Mariah Ramos
Mariah Ramos 30 мүнөт мурун
I'm Filipina and Black and I can get really light when I haven't been in the sun to the point people think I'm half white or really dark and look straight black so it's not impossible lol
V C 49 мүнөт мурун
First of all, she is not an athlete. What Olympic game or sports game is she actively doing? If she did a bbl well it's her body. Let her. Most women do this to make themselves feel beautiful
Lucy Montes
Lucy Montes Саат мурун
This was an expensive experiment, this was not a marriage. This is what a lost little boy does, he joins this experiment, because he is lonely. Why would you sleep with someone you are not attracted too? And who would do that? A user, a malicious manipulative person. Listen, when something like that leaves your life? Thank the lucky starts, she can now live a healthy life, without a looser making her life a living hell. She is better off without him. When one door closes, another door opens. The Gods want her to live a better life, with a man who is compassionate, and caring. Did you hear that? With a MAN, not a lost little boy. Let him go lay on his lovey, that doesn’t even want him. Who would want him? No one.
Wanda Bradford
Wanda Bradford Саат мурун
OG you are A Beautiful strong woman. Jackie you look good for your age God bless you both
Open Heaven
Open Heaven 2 саат мурун
Run away from words like that
Imeh Okon
Imeh Okon 2 саат мурун
Jesus is King. Jesus Christ died for our sins so we can have a chance to make it to the where the path of righteousness leads (heaven/eternal life). I highly suggest you repent and take the Gift! 🩸🕊✨
Imeh Okon
Imeh Okon 2 саат мурун
Jesus is King. Jesus Christ died for our sins so we can have a chance to make it to the where the path of righteousness leads (heaven/eternal life). I highly suggest you repent and take the Gift! ❤️🕊✨
SHONDA DAVIS 3 саат мурун
I believe in the Bible and ALL that it says .. apparently she is taking parts of the Bible to suit her needs or what she wants to accept.. whatever she decides is between her and her husband .. Chile ! But don’t Bible pump foolishness.. we all have sin ! And with all that you said.. HOW DO YOU KNOW IT WAS NOT THE DEVIL!
SHONDA DAVIS 3 саат мурун
Well you get what you give ! If you want respect it’s earned .. you are to respect your elders .. but elders need to act respectful.. two way street
Charlene Gilbert
Charlene Gilbert 5 саат мурун
Jackie is going hard for this show and it is not her show bye jackie go on with your fake self.
Charlene Gilbert
Charlene Gilbert 5 саат мурун
Team OG
AJ 7 саат мурун
Love the Read. 🍹 sip sip
marilyn mitchell
marilyn mitchell 7 саат мурун
I happy for Kenya and her mom able to move forward. She had Kenya at a young age, who knows what she went through during and after the birth of Kenya. Never judge a person pass.
Sylvia Sanchez
Sylvia Sanchez 8 саат мурун
OG is a troublemaker she needs to go
Fidget World
Fidget World 8 саат мурун
We Entertained Lies 😪
Liza Velasquez
Liza Velasquez 11 саат мурун
He just came towards me...to donate nd say how blessed i am..pls comment is he still in the game or is he anointed
Debbie Myers
Debbie Myers 13 саат мурун
Feby" will reap what sow" because she has a African American daughter whose dark complexion therefore, saying OG? looks like "Gorrilla" is a derogatory statement
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 13 саат мурун
It’s so weird tho why did jen switch up after this 🙄😒😩
Tammie Geter
Tammie Geter 13 саат мурун
Chris and mercedes both lied about everything
La'Trea 14 саат мурун
I love God but at the same time. I stay away from church folks because all they do is judge people. But they never want to look in the mirror
Tony nembhard
Tony nembhard 15 саат мурун
Can’t even get your freak on without someone judging you these days. Sisters downing sisters, but then supporting WAP all crazy. Live and let live. Leave her alone.
Reginald House
Reginald House 15 саат мурун
Umm, yeah, she bleached.
Angel Earl
Angel Earl 15 саат мурун
Why are we still talking about this. OG was a bully to everybody this season that she was around. She was also brung in by Jackie to bully. OG kicked off this color stuff. She told Evelyn that she couldn't wear braids bc she was not black but wanted to be bc she was fucking all the black D. Like she felt Evelyn wasn't good enough to wear braids. Also OG us a snake. I wouldn't want to be around anyone that records everyone without their permission.
blacq diamond
blacq diamond 16 саат мурун
Take this show off air
blacq diamond
blacq diamond 16 саат мурун
Feby got a dark skinned child too 🚮🚮🚮🚮
Rozelyn Agnew
Rozelyn Agnew 16 саат мурун
Jackie sounds dumb....you can't be blinded by money that badly that you saying goofy mess like "I don't even know what colorism is"....😒😒😒😒
Deangelo Box
Deangelo Box 17 саат мурун
Most sex scenes are fake so make your money sis
Carmella Speaking
Carmella Speaking 17 саат мурун
Please she can do what she want when she want and why is because you ladies on here calling a single lady trash when y’all be with a man tricking to get a bill payed but when a man trash you ladies you be crying instead of trashing him so leave her alone that my girl if you ask me
Daphne Christopher
Daphne Christopher 22 саат мурун
They were messy...should had muffler the goodness. Too old to be so weak.
Richmond Breya
Richmond Breya 23 саат мурун
They thought they would trick OG into saying some words so they can edit how they want.
Richmond Breya
Richmond Breya 23 саат мурун
Shaunie don’t wanna talk to OG because she know OG is gonna demolish her with her words.
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 13 саат мурун
Tbh it’s not good but she got lucky cause had they have a conversation og would record and the editing which would be in shaunie favor og release audio basically this would’ve been the alternate if they had a convo and shaunie career would look so bad
Richmond Breya
Richmond Breya 23 саат мурун
OG need to beat Shaunie ass. Ugh.
LennyLamont Cain
LennyLamont Cain 23 саат мурун
I never understood why lies need to be added to these inspired movies when truth and culture could be expounded on
QtyPie7 Күн мурун
Wow, well when you do too much. People will come for you. Secrets revealed.
Rachel Zeph
Rachel Zeph Күн мурун
Chris and Monique are ridiculous. They brought up Jamal first, instead of just keeping their beef with Giselle only. And where is their fake Christianity now? Monique is a bully!
Kim Shelton
Kim Shelton Күн мурун
When this show coming back on???
Deborahnell McClendon
Deborahnell McClendon Күн мурун
They never got the truth about “snake gate” 🤣🤣🤣
Deborahnell McClendon
Deborahnell McClendon Күн мурун
That’s really embarrassing to watch
Noah Salter
Noah Salter Күн мурун
When will we see that we don't need to follow ANYONE???!!! Our people are ALWAYS looking for someone to lead instead of leading ourselves individually...
masseiy Күн мурун
If I was morally corrupt I’d become a pastor or prophet because people are so gullible. The Protestant reformation has given every Tom, Dick, and Harry the ability to become a church leader. All you gotta do is say you’re saved and that’s it 😂
gumball Күн мурун
see i think she did great in the movie did she look exactly like Nina no but at the same time the movie was good and y'all are making her feel bad for doing her job let Zoe do her job and if you don't like it then oh well because she is a great actor and y'all are just being rude and i know everyone has an option but y'all don't have to gang up on her
Nikki E
Nikki E Күн мурун
So done with Jackie....so done...and she has been one of my favorites. But after this situation ....noooope. Jackie bye
Nikki E
Nikki E 11 саат мурун
@Gretchen Mctroll2.0 Exactly!!! Jackie Christie has shown her true self with her daughter. I should have fully believed that smh... its terrible.
Gretchen Mctroll2.0
Gretchen Mctroll2.0 13 саат мурун
Exactly like she tend to forget s6 like about not that long ago she was in OG position 🙄
F W Күн мурун
horrible...a pastor saying the blood of Jesus is against you. wow....and you shall know them by their fruits.
D B Күн мурун
Adam Ali needs to take his name back😩
Bobbie Lawton
Bobbie Lawton Күн мурун
Chris is the clown
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
OG is playing chess but it’s fake
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
Who takes them seriously
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
This sounds fake
Adrian Baggett
Adrian Baggett Күн мурун
That’s not colorism
Formerly Foote
Formerly Foote Күн мурун
All these dysfunctional couples using God as a buffer for their bullsh*t is beyond infuriating! First that Derrick Jackson and his wife, now these two! God didn't have anything to do with the levels of disrespect and abuse these couples have displayed publicly.
Ginger McMichael
Ginger McMichael Күн мурун
Everybody Plays the Fool sometime is no exception to the rule that quote from last song is her because she is still not getting the he's going to continue to cheat time and time again so I guess he's going to continue to take him back time and time over again I wouldn't want anyone that is community property for someone else to have it's crazy to me
Jay La’Rose
Jay La’Rose Күн мурун
Why would Kenya bring up anything that MAY have happened when they specifically asked for the cameras to leave anyway?? If it did or didn’t happen, it shouldn’t have been talked about on camera the next day.
Bliss Blissful
Bliss Blissful Күн мурун
Why do people speak ill of witchcraft? There is good and evil in every aspect of life. Good, beautiful people comes from many walks of life. People do fear what they don’t know.
Bliss Blissful
Bliss Blissful Күн мурун
People just don’t fear God. Why would you fake being a prophet? I wouldn’t want to witness God’s raft upon him.
Merui Күн мурун
Yeah I wasn't sure what to think at first cause it sounded like Drew changed her story a little the second time she talked about it, though it's possible I missed understood something. Then like I know she seems to have it out for Latoya so I just wasn't sure what to think. But that conversation with prophett did come off as weird to me. I don't know if I was getting a strange vibe or the way he was telling what happened I don't know but something just felt off. But what really made want to believe Latoya is when Drew was accusing her of being predatory and I'm just like....HE'S THE PROPHET SUPPOSINGLY MENTORING HER WOULDN'T THAT MEAN HE'S THE PREDETOR NOT HER?? And yeah it's possible she came on to him but like....HE'S A PROPHET THE MAN SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Like that really pissed me off. Now I don't know if it's true but whether it is or not THAT MAN IS 100% A FALSE PROPHET. DONE AND DONE AND DREW HAD NO BUISNESS GETTING INVOLVED WITH HIM TO BEGIN WITH.
mike breezy
mike breezy Күн мурун
This just too much...we not in high school. Everyone should be held accountable for their own actions
F. J.
F. J. Күн мурун
Why are black people so silly about this church stuff?? There’s nothing wrong with believing in God, of course but all this foolishness about calling ppl “prophets” and going broke “tithing” is just ridiculous. It’s all a scam. Every bit of it. Wake up people!
Jasmine B
Jasmine B Күн мурун
They really brought this woman back for another season to discredit her and feed her to the wolves. I .... THE AUDACITY!!
shickellesonya88 Күн мурун
She is such a creepy woman.
Brittany Jamison
Brittany Jamison Күн мурун
She should stand her ground and not bend and fold
dusabe olive
dusabe olive Күн мурун
Tamera is with too much pride am glad she’s gone
kim berley
kim berley Күн мурун
What has Latoya done to her face?🤔
Andrea Smith
Andrea Smith Күн мурун
Psychic Carline
Psychic Carline Күн мурун
Hay folks when a prophet say the blood of Jesus is against you, just know that Jesus is never ever against you everrr.
October Janae
October Janae Күн мурун
I dont know if anyone watches the tv show FAMILY OR FIANCÉ but he was on that show because his sister was getting married. I knew he looked familiar
Mariah's SoapBox
Mariah's SoapBox Күн мурун
Wowwwww this is crazy !
the real conqueror
the real conqueror Күн мурун
I'm more interested in what happened during stripper gate...okayyyy!!!!
tired tears
tired tears Күн мурун
Oh my god this audio is total ish
perfect 24 seven
perfect 24 seven Күн мурун
I promise i said it first
zion lee
zion lee Күн мурун
Black women are the blue print but not the standard 😔
76lightworker Күн мурун
God said "Touch NOT my anointed and do my prophets no harm" RIP Duranice but Tamar is getting what's coming to her
NikkiRed 2 күн мурун
Looks like he needed him in the building since it was only 6 people there
Aahaan 29
Aahaan 29 2 күн мурун
Sam smith who?
Tia's Real Talk
Tia's Real Talk 2 күн мурун
Not sure how I feel about the prophecy... however I do know that WARNING comes before DESTRUCTION.
Sherby Oliver
Sherby Oliver 2 күн мурун
You Ladies nailed the conversation! Didn’t like the beginning video of multiple folks not known or relevant to topic trying to dramatize conversation.
Derin Show
Derin Show 2 күн мурун
Yessss I’ve been waiting for this tea ☕️ 😳
Mae Sams
Mae Sams 2 күн мурун
Fake pastor! OMG, this guy is a straight liar.
Junie Robert
Junie Robert 2 күн мурун
Men kk! “This is witch craft”.
Renea Toni Burke
Renea Toni Burke 2 күн мурун
That Prince gif tho... perfect!