Andy Cohen's MESSY Love Life Gets "Exposed" By His His Own Producers!? Allegedly (Full Backstory)

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Lailah Lynn

Ай мурун

For informational purposes. This is the full backstory from my point of view regarding Andy Cohen allegedly being exposed by Bravo reality tv producers.😘
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Renné Edwards
Renné Edwards Ай мурун
“You’re NOT ABOUT TO DRAG ME INTO THIS HONEY!” 👀💅🏾💯😆 We hear you. 😎👍🏾
Renné Edwards
Renné Edwards Ай мурун
@Lailah Lynn 😁👍🏾💯
Lailah Lynn
Lailah Lynn Ай мурун
Earth ANGEL 18 күн мурун
None of this is a surprise! There is things that will come out about him shading KENYA MOORE for years! It makes sense why she is edited ( dark skin ) to look like the Villain, and has been vindicated again n again! Andy can't stand her. That's why he made Nene n Kenya go against each the old episodes they was good together but Candy Andy started putting things in Nene ears.
jessepoopoo Ай мурун
Get to it sis
Noreen Perez
Noreen Perez Ай мурун
But you did now...what’s the difference 🤷🏻‍♀️😀😀😀
I was in an elevator and heard "wait wait!" as the door was closing I saw him and said "Andy Cohen!" And waved while letting the door close. Lol F that guy.
Wary InDC
Wary InDC Ай мурун
Andy Cohen is an openly gay white jewish man, who has acknowledged having an affinity for Black men. Not sure how the email or text messages presented in this video 'expose' him.
Marie J
Marie J Ай мурун
I think nene send that anonymously
Marco Mitch
Marco Mitch Ай мурун
Is it Christopher Milan?
Edward Calloway
Edward Calloway Ай мурун
Hi Lailah, Love your channel. I wanted to ask if you can hopefully please share this. A young gentleman in Brooklyn, NY is starting a Black owned institute for the children in his community. This institute provides real knowledge of their history, financial literacy, and giving back to their community. I will attach the link below and hope you can share. Much love queen, Edward Calloway ❤
Chrissy 212e
Chrissy 212e Ай мурун
2ho cares about Rachet Andy Cohen who makes a living from the backs of rachetness.
Keisha Hope
Keisha Hope Ай мурун
"DJRichie Skye"🤔😳... 😂...
Twenty Fly
Twenty Fly Ай мурун
I love your theme song!
llw53one Ай мурун
Thank you so much for you’re integrity. It says a lot and does a long way. Peace and Blessings to you Queen
Starboy 1988
Starboy 1988 Ай мурун
So basically they just threw you in some mess. Lol
Elle Ollie
Elle Ollie Ай мурун
Yall might not see it, but the network has turned on Andy. He's on his way out.
Ebony V
Ebony V Ай мурун
I'm not understanding the point of this vid🤔
lashunna martin
lashunna martin Ай мурун
In another bloggers video the ball head guy said you did report on it
lashunna martin
lashunna martin Ай мурун
Am I opinion it’s the same guy that was interviewing with Cheryl’s world however you spell her name. I believe this guy is trying to expose Andy Cohen and hisself for exposure Because the interview seems so fake I don’t believe he’s had any type of relationship with Andy Cohen.
LadyD Ай мурун
Girl that’s that loud mouth lady... nene tryna stir up mess..
Melanatedblackqueen Ай мурун
Lol this person clearly doesn't watch your show enough to know what type of blogger you are. If this anonymous person wanted to really expose Andy they should've just went to Tasha K's channel. That's how she do over there! And I love her channel just for that! But she wouldn't put out a story like this without knowing who the anonymous person is first. Unless she did it already I dunno
Brandon B
Brandon B Ай мурун
"This PASS Sunday". The person would have lost me right there 😂
Moaath MAS
Moaath MAS Ай мурун
He a Jew ,,, that’s explains a lot
Mary Ай мурун
I think it’s the same person. The grammar is atrocious and the author of the email does not reference things in past tense using “ed” at the end of words..... just as they didn’t in the text dialogue. Same person in my opinion. That writing pattern is too similar. Atrocious grammar!, My opinion!
O Riskii
O Riskii Ай мурун
I love how many black people are caping for Andy in these comments.
Eva Johnson
Eva Johnson Ай мурун
Andy was getting Anderson Cooper drunk on NEW YEARS so he could have his way with him Andy is mesmerize about Anderson Cooper
B Reale
B Reale Ай мурун
Lover Scorned 🤷🏾‍♀️
Felicia Echeverria
Felicia Echeverria Ай мурун
The timing makes me suspicious. His spin doctors are busy, busy spinning the wheels. Andy has always said he was down with the swirl.
MZTONKA69 Ай мурун
That what you get tried to be mess with Monique
Valerie Staton
Valerie Staton Ай мурун
Let this man love who he wants to. I don't understand why people are mad he is a grown man.NeNe gets what is coming to her. When NeNe was friends with Devil Donald Trump, she said ' I was cashing Trump dollars" so left her fight her battles with Andy.
Queen Parody
Queen Parody Ай мурун
heres thewhole real housewives interview with wendy
Gina Maxey
Gina Maxey Ай мурун
Cohen Complex is Crumbling!!
James H.
James H. Ай мурун
This is not news. Andy has always said he likes Black Men. I don't think he discriminate based on color. He is messy and not nice, as many especially from the gay community will attest, but he has no racial hang ups when it comes to men for dating.
Lailah Lynn
Lailah Lynn Ай мурун
Exactly, it’s a non issue that I was brought into.
Kristie Young
Kristie Young Ай мурун
I’m so late as always😩🙄...but do you think when Micheal Darby was saying Juan Dixon wasn’t gonna marry Robin and he knew something that nobody knew , do you think the Black male could be Juan Dixon talking to Andy ?? That just popped up in my mind . I don’t know
just me
just me Ай мурун
Tracy Chapman Wins $450K in Copyright Suit Against Nicki Minaj
Tetesa Smith
Tetesa Smith Ай мурун
I don’t blame you
Gloria Dean Edwards Jr.
Gloria Dean Edwards Jr. Ай мурун
If you don't feel like it is not news why did you make a video about it? You have no issue exposing Black Women business all across your page, yet you don't want to expose a Gay White Man? Girl bye like you said you talk about stuff from anon sources when you know who they are, and you know who this person is so what's the problem?
Rita Hopkins
Rita Hopkins Ай мурун
People y'all want what's REAL CHECK OUT G TERRA 🙌🎶💯‼️
Rita Hopkins
Rita Hopkins Ай мурун
With everything going on in the world 🌍 today this is WHY I have cancelled a lot of my subscription and SAVED MY money. STORM MONROE WAS DOING A GREAT JOB AND THEN HE GOT FULL OF HIMSELF AND WENT TOTALLY OFF TRACK.
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Ай мурун
I’ve been trying to figure out what Storm thinks he’s on to?🧐🥴 This is not news!
Jay Adams
Jay Adams Ай мурун
I thought andy had a whole lil family
RSVP with Lori
RSVP with Lori Ай мурун
This is the reason people look down on "blogs" they want salacious information to be news worthy!! I'm so sick of the entire "exposing" aspect of social media. Thank you for always being of quality and class. That's why you are my absolute favorite!!!
LaDreeya M. Taylor, MPA
LaDreeya M. Taylor, MPA Ай мурун
They like that mandingo smh
Kym Oatis
Kym Oatis Ай мурун
Isn't he gay and wouldn't that be his business? This sounds ridiculous!
Latanya Hoskins
Latanya Hoskins Ай мурун
This didn't make any sense to me.
Erica Bee
Erica Bee Ай мурун
The fact that she dragged this trash out 🥴😩
John Maughan
John Maughan Ай мурун
He was so fake he’s trying his best to created the rummer himself lol
Star Mac
Star Mac Ай мурун
Andy eats off of the stereotypes of BW. #CANCELANDYCOHEN
Tammi Robinson
Tammi Robinson Ай мурун
He lost me when he mentioned they came on the elevator holding hands 😒. Not during COVID, only 2 people can be on an elevator at a time 🤷🏾‍♀️🤣😂
Slay Queen
Slay Queen Ай мурун
Damn gurl, They sent a picture of Andy Cohen's D.. Not gonna lie, wouldn't mind seeing it lol
Autumn Ай мурун
You’re still telling the story .... essentially you’re still exposing the story
Tiffany Calhoun
Tiffany Calhoun Ай мурун
Either way they got you to report it.
Daniel Doster-Mann
Daniel Doster-Mann Ай мурун
So why even post this video ? Lol. You are holding back! Lol
N W Ай мурун
Chile that's Nene Leakes
thabang moloi
thabang moloi Ай мурун
Turtle_T Ай мурун
Could it be Milan from Love and hip hop Hollywood? Sounds like some messy Milan type stop.
Curtis Rice
Curtis Rice Ай мурун
He was the first one I thought of also!!! Especially because the description I keep hearing is “chocolate” .. and reality tv couple... 👀
Regina Lemmon
Regina Lemmon Ай мурун
Hello Lailah how are you doing, i love watching your commentaries, n how you always give hello shout outs to your listeners, but i just wanted to say i don't really think it's a white guy, that email you about Andy Cohen situation, cause you know how white ppl loves to put the blame on us, keep doing ur commentaries.
I G Ай мурун
Y’all are so messy
Jackie Ай мурун
I saw the same email get reported not to long ago by House of Aaron. time stamp 7:30 also keep up the great work, you’re amazing
Ryan Ай мурун
Take it from the source my dear: Andy is a top snd Anderson is a biggol power bottom
Paula Henderson Harrison
Paula Henderson Harrison Ай мурун
Thank you Lailah! You did not build your platform on classless moves like this. This person thought that because the culture is not feeling Andy right now. you would you jump on this.
DaneaKtv Ай мурун
Chile Andy probably put this out so we know he’s dating a black guy...
Koy Goddess
Koy Goddess Ай мурун
Okkrrrrrtttt 🤣😂🤣😂
68luvlyme Ай мурун
Right I put nothing past his shady ass
RENÉEA 911 Ай мурун
He's wayyyy past due on a proper truth exposure by Ms. LL 🤔
MyOwn DayOne
MyOwn DayOne Ай мурун
Thank you. You are doing a wonderful job.
NaturaleMystik Ай мурун
With THAT diction??
Flower Patch School
Flower Patch School Ай мурун
What is with this “Andy Witch hunt” lately???
Shade all day
Shade all day Ай мурун
Because he didn’t fall for Monique’s ever changing story about her workplace violence, which she also doubled down on the reunion! It’s corny! I don’t like Andy Co Hoe- en! But all this smoke is for corny Hazel!
V4Vonnie Ай мурун
Girl, treat him like Iyanla. "You don't get to control THIS! You can't get to the doctor and ask him how to operate on you."
Ebo J.
Ebo J. Ай мурун
Well... 🤷🏽‍♀️. On another note while this video focused on the person it was still about the letter. 🤨
From Me To You
From Me To You Ай мурун
#Andy will be doing the #JeannieMai sooner than later 💅🏾🤔
Sabrina Doctor
Sabrina Doctor Ай мурун
The Tea 🔥is Hot 🔥LAVA 💥 Not Surprised, Definitely explains his DISLIKE for Black Women ....Andy Cohen is a SNEAKY 🐷🐽🐷🐽
jewels24k Ай мурун
"So I didn't report on it on my channel" .... while reporting on it on your channel. 🤔 (insert Viola Davis grabbing her purse GIF)
Sheridan S. Davis
Sheridan S. Davis Ай мурун
“My name”. Yeah, it’s him.
Georgia Turk
Georgia Turk Ай мурун
At the end of the day "Who gives 2 dams" IJS
Théo Molyneux
Théo Molyneux Ай мурун
Interesting that the same man who fetishizes black men (allegedly) is the same man who makes a living off of exploiting and attacking black women. Very interesting.
Fiber Inspire Tahoe
Fiber Inspire Tahoe Ай мурун
He exploits all women who are drunks.
mf Ashley
mf Ashley Ай мурун
He wanted some fame and some clout.
Focus DivineLee
Focus DivineLee Ай мурун
Exposing in a "professional " way would be to write a song, book, show, No ? Or in court .. lol. Otherwise it's bound to come off as Regular Exposing. Lol..
Judy Kennedy
Judy Kennedy Ай мурун
They are coming for Andy bc he has done too many people wrong, & now his fate is coming due. People you cannot continue to throw dirt on people, & not expect to HAVE A TURN IN THE PILE, & NOW THE DIRT ANDY HAS BEEN SPREADING IS COMING BACK FOR HIM, & I HAVE NO SYMPATHY FOR HIM AT ALL !! THE BIBLE SAYS, YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW. CONGRATULATIONS ANDT, YR PACKAGE HAS ARRIVED WITH ALL TH3 TRIMMINGS !! BLESS YOUR HEART !!
Bobby Fitzgerald
Bobby Fitzgerald Ай мурун
What was the pic of sis 🤔
Michelle Jones
Michelle Jones Ай мурун
Girl be careful when you expose the truth about people they can't handle it
Guccio Gucci 3-III
Guccio Gucci 3-III Ай мурун
Milan Christopher?👀👀👀
Nicole Larelle
Nicole Larelle Ай мурун
I think so too.... cute smile/ shiny bald head
Lordt Help Us!
Lordt Help Us! Ай мурун now he has a black lover? Come on now...this is the equivalent of "I have a black friend therefore I can't be (insert whatever the hell they are being criticized for e.g biased, micro aggressive e.t.c) SMDH.
Robert Durant
Robert Durant Ай мурун
Do you actually believe this email😂😂 I could have sent it😂😂😂😂😂😂
Lady Season
Lady Season Ай мурун
It's the WHY for me ctfu
Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett Ай мурун
I would think this is Anthony Lofties. On his IG he posted a pic with Andy on the streets in nyc the same day of the email. And in the pic he talks about how he views and and he seems like Andy’s type and he fits the description of the person the email describes.... that’s just my alleged opinion tho lol
Yum Kandi
Yum Kandi Ай мурун
Shonnie Person
Shonnie Person Ай мурун
U late on the tea hunty
Melanie Ewing
Melanie Ewing Ай мурун
It is true. Andy may get a dose of karma soon.
V R Ай мурун
Errrbody liking Black D nowadays 🤷🏾‍♀️ What's new!
Rhasha Hoosier
Rhasha Hoosier Ай мурун
Same fucked up grammar in both methods of communication.
Rhasha Hoosier
Rhasha Hoosier Ай мурун
A TV exec writing with that horrible grammar and syntax. Yeah right.
J A Ай мурун
This is allegedly that bald head black producer
Rhasha Hoosier
Rhasha Hoosier Ай мурун
FYI They are messing with your vides. I usually have zero issues... watch these YT folks
Leigh W
Leigh W Ай мурун
Well this explains why he doesn’t like black women.....competition he wants their men.
Lori Jackson
Lori Jackson Ай мурун
Blue Doo
Blue Doo Ай мурун
@Lori Jackson shoot I wanted Apollo too😂
Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williams
Shawna rocks her feathers with hoops williams Ай мурун
@Rose Red right 🙄
Lori Jackson
Lori Jackson Ай мурун
Andy was very into Apollo. Where's Phaedra now?🤷🏿‍♀️
Rose Red
Rose Red Ай мурун
Awuuh girl u didn't
KOFFATV Ай мурун
Juicccccccyyyyy 👀
Jess Ай мурун
Come on, Lailah “don’t drag me into your mess” Lynn! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Sue Ann
Sue Ann Ай мурун
I've noticed that some people will date a Black person but have an issue with the opposite gender within their bf/gf's race.
Jasmain Jasmain
Jasmain Jasmain Ай мурун
O yes, just for fun not a real future.
vulcan2050ful Ай мурун
that's no surprise.
Darryl Skylar
Darryl Skylar Ай мурун
KK L W Ай мурун
I still don't like his shady a##.
MsTasha_Babyy Ай мурун
I honestly believe this person maybe connected to Monique. Mad how she was handled by him on the reunion. Then I keep listening and you mentioned her name. Monique is not the victim she portrays. She is on the same level as Gizelle and Robyn just on a sneakier level.
Rickie Smith
Rickie Smith Ай мурун
I was thinking that but maybe info was leaked to Monique and she wanted to give Ms. Lynn first dibs so she can take Andy down. I don’t think Monique would try to hurt Ms. Lynn but hurt people hurt people, lol. Monique put an umbrella under Robin’s chin for no reason, said she said I’m gonna drag Candice while she was pregnant then she fought Candice and her big mouth . Anything is possible.
Setse Divad
Setse Divad Ай мурун
🧐 What’s the name of the dude Christopher Milan dated on LHHh? #RandomQuestion
Curtis Rice
Curtis Rice Ай мурун
Bald head, good smile, chocolate, and former reality tv star that at one point was bashing his ex... I think it’s him too!
Nicole Larelle
Nicole Larelle Ай мурун
I think it is too.... anonymous said cute smile/bald head
T Mc
T Mc Ай мурун
I think it's Milan actually.
TaB BlAcK Ай мурун
Sir brock
Miss Asia
Miss Asia Ай мурун
Ne ne said on a reunion that he likes dark meat and he laughed.
Charles Bennett
Charles Bennett Ай мурун
Andy also always said he would sleep with Apollo over any of the housewives husbands multiple times. He doesn’t hide that fact he’s very open about that
Miss Vee
Miss Vee Ай мурун
They trying to get you girl I wouldn't be surprised if Andy Cohen was behind this don't fall for the okey-doke
Sean Martin
Sean Martin Ай мурун
This is why i love your channel and your integrity and knowing Storm Monroe.....ill keep my thoughts...didnt look into it and just smear campaigning....but he will get his tho
barbie doll
barbie doll Ай мурун
Why does him liking black men even brought up?
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