Ayesha Curry Poses In Her Birthday Suit & CLAPS BACK At Fans Who Remind Her About Her MODESTY Tweets

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Lailah Lynn

12 күн мурун

Ayesha Curry claps back and commenters who have something to say about her posting her body on social media after saying she preferred to stay "covered up" years ago.
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Shirley Hunter
Shirley Hunter 8 саат мурун
Photo is very suggestive especially coming from a Christian woman. Once you start down that road, what's next??
Empress Of Love
Empress Of Love 14 саат мурун
I feel she's still covered & the photo was done with class in my opinion. I'm happy she's proud of her work she put in to get her body to where she feels good in her own skin again.
Neima• 23 саат мурун
This is why don't talk down to other people. God is watching and He is going to humble you.
Justin Allen
Justin Allen Күн мурун
Love her
Jimmy Rouse
Jimmy Rouse Күн мурун
Maybe it's just me she's not all that
priscilla swanson
priscilla swanson 2 күн мурун
U r a beautiful woman. Keep ur goodies for ur hubby
Reign Queen
Reign Queen 2 күн мурун
Lord LOL...keep living Ayesha. The older you become, the less you worry about what ppl say and think about you. I need your self esteem and confidence up more, baby girl. If I was your age married to Steph Curry and birthed my savage kindred spirit, Riley Lol, I’m not going to be out here doing regular folk ish 🤣🤣🤣. Check me after you check your man for making you chip in half on your bills😩
TG G 3 күн мурун
She still hasn’t shown anything. The picture is in context to her magazine not just because she wanted to flaunt.
Myema Flowers
Myema Flowers 3 күн мурун
Whatever the reason, whatever her decision... her body, her life. She has the right to change her mind and change it back again. I understand holding her “accountable,” but why do we get so involved? It’s only brought to the surface because she’s a celebrity. I just said I wasn’t gonna have a cheeseburger last night, and guess what? I’m eating one right meow. Sue me!! 😂😂😂😂
wwjack215 4 күн мурун
She and larsa pippen are gonna be roommates
PRINCE JAE 4 күн мурун
Jortal Portal
Jortal Portal 4 күн мурун
Hypocrisy is a big thing in the Black community - because Black women can say or do anything - and get away with it. I have no respect, nor do I support anybody who isn't supporting the Black community. I don't care who they are. This woman is a pure hypocrite.
Natural Born Threat
Natural Born Threat 4 күн мурун
All I see is her face, shoulders and knee caps. Leave her alone. Apply the full statement as well. Clearly it's still her good stuff she has covered, for the one who matters. Let this woman live! She's going to do it anyway.
Pamela Callier
Pamela Callier 4 күн мурун
Maybe she's just growing with the times. It takes work from both partners to keep happy sexy good honest marriage. You want your man to know you are the best thing that could happen to him as for a woman. Don't you women with a man think. Lots of love and respect to all. Positive
Tp P
Tp P 4 күн мурун
Let them fanz/haters no mrs curry u dont have to reveal intimate photos for nobody cause everybody else do it u still beautiful either way
tausha miller
tausha miller 4 күн мурун
She could have on workout shorts and a halter top while sitting in this position which would looks just like this...
Star Blane
Star Blane 5 күн мурун
🤳Why that girl look like Jordan Woods 😂💃🤷
Kawanna Johnson
Kawanna Johnson 5 күн мурун
Excuse me she was never fat she has babies let's go warriors
Claudia Gallego
Claudia Gallego 5 күн мурун
Ok this is the begging of the end. When those celebrity couples start with the weirdness it means trouble. I hope not but you'll see.
Idontlikethatshit 5 күн мурун
She's wants fame..BAD
dorothydandridge 5 күн мурун
She is attention seeking.
d p
d p 5 күн мурун
Its so funny I don’t see any provocative pictures on her Instagram lol good photographers know how to create illusions that someone is not wearing clothes with different poses etc. People are just waiting to try to catch someone up. If her husband is ok and not having a problem with what she is doing then why does everyone care. He doesn’t seem to be complaining because he has high self confidence he is masculine and he knows she is only for him.
MsCoco Brown
MsCoco Brown 6 күн мурун
She’s feeling more comfortable in her skin now and before she was insecure. I totally get it. But I do not blame folk for dragging her because she made the comment. But when you feel comfortable with your new figure you do want to show it off. Can’t wait to get my tummy tuck, imma be flossing, TRUST!! 😩😂
Irish Williams
Irish Williams 6 күн мурун
It's too cold to worry about any of this stuff, people freezing , people dying from Covid everyday, she is beautiful, has beautiful family, God Bless us al
Dajia Star
Dajia Star 6 күн мурун
*She gives me Chrissy T vibes. She says things then goes back and does the same thing. She seems sweet but her insecurities make her sound ridiculous. “Black ppl don’t like me” -have more color friends rooting for her than white/Asian “Cover your bodies, save it for your husband” -so that photographer didn’t see your bare breast or bum? If it’s just for your husband why share with the world? “I want to feel desired by other men” -Talking about only her husband matters??
R Dale
R Dale 6 күн мурун
The only reason why Steph Curry letting all this happen is because he done with her. Thats the only way to explain this.
tanio12 6 саат мурун
Yeah but steph is trying to cement his legacy.
kayla vibess
kayla vibess 6 күн мурун
It’s the fact that she’s a total hypocrite, so let the bashing go on, bash away 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️🥰🥰
Rachel Williams
Rachel Williams 6 күн мурун
I love her🔥
Nobody Knows
Nobody Knows 6 күн мурун
Ayesha is the typical female. She lives in the lap of luxury, have a nice family, husband not acting a fool (at least to what we know of) she wants for not..... well accept for the attention of strangers. Women need attention like fish need water
Ms.Etiquette Decorum
Ms.Etiquette Decorum 6 күн мурун
What was the point of posting such a picture! she is a mother of 4! Women are always screaming that we are sexualized by men and the media! It is posts like this that give men, writers, the media permission to do so. I am surprised by her actions Question how would you explain this to your daughter if you caught her sending inappropriate body text after you made this post. As a mentor, this is a subject I am often asked to address in my seminars. Posts like this make it difficult for me to define integrity what is appropriate. I do not post in pics on social media, I can not relate
Deep Blue
Deep Blue 6 күн мурун
What’s Sad is how people remember what someone said 2 years ago? Geez they need to get a life
chance goode
chance goode 6 күн мурун
Man I’m so tired of black folks trying to check each other. Everyone else in the world trying to check you. You don’t have to check each other over every little thing like this. She isn’t showing nipples or breast nor buttocks so what the hell are you people complaining about. Just haters. Smdh.
Sho' Nuff! You know!
Sho' Nuff! You know! 6 күн мурун
If A. Curry can judge people, then she can also be judged. I see through the BS, regardless of how much glitter is dumped on it
Mari Hearndon
Mari Hearndon 6 күн мурун
Her goods are covered. I wouldn't want to walk in her shoes for nothing your husband is talked about around the world and your wife. Every now and then get your attention girl
Eddie F.
Eddie F. 6 күн мурун
Lol ad about Stephen curry visiting a book store. What are the odds
Queenie Crenshaw
Queenie Crenshaw 6 күн мурун
Aisha annoys me almost as much as B Simone. She is a Lame and goofy AF. 🙄
Evans McClain
Evans McClain 6 күн мурун
She's not showing anything stop it very classy haters
Gambelian Gambelian
Gambelian Gambelian 7 күн мурун
Ppl are mean & not minding their own
Gambelian Gambelian
Gambelian Gambelian 7 күн мурун
Why should we care? She’s gorgeous
Gambelian Gambelian
Gambelian Gambelian 7 күн мурун
Why should we care? She’s gorgeous
Ava Langrin
Ava Langrin 7 күн мурун
Ayesha Curry seems to be an empty vessel. She is a woman of faith, she has a career as a cook/chef, she has a husband, and beautiful children, but she feels the need to post a photo like that. Ayesha has made comments indicating a desire to getting the attention of men other than her husband. She is your typical pretty woman who has not tapped the depths of herself as a woman spiritually or intellectually. She does not seem empowered. I don’t know how old she is, but she needs to grow up and discover who she is outside fame, fortune, and her husband. 🤨
Debeen Anderson
Debeen Anderson 7 күн мурун
She’s trying too hard
Debeen Anderson
Debeen Anderson 7 күн мурун
Foolishness that was not necessary
Debeen Anderson
Debeen Anderson 7 күн мурун
Hyptovrite she feels she’s been left out she needs outside gratification.
Debeen Anderson
Debeen Anderson 7 күн мурун
She wants to be trending she’s joining the gang
Most High7
Most High7 7 күн мурун
She sharing that pie .
Darlene McGriff
Darlene McGriff 7 күн мурун
Don’t be hating, Leave my beautiful queen alone. 🔥💸🌸🌷🌺🌹❤️
shawna Wallace
shawna Wallace 7 күн мурун
Thy words will not return to you void! She is evolving! Also, she is embracing another version of herself. Being a mother, a wife and a Godly woman keeps her in a 📦 and she no longer wants to be in that box
MissBeeMarie 7 күн мурун
People change. How many people said they’d have sex after marriage and actually did it? I know I didn’t. 🤷🏽‍♀️
Meza Garner
Meza Garner 7 күн мурун
Her goods are still covered, plus y’all it’s not our place to say.
tanio12 7 күн мурун
Well then its not her place to pose with no clothes on.
vLKxroselandx07 7 күн мурун
Curry so blind that he can’t even see what’s going on. First, she said she wanted male attention. Then she came out with the bikini pic. Not too long after that she had the twerking picture in the kitchen and now this. It’s only gonna get worse from here especially if he don’t pay attention to the red flags.
Steve Woodson
Steve Woodson 7 күн мурун
Do for the opportunity brother
jay cool 😎 gaming
jay cool 😎 gaming 7 күн мурун
People cant evolve? So what I said as a teenager still holds true when I'm in my 40s?? Please..🙄
tanio12 7 күн мурун
Well she is a mother with children married to one of the most successful men in basketball she has already evolved. No need to be nude to do that.
Thea Ansel
Thea Ansel 8 күн мурун
Interesting perspective since weight loss
so.many.obstacles 8 күн мурун
I’ll say this, I had two friends who made judgments against women who wore freakum dresses. They used Christianity as their argument for being modest. Fast forward, they both lost weight, and guess what they started wearing? Yep freakum dresses. I knew their comments was based on their insecurities about their weight, because soon as they started losing the weight, the clothes got tighter and more revealing. Though Ayesha’s photo is suggestive, she’s showing shins and shoulders like she said. I see why people are coming at her, but it’s really not that deep. People do change their minds, regardless to what she felt then, she’s allowed to change now.
Santras Smith
Santras Smith 8 күн мурун
Beautiful pic ! What's good with yur husband should be good for "ALL"!
W Maurice
W Maurice 8 күн мурун
It is shittee when we eventually emulate what we criticized. It also shows that, like the Kardashians, many will do or say whatever to stay relevant. Either way, money is not the destination of happiness. Just ask Ayesha! As for celebrities, F what they say and look beyond the words and see the bullsh!t.
why is 45 still alive
why is 45 still alive 8 күн мурун
Ayesha Curry = insecurity personified.
Gloria Brown
Gloria Brown 8 күн мурун
So what?! She changed her mind. The lady is beautiful. Do you Mrs. Curry!! 👍👍
Choconet Hotcoco
Choconet Hotcoco 8 күн мурун
It's something how we can get sanctimonious or self-righteous then life comes and hands us a thick slice of humble pie!😆
Mickey J none
Mickey J none 8 күн мурун
The WHOLE problem is not Mrs. Curry taking the photos! It's her JUDGMENT about others years ago! Maybe she should have said something like, I know what I said a fews years ago, but I DIGRESS! I'm with the other people, about talking shiznit about other women and HERE SHE GOES! Be careful about what you say cause either you may change OR you got girls and 20yrs from now her girls may SEE something they want to where or pose!🤔 JS. My own opinion yo!😘
joe Baby boy
joe Baby boy 8 күн мурун
Idk why am so upset about this like am married and if my women tells me she wants more men attention I would be like no problem sign this divorce paper and go on your way
C.RAINEY LOGOS 8 күн мурун
WOMEN: Press like if you think a married women taking nude pics for the world to see is ok, checking for a friend...
Melanated 8 күн мурун
She love to be on display. She couldn't help herself, she want to play "thot of a baller" instead of "WIFE of a baller" smh she set for life save it for your husband, the one who loves you
tanio12 7 күн мурун
Exactly and steph should not have cosigned that foolishness.
TH23 8 күн мурун
Steph ain’t hitting that right
TH23 7 күн мурун
@Steve Woodson ? That has nothing to do with my statement
Steve Woodson
Steve Woodson 7 күн мурун
First Peter 3:7
Ann Green
Ann Green 8 күн мурун
Beautiful and Tasteful 👑
xguy9 9 күн мурун
You don’t see Lebron’s wife doing all this.
tanio12 7 күн мурун
Cause lebron wouldnt put up with that. His wife compliments him she doesnt compete with him.
Karna Leggett
Karna Leggett 9 күн мурун
She wasn't big in 2015 she got bigger after her 3rd baby who was only 1 years old and she hadn't lost her baby weight lolol
Black Socrates
Black Socrates 9 күн мурун
It is called hypocrisy!!! I don't think people are upset about her posing naked; they are mad about her talking both sides of her mouth. She literally condemned people for doing what she is now doing!!!!!!!!!!
tanio12 7 күн мурун
Exactly and why does she feel the need to do this right now?
lulabelle lewis
lulabelle lewis 9 күн мурун
It is a good thing that we change as we grow.And we have the right to change our mind.If not. Would we ever be responsible adults.
Toy Toy
Toy Toy 9 күн мурун
Why she so thirsty you have everything im so confused about her
Cinnamon Ivy
Cinnamon Ivy 9 күн мурун
If Never Satisfied was a person.
G Johnson
G Johnson 9 күн мурун
This is ridiculous... she is not dressed scantily clad...even though it’s a nude photo she is still not showing anything! Ppl are so weird and stay looking for a reason to come for her.
k dimples
k dimples 9 күн мурун
The craziest thing about life is we evolve as people. We change how we do things how we see things as we get older! Lord knows I have changed. who am I to judge u over how u felt about something years ago. That's not fair everyone move differently see things differently as life goes on. Seriously!
nancy breaux
nancy breaux 9 күн мурун
She wants attention so bad she is a nice looking lady she does not have to try so hard.
Top Seed
Top Seed 9 күн мурун
Well it did sound hypocritical when she said she likes dressing only for her man and then she poses in a magazine no other basketball wives are doing that seem like she just wants the same attention her man gets from women she wants for men but she's cute but she really doesn't have the same body types that you see from those women that a lot of black basketball players like and she looks like a cookie cutter mom and most men see her as that housewife so she needs to just enjoy your husband and take care of the kids quit trying to compete with these only fan models that half of them get implants and even though I think she's afraid cuz her husband gets attention from those women you just have to be satisfied with who you are and trust your man it doesn't matter whether you're a cookie cutter mom are your husband is a bus driver or waiter men are always going to be more infatuated with that women are so you just have to trust a man.
tanio12 6 саат мурун
Agreed.its like what exactly does she want.
Crystal Crystal
Crystal Crystal 9 күн мурун
Got STEPH CURRY on the ROOF YEllin " SHORTY IS A 10..SHORTY IS A 10"!!!!😍😍😍😍 GoT AYeShA CUrRy yellin " im feelin my self im feelin myself im feelin my...feelin my"☺ its all Love Mrs. CURRY😘
Dave Hills
Dave Hills 9 күн мурун
All them threes curry scoring i know she would act up this season, she take long
Miss Bell
Miss Bell 9 күн мурун
It’s not a very flattering picture🤷🏽‍♀️
Kingpin 561
Kingpin 561 9 күн мурун
Ahhhh a Woman contradicting her self 🥴🥴😂😂😂😂😂
Miss Bell
Miss Bell 9 күн мурун
She wants attention sooooo bad it’s sad and her chef thing ain’t it
BodyByKym Fitness
BodyByKym Fitness 9 күн мурун
There's nothing wrong with Ayesha Curry. The picture is tasteful tho. Keep it moving!
You Make Me Laugh
You Make Me Laugh 9 күн мурун
She still tacky and seeks attention soooooooooooooo what!
KiwiRosa 9 күн мурун
Lost for words on this one
Brittney Sharde's Life
Brittney Sharde's Life 9 күн мурун
i wish she would had kept her mouth closed and just texted her fiends her opinion. I agree with another comment that before her body was different she found her sexy and now feels more comfortable to show it off. Buuut the internet doesn't forget a thang LOL
Terracotta Kim
Terracotta Kim 9 күн мурун
🍃 👀🍃 You're hella biased - why didnt you show the REST of the shade room post where they PROVED she wasn't talking about one person at a store ..... she was generalizing and shaming people. She is ultra insecure (really the Red Table Talk interview). 🍃 👀🍃
tanio12 7 күн мурун
Exactly also why she need to take the picture?
GOAT1199 9 күн мурун
Clearly she wants lebron
tanio12 7 күн мурун
No i thought she wanted kelly oubre
DONALD Tansier
DONALD Tansier 10 күн мурун
I don't see a damn thing that's messing with my man hood!
The Quintessential
The Quintessential 10 күн мурун
Shins and Shoulders Knees and Toes Knees and Toes (repeat 3x) 🎶🎼
Oh My dimension
Oh My dimension 10 күн мурун
I like her lol and she’s COVERED. People will complain about this but not women shaking their ass and doing the buss it challenge? Lol okay
Toni Simon
Toni Simon 10 күн мурун
Wow. She's really responding to comments. I think that she made that comment in 2015 b/c she was insecure about her body. Now that she's lost the weight, she's more secure in her own skin. That's what I think. Sometimes you have to watch what you say b/c the internet forgets nothing.
AmajA lex
AmajA lex 10 күн мурун
She has too much time on her hands by responding. If you didn't say it just relax🤔....she could have easily showed her back like I see in many ads in magazines. She wants attention, period and it's annoying! Go somewhere and cook something girl.
Shá Johnson
Shá Johnson 10 күн мурун
I don't blame ppl for dragging her.
tanio12 7 күн мурун
Exactly it wasnt necessary.
92alpha13 10 күн мурун
Her husband ok the pic. How many other woman can say that?
Par Lean
Par Lean 10 күн мурун
i think of all pics that was not a good one to post covered or not💙
Selena T.
Selena T. 10 күн мурун
When words comeback to bite you. I think she was being hypocritical all alomg. When she made this comment it was towards the woman that was eyeing her husband down courtside at the game years ago.
leila 1628
leila 1628 10 күн мурун
To be honest ithink that she is still covered up too.
Let's Talk
Let's Talk 10 күн мурун
She needs prayer and a therapist. Smh.
Ang Gee
Ang Gee 10 күн мурун
I think she just wants to keep up with her husband. She's a tomboy and when you hear the way they meant, they are literally growing up together with a lot of ideals and Christian values. It's hard to stay the course when you start to grow out of it. I think they are growing and changing and opinions can change over time. She wants him to desire her only and not have any side pieces basketballs wives are up against a lot.
music 4 the soul
music 4 the soul 10 күн мурун
The internet never forgets😂🤣😂🤣
Hot Coco
Hot Coco 10 күн мурун
Heyyyyyyyy.....know her comment was a lil eye brow raising but that was 2015 over and done with