and Sheree were discussing on the iconic scene “ I was depositing a Trump check, Donald Trump” did Nene really tried to stop Sheree’s bag?
Bibi Georgewill
Bibi Georgewill Ай мурун
He definitely paid for Chateau Sheree duh!
Linda Cratchan
Linda Cratchan Ай мурун
Mark will use all that and more in this supposed be married Against Kenya
Darrienne Martin
Darrienne Martin Ай мурун
Kenya does not know what it means to be a friend. Even her definition to Latoya was blind loyalty not friendship...she's been so on her own and self reliable for love that she doesn't give it to anyone who gives her pushback on her antics. Like she wants to be alone
Allastir Hayes
Allastir Hayes Ай мурун
I want to know his career plans since he is highly educated. And how they met
Beverly Blacksher
Beverly Blacksher Ай мурун
I don't think that Kenya has a gay bone in her body, i am sure that she is saying that for a reason. That only Kenya knows. I am team Kenya all day long.
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much
Let'sTalkAboutIt Much Ай мурун
Sheree boo fine😍
Felicia Booker Booker
Felicia Booker Booker Ай мурун
I wanna know it all laila❤️
The Wanjiru
The Wanjiru Ай мурун
Porsha didn’t defend herself because she chooses not to give Kenya any of her energy to feed off, because we all know that’s what Kenya is looking for by poking at Porsha. To get a reaction out of her. Porsha is above and beyond those old Kenya antics. She has grown.
Tammy Morgan
Tammy Morgan Ай мурун
Porsha does not have to own anything! She's grown, single, and can do what she wants to do. She doesn't owe anything to anyone.
Annie Wilson
Annie Wilson Ай мурун
fair is fair
fair is fair Ай мурун
I picked up on the first episode that there was sexual tension there and im sure thyy have already been around that block
Romel Price
Romel Price Ай мурун
Ok Laliah with The Tyrone tea😂 I can't stand Kenya & Letoya🙄 Kenya did do it to control her but she a puppet anyway. We all know it was Porsha. Kandi & Tanya basically said it. How Laliah did you get my email?
Esha Diva
Esha Diva Ай мурун
Kenya is pulling a Nicki Minaj on Latoya lol all those years talking about she is bi and never was with a woman lol I don't blame her give these freaky people what they want 🤣
Esha Diva
Esha Diva Ай мурун
Is this all there is for bw? Ex cons who you have to pray are rehabilitated? This is depressing 😕
Esha Diva
Esha Diva Ай мурун
Kenya looks great in that thumbnail 😍😍
Sherrica Roberts
Sherrica Roberts Ай мурун
We want to hear about it All he is fine
atsimplyge inc
atsimplyge inc Ай мурун
Kenya don't blow that girls head up. It done blown up enough.
Yanneek Brinson
Yanneek Brinson Ай мурун
Just post the entire interview 🥴🥴😂👀
Brains and Beauty
Brains and Beauty Ай мурун
Laila this hair looks good!!!
Laine Ай мурун
We wanna know it all sis.
Kathy Wherry
Kathy Wherry Ай мурун
Good work..
Cawana Mitchell
Cawana Mitchell Ай мурун
Alllll the above!!
Trisha R
Trisha R Ай мурун
I think the Kenya girl crush storyline is a hot mess👎🏽
TaD D Ай мурун
What in the lesbian housewives is going on? But yet they want stable family relationships with men.
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
You’d be surprised at how many str8 couples with stable household act.
Boom Harvell
Boom Harvell Ай мурун
Hi we want to know it all and yes they going back they have a story line already because of Nene said
vulcan2050ful Ай мурун
lmao!😂😂😂 when he said expeditiously.
Deanna Moore
Deanna Moore Ай мурун
Storyline.. lol.... I am sure she will be back!!! Gotta love it!! Lol l
trishkenzys M
trishkenzys M Ай мурун
I think Kenya,s crushed thing is, she meant she really like her as a friend! and not that type of crush.
Esha Diva
Esha Diva Ай мурун
Yeah I agree I think so too. Kenya is smart she knows that being loose is in style now so she worded it like this cause she knew folks would bite lolol
Babysista Ай мурун
Lesbian life would eat Kenya alive, she ain’t ready for that life.
Beverly Blacksher
Beverly Blacksher Ай мурун
I don't think so while she playing!
Momma G
Momma G Ай мурун
Kenya needs a storyline baaaddd!!! Dam🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
Ch'e Love
Ch'e Love Ай мурун
I want to know it ALL!!🤗🤗🤗
ItsChyniece Ай мурун
I wanna know how he feel bout nene and if he paid for chateau sheree
Jacquette Diggs
Jacquette Diggs Ай мурун
Lailah don’t be doing us like Vlad giving us little pieces lol. We want all sis 😩😩😩 we want to know everything!!!
Charlene Parson
Charlene Parson Ай мурун
You’re right a story line crush that’s it . Kenya is a jealous hearted person she’s definitely jealous of porsha
David Spigner
David Spigner Ай мурун
I'm Porsha to all the dumb ish in 2021. Kenya definitely using Latoya as an ally/pawn and hot that Porsha got some before she did. 2 things can be true at the same damn time.
Mickey J none
Mickey J none Ай мурун
Kenya would ALWAYS want to be the "bottom", but LaToya will want BOTH ways. My own opinion yo!🙄
Mo Music
Mo Music Ай мурун
I think Kenya do have a crush on her. She been extra friendly with her and sent her that naked pic. And they were talking about hitting the mouth lol
Lisa F
Lisa F Ай мурун
Kenya just wants an allie in the group and someone that will suck up to her.
MyOwn DayOne
MyOwn DayOne Ай мурун
All of it! We 👃🏽 nosey
Queen Bee
Queen Bee Ай мурун
It’s definitely a story line crush! Kenya is full of it!
What he had to say about nene
Jan Kam
Jan Kam Ай мурун
Do they have a prison spelling bee and “expeditiously “ is the first word ? All of these men who go to prison are ready to use that word upon return to society.
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
That’s what happens when they look up to TI
Janet Davis
Janet Davis Ай мурун
Jailhouse preachers 🤣😂🤣
Dina Louisme
Dina Louisme Ай мурун
Tyrone lost weight and kinda looks good.
JANET Brooks
JANET Brooks Ай мурун
I think ken 😃was mad she ain't get in no one pep how bolo pushed her hand off him but had no problem with the other woman
Michelle Green
Michelle Green Ай мурун
ALL this was fun, & exciting to watch; HBE, "Slut shaming" seems appropriate.
Christina Scales
Christina Scales Ай мурун
Thank God he spoke on taken a sip cuz that's exactly what he was doing people try to take everything and run with that shit 👏🏽
Robin Light
Robin Light Ай мурун
That's him?? Ok girl
AquariusCapricorn Thank you
AquariusCapricorn Thank you Ай мурун
Kenya 🤮🤮 girl stopped
XeniasWorld Ай мурун
1. I definitely think it's a storyline crush to manipulate (good catch). But like any narcissist, I believe she was jealous that her "pawn" was making out with the enemy. 2. It is slut-shaming. Kenya attempted to justify it by bringing up that Porsha called her a whore from the 90s. I can't think of anyone else porsha referred to in that way, so I'm confused that Kenya said porsha has referred to others as sluts
A. Hubbard
A. Hubbard Ай мурун
There is no girl code. These women aren’t friends. Kenya doesn’t owe Porsha or any of them anything. If Kenya was in that room with the stripper Porsha and the other girls would’ve drug her through the mud. Remember, it was Porsha who first called Kenya a slut years ago.
Teresa Henderson
Teresa Henderson Ай мурун
Kenya is jealous of Porsha..
moejazzie Ай мурун
@T B m A man dont define you. My point is...Every man that she has dated , has been visibly/obviously dispised an or looked annoyed with her. Why? Havent EVER seen that with the other ladys... These men cant even hide it.🤷 Her whole vibe spews misery!
T B Ай мурун
@moejazzie how do you KEEP A MAN?? Women need to get out of that mind set and stop using that has an insult? A man doesn’t define a woman. I’m sure she has many friends OFF THE SHOW. It’s a freakin TV show. Y’all think y’all know everything about these people y’all have never met.
sonia harrison
sonia harrison Ай мурун
moejazzie Ай мурун
Kenya cant keep friends or a man. She is miserable.
T B Ай мурун
I doubt it. Kenya is beautiful, VERY smart and educated. I think it’s the role she plays on the show.
L. Beebe
L. Beebe Ай мурун
Storyline crush...this what society has been reduced to. Being gay for play 🙄
Gail Edwards
Gail Edwards Ай мурун
It is really sad that so many television shows are turning to talking about people's personal sex lives. I find it interesting that Kenya can't find a man that really wants her so now she's pretending to want a woman. I see Kenya as a really desperate person and Kenya does like to control people
mia hazel
mia hazel Ай мурун
Caked Up
Caked Up Ай мурун
Yeah I’m hip lmao I feel like they just added that in for extra “spice” but damn my sexuality ain’t for views LMAOO
Britney Alea
Britney Alea Ай мурун
When Kenya said she had a crush on Drew I spit out my juice. Like whaaat Ken? 😩😂😩
Michelle Faleye’
Michelle Faleye’ Ай мурун
Why they look alike? lol Sheree.
Karlene Wilson
Karlene Wilson Ай мурун
All of it !!
Charna Mosely
Charna Mosely Ай мурун
Exactly. Kenya pays her role well. She does not have an actual crush on toya
dtrn254 Ай мурун
Kenya's having a middle-aged crisis. 🤣😂😅😭. What is she saying and doing lately?
Sunshine Royal
Sunshine Royal Ай мурун
@B JC 💯💯💯
dtrn254 Ай мурун
@B JC 😂🤣🤣😂
B JC Ай мурун
She's always been having a middle aged crisis. Since day 1.
dtrn254 Ай мурун
Questions: Did he pay for Chateau Sheree? Does he want to be on RHOA? How does he know Nene?
NaturallyPeez Ай мурун
Kenya is just jealous that her boo is kissing her nemesis 😭😭🤣
SheRisesFromSIDS Ай мурун
Sheree looks GOODT!
Kate Ай мурун
Kenya is an actress. They need to give her executive producer credit. She made this season. She’s got all us talking about her. Kenya does not have a crush on anyone.
trishkenzys M
trishkenzys M Ай мурун
Anna Joie
Anna Joie Ай мурун
simplybri Ай мурун
Kenya isn’t slut-shaming lol it’s a storyline.
Zelene Turner
Zelene Turner Ай мурун
Lady C
Lady C Ай мурун
I would like find out what was going on with Tyrone and Nene when she was separated. Would he be on RHOA
Joshua Anthony
Joshua Anthony Ай мурун
This whole “crush” thing is just making me cringe. Kenya know damn well she isn’t about that type of life
Jacquil A
Jacquil A Ай мурун
@Reine Lena Right 😂
mia hazel
mia hazel Ай мурун
sonia harrison
sonia harrison Ай мурун
Okay, Kenya cant keep a Trinidadian man so she is going to try for a Trinidadian woman. Grow up Kenya , you are too old for Latoya.
Lizette.B Ай мурун
Yes. It's like they're literally selling their souls.
Caked Up
Caked Up Ай мурун
Nah I think she really is about that life Nd I been saying that😭😂 she Been saying slick shit that hints to her liking females for years😂😂
Lady C
Lady C Ай мурун
LaToya did an after show saying she’s not feeling what Kenya feels she looks at her as a big sister and she wants to get to know the rest of the ladies. So it’s obvious the LaToya wants to be friends with fun Porsha and Kenya is trying to nip that in the bud.
C. Adagun
C. Adagun Ай мурун
Handsome man. Good vibe.
Ms.E Ай мурун
I just wanna know about him and NeNe cause she was to pressed to let everyone know she knew him 😒
ηαєуα вαву
ηαєуα вαву 24 күн мурун
Dude was a con and came between her and a good friend. I wouldn't wanna "know" a damn liar either
Danielle Sibiya
Danielle Sibiya Ай мурун
🤣🤣 cze he was a scammer lol..
Latasha Rogers
Latasha Rogers Ай мурун
Sick of Kenya
Agape IV
Agape IV Ай мурун
@LailahLynnTV ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
earthlover 4real
earthlover 4real Ай мурун
Is he related to T.I ? 🙄Expeditiously....
vulcan2050ful Ай мурун
Heno willson
Heno willson Ай мурун
T Y P I C A L • T I N K
T Y P I C A L • T I N K Ай мурун
gmcmim1 Ай мурун
Kenya should wear her hair curly more often. It looks pretty.
Quincy Moore
Quincy Moore Ай мурун
She does, look closely
BGC RP Ай мурун
I don’t think she wears contacts
Beverly Blacksher
Beverly Blacksher Ай мурун
I agree about her hair it's beautiful and so is she.
Babysista Ай мурун
She needs a new hairstyle and contacts! Geez! The same style for 25 years.
Cren Cottrell
Cren Cottrell Ай мурун
This should be RHOA's final season. Happy for Sheree finding a man who'll hopefully help pay her bills, but the way she went out being Mammy to Mistress Zolciak left a bad taste in my mouth...no need for her to come back.
Rickie Smith
Rickie Smith Ай мурун
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